Future Predictions of India America China France Australia 2022 2023

Astrological Predictions about Future of World & mankind in 2022- 2023 and nations of America, Russia, India, China, France, Australia, Germany, Japan and Uk.

World will witness rapid advancement in new energy sources and switch over to much cleaner fuels like Hydrogen, Electric, Solar with new advanced technologies. Flying soldiers and flying Robotics will become reality in top armies of the world. Humanoids and robots usage will increase in most countries in military, industry, agriculture and Healthcare industry.

Fascist China will use corrupt and weak neighboring countries to encircle & to make bases and attack India, so that these nations get destroyed by retaliatory attacks while China mainland remains safe, Chinese will fail and will get defeated by India. 

Chinese CCP & PLA will smuggle and supply Nuclear weapons, missiles and material to Pakistan, Iran and other nations. China will be destroyed with the same Virus Chinese engineered to kill humanity and destroy economies of the world. Its plan to make world slave will be a great failure and its own citizens will die in large numbers due to Chinese variant viruses, man made and natural disasters. Rogue Communist China will continue to debt trap nations, settle Chinese citizens in every country, enforce Chinese language & currency acquire major companies to take over nations, their governance to make them slave. Chinese will try to control waters, sea routes, oceans and resources of Earth to block, rule mankind but will fail and will be defeated & frustrated by India, USA, Australia, Japan and European Nations. ★Everyday Morning Prayers to Start Your Day in Positive Way

Indian Economy will start to look up and expand very fast and will become the 4th largest economy of the world. India will emerge great power with economic growth, powerful military and great strides in technology and spirituality. India's prestige, credibility, influence, power will increase in international forums and organizations and world will look up to India for bringing peace, prosperity, security, protection and justice to nations. Its Hindustan that will save the world, Nations and the humanity.★ Prophecies and Astrological Predictions of Nations

Majority of countries around the world would demand that China Winter Olympics, Asian Games and Beijing Paralympics 2022 be CANCELLED/BOYCOTTED due to spread of Chinese Corona Virus, China Human rights abuses, killings and atrocities on people of Tibet, Hongkong, Uyghur, Christians, Buddhists by ruthless irresponsible Chinese Govt. Coward PLA Chinese soldiers will be defeated by neighboring countries in conflicts and will die mysteriously. New Diseases and infections will spread from Hong Kong and China which will be threat to all countries.

Russia and China will form alliance to takeover and capture land of other countries with threats, coercion and weakness of NATO alliance and South Asian nations. Little by little China will grab land of other countries with debt trap and inducements of loans, corrupting their politicians, impose Chinese rule, its currency, passport, language and settle Chinese citizens to take over the nations in South Asia, Europe, Africa, capture their resources, lifelines, make them dependent on Chinese to create slaves states obedient to emperor of China. CCP of China will corrupt and infiltrate all world organizations that will serve the interests of Chinese destroying the credibility of these organizations. Corrupt Chinese regime will be the biggest international thief and will steal technologies but will miserably fail making its prototypes functional for its own use for military or industrial purpose and lose its credibility in international markets.

Use of flying cars, AI, Robotics, Quantum communications will increase in coming years. Space travel will start to become popular. Flying vehicles will also have military applications with jet engines and hypersonic missiles in battle fields flying both at low altitudes and higher zones.★ Malachite Crystal for Protection and Wealth

Great sufferance, misery, pain will come to humanity, nations, women and children due to evil barbaric Taliban, Pakistan and China. Families will be ruined, lives lost with no livelihood will create crises never seen before with famines, Afghans selling their organs and bodies for survival. UNO and world powers remaining silent on Terrorists and Islamic extremists running nations will create havoc in times to come for every nation, Democracy in Asia, Africa, America & Europe.

Countries like USA, Pakistan, Russia, UK, Turkey, France, Germany and China as they will lose their stature, credibility, integrity and Trust. These nations will incite wars, provoke nations and conflicts to sell their weapons and their greed for money will be at the expense of humanity, peace, mankind and nations.

Ancient civilizations proof of existence will start to emerge from Earth in different countries. Alien contact and UFO presence will increase with advanced civilization message that human need to evolve in civilized ways and consciousness to make contact.

Extraterrestrial life forms wait for humans to become more civilized, spiritually evolved to interact for higher knowledge, scientific advancement of humans. But some destructive ideologies of violence & greed on planet will act as great detriment for them to make initial contact. These distorted ideologies of Islamic and communist and others will drag people on Earth backwards into ignorance, darkness obstructing evolution of mankind.

