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Vastu Expert Online Vasthu Consultations For Home Business Factory Shop Offices By Top Vastu Expert Shri Rohit Anand Ji

Divyatattva Vastu Consultation services online by top Vasthu shastra expert for real estate, corporate And industrial Vastu Shastra Consulting, Vaastu tips , advise and remedies By Shri Rohit Anand Ji.

Free Vasthu tips Vastu shastra remedies Free Vasthu consultations Best Vastu expert online.

You may be living in any country and thinking of buying/investing in property or real estate whether in your country or elsewhere in different country but are doubtful or confused and unsure if property you are thinking to buy is or will be good or beneficial not for you or not. But now you can buy any property anywhere in the world without fear and doubt and we can help you select the right one that will be good, profitable, beneficial and trouble free for you. We will do the preliminary check of the potential property/asset/land/showroom/office/plot on the following parameters before you make up your mind to buy it. Checks we make will guide you and help you make up your mind to take right decision at right time. 

Know and check about the property dealer, real estate company before you deal with them.

Know whether the land, property you intend to buy will be profitable to you or not.

Numerically checking the property compatibility with your luck.

How are the energies of this land and property that you intend to buy?

Will the commercial value will increase in the future?

On whose name the property office, shop should be bought to get maximum benefits and success.

Are there any negative entities in the place/office/home.

Is the property title/papers/documents are clear and okk.

To check if there is No frauds/scandals involved with this property/home and shop.

Are there any Vaastu defects in the property or land.

Will i profit or benefit if i buy and sell this property.

Will give you auspicious dates to buy the shop, flat, kothi, house, land, factory, office.

Should you take loan for this property.

From which company you should take loan in your best interest.

Astro Vaastu or Horoscope check for buying and selling of property.

Ask your questions if you wish to modify the structure of your real estate.

Best Crystals to Attract Wealth Abundance Money in Your Home

Ask or Consult our Vastu Expert for : INR Rs.5100/- or USD 74 Dollars.

Consultation fees to be paid in : Cash, Check, Paypal, Bank Transfer, IMPS, NEFT.

For Vasthu Consultations you need to give us following details :

Your Name.
Your Present Location.
Phone Number.
Email Address.
Property Address that needs consultation.
On whose name property is or to be bought.
Birth details of person on whose name property is or will be : Date of birth, Time of Birth, City and Country.
2 to 3 Pictures and map of particular property in question, if possible.

Send the Following details at our :

Email Address : Divyatattva @

You can also Whatsapp your queries, ask questions and have consultations with prior appointment only by messaging us at the above mentioned number or email.

Note: All your consultations, private data will be kept strictly confidential and private. Your property Vastu consultations will be sent by email after receipt of fees.


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Future of India Horoscope Predicitons about India Hindus Astrology Natal Charts of Bharatvarsh By World Famous Astrologist Yogi Shri Rohit Anand

Prophecies about India, Predictions about India , Future of India as per Vedic Astrology, Astrological predictions of Hindustan and Indian Economy India becoming Superpower 2021 and 2022.

Indian economy will start to recover in the end of 2020 and be continue to do better in 2021. Stock markets will soar to new heights.

Hindus shall unite and Sanatan Dharma will see huge uprising and it will make India revive its lost glory in India and the world.

India will make new scientific advancement in space technologies and again send new satellites in space and on Moon. It will prepare for sending Humans in space.

Communist left ideology of Anti Hindus, Anti India and Jihadi ideology of violence, separatism, bloodshed, terrorism and intolerance will be biggest threat to security and integrity of India. Imperialist China will be funding terrorists, anti nationals, separatists, maoists in India to destabilize it.

Indian Astrology, Future of India, Vedic Astrology, Online Future Predictions about India by Shri Rohit Anand.
Indian govt will prepare for war with Pakistan and China to take back its territories of POK, GILGIT, BALTISTAN, Aksai ladakh. Pakistanis and China will be defeated and frustrated on every front when in conflict with India. Coward communist China will try to make Tibet & Ladakh the battle field to contain the conflicts without major damage to mainland China. India will humiliate China and Pakistan at every level from diplomacy, cyber war, psychological war, economically and  land conflicts.

Indian Economy will grow fast and will become the third largest economy in next five years. It will become stronger and see expansion to world class innovation, technology, research and products.

Some of the politicians and political parties of India will get corrupted and work for enemy nations of China and Pakistan.

Indian leadership will remain strong, will bring radical reforms in right direction and will take the country forward. India's reputation, prestige will increase and will be recognized as strong economic and military power.

