Inspiring Mystical Spiritual Poem : Who Am I By Rohit Anand

The Mystical Poetry Inspirational Poetry, Mystical Poes and Spiritual Poem is a powerful and evocative form of literature. It speaks to the soul, exploring themes such as identity, oneness with nature, spiritual truth and enlightenment. Through its use of imagery and metaphor it can help us to see beyond our everyday reality into something more profound. 

One example of this type of poetry is “Who Am I?” by Rumi which explores the idea that we are all connected in some way through a divine force or spirit:  “I am part of the sun that never sets/ I am part of air breathed from one lung/ Who knows what will come next?” This poem reminds us that although life may be full uncertainty we should trust in this bond between ourselves and all other living things. 

Other examples include poems such as “Oneness” by Kabir which expresses his belief in an underlying unity among humanity: “We are one though many masks appear/ We have no separation here./ Though you think yourself apart from me / You cannot escape my company." These words remind us not only how interconnected we truly are but also how important it is for each individual to recognize their relationship with others even when they seem far away or different than ourselves.  

Ultimately these mystical poems offer readers insight into realms beyond our physical world while still grounding them firmly within it; reminding them both where they came from and who they really are at their core level—a sparkle within eternity itself!

Mystical Spiritual Poem to Inspire You into Self Enquiry : Who Am I

Spiritual poems are the expressions of individual souls who are struggling and striving on the upward path of ascension. Whenever we try to raise your consciousness we tend to encounter the obstacles that we all face and then we look within to find the answers that lies in the self or the soul who is the part of spirit.

Here is the spiritual poetry by Sri Rohit Anand Ji, where is making and self enquiry in deep meditation wondering , who he is, what is the source of his origin, what brought him to this world and what is the purpose of his existence. 

Who Am I

By Rohit Anand

Inspiring Mystical Spiritual Poem : Who Am I By Rohit Anand

Am i body

No. I have Shed Many Skins

Am I Mind

No. I Existed When Brain Was Dead

Am i My Name & Ego

No They are Fictitious.

Am I Husband Wife Boyfriend


No.  All Earthly Relation's to mortal Body

They Çease to Exist.

Who Am I Where I Come From

In The Middle I Manifest

After Which Source, Form Cease to Exist

What is my source, where is that i Go

Where is that i Come from why i Exist

Who Am i


Writer and Poet Shri Rohit Anand

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