How To Date A Pisces Zodiac Man? Traits Piscean Male & Compatibility

Secrets of Dating a Pisces Man Revealed. How to Win The Heart of Pisces Men? By Rohit Anand ( Celebrity Vedic Astrologer, Tarot Card Reader and Occultist, New Delhi, India)

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Are you going to date a Pisces zodiac man? Well read this as these important tips will surely help you come successful in forming relationship with a Piscean guy. Dating a Pisces man can be magical, interesting, mystical, romantic and quite a experience. He might keep you guessing what its going to be till the last moment and has the capacity to throw surprises which you might treasure for lifetime. Pisces boyfriend usually likes places that are romantic, sensuous, serene and have good ambience where he remains in good mood to express his feelings in privacy and focus upon you and pamper you with flowers and good food. He also loves nature, mountains, animals and flowing waters that attracts him. Being a charmer seduction comes naturally to him and if he finds you interesting he might plan a exciting dinners at exotic locations and getaways because to him love is an art and he is a good imaginative artist. ★ Pisces Zodiac Memes

Dating a Pisces Zodiac Man . Most of the times Pisces gentlemen cherish to be loved, respected, valued than being gifted. They will always see your emotions, sentiments, depth of love in the presents that you might offer them on special days. To attract a Pisces guy you need to take initiative as Pisces man takes more time in thinking than to act and might delay his decision due to procrastination or out of laziness too. As zodiac sign of Pisces is represented by Fish sign in movement towards opposite sides, so will be his approach, attitude and emotions sometimes leading to disappointments. They need more of attention, appreciation and affection to make them get attracted towards you. Some of them if are intuitive and natural born psychics can feel your emotions, feelings, thoughts, vibrations and can sometimes behave strangely without you knowing it that he is being aware of what you have been upto. He dreams big and sometimes may appear unrealistic, but he should never be shown the reality in harsh ways as that is big let down for him.

Nature and Personality of a Pisces Men. They are intuitive, romantic, mystical, kind hearted and not easy to understand by everyone. Pisces man can be a loner but they might appear to be social to few of their moon signs are different. He need to spend considerable time with himself to contemplate deeply on issues, life, relationships which can make him bit lazy at times when at home. His approach to truth can be challenging to the partner he is involved with.There are often too many wishful thinking and expectations he might sets for himself in achievement of goals and after which he finds it difficult to meet any of them, feel burdened by it, getting lost in irrelevant issues to avoid dealing with his own inner disappointments and then becoming sad at the outcome.

Pisces souls and kind ones and go to extra length to help others as their compassionate heart cannot tolerate suffering before them. They value good karma and friendships and then see where it takes into the future. His selflessness is to be applauded and admired and this motivates him to remain humane and get closer to people who do so.

Pisces man also need their own personal space and time to contemplate on committing to any women they are interested in. He's a quiet man who has got rich inner world that he shares with one he trust and where intimate sexual bond are created with the women of his dreams. He will also fascinate his girlfriend or partner with talk about his fantasies, dreams, and mystical things. Pisces guys are usually quintessential romantic idealist who believes all things are possible if you believe in them.

How is a Pisces man like? Pisces men are mostly tender, spiritual, gentle, dreamy, caring and intellectual too who like to think a lot on subjects that most people cant even think of. They can be unpredictable but can be quite philosophical too who can talk on esoteric subjects and spirituality at length. Pisces boys or teens also idealizes love, and to him, sexuality is the ultimate expression of love to connect with a female. He yearns for the heavenly euphoric feelings of closeness, satisfaction, fulfillment, intimacy, ecstasy, and losing himself in another that he experiences when making love with his beloved in moments of romance.

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Pisces men, Piscesn guy, Pisces astrology, Pisces zodiac, Pisces dating, Pisces men, Piscesn guy, Pisces boyfriendLove life of Pisces Man, Sex and Relationships. Pisces men are little choosy when it comes to loving a women. They love with total devotion, romantic, sentimental, respectful in their approach and caring too towards their lover. Pisces guy are mostly flexible and adaptive to the requirement of their loved ones and usually demonstrate their love with sex with women he feels connected with at all levels which cane be mental, emotional or spiritual. He takes care not to be dishonest in relationship with women he is devoted to. He will adore you and hold your hand and romance where ever he feels like in mood and can be a best friend and confidante. When heart broken they can be under great stress, anxiety or depression for long time as they find it difficult to cope with it unless they are into meditation and spirituality and less into drinks. Love relationship with a Pisces men will require lot of patience and understanding of him, his dreams and his nature as its not usually easy to know him easily. ★ Know Everything About Your Pisces

They usually find it difficult to commit and might need to your help to make him comfortable and safe to be with you and get into marriage. Pisces boyfriend are good in sex, foreplay and romance you and being open to new pleasurable techniques or to fulfill the fantasy. Pisces lover will connect with his women in deep meaningful way, sometime even make love to you in meditative ways too if he is spiritually inclined. He considers sex a a beautiful way expressing oneself and is a gift from god. Pisces guy is a enchanter who has got oceanic emotions and feelings that are deeply embedded in his Psyche and might explore every aspect of love and might even make you experience tantric sex in beautiful ways. He will more into mind, body and soul union than just physical sex with the girl he might be involved with.

In bed Pisces man can be slow and romantic, raunchy and wild, between reality and fantasy, with changing moods and speed he can be a wonderful lover giving heavenly bliss.

What Zodiac Signs are most compatible with Pisces? According to western astrology the best compatible zodiac sun signs with women of other zodiac or rashi when it comes to dating, sex or forming love relationships are Cancer, Virgo and Scorpio.

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