Zodiac Signs Likely To Cheat in Relationships Planets that Make Them Do it

Vedic Astrology Zodiac Signs that are most likely to indulge in Cheating in love relationships, adultery or extra marital affairs in marriage and planetary influence that make them do it.

In times we live, most people are ignorant about real love and come from broken families, divorced parents, bad examples of friends, relatives and colleagues where everyone seems to be taking advantage of others, indulging in sex and believe that true love don't exist, so indulge more and more in physical gratification when opportunity arises with lust as its basis. They wont even mind cheating their best friends to meet their selfish ends and even at the cost of some one's happy marriage. Cheating in relationship can be emotional, financial or physical in a relationship and its causes can be few, from getting bored in married life, wrong orientation, not being satisfied sexually, getting seduced by the other person, having a habit of cheating, lacking self control or for even vengeance. Though all zodiac signs have the potential to cheat their partners but there are few rashis or zodiac signs that are vulnerable to it.

According to Vedic astrology we have seen that most planets that cause adultery, cheating and extra marital affairs in marriages and love relationships are Rahu, Venus, Mars, Saturn and Ketu. Conjunctions of Venus and Rahu, Venus and Mars, Venus Rahu and Venus and Saturn  increases the sexual appetite and tendency to cheat in any relationship between couples.

Here we will be discussing about some of the zodiac signs that are most likely to cheat in their love relationship, marriage or partnership.

Pisces Zodiac Sign as Cheating Zodiac sign : Pisces have dual nature and conflicting views about love, romance, sexuality. They can be either total saints or sinners if they are materialistic and some are even struck in between with split personality. They become disillusioned quickly if they find that their partner is not able to meet their high expectations in spirituality or dream fantasies. Piscean can be a skillful and imaginative planner and schemer as he or she might tell the person that he loves her the most and after few days he is likely to date, flirt or romance with the other. But if they do decide to cheat, then like a forensic expert they are likely cover up their acts without a clue.

Gemini Zodiac Men and Women as Cheaters : Gemini rashi is a dual sign rashi ruled by Mercury. Planet Mercury is a sexual planet and Gemini men and women are highly sexual in nature. If they are dissatisfied sexually or don't find partner intellectually incompatible then they are likely to drift to other outside the marriage. They can be tricksters and manipulate the partner into deceiving them with their gift of gab. They can flirt online, can be promiscuous and sensual in their talks impressing and seducing the other into submission. Gemini girls and guys are not monogamous by nature, so they are most likely to have multiple partners in early ages and even after they are married.

Aries Zodiac Sign are also likely to Cheat in Marriage and Relationships : Aries men and women are also found to be unfaithful and dishonest in relationships and marriage. They are most likely to cheat when they are not satisfied with the marriage or a relationship due to being insulted, not loved enough and taken care of. Aries guys and girls are bold that need constant stimulation are likely to get quickly frustrated or bored if the partner don't match their energies and thrill that they expect from their lover. They are bold species, fearless and are likely to form sexual and romantic relationship as a adventure trip seeking thrill and excitement.

Scorpio Zodiac Disloyalty in Love and Relationships
.  Scorpions are intense and quite passionate in love and sexuality. They can cheat their partner physically if they feel the lover is not sexually compatible or not interested in sex. If they are hurt in relationships they can indulge in revenge sex and punish the partner. They take matters of love, loyalty and cheating seriously. If their strong sexual urges are not met in the bedroom then they are most likely to satisfy themselves elsewhere with any number of partners as they also find commitment in relationship not easy unless deeply in love.

Sagittarius Zodiac Also Can Be a Cheater In Marriage or Relationship  : They look for opportunity and can jump into if it presents itself in any given situation. It will always be a possibility that he is likely to date another person while he or she is dating you at the same time. They can be unfaithful among other star signs who are outgoing, extroverts, free spirit and don't mind forming romantic relationships with others and have more than one partner at the same time. Much like the Scorpios, Sagittarius men and women too like their sexual encounters wild and spontaneous when they present themselves. Inquisitive in nature, and wild and carefree and are most likely to give in to temptations.

Its not that other zodiac signs are less likely to cheat their partners as its only after deep analysis and  examining a horoscope chart we can find out the truth about every moon sign and causes that make them disloyal to their partners. Most people having afflicted 2nd house 4th house, 7th house, 8th house and 12 house are likely to cheat with their partners or form relationship outside of their marriage.

According to data and survey from marriage and dating site Ashley Madison, "Capricorns are the most likely sign to cheat, and comprise the majority of Ashley Madison users among tens of millions."

No matter how much effort, time and care be put into a relationship, human relationships are inherently unreliable and circumstances play a important part in persons response to particular situations in life. But we do have seen that people with higher virtues with self control can navigate through in life in most tempting situations that might appear as test to loyalty.

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