Lenormand Cross Oracle Card Combinations Meaning and Keywords : Card 36

Lenormand Cross Oracle Card Combinations, Meaning and Keywords By Astrologist, Tarotist, Occultist Shri Rohit Anand.

Lenormand Card Cross Card No. 36

Cross + Rider (1): Religious Person bringing message, A spiritual messenger, a prophet, a painful visit by someone.

Cross + Clover (2): Locket, Lucky Jesus Cross, A lucky charm, challenging opportunity.

Cross + Ship(3) : Unwanted travels, Difficult travels, Hardships in travel, Trouble with ship, Traveling despite it being a burden, Pilgrimage.

Cross + House (4): Spiritual Place, Temple, A church, Suffering family, Ill fated House.

Cross + Tree (5): A genetic disorder, aches and pain in the body.

Cross + Clouds (6): An uncertain sacrifice, guilt, faith doubtful.

Cross + Snake (7): Things getting worse, A burdensome enemy, No control,

Cross + Coffin (8): A painful illness, suicidal, Bed Ridden due to pains, Grief.

Cross + Bouquet (9): Making suffering easier, A religious gift, To help someone forget their pain, Difficult recovery, Get better after hardships.

Cross + Scythe (10): It can be injury, severe accident, Painful cuts and wounds, A difficult end.

Cross + Whip (11): Rape, Sexual abuse, Crucifixion, Physical abuse of someone.

Cross + Birds (12): Painful interactions, Hard to say, Difficult confessions, Old church goers.

Cross + Child (13): Baptised Child, A child who suffers, Unfortunate difficult start up.

Cross + Fox (14): Unemployment, Struggling at work place, difficult search, betrayal by someone and disappointment.

Cross + Bear (15): Financial hardship, Difficult financial situation, A parent who suffers.

Cross + Stars (16): Having faith, A lucky stars, difficulty in recovering.

Cross + Stork: (17) Change of fate, destined changes, Hard to change or improve.

Cross + Dog: (18) Pet who is a burden, Spiritual counselor, Mentor, Helping Father or church, Religious Guide.

Cross + Tower:(19) Religious monument, Temples, Troubles with govt, The church as an institution, legal burdens, Spiritual center.

Cross + Garden (20): Spiritual gathering, Crowd of particular faith, cemetery, A religious meet up.

Cross + Mountain (21): Difficult obstacles, Permanent suffering, Big challenges ahead, Hardships and delays.

Cross + Road (22): Painful Choices in life, Difficult decisions, No easy way out, Rough journey ahead.

Cross + Mice (23): Bad Health, A deteriorating illness, Suicidal, drained.

Cross + Heart (24): A heavy heart, bad date, Heavy feelings, heartache, Spiritual love, Divine love, loving faith.

Cross + Ring (25):  Difficult to commit, An unwanted commitment, Unhappy relationship, difficult agreement.

Cross + Book (26): Suffering in silence, spiritual book, scripture, Gita, Bible, Religious textbook.

Cross + Letter (27): A paper cut, Prayers,

Cross + Man (28): A religious man, Man with faith, Burdened male.

Cross + Woman (29): A burdened woman, Drained, Burdened lady.

Cross + Lily (30): Arthritis, Agony, Lonely Elderly person, Old person made to suffer or duped .

Cross + Sun (31): Spiritually inclined, Destined for success, Spiritual and Awakened, following the spiritual path.

Cross + Moon (32): Destined for greatness, Depression, Mental burden, Emotionally painful.

Cross + Key (33): A painful solution, Spiritual Suffering, Solution lies with following the path of spirituality.

Cross + Fish (34): Deep emotional pain, Money which causes problems, Regret.

Cross + Anchor (35): Suffering for life, Burdens which remain consistent, Spiritual goal.

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