USA, France, Germany, UK will witness its decline and economies shrinking and change/protests in governments and political leaders with major changes in policies. They will witness protests from their own people and see their influence wane.

Humans will make progress on developing new modes of transport which will be fast and never seen before. It will travel great distances in less time and race for space will grow bigger. New countries will reach into space and new scientific research will be made into time travel and parallel dimensions in the universe. Time travel theory will be hoax.

Bangladesh and Islamic Extremists will commit atrocities, Human rights abuses on the minorities of Hindus, Christians, Rohingyas, Buddhists and other religions. Jihadis of Bangladesh will destroy their homes, temples, churches etc. Great sufferance will come to Bangladeshis due to this inhuman and Anti god acts. Deaths, misery, diseases, destruction from storms, floods and tornadoes with spread and  deadly virus will take its toll too on people of Bangladesh. Islamic Extremism will become serious threat to all democratic countries, Asia and Europe.

Japan will make massive investment in new technology weapon systems, increase its military might and will deploy advanced weapons against threat from Communist China.

Earth collective consciousness of violence, conflicts, wars, destruction will attract space debris, asteroids, meteorites to Earth atmosphere with danger of collision and hot flares of sun if humans don't mend their ways for peaceful, constructive, spiritual human evolution.

Indian science of programming of the waters with sound vibrations, mantra, pranic healing will become popular in the world.

To save the communist CCP and Chinese people revolting against it, CCP will destroy China and its own influential people capable of inciting protests against it. Chinese stock markets and scrip's will crash with massive defaults and its currency will lose its value. It will become debt ridden economy with fake, scam and manipulated growth numbers leading to more sufferance, misery to people of China and those industries doing business with China. There will be ripple effects of collapsing China around the world impacting every industry and investors.

Sri Lanka, Nepal, Pakistan, Afghanistan, North Korea, Myanmar, Iran, Turkey will be failed nations and will find it difficult to survive of their own in the future. Some of these nations will become partial colony and salve of Chinese CCP due their own corrupt politicians and weak foreign policy. Many nations of Africa and Europe will die slow death and become weak with collapsing economies and devastation from corona virus variants will keep devastating business and economies slowly. Chinese will support, sponsor Terrorism, social unrest, protests, violent attacks in USA, India, Bangladesh, France, Canada, Nepal, Sweden, Africa, Arab, Maldives, Afghanistan and other countries etc. It will given them weapons for self destruction so as to clear way for Chinese intervention and rule.

Yoga, Sanatan Dharma, Hinduism, Ayurveda and Vedic living will become popular in many countries and will will adopt Hindu way of living and more towards Vegetarian or Vegan. Diseases and infections will rise in those eating Beef, Pork and Non-Veg Food. ★ Positive Affirmations for Quick Weight Loss

Taiwan and Tibet will move towards freedom from Rogue Communist CCP oppression, coercion and illegal occupation, Genocide and fight with coward Chinese invasions and occupation sacrificing their lives. Every passing year China and its people will see its decline, misery, suffering, suicides and more pain to its economy. Europe and America will realize that it's wrong policies made China Frankenstein Monster that will bring great sufferance to every country. Chinese PLA will indulge in cyber attacks on world democracies, Banking, military and power installations.

Pakistan will indulge in killings of Sikhs, Hindus, Shias, Baloch, Christians and their forced conversions to Islam and creating terror, fear and insecurity in the world. It will be Blacklisted and Banned in most countries as threat to peace and security. Its currency and economy will decline and will be ruined by its rogue army and ISI jihadi policies. Its economy will collapse and its Nuclear Arsenal will be in great danger of falling into hands of Islamic terrorists.

China will be greatest threat to planet Earth, Space, mankind and territorial integrity of every country. President Xiping will be worst CCP President which will see its downfall and humiliating End. Chinese PLA and CCP secret will be out that they genetically modified and indulged in biological warfare to spread coronavirus to destroy nations, democracy and kill people every nation to rule the world and take over weaker nations and colonize them. China will only bring misery, suffering not only to its own people but also bring disaster for world. It will misuse science and technology that will greatly harm nature and humans. Chinese PLA will use land and territory of other countries to fight wars, attack and occupy other nations land and resources.

America will witness much crime, violence between extremist ideologies and society will get badly divided. USA will burn, witness racial attacks, violence, heinous crimes, murders,  war crimes and witness huge climatic changes in certain states with rise in temperatures, drying up of rivers, drinking waters shortages never seen before with burning fires and explosions. Joe Biden popularity will wane and will lose its power, prestige, trust of Americans with its wrong and corrupt policies. Latin American countries will find their economies struggling and their present rulers overthrown by people assassinated, defeated for soaring inflation, violent crimes, mis-governance as dissatisfaction will grow and so will be the protests on streets against corrupt and incompetent governments.