China will do espionage in most of its consulates in India and will fund the demonical communist ideology and militants of the North east. It will create trouble in North East and Southern state of India with funding and inciting people and minorities to create unrest with patronage of political parties.

Yoga, Meditation and Gita of Hindus will become popular among masses and children in new and confident Bharatvarsh.

Hindus will demand reconstruction of all older temples in India which were destroyed by barbaric Islamic invaders in the past.

Sexual and cyber crimes, accidental disasters will increase. There will be cyber attacks from Pakistan, China, Russia, Turkey and America on India.

India will help many smaller nations with aid and military support and its foreign policy will be more assertive and aggressive under Modi Govt.

State level politics of BJP will be challenging but people will appreciate central govt policy decisions and its popularity and that of PM will remain high.

Bollywood will give some major blockbusters movies and popularity of hindi film industry will increase thought the world. Politicians, Officials, businessman, plotters and planners, saviour of  murderers of bollywood actor Sushant will be exposed and only some of them will be jailed. India and world will come to know how bollywood actor was honey trapped in destroying his career, siphon off his money and was threatened and murder of Disha was part of this and some of the actual killers of both will not be caught. It was part of plan and is also linked to money laundering, drugs and professional criminals  & their network getting exposed.It  also has links with murder of another high profile politician wife who was about to expose cricket betting racket, money laundering, drugs syndicate which remains unresolved till date. Drug Mafia of Dubai operates from Pakistan controls bollywood with drugs.

India will win every conflict with Pakistan and China and defeat them in every field. Indian armed forces will face new wars in times to come. Indian military will defeat coward Chinese soldiers and corrupt and weak Pakistani forces. With Every passing month and year Pakistan and China will slide into weakness, chaos, protests, bad economy, turmoil, losses, defeat, losing its influence and prestige.

India will lead the new world order and its power and strength will increase under the current prime minister. It will become a powerful nation with new security alliances with countries and place in world organizations such as UNO and other regional forums.

Indian space organization will prepare new generation satellites to reach for planet Venus, Mars and to carry out scientific experiments in space with discovery of new galaxies, solar systems, planets, space happenings.

India will be rattled with earthquakes, fires, communal riots and floods. Danger to city of Mumbai will increase coming years as it will start to flood more and more with rising sea levels and rains. state of Maharashtra, Gujarat, Orrisa, Bihar, Uttarakhand, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu will face fury of natural calamities.

Hindustan will become the much sought after country for alliance in world organizations, groupings and will sign new military pacts.

It will grow in power and in military might and will develop new generation weapons, Nuclear warheads, hypersonic missiles, Robotics, EMP weapons and laser weapons. Indian military hardwware exports will grow exponentially.

Right policies of self dependence will make India technology, manufacturing and innovation hub and it will become third largest economy in few years.

China will try to disrupt India's development work in Northeast, Myanmar with militants providing them with arms, ammunition, funding and terror training. China will try to turn Indian's neighbours against it to involve it in conflicts so as to stall Indian Economy, and not to fight war directly with India but let foolish neighbours do its bidding to harm Bharat Varsh. China will try to use land and people of Tibet, Nepal and Pakistan to destroy these nations by engaging in confrontation with Hindustan. China will face much disasters which will be man-made and natural due to floods, typhoons, Snowfall, fires, earthquakes, Dams Burst, hurricanes, land slides. Chinese will see its decline, humiliation, isolation, failure with every passing year. 

Pakistan Hatred and jealousy towards India and Hindus will lead it to path of self destruction, misery, suffering and failure as a country. Pakistan Army, Jihadis, Mullahs and China will be the cause of decline and disintegration of "Pakistan. European and Asian nations will reject jihadi cult of terrorism, violence, riots, intolerance, forced conversions, destroying other religions and deport muslims and deny them visa. Pakistan rogue army and jihadis will take the country on the path of self destruction. It will try its best to gather support of other evil nations to fight India but will fail.

China's jealousy, enmity towards India will see Chinese getting bloody nose, its influence waning and getting frustrated and humiliated at every front against India. China economy will be in ruin, factories will shut down as India flexes its economic might. China will never be a superpower but a Evil rogue regime.

Corona Chinese Virus will see its impact waning after November 2020 as many Indian and foreign companies will start to come out with effective medicine and vaccines being manufactured at large scale not only for India but also for the world. More than 2.5 lac people will die in India due to this Virus.

Bharatvarsh will continue to help weaker smaller and friendly nations in times of disaster, calamities, wars, poverty, declining economy and free them from slavery or debt trap of Rogue CCP of Communist China.

