Crystals Consultant Crystal Therapy Astrology Consultancy: Crystals Advisor & Crystal Therapist Shri Rohit Anand

Top Crystal Advisor, Crystals Consultant, Crystal Therapist, Intuitive Psychic Spiritual Healer Occultist Astrologist of India Shri Rohit Anand Ji.

Since ages people have attracted to crystals for powers, healing purposes, wealth, abundance, occult and they have been using it for improving psychic powers, cure diseases, spirituality, meditate, attract higher beings or angels and caste spells too. 

Can Crystals Heal? Do they have healing powers?

Yes, crystal can heal and they do have healing powers but which crystal in which form or potency will benefit you can only be recommended by Crystal expert. Then one should also know how to use the particular crystals with Chakras as mentioned in the ancient Indian Yogic texts.

Can we wear Crystals or Gemstones by our own Self?

No, never try to use or wear crystals in any form by your own self. It can be harmful. Only Crystal Advisor will tell you what to use or wear, when and how to wear and precaution you need to take and how to take care of your crystals.

How long it takes for crystals to work and show its effect?

Well it depends upon the the crystals, person who will be using the crystal and upon whom it will be used. It make take weeks to months for crystals to bring transformation, heal and show its positive effect on anyone.

Can you wear Crystals everyday?

Well most crystals can be worn everyday if they are suitable, recommended by expert and purified and programmed properly at regular intervals.

Does effect of birth stone or crystal change with the finger it's worn on?

Yes, every finger represents different planet and element in our body, it does give different results and it can be negative too if worn in wrong finger in any hand whether left or right by men or women.

Know Your Crystal.

Know which crystals are good for you.

Know which Crystal ring, pendant, bracelet you need to wear with regard to your zodiac, ambitions, horoscope charts.

Know about the Crystal you are attracted to and why?

Know the right method to use, wear and maintain crystals.

Know how are the Energies of your Crystal and if it is suitable for you or not.

Interested in buying any crystal, know beforehand if that will be good idea, suitable and beneficial for you or not.

Know which crystal you can keep at home and which ones you can wear.

Know about how to wear your crystal, its process, its method of purification and programming for what you want to achieve with them.

What is your birth Crystal?

What is the best crystal to wear daily?

What crystals should I sleep with?

What Crystal helps with anxiety?

What crystals can make you happy?

What we Require from You :

Name of Person in full.


Date of Birth.

Time of birth if available.

City/state/country of birth.

Your present location.

Your Email Address.

Your Phone Number.

Purpose you want to use or wear any crystal.

Crystals you are getting attracted to.

Crystal and Gemstone Advisor and Occultist Shri Rohit Anand will answer your queries. Send us the message on whatsapp for Questions, Consultations, Guidance, Appointment.

If you already have crystals then you can ask about any two crystals, we will tell you about it, how are it's energies and whether it's suitable for you or not and method of wearing or using it, how to energise it, auspicious days to wear it.

Email Us : Divyatattva @

Consultation Fees : Rs. INR 3500/- or 65 USD, Payable by Bank Transfer, Cash, check, Bank Deposit. Any additional questions will be charged @ Rs.1100 or USD $ 11 dollars.

NEFT, Paypal, IMPS.

Note: All your personal details and consultations will be kept confidential and will not be shared with anyone.Your Queries will be sent to your email address or whatsapp after receipt of consultation fees.

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