Zodiac Crystals Gemstones to Attract Abundance Money Prosperity By Rohit Anand

Zodiac crystals and gemstones can be used to attract abundance, money, and prosperity. By harnessing the power of these stones to align with your zodiac sign, you can tap into a powerful form of energy that will help manifest positive outcomes in your life. Each crystal has its own unique properties that are specifically aligned with each zodiac sign’s traits and characteristics; thus allowing for an increased potential for success when it comes to achieving financial freedom or other forms of wealth accumulation.

The most popular stone associated with attracting abundance is Citrine; this yellow-hued quartz draws in positivity from its surroundings while simultaneously radiating out warmth and joy – both essential components needed when looking towards cultivating more money in one’s life. Other stones such as Aventurine, Pyrite or Tiger's Eye have also been known to bring about luck within the realm of finances due their reflective quality which helps provide clarity on how best approach any given situation related business matters or investments opportunities alike.

Best Crystals and Gemstones that will help you to attract money, health, abundance, prosperity, success, name and fame. By Crystals Consultant Shri Rohit Anand.

I have been collecting, using, experimenting, observing my crystals, gemstones from past many years to find out if they really work or bring money prosperity, money and abundance as ancients or modern astrologers and crystal lovers have claimed. Somehow being in Vedic Astrology, occultist myself i was pulled into it by strange force and got attracted to certain crystals, gem stones and wanted to find the truth behind it as i believed that god and mother earth never gave anything without a reason. 

Crystals do have their own vibrations, energy or have their own character or properties and can be programmed to give us what we seek, it can affect us, it can absorb our own energies,vibrations and of anything around whether people, things, machines, sounds which can be positive or negative. They can be attuned to heal us, remove blockages, attract what we seek, help us enhance our potential to draw to us money, abundance, prosperity love and wealth provided you know what crystal best works for you. Not every crystal or gemstone that astrologers recommend on the basis of zodiac is sufficient to recommend that those crystals, gemstones, semi precious stone that worked for others will also work for you.

Pyrite Crystal : Since ages Pyrite Crystal was called as " Fools gold" with its gleaming and glittering color like gold as most people thought they found gold as it has striking resemblance. Though Pyrite is lighter in color than gold it was used by native Indians for energizing workplace or home for clarity, focus, ambition, commitment, leadership qualities, prosperity and abundance. Pyrite Crystal is used to stimulate Solar Chakra or Sacral Chakra to bring success, happiness, contentment etc.

Pyrite Crystal ruling Planet Is : Sun & Jupiter for Golden Pyrite and Mercury or Moon for Silver Pyrite.

Citrine : Crystals of Citrine is usually found in yellow or orange color in natural form and does bring prosperity and attract abundance. It have been known by many names in different countries like : Madeira citrine, Citrina, Citron, Success Stone, Merchant's Stone etc. Its found in many colors such as Lemon yellow, gold, orange brown, yellowish- green etc. This attractive joyful crystal stone is believed to bring good fortune and prosperity in life of the wearer. It was also used by the Greeks and people of India around 300 BC. It clears the aura, and promotes wellness, brings success or wellbeing in totality. It is generally an inexpensive semi precious gemstone which manifests wealth, wisdom and activates Solar Chakra. This Crystal is beneficial for professionals, Bankers, merchants, stock markets, marketing, traders, businessmen, casinos, and those in media, this gemstone spills magic for them. It enlightens the inner thought process while igniting the creativity in writers and artists too and instills the quality of generosity to share ones wealth with others.

Citrine Crystal Ruling Planet is : Jupiter. Transparency: Translucent.

SunStone : Crystals of Sunstone carries the energies of RA or the Sun god and activated the Solar Chakra in your body. Its a nurturing stone and provides a sense of abundance. Its a beautiful crystal to bring good luck, prosperity, inspiration, makes you feel alive, reveal your talents, increases the vitality and promotes leadership qualities in the wearer of Sunstone Crystal. If worn as a ring in gold on the receptive hand or the working had, Sunstone stone helps an individual to receive what is needed, desired or one aspires for. On the transmitting handor the other hand, it channels multiple healings, blessings, motivation, help to others. Worn as a Sunstone pendant, it activates the Solar Plexus and brings the heart's wisdom into alignment with the mind's inspirations or ambition.

Sunstone Ruling Planet or Star is : Sun.

Green Aventurine : Crystals of Green Aventurine are also called by the name of  "Stone of Opportunity" and is lucky crystals among others to have one. It is said to bring fortune, luck, prosperity, boost ones finances and positive chances of winning even lottery.Aventurine is most commonly green, though it also comes in other colors like in blue, red, yellow to reddish-brown, dusty purple, orange or peach, and silver gray. Peach and yellow Aventurine include Pyrite with their Mica crystals too. Green Aventurine is connected to Heart chakra and mother Earth and brings intellectual development, growth, creativity, success, opportunities, favors, positivity,  and gives the balancing ability. This Crystal helps in accumulating wealth, money and brings success in business and trade.

Green AvenTurine Crystal Planet : Mercury, Venus.

Ultimately all twelve signs possess their own distinct type gems that offer various benefits depending on what kind outcome you hope achieve through utilizing them - whether it be greater financial stability more career success overall well being during times economic hardship whatever case may be there certainly right crystal just waiting discovered! With proper research dedication anyone able unlock true power these beautiful gifts nature thereby increase chances reaching desired goals terms wealth prosperity much sooner than originally anticipated!

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