Travel Abroad & Foreign Settlement in Vedic Astrology By Celebrity Astrologer Rohit Anand

Embarking on a journey to a foreign land has always been an exhilarating endeavor for individuals seeking new experiences, opportunities, or even a fresh start. Vedic astrology, an ancient Indian science of celestial influence, offers profound insights into the potential for travel abroad and foreign settlement. In this blog, we will explore the fascinating world of Vedic astrology, delving into the combinations, remedies, and underlying yogas present in horoscope birth charts that indicate a strong possibility of travel abroad and settling in foreign lands.While astrological combinations provide insights into the potential for travel abroad and foreign settlement, it is essential to remember that astrology is not deterministic. It is helpful and a great guiding tool, offering guidelines to help individuals make informed choices to better one's career or settlement abroad in a foreign country. 

Horoscope consultations for Travelling Abroad & Foreign Settlement for job in Vedic Astrology By Celebrity Astrologer Rohit Anand

New generation has dreams and ambitions as they want to make it big in their education and career ahead. But they are skeptical and confused and want to be sure before they take big risk of spending time and money on education and seeking job on whether they will be successful, get job abroad and do well in their post graduation studies and whether it will go smoothly. Those who dream of going abroad and settling in a foreign land often become anxious and their parents worried as some invest their life savings and even taken education loans. Best way to find out whether you will be successful in higher education and getting work or employment abroad is to get your horoscope charts analyzed to a good, competent and experienced vedic astrologer who can guide you towards your goals and help you to overcome obstacles and realize your ambitions to earn money, in business, getting success in work and finding right company to work with.

We all know that not everyone gets success abroad and some have to return back at home as settlement abroad, getting employment or education and travelling to foreign lands depends on fate, skills, luck, support, finances, getting visa etc as there are many risks involved.  Only a right astrologer can help you avoid risks by telling you whether you will get success, name, fame, education, job, work or travel abroad and whether you settling abroad is good for you or not.

Travel Abroad & Foreign Settlement in Vedic Astrology By Celebrity Astrologer Rohit Anand

FAQ & Questions for Travel Abroad & Foreign Settlement in Vedic Astrology 

Will i settle Abroad?

Is there foreign travel in my Horoscope or Kundli?

Will i get job in the foreign country?

Is it good for me to get education abroad?

Will i get Visa for America or Canada?

Do i have a horoscope for foreign travel?

I am planning a vacation abroad with family this year. Do you think it will materialize?

I want to go for higher education to Europe, America or Australia. Will i be successful?

Do i have any foreign travels this year?

I want to have business overseas trip next year, can you tell me if it will be fruitful?

Can you make abroad settlement predictions for me?

I want to marry my girlfriend/boyfriend who is abroad. Will it be good for me if i settle in her country?

Do i have foreign travels or foreign country settlement yogas in my horoscope charts?

I want to do import export, will i be successful in this business?

Do i have yogas for foreign travel and abroad settlement in astrology in my kundli or birth charts ?

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Journey to New Horizons: Understanding Abroad Travel and Settlement Yoga in Birth Charts

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Mapping Your Destiny: Exploring the Power of Abroad Travel and Settlement Yoga in Horoscope Birth Charts

Queries by Clients :

Can we get foreign settlement predictions by date of birth?

Yes! Through Indian astrology, good astrologer or numerologist can surely give future predictions for foreign settlement and travel by date of birth. The predictions of getting job, settling abroad for career and higher studies all are possible by reading kundli, tarot card readings or by psychic predictions. 

I don't have horoscope, correct birth time, can you still guide me on my travels or about my job?

Ans : Yes, it can be done by numerology, birth date and by name psychic readings.

When will i receive the consultations for foreign settlement, education abroad?

As soon as you deposit the astrological consultation fees, and send us the birth details and questions, we will confirm the same to you and answers to your query will be sent on few hours on working day.

How can i get astrological consultations from you?

You can send a request to use in above mentioned format with product code and we will send you the details on how to proceed further. You can send use the request on our email divyatattva @

What are the options for me to receive the kundali consultations or horoscope readings?

Well, you have choice of getting horoscope charts readings online by Email, Whatsapp, Phone Call, Video call, Skype, Telegram, Signal, Gio Chat, Facebook Messenger etc.

Here are a few remedies often suggested to enhance the chances of foreign settlement, Job Abroad:

Rituals and Donations: Undertaking specific rituals or performing donations according to one's personalized consulting astrologer's recommendation can appease planetary influences and open pathways for foreign settlement.

Reciting Mantras: Chanting mantras dedicated to the ruling deities of the 12th house, such as Lord Vishnu, Lord Rama, Hanuman, Ganesha or Maa Durga, can help evoke positive energy and reduce any hindrances.

Gemstone Therapy: Wearing gemstones like Yellow Sapphire, Pearl, or Hessonite Garnet, as per one's birth chart analysis, can help alleviate obstacles and enhance opportunities for travel abroad.

Astrology serves as a fascinating tool for exploring the potential for foreign travel and settlement in one's life. The combinations and yogas present in horoscope birth charts provide valuable insights into the possibilities awaiting individuals seeking to embark on a journey to a foreign land. However, it's important to remember that astrology is not a guarantee of events, but rather a path to self-awareness and informed decision-making. By understanding the astrological nuances involved and following the suggested remedies, individuals can pave their way towards a successful, fulfilling, and transformative experience abroad. 

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