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Divyatattva Vastu Consultation services online by top Vasthu shastra expert for real estate, corporate And industrial Vastu Shastra Consulting, Vaastu tips , advise and remedies By Shri Rohit Anand Ji.

Free Vasthu tips Vastu shastra remedies Free Vasthu consultations Best Vastu expert online.

You may be living in any country and thinking of buying/investing in property or real estate whether in your country or elsewhere in different country but are doubtful or confused and unsure if property you are thinking to buy is or will be good or beneficial not for you or not. But now you can buy any property anywhere in the world without fear and doubt and we can help you select the right one that will be good, profitable, beneficial and trouble free for you. We will do the preliminary check of the potential property/asset/land/showroom/office/plot on the following parameters before you make up your mind to buy it. Checks we make will guide you and help you make up your mind to take right decision at right time. 

Know and check about the property dealer, real estate company before you deal with them.

Know whether the land, property you intend to buy will be profitable to you or not.

Numerically checking the property compatibility with your luck.

How are the energies of this land and property that you intend to buy?

Will the commercial value will increase in the future?

On whose name the property office, shop should be bought to get maximum benefits and success.

Are there any negative entities in the place/office/home.

Is the property title/papers/documents are clear and okk.

To check if there is No frauds/scandals involved with this property/home and shop.

Are there any Vaastu defects in the property or land.

Will i profit or benefit if i buy and sell this property.

Will give you auspicious dates to buy the shop, flat, kothi, house, land, factory, office.

Should you take loan for this property.

From which company you should take loan in your best interest.

Astro Vaastu or Horoscope check for buying and selling of property.

Ask your questions if you wish to modify the structure of your real estate.

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Ask or Consult our Vastu Expert for : INR Rs.5100/- or USD 74 Dollars.

Consultation fees to be paid in : Cash, Check, Paypal, Bank Transfer, IMPS, NEFT.

For Vasthu Consultations you need to give us following details :

Your Name.
Your Present Location.
Phone Number.
Email Address.
Property Address that needs consultation.
On whose name property is or to be bought.
Birth details of person on whose name property is or will be : Date of birth, Time of Birth, City and Country.
2 to 3 Pictures and map of particular property in question, if possible.

Send the Following details at our :

Email Address : Divyatattva @

You can also Whatsapp your queries, ask questions and have consultations with prior appointment only by messaging us at the above mentioned number or email.

Note: All your consultations, private data will be kept strictly confidential and private. Your property Vastu consultations will be sent by email after receipt of fees.


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