Most Effective Body Parts for Wearing Astrological Gemstones

What Are The  Most Effective Body Parts for Wearing Astrological Gemstones : By Shri Rohit Anand ( Astrologist, Occultist, Tantric, Yogi, Mystic, Numerologist, Tarotist)

Most Effective Body Parts for Wearing Astrological Gemstones

As per the ancient Vedic science, there are five basic elements of nature and that are: earth, water, fire, air, and ether which is also known as space. These basic elements not only form everything that exists in nature on our planet but they also give form to human's physical body. Each of these elements is relates with the different fingers of the human body and our aura or astral body chakras.

According to ancient Hindu shastras in our hand, the thumb represents the Fire element, the Index Finger represents the Air element, the Middle Finger represents the Ether element, the Ring Finger represents the Earth element, and the Little Finger represents the Water element.The right hand of a person is connects with conscious mind, and the left hand is connected with subconscious mind. The right hand of men and women is related with yang, and the left is associated with yin.

Yellow sapphire (Pukhraj), topaz and Turquoise (Firoza) gemstones or semiprecious stones should be worn in index finger for astrology purpose in form of ring. Yellow sapphires are the best stones for planet Jupiter which is also known as Guru or Brihaspati according to Indian astrological text and it should be wear in Index finger which is called “Tarjani” in Sanskrit. In some exceptional cases after study of horoscope charts, Pukhraj can be worn in Ring finger as well which is ruled by Sun.

The ring finger represents the Sun which in turn represents the Law or govt. Blue Sapphire or Neelam is the gemstone of planet Saturn according to Vedic astrology and is generally worn in the middle finger. 

The entire human body is connected by minute nerve cells called neurons. Your fingers of hand are highly sensitive to any vibrations, signals, touch and convey that sensations to the brain almost instantaneously. Therefore the best option to wear gemstones are fingers in a ring as the planet is receiving the energy of light and conveying it and transmitting that energy to a specific part of the brain or energy centres called vortex.Unless and until there are special needs such as restraints caused by employment requirements or religious belief etc it is always best to wear semi precious stones or Gemstones as finger rings to absorb and harness the cosmic energies of the planets outside and inside human body. 

The second best option of wearing stones, crystals or gemstones are in form of pendant. Here also we see that light reflection and absorption is occurring but not to the extent when worn as ring as pendant can be hidden under clothes over it. This is especially useful for people of certain professions such as workers, doctors, home cleaning, Army men, individuals etc who are involved in manual labour or work in which gemstone is likely to get damaged, fall off or for those who are constrained because of social, employment or religious causes. However its important that before wearing the gemstone as a pendant an expert Astro Gemologist or astrologist should make a detailed assessment of the horoscope natal charts and check whether this will be beneficial to the client or not?. Amongst many other factors that should be taken into consideration one of the important points when wearing a Gemstone in the neck as pendant is akin to establishing the planets in the ascendant or aspecting it, which may or may not be a good and hence a detailed kundli or chart analysis is a must.

The ascendant lord Gemstone can always be worn in the neck as pendant touching the thymus gland area near the neck. Wearing Gemstone or crystals around the neck as pendant is also good in cases of healing of diseases, protection, health ailments and boosting immunity of an individual etc.If you are wearing a Gemstone for good luck, fortune or for achievements of a specific objective as per the laws of Planetary Gem Therapy then you have to wear the Gemstones or crystals for 24 hours/ 365 days in a year as as to receive proper benefits. Wearing the Gemstone as a bracelet is least effective method primarily because it is plainly cumbersome but can be worn by girls and women as it can be used as an ornament too. Some people also don't feel comfortable wearing pendant or ring or it may be prohibited in schools, so one can wear on wrist of right or left hand

Secondly if you have to wear gemstones all the time then it should not be loose and should be durable and we have observed maximum problems in the bracelet embedded stones or crystals. It is just not made for regular heavy usage and is more for ornamental purpose. Then wearing bracelet keeps on moving its location and can get entangled there is also chance of the Gemstone surface getting scratches, gemstone loosening or popping out from setting, precious metal getting scratched from contact with surfaces handles, knobs or things like the working table or the laptop, or the gemstone getting damaged.

Most Effective Body Parts for Wearing Astrological Gemstones, Birthstones, Zodiac stones

In General, all Hindu shastras and sacred astrological texts have the unanimous view that Males should wear the Gemstones in the right hand and Females should wear the Gemstones in the left hand. This is the thumb rule that gives really good and beneficial results overtime.

Men who use their left hand primarily as their working hand, for signing documents etc. should wear the Gemstones in the left hand. Women or ladies who want gains in relationship sector should wear Gemstones in the left hand as it will prove beneficial. In the ancient times when the sacred texts were written ladies were not involved in much employment or career pursuits and were generally homemakers. Women who are involved in career oriented pursuits and are right handed should wear Gemstones in Right hand for optimum beneficial effects unless recommended otherwise by the competent astrologer after extensive analysis of the kundali or birth chart.

As per Vedic astrology, following gemstone rings are suitable for particular fingers:

The stones like yellow sapphire, yellow Tourmaline, Golden Beryl, and Golden Topaz are suitable for the Index finger in gold metal.

Gemstones like Blue Sapphire or Neelam, Hessonite,Catseye Amethyst and Blue Tourmaline suitable for the Middle finger.

Then Leo zodiac stones or those for Sun, astrologers recommend Ruby gemstone, Hessonite Garnet, Rubellite, Red Coral, Red Carnelian and Red Jasper are suitable for the Ring finger.

For Planet Venus jyotish recommend Diamond, Atlas Diamond, Herkimer Diamond, Clear Zircon, are also suitable and wear in the Middle finger.

For Mercury Emerald gemstone, Green Tourmaline, Peridot, and Jade are suitable for the Little as well as the Ring finger as they can be suitable as recommended by good astrologer.

We can wear Pearl Gemstones, White Coral and Moonstone are also perfect for the Little finger and the Ring finger too.

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