Benefits of PanchMukhi Rudraksha, Can I Wear? Checking if Its Genuine

What are the Benefits of PanchMukhi Rudraksha, Can I Wear it? How to Check It if  5 Mukhi Rudraksha is Genuine?

The 5 mukhi or Panch mukhi Rudraksha holds a lot of importance as it is believed that this particular Rudraksha type with five lines or mukh is blessed by Hindu God Shiva Himself in the form of Lord Kalagni Rudra. These panch mukhi rudraksh are mostly found in countries like Nepal, Burma, Thailand and Java in Indonesia. Though 5 mukhi rudraksha is found in different varieties or sizes and of these the most authentic and powerful are the 5 mukhi rudraksha from Nepal and next comes level of quality comes from Java Indonesian varieties. Nepali beads are in larger in size, good quality with deep etched mukhi(face) lines and more beautifully developed and powerful than the Java beads.

Benefits of wearing PanchMukhi Rudraksha, Can I Wear 5 Mukhi Rudraksha? Checking if panch mukhi rudraksha is Genuine

5 Mukhi Rudraksha Benefits and Uses

There are many astrological, spiritual, psychic, occult, healing and health benefits of wearing panch mukhi rudraksha. According to Vedic Astrology planet Jupiter rules the paanch mukhi rudraksha. It is thus beneficial in gaining knowledge, wisdom, learning, helps in being positive, optimist. It also helps spiritual aspirants in meditation, yoga and spiritual growth including mental and spiritual. 5 Mukhi Rudraksha also is believe to protect us against tantra black magic and shield us against negative energies too. This particular rudraksha is for general wellbeing, awakening, good health and freedom. It is beneficial in lowering one's blood pressure, calms your nerves, and brings inner certain calmness and alertness in your nervous system.

According to horoscope birth charts if Brihaspati or Jupiter is malefic , then wearing 5 mukhi helps removes malefic effects of planet Jupiter. It also helps its wearner enhance its intellect, self-awareness and wisdom. Most jyotishi or pandits use it extensively for wearing and chanting mantras or doing pujas. It helps those teens, children, people who hs timid, weak, shy or suppressed predisposition and wearing 5 mukhi rudraksha enables them to attain a growing sense of self  worth, confidence and creativity. Gives relief in Asthma and other respiratory disorders    Helps curing diseases related to the thyroid gland.

Who can wear 5 Mukhi or PanchMukhi Rudraksha?

Five faced beads or panchmukhi rudraksha is usually considered safe and good for everyone to wear in any age group. Whether its  man, woman or children especially under 16 years of age who are in studies it benefits.These 5 mukhi rudraksha beads can be worn at all times but needs to be cleaned and energized from time to time with beeja mantra or that of Lord Shiva mantra recited for at least 108 times once in a month.

Five Mukhi Rudraksha Mantra for Purification :


One needs to do the proper Pran Pratishta pooja on an auspicious day given by astrologist. Check for good dates or muhurat with your Vedic Astrologer or a Pundit. 

Benefits of PanchMukhi Rudraksha, Can I Wear? Checking if Its Genuine

Before wearing a Rudraksha ensure you purify in panchamrit or gangajal and energise it. The best day to wear a panch Mukhi Rudraksha is on a Thursday morning or good muhurat like Siddha/ Ravi Pushya, Sarvartha Siddhi etc. Clean yourself by bathing and wearing clean yellow clothes and sit facing North direction and then chant the Mantra "Om Hreem Namah" 108 times and wear the Rudraksha. This method to wear rudraksha is same in case you want to wear rudraksha mala, bead, rudraksha pendant or bracelet. The best threat to be used can be silk/wool thread or get it capped in silver or gold if possible. You can wear this Rudraksha beads or mala around your neck or wear it as a bracelet with combination of  27+1 or 32+1 or 54+1 or 108+1 beads on neck. Though size of rudraksha bead will also matter as it comes from smaller to larger beads and can be work by ladies, girls, boys and old people too without any harm.

Chakra associated with 5 Mukhi Rudraksha

According to Yoga and Tantra, the Vishuddha Chakra or the Throat Chakra is the fifth chakra in astral body which is associated with the 5 Mukhi Rudraksha.

How to identify or Check if 5 mukhi Rudraksha is Original or Genuine

To check the authenticity or genuineness of the paanch Mukhi Rudraksha bead one can perform these simple tests oneself or get it tested in lab. Hold the 5 mukhi Rudraksha in your hand and observe it carefully whether the lines on it run from one end to the other hole, it should be without breaking or not artificially created. Check whether the rudraksha bead is tempered with or not. Rudraksha bead should be clean, unbroken and should not have any germs. One can also examine if there are any discoloured lines which could be due to presence of glue. One can also do the coin test with rudraksha by putting two coins at end of each hole on the table and other above the rudraksha to see it moves due to vibratory field. Fake rudraksha does not show any movement when coins are used from both sides.  

Precaution while wearing Rudraksha :

If one wants to wear panchmukhi rudraksha then it's important that its purity needs to be maintained to be effective and powerful. For that one should avoid eating non vegetarian food, sex, drugs or drinking alcohol if you are a regular wearer of the Rudraksha beads or male. The 5 mukhi Rudraksha should be worn on an auspicious days, preferably on Shivaratri, Monday or Thursday. Lastly, always pray to Lord Shiva with devotion, faith and sincerity by asking Him to always bless you with His grace. By Astrologer, Tantric, Yogi, Mystic Shri Rohit Anand Ji

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