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Lord Krishna HD Wallpapers Vishnu Narayana Backgrounds & Pictures Download

Divyatattva presents huge collection of Hindu gods and goddess for free download for personal use. All spiritual photos and images of Indian devtaas and devis are in high definition and in full size. Here you will find best Lord Vishnu photos in high resolution, Sri Krishna pictures in HD and Bhagwan Narayana virata rupa.

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Lord Surya Narayana Hd Wallpapers and Pictures
Lord Vishnu Luxmi High Definition Full Size Wallpaper
Tantra Goddess Kaali  HD Photos For Desktop & Mobile
Lord Rama and Sita Hd Images and Photos

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Famous Bollywood Celebrity Aamir Khan Zodiac Horoscope Birth Charts

Divyatattva brings you bollywood famous celebrity and actor Aamir Khan horoscope birth charts, zodiac moon sign, kundli analysis and general readings of his natal charts by top astrologer of India Shri Anand ji, New Delhi

Aamir Khan horoscope, Bollywood celebrity Aamir khan zodiac sun sign astrology online free

Aamir Khan is a popular Indian film actor of bollywood whose career span over 30 years in the Hindi film industry who has given the famous movies like Thugs of Hindustan, Three idiots, Dangal, Dhoom3, Dil, Raja Hindustani and Raja Hindustani etc. Aamir Khan was born on 14th march 1965 in India. He was born with Aquarius ascendant and Cancer moon sign according to Hindu Astrology under the Pushya Nakshatra.

Aamir Khan Nature, Character, Personality traits and Zodiac Sun sign.

He is smart, charming, attractive, clever, inflexible, inventive, intellectual, creative and disciplined as most Aquarians are. Aamir Khan also possess outgoing personality, free thinker, imaginative sensitive, emotional, rebellious, independent and witty too. He is constantly in search of new insight and wisdom but they don't like to socialize much.

Astro Profile of Aamir Khan, Birth Details, Horoscope according to Vedic Astrology.

Name: Aamir Khan or Mohammed Aamir Hussain Khan.

Date of Birth : 14-03-1965.

Time Of Birth : 06:15 A.M.

City Of Birth : Mumbai. 18n58, 72e50.

Country : India.

Profession :  Indian film actor, filmmaker, and television talk show host.

Actor Aamir Khan Kundli Analysis With Regard To Career, Money, Prosperity, Popularity. If we carefully study the natal charts of bollywood actor  Aamir khan we come to know that he got much of his success in his career under the dasha of Ketu, planet Venus  and Sun, both of which are placed in his ascendant. Venus was mainly responsible for giving him good looks, charisma, talent and popularity among the masses. Planet Saturn gave him discipline, perfection in work and nature to work hard with patience towards his goals. Though Saturn is combust but is strong stitting close to his lagna at 18 degrees in his birth chart.  He established himself as a actor of Hindi cinema in the 1990s by acting in a number of commercially successful films, including the romantic blockbusters like Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak etc in the year 1988.

He got nine Filmfare Awards in the Hindi film industry, four National Film Awards, and an AACTA Award. He was honoured by the Government of India with the Padma Shri award in 2003, Padma Bhushan in 2010 and received an honorary title from the Government of China in 2017, which was under Sun and Saturn mahadasha. So Saturn is the major benefic for him and strong that gives him success even after some professional issues and obstacles created by malefic Sun in his horoscope chart. Then He got his awards and recognition of his contribution to Indian cinema in the year 2003 & 2010 when Venus and Rahu dasa was in operation again which are exalted and forming yoga in the kundli. His Mercury being debilitated gives him ability to copy the script, acting skills and get into the character he wants to play. His Sun and Saturn being conjuct gives troubles with govt too with different views which is not according to policies and in line with them. In his charts he has Sasa yoga which is one of the panch mahapurush yogas as per jyotish and Sunafa and Vesi yogas in his charts too which are beneficial. His movies will continue to do well in 2018 and 2019 bringing him some failures in some ventures, changes in career, fame and popularity in the Indian cinema. In the year 1999 he founded Aamir Khan Productions, whose first film, Lagaan which was released in the year 2001, which was a hit among masses, this feat was achieved under Venus Rahu dasa. His planet of Acting which is the lord of 4th house is in the lagna and fourth and ninth house (luck) is occupied by Rahu the shadowy planet of illusion and this graha can create wonders with regard to sudden rise in the profession as it aspects the tenth house. This makes his ascendant very powerful and attractive persona of the native to mesmerize the masses. He will continue to do well in his career, movies and shine as a star in the future in the showbiz and world of glamour.

