Importance, Role & Strong Mercury In Horoscope Birth Charts By Top Celebrity Astrologer of India

Know everything about planet Mercury according to vedic astrology. By Shri Anand Ji, Famous celebrity astrologer , New Delhi, India.

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Astrological Facts about Plaent Mercury or Buddh according to Vedic Astrology.

In Vedic Astrology Planet Merucy is considered as the son of Moon and it takes around 88 days to orbit around the Sun. Mercury retrograde period is about 20 to 24 days and it gets retrograde approx every 4 months. Mercury is the karaka of all speech,communication, intellect, wisdom and power of discriminaiton a person has according to Indian astrology. Its role is quite important in the natal charts as it shows how to comunicate with the outer world and the self. It is called Buddh in jyotish, its a dual nature planet that rules the zodiac signs of Gemini and Virgo. It belives in logic, reasoning, analytics and rationlaity.

Zodiac Signs Rules by Mercury : Gemini  and Virgo.

Planet Mercury according To Vedic Astrology depicts : Intelligence, logic, finance, trade,  business, sensibility,

Health Issues or Body Parts Mercury Rules : Intestines, throat, neck, nerves, restlessness, worry, stress, hypertension, skin issues, ears, deafness, arms, lungs, hips, nervous system.

Professions and Career ruled by Planet Mercury : Mass Communication, journalism, astrology, occult, news, trade, computers, banking, accounts, writer, data analytics, broker, businessman, researcher, auditors, translators, mathematician .

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What is the Importance Of planet Mercury in the birth charts according to vedic astrology?

Its quite important to have good and strong Merucry in the natal charts if one plans to do better in business, trading, maths, as poet, singer, writer, journalist etc. It give logic, reasoning, analytical ability, versatile, multitasking, practical thoughts to implement what you think. Planet Mercury is the closest planet to Sun according to hindu astrology and often found combust in most of the horoscopes. Moon and Mars are considered enemies of Mercury and any placement of  it in the signs of mars is usually bad for the native in the horoscope birth charts. Mercury conjunct with Sun creates “Budhaditya Yog“ and Mercury is creates “Bhadra yog” if in the house of “Kendra” and sitting with the Lord of 9th, it creates “Raj Yoga“.

In person's horoscope the level of IQ is much dependent upon the strength of planet Mercury and these people are smart, clever and mercurial in anture. Saturn  and Venus are considered friends of Buddha graha and give good results in its dasha and antar dashas if are rightly placed in the zodiac house. When Mercury has malefic influence or conjunction then person can be a cheater, fraud, smuggler, gambler or drugs trafficker. In the kundli Mercury can be direct, retrograde, combust, deep cmbust. Retrograde mercury can cause financial upsets, reversals but also gives chance to amend the wrongs by going back to things that require correction in oneself, thinking, work or with lifestyle.

Direction : North.
Color : Green and Ligh Green shades. Metal : Lead, Quicksilver or Parad.
Constellation of Planet Mercury : Aslesha, Revathi, Jyestha.
Exalted in : Virgo  and Deblitated in : Pisces. Weak Sign : Sagittarius
Gender : Neutral. Status : Prince.
Guna : Rajsic or Rajo Guna.
Directional Strength : First House of Zodiac. Weakest Direction : 7th house.
Mercury's Vimshottari Dasha period: Seventeen Years.
Season governed by Mercury: Sharad or Autumn season.
Gemstone governed by Mercury: Emerald.
Semi Precious gemstones governed by Mercury: Peridot and Green Tourmaline.
Bodily Constituion : Vata, Pitta and Kapha.
Age of Maturity : 32 years.
Animals : Flying birds, Airy creatures.
Caste :Vaishya.
Day : Wednesday.
Nature : Duality.
Friendly Planets : Venus, Rahu.
Represents : Sisters, Small children, Enunchs.
Mahadasha : 17 Years.
God : Vishnu

What is the role of graha Buddha or planet Mercury in horoscope ?

Role of planet Mercury is quite important as its a planet of discrimination, intelligence, intellect and any malefic influence in the horoscope, combustion, bad conjuction, deblitation can give bad memory, poor intelligence, wrong decesion making, bad comprehension or cognitive ability, harsh speech, restleness, confusion, anxiety and stress. But a powerful and good Mercury in the horoscope gives success in business, finances, studies, talents, and multitasking. Mercury is friend with Sun but it should not be in combustion as then it looses its higher qualities. It give qualities like wit, agility,  cleverness, sharp thinking, spontaneity and humour to a native when it is strongly placed without affliction from any malefic planet. Mercury if under strong and positive aspects can make the person very loving, successfull, gives good communication skills, persuasive powers, diplomatic skills and compassionate, a polite demeanour, immense profits in business, good understanding and a great sense of humour to come with higher than an average intellectual level.

But when planet Mercury or Buddh graha is badly places in any zodiac sign, conjuct malefic planets and received aspects by enemy planets then person can be cunning, crooked, uses foul language, criminal, sex addict, stressed, worried, suffer from diseases, get failure in life, suffer from psychological or nervous disorders. Charity for pacifying planet Mercury is donating Green cloth, green vegetables, green colored pulses, fresh green grass for the cow and chanting Buddha mantra.

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How to Strengthen the Planet Mercury in kundli or How to make Mercury strong in Astrology?

Tantric and Vedic Mantras for Mercury.

Beej Mantra of Planet Mercury: Om bram breem broum sah budhaya namah.

Buddh Graha or Mercury Stotra: Priyam gukaalikashyamam rupenaam prathimam budham soumyam saumya gunopetham tham budham pranamaamyaham.

Mercury Gayatri Mantra: Om gaja dhwajaaya vidmahae sukha hastaaya dheemahi tanno buddhe prachodayaat.

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