Pakistan foreign policy will be pathetic and failure against India and it will fail to mobilize support for kashmir. Its alliance will fail and see more sanctions and tough days ahead of people of Pakistan. They will be on streets, suffer in poverty, misery, corruption. There will be collapse of govt, economic ruin, frustration, humiliation and Pakistan losing its territory on every front to neighbouring countries.

Indian influence, power and prestige will increase in world and international organizations. Hinduism popularity will increase and more and more countries will adopt Hindu way of life, living and Sanskrit will see its revival.

Coward Communist Chinese will try to make Tibet, Nepal, Aksai Ladakh, Bangladesh, Pakistan turn against India and make them battlefield in fight against India will be defeated in its attempts. India will liberate Tibet, Aksai Ladakh, Balochistan, POK, Gilgit Baltistan from Evil Islamic regime of Pakistan and Demonical Communist China.

Arab nations will witness wars disrupting oil,its supplies and prices, it will be good for India if it quickly reduce its dependence upon oil and switch to electric and solar energy. 2020-21 will the beginning of decline of Islam, Islamic countries and muslims all over the world.

Govt of India will make radical changes to take country forward with bringing new bills in parliament  including Population control and Uniform Civil code, which will again face protests by enemies of India. People will become aware of the sinister threat of Islamization of India and Bollywood.

Kashmir will see returning to normal, elections, development and new govt but acts of Islamic terrorism by Pakistan to derail democracy will continue.

Rogue China, Pakistan, Turkey will  be on the path of Self destruction, misery, sufferance due to wrong policies, corrupt political leaders. Interference in other countries, spreading islamic radicalization of its autocratic politicians, leaders and dictators will compound their misery, collapse of economy. China will deploy missiles on Tibet , Mt Everest but will be dislodged by India.

Every passing month will see the fall of Evil Pakistan and demonical China and Communist ideology will lose its popularity. Nepal will be the new center of drugs, smuggling, sabotage, espionage, terrorism, fake currency, Chinese spies and anti India activities.

People will lose faith in police, judiciary and state govt due to lack of trust and will demand more accountability.Sexual offences, abuse, prostitution, drugs use, depression, lung diseases, diabetes, cancer, suicides fire accidents will soar. 

India will prepare its astronauts to land in space and moon in times to come. As the first few countries that will reach moon will colonize it and take away its precious resources, India will be of them.

Loneliness, divorces, adultery, extra marital affairs, property disputes, cheating in relationships will increase in society. Fake pseudo gurus will be exposed.

21st century worst Evil leaders who destroyed their own country and brought suffering one will be Chinese President Xiping, Pakistan PM Imran Khan, Iran Hassan Rouhani and Turkey President Erdogan. These countries will remain hostile to India and will indulge in cyber attacks on India, they will become failed and frustrated nations and slide towards chaos, protests, poverty, misery, suffering and self destruction. Their leaders will become unpopular and will lose their power.

Coming years will see wars and conflict between forces of evil and goodness, dharma and adharma. Many countries will indulge in war, resistance, bombings, military conflict, armed forces positioning or realignment and protests against corrupt leaders. Hindus will unite and India will prepare itself for relentless wars against demonical forces, evil countries , protect the weak and bring peace and stability.

China, Pakistan, Turkey, North Korea, Iran, Nepal will be hostage to Evil rulers which will bring much misery, repression, suffering, poverty, humiliation to its own people. China will arm these nations with weapons, missiles and debt trap & corrupt them to do its bidding to create chaos, crises, conflicts.

India or Hindustan will undergo great transformation and people of India will become more aware with higher consciousness and values. Corrupt, Anti nationals, Anti Hindus, Criminals will suffer as forces of Dharma and Justice will become stronger.

Rogue China will try to spread new Virus, Bacteria & Plaque to infect people of India, America, Europe do espionage, do cyber attacks, hacking, spread false Chinese propaganda, from some of the corrupt Indian media, politicians, political parties who will be on the payroll of CCP.

Year 2020 will be remembered as the worst year in the Indian history as god and nature will punish humans to give a lessons to be on right path, renounce selfishness and greed or be prepared for more destruction on larger scale in times to come.

World Most Accurate Predictions and Prophecies

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Know about the future of India, predictions of India and what does Hindustan or Bharat Bhavishya vani or future is in the coming year. Get Astrological predictions about India or भारत राशिफल and future of India as per Vedic Astrology and divination with tarot card readings.

Divyatattva Indian Vedic Astrology, World Predictions, Divination and Prophecies, Psychic Prophecy 2021-2022.

