Astrology Future Predictions of USA India China 2023 2024 UK France Germany Russia by Top Astrologer

Astrological Predictions for 2023 & 2024 of Nations USA, India, China, France, Germany, Australia, Japan, Pakistan, Canada and Russia by World Famous Vedic Astrologer Shri Rohit Anand Ji

Future Astrology Predictions USA India China 2023 2024 UK France Germany Russia by Top Astrologer

Arms race will grow around the world in every nation with futuristic weapons, electronic warfare and new space technologies and missiles deployment. Laser weapons & EMP will become operational in nations like America, India, Russia, China and Israel. ★Leo Zodiac Facts and Horoscope Secrets

Communist China will witness much destruction from Snow storms, earthquakes, floods, volcano, fire explosions and other man made and natural disasters. Its economy will continue to suffer and criminal organization of CCP will destroy and jail anyone challenging their authority. China CCP will persecute its own people, all religions and commit inhuman atrocities on Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Christians Uighurs and people of Tibet. To save evil CCP, XI Jinping will destroy China, its economy and kill Chinese people and make their lives hell. Toxic food products, industrial items will with another source of warfare by greedy Chinese regime which it will export to all nations and put children and health of people at great risk.

Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Turkey, Iran, Qatar, China Will be the biggest source, sponsor, supporter of Islamic Terrorism, extremism all over the world. Most countries will start to BAN and deport its followers of distorted islamic jihadi ideology and their practices. China, Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Pakistan will be the cause of Genocide of Sikhs, Hindus, Baloch, Christians, Jews, Uyghurs and Buddhists.

Robotics army will become functional in few nations like America, Israel, Russia, India, China and France.

Sanatan Dharma, Hinduism, Yoga, Ayurveda will become popular in Europe, Russia, Indonesia, Africa and people around the world will leave distorted, degenerated religions and violent ideologies, Islam and Christianity as original teachings will be lost. ★Miss Universe 2021 Harnaaz Sandhu Horoscope

Planet Earth will become the worst place to live in due to irresponsible nations wrong policies of America, China, Pakistan, Iran, UK, Canada, Nigeria, Syria and few Islamic Nations.

India will emerge as a great Nation and its power, military might and influence will increase manifold. It will send many space missions to Venus, Moon, Jupiter and launch new satellites into orbit and make new scientific discoveries about Moon and Mars. ★ Spiritual Wallpapers for Smartphones

America's power and influence will decline significantly, its politicians and extreme ideologies will make create great divide among its citizens. Crime rate, racism and violence will increase, there will be protests and its democracy will malfunction.

Demonical Communist Chinese CCP regime will be great threat to every nation, humanity and territorial integrity of every nation. Its plan to dominate and rule the world will fail miserably and will have to face international isolation, boycott & sanctions. It will smuggle Nuclear material to Pakistan, North Korea, Iran, Saudi's to produce more Nuclear bombs, missiles to destroy nations, humanity and all religions whether Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Jewish, Tibetan, Falun gong etc in their country. It will continue to develop more dangerous Bio-weapons for release, contaminate waters, testing on its own people and neighbouring countries and taking its own nation to new lows.

Astrological Predictions for 2023 & 2024 of Nations USA, India, China, France, Germany, Australia, Japan, Pakistan and Russia
Pakistan, China, Bangladesh will continue to spread, support Islamic Extremism, Terrorism bringing disrepute to their own country, people and bad name to Islam and Muslims. Most islamic nations of Africa will see their decline, economy collapsing, misery, suffering from food crises and muslims going to poverty. China will see its economy collapsing, stock markets crashing with reduced demand in exports and domestic consumption.

