Karan Wahi Zodiac Horoscope Birthday Kundali Birth Charts Analysis

Indian Actor Karan Wahi Zodiac Sign, Horoscope,  Birthday and Kundali Birth Charts Analysis by Celebrity Astrologer Shri Rohit Anand

Indian model and actor Karan Wahi was born on June 1986 in the city of New Delhi, India. His zodiac sign is Gemini and Ascendant is Pisces which makes him quite sensitive, romantic, clever, kind, diplomatic, sensual, imaginative with good communication skills. He has worked in many popular Television shows like Fear Factor: Khatron Ke Khiladi 8, Entertainment Ki Raat, India's Next Superstars, Box Cricket League 3 etc. Wahi signed his first  Hindi movie with Habib Faisal's romantic comedy film with the name Daawat-e-Ishq in the year 2014. He got a supporting role of a Hyderabadi boy, Amjad alongside Parineeti Chopra and Aditya Roy Kapur. Pisces born also have a spiritual side which they need to take care of and visit some pilgrimages and do meditation. Wahi Jupiter goes into 12th house of his D1 charts indicating such interest as that will help him remove the blockages and bring peace and enhance his luck. It will also keep him in check from being too materialistic and ruin his fate or destiny. 
Karan Wahi Zodiac Horoscope Birthday Kundali Birth Charts Analysis

Karan Wahi Astro Profile : Janam Kundli, Horoscope Birth charts

Name : Wahi, Karan or Karan Wahi (करन वाही).  Gender: Male.

Date of Birth or Birthday:    June 9, 1986. Time:    2:00:27 am.

Time Zone:     5:30:00 (East of GMT). Place:   77 E 13' 00", 28 N 40' 00". Delhi, India.

Lunar Yr-Mo:   Kshaya - Jyeshtha. Tithi:   Sukla Dwitiya (Mo) (84.50% left).

Vedic Weekday: Sunday (Su). Nakshatra:     Aardra (Ra) (90.32% left).

Astrology Yoga:  Ganda (Sa) (84.58% left). Karana:        Balava (Mo) (69.01% left).

Hora Lord:     Mars (5 min sign: Li).

Mahakala Hora: Jupiter (5 min sign: Cn). Kaala Lord:    Mars (Mahakala: Mars).

Ayanamsa:      23-39-07.32. Sidereal Time: 18:47:01.

Wahi's Family, Education, Hobbies, Traits, Favorite Actors

His Hobbies : Cricket, 

Family and Siblings : Parents: Arun Wahi, Siblings: Eshanka Wahi

Height: 1.81 m.

Education: St. Mark's Senior Secondary Public School Meera Bagh Paschim Vihar,

Favourite Actress: Deepika Padukone, Priyanka Chopra, Jacqueline Fernandez and Jessica Alba.

Karan Wahi Career Horoscope : Profession, Acting, Modelling, Future Ahead, Wealth & Networth

Profession : Actor, Modelling, TV Host.

Indian former cricketer turned actor, model and host. After moving to Mumbai, he started his television career with the 2004 television show Remix on Star One in Jupiter Moon dasha, through which he garnered fame. His role as Dr. Siddhant Modi in the popular youth show Dill Mill Gayye rose him to further fame. In addition to his acting career, Wahi has participated in stage shows and has hosted several awards and TV shows. He also signed to play the male lead opposite controversial actress Rhea Chakraborty in the 2014 romantic drama film called Babbu Ki Jawani and this was to be produced by Amritpal Singh Bindra, under the UTV Spotboy productions. Then we have also seen him as a comedian contestant alongside Bharti Singh in Colors TV's comedy show Comedy Nights Bachao .

He made his Bollywood movie debut with a supporting role in Habib Faisal's romantic comedy film Daawat-e-Ishq in 2014 and this was achieved under mahadasha of Jup-Mon. He was seen in Colors TV's comedy show Comedy Nights Bachao. He has also hosted many shows like Nach Baliye, Tell awards, Star Guild Awards,  5th Zee Gold Awards, Indian Idol Junior, Dance India Dance Super Moms. If we see his D10 varga charts we find that Mithun rashi whose lard sits in the 5th house of D10 and his dispositor Venus which is 5th lord sits exalted in the 10th house giving him much women fan following, work, name, fame, wealth and success in his career. Then we also see retrograde planet Mars in the 10th house in D1 chart who is the lord of 2nd house and 9th house supporting him in his profession and work hard to achieve his goals in the entertainment industry.