New weapon systems will be tested by many nations never seen before. Many of these will be deployed in space, controlling human minds, bio weapons to destroy humanity will be secretly experimented by China, America and Islamic nations. Nuclear arsenals will pile up as world enters into chaos, violence and reginal conflicts.

Planet Earth will burn, oceans will become warmer and soil will become infertile to give food due to over exploitation of nations like China, USA and some nations of Europe.

Artificial intelligence and robotics will start to replace humans in industrial sector, financial and military complex. new generation lazer or HEMP weapons will make ballistic and nuclear missiles useless and ineffective in times to come. Indian Soldiers to become Super Warriors with Exoskeletons use to improve their lethal capabilities.

World will see rapid advancement in modes of transport with great speed, innovations in science and technology which will bring revolutionary changes. Human will begin to use and communicate with mind, sensors and brains and operating machines with it.

Military spending of every nation will go up to counter Chinese threat and expansionism. China UK and America will become the most untrusted nations of the world losing their credibility, integrity and their influence. There will be intensification of Cyber warfare and Economic warfare between nations.

Terrorist nation of Pakistan & Afghanistan will move towards chaos, violence, bloodshed, anarchy, bombings, destruction of democracy and its disintegration. Pakistani Army, ISI, Mullahs will command the shots from behind the scenes and ruin the country and will make Pakistan living hell. It will continue to spread islamic terrorism, destroy other religions, commit atrocities on minorities of Sikhs, Hindus, Christians, Baloch, Ahmedias, Sindhis etc. India will defeat Pakistan in every conflict and take back POK, GILGIT, BALTISTAN, the Hindu lands.

Many country will see change in currencies, digital currency will take over precedence in many nations. Chinese Yuan and US dollar will start to weaken and unacceptable to more and more nations around the world. China will witness collapse of its economy with slowdown with huge financial defaults, fake data, stock market crash and shut down of industrial sectors and unemployment rising.

World will face great challenges, turmoil, violence, wars, chaos, bloodshed, misery, suffering and destruction due to distorted Islamic ideology, wars, conflict in the Gulf nations, Europe and China. Many countries will witness chaos, internal protests by people against corrupt regimes, irresponsible govt and declining incomes or unemployment. Europe will witness rising heat waves, fires, lands drying up, shortages of food, water and disruptions of normal life. Mother nature will punish nations for over exploitation and wastage of earth resources and creating pollution.

Rogue and Evil nations of 21st century will be China, Iran, Pakistan, Turkey, Afghanistan, Syria, Russia & North Korea that will bring much suffering not only to their own people but also their neighbors. Their own citizens will turn against them for repression, extremism, terrorism, rogue military and dictators. Evil nations of Pakistan and China will increase their stock of Nuclear and Biological weapons threatening world peace and their neighbors. Islamic terrorism & fanaticism will reach America, Australia, India and strike European Nations.

Germany, Italy, Hungary, New Zealand politicians with their corruption and for its narrow selfishness will support China will bring bring danger to world peace, economies of Europe and threat to security and NATO alliance. France will dump NATO and form or join new groups. Their ruling parties will meet with defeat and become unpopular with people.

India's humane gesture of producing vaccines for poor nations on large scale will save the world and many nations in the future from greedy corporations of America, Pharma companies and wolfish nations like China.

Communist Left ideology, khalistani and distorted Islamic ideology will be considered as the biggest threat to every Democracy, civilized Society, Nations and their security in the coming century with growing acts of violence, separatism, extremism, chaos, fake propaganda and self destruction. There will be decline of Islam, Sikhism and Christianity as people around the world will leave superfluous, degenerated and distorted religions of extremism. Original teachings of Jesus, Prophets or God realized Gurus will be lost. People will adopt more of Sanatan Dharma of India as the correct and righteous way of evolution in harmony with universe and nature.

World will enter into Dwapara Yuga of great scientific atomic age with ascending consciousness. Humans will begin to see the higher truths. There will be spiritual and scientific advancement. People and nations who are corrupt, immoral and have debased in thinking will begin to suffer most. Karmic results will be faster in the same birth, speed of doing work and reach greater distances will increase at faster pace. Evil will lose conflicts, battles and will get defeated.

India will launch new advanced space satellites and missions for Moon, Venus and anti satellite weapon systems deployment in Space to counter enemy nations. It Will be the last Superpower on Earth that will bring great transformation, age of spirituality, scientific and technological advancement that will benefit mankind.