India will Defeat Evil China in every conflict and war and coward PLA army will retreat from borders and pave the way for the freedom of Tibet and vacating many border areas. Ruthless demonical dictator XI JinPing megalomania will be shameless, lie, deceive, kill and silence its own people, bring humiliation to China, misery & suffering to Chinese people and will be the cause of self destruction of China and its economy. He will have NO regard to sacrifices of PLA and meet horrible end. Chinese hegemony will be threat to Philippines, Cambodia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Maldives, Myanmar, Indonesia, Nepal, Thailand and Russia.  ★Yoga and Meditation Wallpapers

Islam and Christianity will see its decline in many nations and people will lose faith due to distortions and deviations. Middle east nations, will witness wars, violence, bombings, oil disruptions, terrorist attacks, food crises, poverty and bloodshed.

Europe will see its decline and its influence will decline in world affairs. NATO nations will break away from the organizations and every country will follow its own interest. European countries will witness massive floods, rising temperatures, snow storms, failing crops, poverty, food crises, inflation and submergence of few islands and sea level taking away lands.

Rogue States of Pakistan and China will become the biggest international thieves stealing technologies, research, military and economic secrets of  developed nations. They will indulge in Nuclear smuggling, missiles and developing more Nuclear bombs and violate international laws. China and Pakistan will be biggest corrupt and criminal nations whose citizens will be threat to security. Pakistan will be rattled with Earthquakes and will become more unstable with Islamic terrorism, chaos, violence, corruption and Fanaticism.

Russia will seek to take back its lost territories or break away republics and advance its forces towards Europe.★ Morning Messages for Inspiration & Motivation

Great conflict, violence, wars, protests, disruptions, clashes will arise due to Islamic and Communist ideologies in every country where its followers will seek to snatch power from democratic countries, Arab nations and assert itself through bloodshed, terrorism, chaos, disruptions and wars. Islamic extremism will become great threat to world peace Bangladesh, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar will face backlash, violence, terror attacks and minorities of Sikhs, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists will suffer in these nations due to atrocities on them by Jihadis.

Millions of Russians, Europeans and Ukrainian will die in wars, their country in misery and ruins and economies rattled with decline, inflation, shortages and poverty.

Humanoids, Robots, AI will make massive advancements with new technologies and lower jobs will become things of the past and its penetration will start to advance into households, farms, military industrial complex, health industry and space travel.

New part and govt will take over Germany and reverse most of its policies that has greatly harmed Germany due to its past corrupt leaders and politicians who were under influence of Chinese and working for them.

Russia and China will indulge in expansionism by illegally occupying land of other nations and neighbours. In a coordinated attacks Russia will try to take over break away soviet republics and China will try to take over Taiwan and other smaller nations with threats, coercion and war. Criminal CCP and its companies will behave like a international thief stealing everything from food to minerals and technologies from every country of the world. 

World will witness massive shift in consciousness, way of living, renouncing false and distorted religions, turning to Vegan and Vegetarian food, conscious way of living. Lifespan of humans will increase and population of world will decline.

New race will emerge between nations like America, Russia, China, India for occupation of resources and land on Moon, Mars and other planets in solar system by reaching out to its surface and exploration by expedition.

Under a plan evil Chinese regime will settle its citizens in many nations to occupy their land, territory, influence its economic policies, steal technologies, corrupt politicians, capture resources and ports of weak and ignorant nations of Europe, Asia and Africa. China will impose its corrupt communist ideology, spread terrorism, fear and with coercion force local population into slavery destroying their culture, language, way of living and currency. More countries around the world will deport Chinese nationals and deny them entry into their country with No Visa and Chinese companies banned. Free Happy New Year Wallpapers

New alliances will be formed by India, France, Israel, Russia, UK to contain Rogue China and new members will join QUAD group in the times to come. South Asia and Europe won't survive without India.

World will moves towards cleaner fuels and energy sources with development of new technologies, nuclear, hydrogen and solar technology. Nations will start to abandon fossil fuels and demand of petrol will see decline and Arab nations will start to see their decline and their economies collapse.

Popularity of UK president will decline and its politics will see major upheavals and changes. Europe will face massive influx and violence by refugees or illegal migrants endangering their security.