If we see his Samudaya Ashtakavarga table we find that 10 house gets 29 points and 11th house of income and fulfilment of desires gets 30 points. He has long career ahead of him and will continue to well in his profession as an entertainer in the future. He will be doing some romantic roles, serials, films and comedy even in later part of his career.

Karan Wahi Love Horoscope : Love Relationships, Girlfriend, Marriage, Divorce

Karan Wahi Love Horoscope : Love Relationships, Girlfriend, Marriage, Divorce

Affairs/Girlfriends Karishma Kotak (Model) Jinita Sheth (Works at Playboy India).

This Indian hunk is into relationship with his girlfriend Uditi Singh and dating her from few years but remain unmarried till now as has no plans to tie knot yet. If we see his D1 charts , we find that his 7th lord Mercury is with 5th lord Moon aspected by 9th lord Mars. It is also being aspected by 10th lord Jupiter which strongly indicates that he will have love marriage with blessings of  his family. In his D9 Navamsa chart we find lagna lord Saturn is in the 10th house and his Mercury is in the lagna of Capricorn. Currently he is running Saturn and Mercury dasha which can give him romance and loving relationship into something stronger and marriage in few years ahead. His 7th house of married life and relationship gets 26 points in the Ashtakavarga score which is average and his 4th lord Mars which is retrograde in D9 in is in the 12th house along with 7th lord Moon that doesn't augur well for happiness out of marriage though.It also gets aspects from Saturn, Venus and Jupiter.



His Birth Chart Yogas For Success, Money, Prosperity, Romance and Marriage.

Bhadra , D-1   Me , Learned, cheerful, helps relatives, Mercury in a kendra in moolatrikona or own or exaltation sign.

Vesi , D-1   Me & Ve , Balanced, truthful and happy, Planets other than Moon in 2nd from Sun.

Chandra-Mangala    D-1   Mo, Ma , Worldly wise and materially successful.Moon and Mars together or in mutual 7ths.

Rajayoga    D-1   Me, Ma , Successful and high achievements, Conjunction, aspect or exchange of kendra/kona lords

Rajayoga  D-1   Me, Mo, Successful and high achievements in career , Conjunction, aspect or exchange of kendra/kona lords

Yogada (HL)   D-1   Ju  & Ve, Wealth and prosperity , Associated with lagna and HL (by aspect, conjunction or ownership)

Rajayoga  D-1   Mo, Ma     Prosperous , The 5th and 9th lords in conjunction or samasaptaka.

Viparita Raja Yoga D-1   Su, Sa       Success after pressures or someone else's losses The 6th and 12th lords in conjunction or samasaptaka

Raja Sambandha     D-1   Ju, Ju , Important person in a king's court, Dispositor of amatya karaka conjoining/aspecting 10th lord

Raja Sambandha     D-1   Ma, Ve    An associate liked by a king , Amatya karaka in a kendra/kona from atma karaka

Vimsottari Dasa or Maha Dasas of Karana Wahi  Kundli:

 Rah: 1984-09-13 (2:13:55 am) - 2002-09-13 (4:42:00 pm)

 Jup: 2002-09-13 (4:42:00 pm) - 2018-09-13 (7:12:10 pm)

 Sat: 2018-09-13 (7:12:10 pm) - 2037-09-13 (4:00:21 pm)

 Merc: 2037-09-13 (4:00:21 pm) - 2054-09-14 (12:33:58 am)

 Ket: 2054-09-14 (12:33:58 am) - 2061-09-13 (7:40:21 pm)

 Ven: 2061-09-13 (7:40:21 pm) - 2081-09-13 (10:33:09 pm)

 Sun: 2081-09-13 (10:33:09 pm) - 2087-09-14 (11:34:18 am)

 Moon: 2087-09-14 (11:34:18 am) - 2097-09-14 (12:55:20 am)

 Mars: 2097-09-14 (12:55:20 am) - 2104-09-14 (8:10:41 pm)

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