Earth precious resources will be wasted and over exploited by America and China the most which will bring drastic changes in earth environment leading to floods, Earthquakes, storms, tornadoes, excessive snowfall, rise in sea temperature & pollution, melting of polar ice and coastlines submerging and devastating these nations. China, USA, Indonesia, Nepal, India, Japan, Iran, Afghanistan Turkey will witness Earthquakes, devastation from floods, landslides and disasters from fires.

America, Russia, China, India will start integrate humanoid and robotic army and soldiers and also work on more sophisticated technologies with Artificial intelligence for wars, conflicts, attacking enemies installations with deployment of weapons in space and with more Nuclear warheads.

Food and drinking water crises will in many nations of Africa, Middle East, Asia, Europe, China, North Korea, Iran, Turkey, Denmark, Norway. This will make humans suffer in hunger due to food shortages and famines. As millions will perish and slide below the poverty line due to wars, diseases, famines, droughts and floods. Earth will refuse its children the basic food seeing their wrong actions and karma, damaging the atmosphere and pollution. Economies of Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Afghanistan, Maldives, South Africa, Sudan and Indonesia will suffer.

Great danger will come to planet Earth from Space debris, asteroids, meteorites entering earth atmosphere and passing the planets and some falling on few countries attracted by BAD karma of humans and collective consciousness of violence, destruction, conflicts, wars and killings.

There will be NO world war 3 but much destruction will take place between nations as border conflicts, bombings, attacks for invasion or to capture territory of other nations will happen in the middle east, Africa, Europe and Asia. Biden administration weak, confused and corrupt govt policies towards China will bring more danger to world peace and security.

Higher evolved species and aliens will begin to visit Earth more and more out of concern and convey the message to humans that they are watching and are unhappy with wars, violence, greed and destruction of humanity and Earth.

With every passing year China will see its decline, its people will turn against the demonic CCP regime and Xiping will witness internal revolt and communist members asking for his resignation and discontinuation as head of party and military. Communist policies will bring ruin of China and return to days of poverty, unemployment and international isolation.

Indian Enlightened Saints will reveal new universes that inhabit good and evolved beings with great scientific advancements and sophisticated technologies and other ones that are dark or evil ones inhabiting demons and goblins with bestial creatures in the cosmos while Earth still in the middle of evolutionary stage.

India will prepare to take back Hindu lands of POK, COK, Gilgit and Baltistan from evil Pakistan and Demonic China illegal occupation. It will support liberation of Tibet and freedom of Taiwan from illegal occupation of PLA. India will save many weaker and smaller nations from Chinese aggression, debt trap, threats & slavery of Chinese. 

Coronavirus will see decline in world in the end of the year 2022 and 2023 but rogue Chinese regime will prepare new virus, bacteria as biological weapons. World will turn against China for using Bio weapons as test on its own population and nations of the world and lies about its use. Depopulation with the end of capitalism & democracy will be the goal with new Chinese Virus variants.World will witness new alliances, regional groups of forces of goodness and evil. One will be lead by China and other by America and India. Chinese CCP will witness much humiliation, failures and defeat in its conflict with India. Chinese will continue with its crooked policy of debt trap, exploit resources of smaller and weak nations, threaten nations and corrupt their politicians into submission and take their land to settle Chinese citizens, buy their property & companies to colonize them and take over their nations. More Virus, Bacteria, Plaque and disasters will emerge from China that will harm every nation and health of people around the world.These waves of Virus will keep coming till medical science comes out with new cures. This will take toll on economies, life of people around the world in every country gradually thereby reducing the population of planet drastically and taking few nations to poverty, economic collapse and become weaker.

NATO will lose its importance or strength and nations of Europe will form new groupings to strengthen their strategic interests. Some European countries will witness decline in incomes, jobs and will find their economies in bad shape.

America will no more be great but weaken and see its influence decline and weakened. Russia will form new alliances and Putin will face more opposition and revolts against his rule and policies from within and its elections rigged.

Australia will increase its military budget and buy new weapon systems to fight war and face coercion, threat from Evil China. Its temperature will rise and there will be fires and floods fury.

People of Iran will suffer greatly with islamic extremism. Iran will face much violence, destruction, protests from its own people against radical islam which will threaten its existence in the civilized world. Europe will see its population decline and will face danger from Islamists takeover. World will move towards blacklisting of Islamic nations promoting jihad, terrorism, violence, sharia, islamic extremism and nations like Pakistan, Afghanistan, Qatar, Turkey, Iran, Bangladesh will suffer and their citizens deported and denied entry into civilized nations.

