Mila Kunis Zodiac Horoscope Birthday Charts Love Astrology Natal Charts Analysis By Top Celebrity Astrologer Shri Rohit Anand India

Top celebrity and Hollywood Actress Mila Kunis Birthday Zodiac Sign, Horoscope Birth Charts, love astrology and her future about relationships, career , marriage and scandals.

Mila Kunis Personality, Zodiac Sign, Birthday. 

Mila Kunis is top Hollywood actress who was born in Ukraine and born in the month of August so her zodiac sign is Leo as per western astrology. At very young age she moved to America with her family in the year 1991 where she enrolled herself in acting classes after her school. At young age she did many commercials, television series and are first import role came to her in the age of 14 playing "Jackie Burkhart" on the television series That '70s Show.

Name : Mila Kunis.

Gender : Female.

Date of Birth or Birthday : 14 August 1983.

Time : 05 : 00 Pm.

City : Chernivtsi

State & Country : Ukraine.

Zodiac Sign : Leo.

Chinese Astrology : Water Pig.

Mila Kunis Natal Chart, Kundli, Horoscope charts :

Time Zone:     3:00:00 (East of GMT)

Place:         25 E 56' 00", 48 N 18' 00" .Chernivtsi, Ukraine

Lunar Yr-Mo:   Rudhirodgaari - Sravana

Tithi:         Sukla Sapthami (Sa) (46.02% left)

Vedic Weekday: Sunday (Su)

Nakshatra:     Swaati (Ra) (29.30% left)

Yoga:          Sukla (Mo) (47.18% left)

Karana:        Vanija (Ve) (92.04% left)

Hora Lord:     Moon (5 min sign: Ta)

Mahakala Hora: Mercury (5 min sign: Ta)

Kaala Lord:    Moon (Mahakala: Moon)

Mila Kunis Career Astrology, Acting Career :

As it is, you are a person with tremendous energy and determination who can make a success of any job. For that you have abundant talent, gifted as you are with the ability to converse convincingly with people, all the while nursing a different idea at heart. This puts others off guard, enabling you to get going with your plans smoothly. You are indeed a selfish, practical person.

Mila Kunis Love Astrology, Relationships, Marriage, Scandals and Sex Life. 

Partner(s)‎: ‎Macaulay Culkin‎ (2002–2010) Spouse(s)‎: ‎Ashton Kutcher ​(m. 2015)​

For an individual of your nature, the professions that will suit are dealing in agricultural products, oil engines and mining. If you so desire, you can be a successful actor too, as you know how to put on a false appearance.

At the time of your birth the configuration was Scorpio Ascendant ( Lagna ) rising with Scorpio Navamsa and Pisces Dreskana in the fourth Pad of Anuradha, which shows you will lead a good life including a possible trip abroad, enjoying wealth and worldly comforts; but there is a hint of a small fly in your excellent ointment. And that is you will have to be extremely careful in your movements, failing which you may sustain a fractured limb or be stricken with some disease. Hence, while driving your vehicle or crossing a road, be cautious and not rash.

You will in general enjoy good health, but Scorpio Navamsa points to the possibility of diseases connected with the generative organs and the brain affecting you. Get periodic medical check-ups by your family doctor.

You will devote adequate time to family matters, as you are very particular about a peaceful, harmonious domestic atmosphere. You will love your spouse and children dearly and provide them with all comforts. To strike a good matrimonial balance you would do well to look for you partner from among those born under the Scorpio, Pisces, Cancer, Taurus, Capricorn or Virgo signs.

Your lucky days are Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday where as Wednesday, Friday and Saturday are inauspicious.

Among numbers, you can count on 1, 2, 3, 4 and 9. Those you have to avoid are 5, 6 and 8.

Yellow, red, orange and cream are the colours that suit you best. At any cost, don't have anything to do with blue, white and green.

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