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At Divyatattva India online astrology portal, we will be doing the horoscope analysis of popular bollywood celebrity actor "Tiger Shroff ". 
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Jai Hemant or Tiger Shroff has been is the famous actor and heartthrob of youngsters and is quite popular among them for his dancing, martial arts and action sequences he has done in the movies. He was born on 2nd March in the zodiac sign of  Aries as his rashi and with Aquarius ascendant or lagna according to Vedic astrology. An intelligent individual, you can chalk out a thoughtful and methodic approach to issues, without adopting a rash attitude, and achieve very good results.

Name: Tiger Shroff  or Jai Hemant.

Date of Birth : 2 March 1990.

Time of Birth : 7:00 A.M.

City and State : Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Country : India.

Gender : Male.

Parents and Family of Tiger Shroff : Jackie Shroff, Ayesha Shroff.

A life of prosperity and happiness are assured to you, as per the clear indications of the configuration of Aquarius Ascendant (Lagna) on the rise with Pisces Navamsa and Gemini Dreskana in the fourth Pad of Satbhisha at the time of your birth. With this favourable trend available to you, you can go ahead with your plans to achieve tremendous successes in life. ★ Get Your Horoscope Free

Tiger Shroff Career Astrology : Acting Profession, Horoscope Natal Charts Analysis. 

The most significant year of your life will be when you attain the age of 28. It should, in fact, be a landmark, because it is then that you will not only make a pile of money, you can also aspire to occupy a position of rank and power. If that materialise, then your progress will be meteoric, because anyone in an influential post at the young age of 28 can certainly aspire to reach for the moon.

You have also the ability to think up of new ideas and experiment with them. Invariably your original approach will yield rich dividends.

Being a kind and generous person, you will extend a helping hand to the needy. But people can't fool you, as you have the unseen power of reading others' thoughts. You know to whom you have to provide succour and whom you have to ignore.

You don't make friends easily, but once you accept someone as your pal, you will treat him like an ally and stand by him at all times. In turn, friends extend their full support to you.

You will have a pleasant and enjoyable homely life. With an attractive and desirable spouse and promising children, you can lead a life of contentment.

A religious person, you will undertake many pilgrimages. You won't shirk contributing liberally to charity. You will also evince a keen interest in learning about the mysteries of the universe and the cycle of birth.

Love Astrology : Tiger Shroff Love Relationships, Girlfriends and Marriage. ★ Get Accurate Tarot Cards Readings

Analysing his horoscope of Tiger Shroff we find that his planet of love and realtionship is placed in
the the 12 house of Capricorn with Rahu. His lord of 7th house Sun is placed in the lagna with Mercury which is the lord of 8th house. These are not good combination for good realtionship with women in his life or married life. He will have few love realtionships and disturbed married life with his partner. He is likely to face breakups and separation with his girlfriends before marriage and it will be more pronounced if  girl is from his professional life. He will be enjoying himself with many women in his life abroad and some of them will be foreigners too. His Sun placement in the ascendant give him the features of his father and his personality along with his casanova lifestyle.

In his Navamsha divisional charts also we Saturn and planet Marts conjunct in the Saggitarius and are in vargotamma position along with Jupiter.

Already a lucky human, more luck will come your way if you follow the guidelines listed below : 

The colours that favour you are white, red, yellow and cream. Keep off blue, green and orange. The numbers that will prove good are 2, 3, 7 and 9; numbers 1, 4, 5 and 8 are unlucky.

Your lucky days are Friday and Saturday; whereas Wednesday is average. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday are not too favourable as they may bring worries, forcing you to incur much expenses.

Tiger Shroff Co Stars : Shraddha Kapoor, Sudheer Babu, Tara Sutaria, Tiger Shroff, Kapil Sharma, and Ananya Panday ...

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