Planets present in Horoscope Which gave him Name, Fame , Success in Career : Saturn, Ketu Venus, Rahu.

Love Relationships, Sex Scandals and Married Life Of Aamir Khan.

In his horoscope chart we see lot of afflictions to his planet Venus from Mars and Sun in conjunction with Saturn which is mainly responsible for his affairs, sex scandals, troubled maried life with divorce with first wife and remarriage with his second wife Kiron. His Seven house and its lord are also under stress giving bad marriage. According to Vedic astrology placement of Sun, Saturn and Venus in the Aquarius zodiac does not give good character and person indulges in pleasures of women and immoral acts with them leading to defame.  His married life will always be challenging and he will find it difficult to be committed in a steady long term relationship and will often lead to separation. We do see more troubles in his married life in the future and there will be times of conflict with his wife and relationship will be under stress and if not handled properly then it can lead to separation or divorce again with his 2nd wife.

In the janam kundli of Aamir Khan Planet Sun and Mercury are highly malefic or badly places which makes him manuplator, liar and clever to in his work and in dealing with other people and get success through wrong means too.

His Costars in the Movies are : Kajol, Salman Khan, Disha Patani, Katrina Kaif

Kundli or Natal Chart Details of Aamir Khan.

Lunar Yr-Mo:   Krodhi - Phalguna
Tithi:         Sukla Dwadasi (Me) (86.35% left)
Vedic Weekday: Saturday (Sa)
Nakshatra:     Pushyami (Sa) (23.57% left)
Yoga:          Atiganda (Mo) (49.42% left)
Karana:        Bava (Su) (72.71% left)
Hora Lord:     Mars (5 min sign: Le)
Mahakala Hora: Mars (5 min sign: Sc)
Kaala Lord:    Sun (Mahakala: Mars)

We see that his eleventh house in the asthavarga (BAV) charts in D1 carries the highest points. Some of the other important yogas that are present in his horoscope are Gaja kesari, Mridanga , Harsha, Raja Sambandha, Raja or Lakshmi that has given him much fame, money, prosperity and recognition of his work worldwide.

Vimsottari Dasa of Janam Kundli of Aamir Khan:

 Maha Dasas:

 Sat: 1950-09-08 (12:24:36 pm) - 1969-09-08 (9:20:21 am)
 Merc: 1969-09-08 (9:20:21 am) - 1986-09-08 (5:47:31 pm)
 Ket: 1986-09-08 (5:47:31 pm) - 1993-09-08 (12:55:08 pm)
 Ven: 1993-09-08 (12:55:08 pm) - 2013-09-08 (3:55:22 pm)
 Sun: 2013-09-08 (3:55:22 pm) - 2019-09-09 (4:49:34 am)
 Moon: 2019-09-09 (4:49:34 am) - 2029-09-08 (6:24:19 pm)
 Mars: 2029-09-08 (6:24:19 pm) - 2036-09-08 (1:21:31 pm)
 Rah: 2036-09-08 (1:21:31 pm) - 2054-09-09 (3:59:13 am)
 Jup: 2054-09-09 (3:59:13 am) - 2070-09-09 (6:20:42 am)

Aamir Khan on Twitter : 
Aamir Khan on Facebook :
Aamir Khan On Instagram :

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Gemini Daily Horoscope Weekly Predictions Monthly Forecasts Love Astrology

Get Monthly Horoscope Readings and Quarterly forecasts and predictions about people born under Gemini Moon sign.
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Gemini Zodiac Sign Love, Marriage, Money, Health, Prosperity, Career Forecast and Divination.

This module will give you advanced forecasts about your and your life ahead for three months according to Vedic Astrology. These will be personalized horoscope predictions made by top astrologers and occultist of India , Shri Rohit Anand ji.

These horoscope readings and predictions will cover your important aspects of life from Job, work, business, love, marriage, health, money, prosperity etc. You can also ask us to be more focused on any of the above mentioned particular aspects of life in more detail. Kundli forecasts are prepared by our astrologer and sent by email after being prepared on monthly basis for 3 months from the date the payment is received by us. You can save and take a print of your zodiac horoscope readings in either Ms word or in PDF format.

Gemini men weekly readings, gemini predicitons monthly, gemini horoscope reading quarterlyFor Indepth analysis of kundli or horoscope according to Hindu astrology  we will be requiring the following details from you by email. You can send the following details to us at our email address Divyatattva @ 

Person Full Name.
Date of Birth.
Accurate Time of Birth.
City/State Of Birth.
Country Of Birth.
Present Location.
Email Address.
Phone Number.

Personalized Quarterly Predictions About Gemini 3 Months Forecasts : INR Rs. 5000/- or USD 74 $ or Euros. Consultation fees can be paid in advance by Bank Transfer, Paypal, Check, Cash Deposit.