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

India Independence Day Hd Wallpapers 15 Aug Backgrounds Photos Beautiful Indian Freedom Pictures Free Download at Divyatattva

Divyatattva presents Indian Independence Day Celebrations Wallpapers in full size, 15th August HD backgrounds for free personal use only.

Divyatattva India 2020-2021 Hd wallpapers and Backgrounds of 15th August, Indian Independence day.

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Future Predictions Astrology Prophecies 2021 2022 Horoscope Of India China Pakistan America Russia

World Famous Predictions, Astrological Prophecies 2021 and 2022 about happenings, wars, economy, chaos, humanity and upliftment of human consciousness. These Future Divinations are by most accurate world famous astrologist, tarotist, numerologist, tantric, mystic, yogi and occultist Shri Rohit Anand.

Know about the future and horoscope predictions about America, Russia, India, China, Pakistan, Japan, Australia, Germany, France, Italy, South Africa and gulf nations.

Evil China will see its decline and rouge communist regime will loose its popularity among Chinese people. Majority of nations around the world will turn against China and its expansionist, inhuman barbaric, coercive policies of lies and deceit. President Xiping will face much internal revolt, troubles and criticism from its own people due to wrong CCP policies, increased poverty, food crises, isolation, economic ruin, fake economic data,  lies  and  repression of freedom and destroying Democracy. China with its ally Pakistan and Iran will develop and spread new Biological and Nuclear weapons endangering humanity. China will be exposed of the fact that Chinese corona virus was deliberately spread on orders of  dictator Xiping under secret project to destroy humanity, democracies and freedom. Its purpose was to weaken Europe, America, India, Japan, Australia economically, attack and occupy lands of smaller and weaker nations and increase its influence by taking advantage of massive human crises  & buyout resourceful companies around the world. Year of 2021 will mark the decline of Communist regime and weakening of China and its decline in coming years.

Indian Economy will see sharp rise and recovery. Stock markets will make new heights. India's GDP will rise and will bring cheers to world economy. Congress and Communists will face great troubles and people of India will lose faith and trust in these political parties. Future of India is extremely bright and it will become the next biggest economic, innovation, manufacturing and pharma hub of the world .

Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh will continue with spread of Islamic terrorism, hatred, intolerance, atrocities on minorities, forced conversions to Islam and commit human rights abuses on Christians, Hindus, Sikhs, Shias, Buddhists and Baloch.

Hinduism, Sanatan Dharma, Ayurveda, Yoga of India will become popular in every nation and people will adopt Hindu culture, Hindus way of living in every country. Bhagvad Gita, Kriya yoga, Tantra will become popular and sanskrit will be taught around the world in Europe, India, Africa, America and Russia. Jihadi Islamic ideology of hate separatism intolerance and communist left ideology of  anti hindus, anti nationals will be biggest threat to democracy of India. India will make massive strides in developing new weapons systems and its . India will send new spacecrafts to Moon and military satellites in space. It will make breakthrough in laser weapons and military robotics.

Corona Chinese Virus infections will continue but its vaccine, medicine and cure will be out and its effect will start to wane by the end of Nov 2021. Many Pharma companies will come out with its cure, medicines, Vaccine from Sep 2020 onwards and gradually it will keep improving till 2022 when Covid 19 will vanish. But Evil Communist Chinese Govt will use new bio warfare to infect people from democracies with New Virus, Bacteria and Plaque to destroy freedom and democratic countries.

Nations Of China, Iran, Pakistan, Turkey and North Korea will see alliance of Evil which will be biggest threat to world peace and security, they will end in failure. These countries will witness protests, changes in their power centres as people will turn against their corrupt leaders. Indian Military might will defeat coward Chinese forces and corrupt Pakistan army.

Future of India, Future of china, Future of America, World Wars, Nostradamus Predicitons

Human consciousness will see shift and upliftment and template of planet Earth will start to change. Corrupt and Evil ones will suffer.

World economic outlook will start to improve from later part of 2021.

Islam will see its decline, next generation followers of Islam will lose faith due to its distorted and degenerated ideology of violence, intolerance, hate, suppression, ignorance and repression. Islamic and gulf nations will slide into poverty,wars, food crises, conflicts, chaos and much bloodshed. Oil prices will become volatile. More and more countries will turn against islamists and demand their deportation and denial of citizenship. Many countries around the world will renounce Islam, ban it and turn against it and its followers.

Scientific advancement into space will be made and many nations will launch their satellites, start work for building new space stations, space tourism, new generation of faster rockets, preparation to reach Moon and Mars in coming years.