United Nations, WTO and WHO will become the most corrupt organizations and nations will lose faith in them due to lack of credibility and integrity. It will start losing its importance and influence and crises will emerge asking for its revamp.

USA, China, Russia, India will compete for space, Moon and Mars dominance with new launches of satellites, exploration of resources and its colonization for the future.

Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Tanzania, Afghanistan and few other nations of Europe and Africa, their PM & Presidents will implement the agenda of devil CCP of China by being corrupted, promising their rulers permanent rulership by destroying democracy, opposition, killing  its own people, lying and deceiving its own people and killing those who raise voice to accept gradual rulership under emperor of China. Friendship of China will bring poverty, misery, food crises, economic ruin to these nations.

Islamism and communism will become biggest threat to Africa, Asia, Europe Democracy, their nations way of life by bringing much violence, chaos, disruptions, bloodshed, intolerance, spreading & imposing their way of life and distorted evil ideology by forced conversions, Lust Jihad, Confucius Institutes, Chinese language and culture to conquer and populate with their natives. Brutes and Barbarics will rule Bangladesh, Pakistan, China, Afghanistan, Iran and Turkey that will bring great danger to civilized society, communities and other religions.

Afghanistan will become more unstable and will witness much violence, war and bloodshed. It will become new battleground of Evil China & Barbaric Pakistan, Brutes Taliban & Devil ISIS and alliance between America, Israel, India & EU.

Evil Pakistan, Demonical China, Russia, Turkey, North Korea, Iran, Afghanistan will try to form new alliance against the west and EU but will fail and suffer more with sanctions and isolation. China will become the biggest international thief under CCP whose citizens will steal technologies and do cyber attacks on every country and do frauds, corruption and online fake products from China. Bad karma of these nations and their rulers will drive their own people to depression, suffering, poverty, suicides, financial ruin and mental disorders.

Deadly infectious diseases, virus & bacteria will spread through animals harming humans health and those who eat Non Veg Food which will be karmic retribution from mother Earth and pollution created to destroy Earth ecological balance by killing of animals. Many Children, humans will dies in times to come because of spread of such diseases.

Europe population will see major decline in many countries, it will lose it skilled population and edge in technology. Infertility, wrong lifestyle and unwillingness for couples to produce children will bring abandonment of villages, sparse population in smaller cities of Europe. All nations of Europe and Britain who had colonized other nations and looted their wealth and resources will begin to suffer, disintegrate, witness decline and lose their wealth, prestige and power.

Followers of Islam and muslims will Not be welcomed in many countries around the world as more nations around the world develop higher understanding and awareness on correct form of spirituality and reject man made distorted religions. Most islamic nations will begin renounce islam and distorted ideology of violence, chaos, bloodshed in the name of religion.

Some countries like China, Japan, America, Germany, Australia, France, Pakistan, Bangladesh, UK, Turkey will witness major financial meltdown, stock markets will crash and people will lose their wealth.

Great cold war conflict will emerge between great nations of America, Europe with Russia and India, Japan, Australia with China that will bring destruction and pain to Russia and China with their economies going down and people revolting, currencies declining, inflation, food prices going up, protesting against their regimes misrule, wrong policies and repression.

World stock markets will see sudden crash and high volatility in every country. There will be upheavals in major currencies of the world. Crops will fail in China, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, Sri lanka, and African Nations.

Earthquakes will rattle Pakistan, China, Afghanistan, Japan, India, America, Myanmar & Volcanoes will start to become active and erupt in Europe, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, China and in Oceans. There will be onslaught of Typhoons, Snow storms, Hurricanes in Russia,  India, USA, Australia, Mainland China & Island nations.  

Asian nations will witness wars and border conflict between nations for territory claims. China, Malaysia, Canada, Turkey, Afghanistan, Yemen, Russia, Bangladesh, Iran, Myanmar will be most unsafe and dangerous nations promoting islamic extremism, violence, repression, supporting terrorism, spreading intolerance towards foreign nationals, companies & religions of Sikhs, Hindus, Christians, Buddhists, Jews, Baloch and Jains.

There will be new world order in the making where America and Europe will see its power and influence decline due to conflicts, unable to defend itself, weaker economies and poor leadership. Wrong policies of America and European countries will bring terrorism, bombings, violent attacks in their countries from hired mercenaries from Islamic nations and Pakistan.

Canada, America, UK, Pakistan, China, Saudi Arabia will be the biggest sponsors of separatist movements, Jihadi Terrorism, Financing of Separatist movements, Incite Wars, Khalistani Extremists involved in bombings, Choas and Killings in democratic countries.

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