Note:  All personal information or consultation is kept strictly confidential and not shared with anyone. Get your Gemini Horoscope from Divyatattva for Daily, Weekly & Monthly Gemini Horoscopes now. You can also know more about Gemini or Mithun rashi people like : Who do Geminis get along with? What does Gemini mean sexually? What is the personality of Gemini people like and with whom they are compatible with.

Gemini Zodiac Men Personality Traits, Nature, Sex Life and Love Memes
Dating and Attracting a Gemini Women With Ease
Auspicious Marriage Muhurat And Functions Date or Time
★ Importance of Planet Merucry in Vedic Astrology Birth Charts

Know about Gemini Women Nature, Personality traits, sex life, love, marriage and romance.

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Beautiful Lord Krishna Wallpapers HD Images, Photos & Backgrounds

Hindu deity Sri krishna is considered as the supreme head of the universe and manifest as pure consciousness. He has been the popular incarnaiton of Lord Vishna in Hinduism. For all the devotees of Srimati Radha and Krishna, i am giving here the free to download Radhka Krishna HD wallpapers, 4UK Photos of Govinda, HD images or cute baby Krishna and the avataar of Lord Sri Vishnu.

hd images of lord krishna with radha , krishna images download , lord krishna wallpapers hd widescreen

Janamashtami wallpaper, sri radha krishna wallpaper, hd photos, hindu gods, govinda photos, baby krishna pictures

indian god, hindu god, sri krishna, vishnu, narayan, hindu festival god photos

Lord Mahadev And Parvati HD Wallpapers
Lord Ganesha HD Wallpapers Siddhi Vinayaka Background

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Lenormand Card Cross 36 Meaning Keywords Tutorials Readings Predictions Interpretation Fortune Telling Divination By Shri Rohit Anand

Lenormand Oracle Card Cross 36 Meanings, learning keywords, tutorials, readings, fortune telling and interpretation By Astrologist, Tarotist, Occultist, Tantric Shri Rohit Anand, New Delhi, India.

Lenormand cross oracle card 36
 Lenormand Card Cross 36. Meaning.

Lenormand Cross Oracle Card Meanings, Keywords and description. Card : Six of Clubs.

Keywords : Faith, guilt, No, hardships, difficulties, sacrifices, cross, church, religion, burden, suffering, fate, negative, crucifix, church, temple, pain, guilty, religion, sorrows, despair, shame, humiliation, challenges, destiny, intolerance, principles, indoctrination, duty.

The cross usually stands for any religion, faith and when it falls near to a person then it could indicate a religious person. It represents all religions, faiths and their teachings and the card near to it gives it more specific and accurate reading as to type of faith or practises one is involved with. Its a negative card in lenormand usually but also a destiny card. Appearing near to man or women card defines the person or the situation he or she is in which can be difficult one, burdened, sad or religious. Its meaning can be good if it is surrounded by positive and good cards in context of question asked by the qurent.

The Cross Card Meaning in Matters of Love and Relationships : A Cross card usually implies disappointment, rejection, or negative outcome in love. Person may be of different faith or spiritually inclined. It can also mean painful and unhappy marriage if already married and perhaps one of the person is carrying the burden of a married life painfully and sacrificing oneself.

The Cross Card Meaning in Matters of Career, Job And Profession:

 It could mean more job responsibility and hard work, difficult work environment, religion based workplace. Person could be unhappy in job and suffering at the hands of boss.

Career and Professional choices may be : Priest, Pundit, Rabbi, Spiritual works, Charitable organization affiliated with religion, making or dealing with spiritual items or products.

The Cross Card Meaning Relating to Body, Organs And Health : It represents lower back, exhausting diseases, painful illness with aches. When this card appears it can be stiffness in the body or spine.

Lenormand Card of Cross for Timing : It could mean ongoing difficult period and coming soon.

Physical Description and Qualities of a Cross: It could mean spiritual, depressed, sad person, in pain, stressed out, weak, worn out, suffering .

Lenormand Cards Combinaitons With Meanings

Lenormand Card Meanings and Combinaitons

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World Horoscope Prophecies Psychic Predictions 2019 2020 USA India China

Most accurate world predictions and prophecies of the world for 2019- 2020 and beyond by top astrologist, Occultist and Tantric of India.
predictions, psychic, horoscope, prophecy, jyotish, vedic astrology, astrologer, occult, astrologist
Know what the future upholds for the world, nations and countries of the world.  Will there be wars and destruction or peace and development with new ear of human development. We present here some of the predictions and prophecies of the world and countries like USA, China, India, Turkey, Pakistan, Srilanka, Nepal, Uk, France, Germany and Russia.