New generation fuels will come up, robotics will see rapid advancement, flying cars will see more research, technological improvements to make it cheaper and affordable.

China alliance will be the cause of great suffering for Iran, Nepal, Pakistan and Turkey. Chinese intelligence will  use Biological weapons to destroy freedom and democracy around the world with intent to make them weaker and slave with policy of imperialism. China and Pakistan will prepare for Bio terrorism and Islamic jihadi terrorism against free democracies European countries, America and India. They will spread new virus, bacteria plaque and highly infectious diseases to destroy humanity under a plan. Communist Chinese will arrest and execute pro democracy activists in Hong kong and will secretly try to assassinate Tibetan and Taiwanese leaders. Rogue Chinese will corrupt politicians and political parties in America, Australia, India, Italy, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Germany and African countries etc. 

New world blocks and alliances will emerge in Europe, Asia, Arab nations and in Pacific. Military budget of every country will go up. New weapon systems will be developed and tested by countries for Earth and Space.

India will send new advanced satellites for space and Moon and will make much advancement in science and technology.

Africa countries and many nations of the Gulf will slide into poverty, suffering, wars and self destruction. They will cease to exist as nations and will witness protests, civil strife and conflicts.

Rogue & corrupt regimes and rulers of Turkey, North Korea, Hongkong, Pakistan, China, Nepal and Iran wrong policies will be the cause of great trouble, misery and suffering for their own people. They will follow the policies of extremism and dictatorship, suppression, conflicts, deceit and destroy other religions. They fool and lie to their own people.

There will be No World war III in the future but there will be conflicts between the nations. Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, China, Syria, Israel, Uae, Saudi Arabia will see conflicts and destruction.

Pakistan and its citizens will do money laundering spread Islamic terrorism, drugs, fake currency in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, France, Sweden, Belgium, India, UK, USA, Singapore, Malaysia and Australia.

Russia will develop new weapon systems, missiles but will face economic crises and internal protest against President Putin. There will be political chaos, suppression, fear, death and destruction of important opposition leaders.

Many nations of Asia, Africa, Latin America, China, Pakistan will suffer with food crises and chaos with people protesting against their governments and corrupt rulers. Their govt will be overthrown and new regimes will take over.

American influence will decline in world affairs and China will never be a Superpower but a Evil Communist nation. China will fake economic data, millions of companies will shut down, its plan of companies takeover will fail, and unemployment will increase, banks will default and people of China will lose money.

Polar ice will melt at fast pace and coastlines of many nations will start to submerge with flooding of European nations. America  and China will witness much destruction from Fires, riots, violence, floods, Hurricanes, floods and torrential rains as mother Earth will begin to punish them for destroying it. There will be much economic loss and setbacks for both. Their banks will default and losses will mount.

Earth temperature and water levels will rise and start flooding submerging coastlines of many continents and South Asian countries, sea animals will begin to die. Earth will begin to shake more with earthquakes due to reckless human living.

India, Japan, Australia, Canada, France, South Korea and USA will defeat and isolate China in the world. Chinese influence and power will decline and it will be a frustrated nation with failures and regrets. Chinese president Xi ping will be the worst communist leader that will be the cause of self destruction of China and misery of Chinese people.

China, North Korea, Iran, Russia, Pakistan, Turkey will indulge in Cyber attacks and indulging in hacking and defrauding citizens,organizations and companies of many countries. Chinese and Pakistanis will continue to be the biggest supporter of terrorism, spreading violence & espionage to steal secrets in Germany, France, Afghanistan, Nepal, India, Myanmar, Srilanka, Iran, Syria, Philippines, UK, Canada, Bangladesh, USA, Australia.

USA will witness bitter electoral fight, much violence, mud slinging & dirty politics before it. There will be intense campaigns in elections and American electoral system will be falling apart with manipulation and will not be free or fair.

World will witness much upheavals as Earth and many countries will undergo changes in leaderships, change of consciousness, govt overthrown, top political leaders resigning, many countries going bust and collapse, economies defaulting.

21st century worst Evil leaders who will destroy their own country and will bring suffering will be Chinese President Xiping, Pakistan PM Imran Khan and Turkey President Erdogan. They will be failed and frustrated nations. China, Pakistan, Turkey, North Korea, Iran, Nepal will be hostage to Evil rulers which will bring much misery, repression, suffering, humiliation, poverty to its own people.

Divyatattva Indian Astrology, Free Zodiac Horoscopes & Tarot Online Webportal, 2021-2022, India.

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