* World will make rapid development in science, innovation and technology never seen before.

* Pakistan will continue to be the world biggest terrorist nations of the world. Its PM Imran Khan will face frustrations and setback and will bring much humiliation for Pakistan and will not make much headway in improving the condition of its country and international relations due its rogue army and terrorists organization of ISI. It will continue to follow its deceptive policies to hoodwink world and spread Islamic Jihad to neighboring countries and will witness bombings, suicide attacks in the future. Its currency and economy will continue to suffer and crash and there will be unrest by its own people. Pakistan will bring great disrepute to Islam, Muslims, Kashmiris in the future and its own people will suffer humiliation in the world. It will commit atrocities and killings of Sindhis, Pashtuns, Mojhairs, Hindus, Balochs, Sikhs, Christians, Shias and Ahmadis . Its economy will be destroyed by China and military of Paksitan and economic data will be fudged to hoodwink the world. Peace initiave with India will be sham, pack of lies and deceptive.

* There will be new flying machines/vehicles developed by humans to travel faster from corners of the Earth and in space.

* China's Economy Will Suffer and crumble. It will wipe out Islam and Christanity from its country by killing millions of Muslims and demolishing mosques. Its policies will face setback and its Rogue Communist regime will bring China to disrepute, unemployment with waste of money and earth resources with its lust for expansion with crooked policies of debt trap of weaker and smaller nations.★ Predictions About China

*  Nations will start to work on deploying space weapons. India, Russia, America, France, UK and China will develop new weapons systems.

* Indian Economy will continue to surge ahead among top economies of the world.Great work will be done in artificial intelligence. It will see great rise in spiritual growth and upliftment among Hindus. Some of the Chinese and American companies will become the great threat to Indian cyber security. ★ Future Of India

* Laser weapons and robotics will be deployed in military and industry. They will start to take the place of human workforce around the world. Hazardous places, farms, industries, factories, hospitals, hotels, labour intensive companies will be taken over by robots.

* UK and Canada will be rattled with terrorists attacks and unrest by Islamic terrorists, Pakistanis and Khalistani terrorists due to wrong policies of Corrupt politicians. Britain will become the new center of terrorist organizations.

* Defence and arms budget of every nation will go up.

* Turkey and Pakistan will have a fake democracy and will be manipulated and controlled by corrupt
rulers and military dictators that will ruin the country.

* More and more countries will turn protectionist in their policies and discourage migrants and workers to their country.

* Chinese rogue and crooked communist regime policies will destroy the economies of Turkey, Pakistan, Nepal, Srilanka, Cambodia, Angola, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Zambia and try to grab its land by corrupting politicians and influencing democratic govt illegally.

* America will continue to engage China with its disruptive and aggressive policies to curtail its influence by weakening it. American economy will do well and unemployment will be at lowest. Donald Trump wrong policies will be the cause when its allies will be distanced and friendly countries lost. He will bring much humiliation, embarrassment and decline in the influence and power of America in the world in the future.

* India will make great strides in Space, military technologies, innovation, stock markets and  medicine. It will be sending manned spacecraft in the space by the year 2023-24. Cyber crimes, espionage and hacking will increase tremendously in India. There will be more cyber attacks and cyber frauds in India by Pakistani and Chinese Hackers or criminals. People of India will begin to realize that Congress, Communists and few other political parties polices have been threat to national security and integrity of the country. Prostitution and drugs consumption among people will increase.

* Medical science will continue to make improvements in the cure of Cancer, developing bionic limbs, manufacturing artificial human organs.

* There will be No World War 3 nor there will be any nuclear war between nations.We also don't see any end of the world in the near future for mankind yet.

* Facebook will start to see its massive decline and loose its popularity in the future in many countries.

* Bangladesh & Pakistan, will continue to commit atrocities, human righ abuses on minorities of Hindus, Christians, Sikhs, Shias and Buddhists etc. Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Iran will bring much disrepute to Islam and more countries around the world will refuse to recogonize it as religion and will ban its idealogy and entry of muslims into their country.

* Unemployment will increase as machines, robots, AI will start to take over all labour intensive, Hazardous and unskilled jobs and work a round the world.

* Problem of drugs, prostitution and suicides will increase around the world in every country. 

* Diseases of diabetes, heart attacks, kidney failure, cancer, depression, mental diseases and Suicides will create havoc  among humans in 2019 and 2020.

We will keep updating and adding new predictions to our site from time to time, so keep checking up on our website for the latest updates on forecasts about the future and unfolding of the future events. 

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