World and scientists will begin to realize that there is no such thing as time travel in the universe. But there are other parallel dimensions and astral universe with advanced civilizations, alien beings, different forms of life and creatures on different planets. Many earthly mortals are also born there on other planetary system as mentioned in ancient scriptures of India.

Some of the Chinese military satellites and space projects will fail and there will be huge loss and humiliation for CCP and PLA. China will face many natural and man made disasters. Its space satellites will crash and Chinese people will suffer due to communist CCP wrong policies of censor, inhumanity, repression, fear, coercion, threats, disinformation and anti people policies. Chinese digital currency will be threat to privacy, security and banking in the future.

Indian Economy will become the 3rd largest economy with largest forex reserves and huge exports markets in America, Africa, Arab Nations and Europe and replacing China in every nation of the world with great demand for Indian products.★ Daily Morning Inspiration for Success

America will become more and more unlivable with increasing crime rate, gun culture, racial discrimination, protests, vandalism and unfriendly policies towards migrants.

Canada will face extremism, acts of terrorism, violent attacks, internal security issues due to corrupt and stupid politicians, Pakistanis, Jihadi radicals, Chinese and Khalistanis.

USA, Europe and UK will see its states seeking freedom and breakaway from Britain.

New alliances will be formed in the Gulf region by Arab nations and OIC organization will weaken and its members will follow its own self interest to save their economic interests.

Pakistan will move towards disintegration,  self destruction and will lose its territory of Balochistan, POK, Gilgit, Baltistan. China will soon face revolt from its own people in various provinces, Tibet, Uighur and resistance from Taiwan seeking freedom. Islamists and Communist will be considered as the biggest threat to Democratic Nations and freedom.

India will emerge as great spiritual power and military power in coming years and world will listen to it and follow what it has to say for welfare of humanity, peace, development, prosperity and upliftment.

Space debris of satellites, asteroids, meteorites will become threat to Earth and humanity in times to come. Few nations will deploy weapons, technologies, robotics, space stations into orbit to deflect the coming threat towards Earth.

Afghanistan, Pakistan, China, Turkey, Bangladesh, Syria, Yemen, Iran, Nigeria will suffer in darkness, ignorance and bring self destruction, misery, suffering upon their people and Nation due to Islamic Extremism, intolerance, and Anti God acts. Saudi Arabia will start to become unstable with more attacks on it from reels, extremists and enemy nations. Brutes & Barbarics from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh will bring great disrepute their own country and Islam leading to their Ban and deportation of their citizens due to inhuman atrocities on foreign nationals, Sikhs, Hindus, Christians, Jews, Buddhists and minorities.

There will be rise in temperatures and changes in seasons with rise of water levels. Many aquatic animals will start to die mysteriously, there will be contamination of ground waters and increase in the number of cancer patients, diabetes, infectious diseases, kidney failure, depression, mental derangements, anxiety, heart afflictions, infertility in every country.

New Nuclear fusion technologies will be innovated that will promote use of Nuclear fuels by more and more nations around the world that will be more efficient and more safe.

Frauds of Chinese and American economy and stock markets will be exposed to the world as how they manipulated it with falsification of data.

Pakistan will see increase in terrorist attacks, bombings, chaos, bloodshed, prostitution, corruption, suicides, poverty, atrocities on minorities, forced conversions, violent attacks on foreign nationals, Christians, Sikhs, Hindus, Buddhists, Shias, Baloch, Ahmedias, Sindhis with Persecution, rapes, torture, inhuman treatment of them in the name of blasphemy to finish of every other religion. Afghan Taliban will claim their territory from Pakistan.

Japan will increase its military budget and develop new generation of weapon systems and deploy it against China. Japanese will enter into military alliance with Taiwan for protection of its freedom and democracy along with USA and India. Chinese will corrupt politicians of many nations of Europe, Asia and Africa into changing their policies to favor China, buyout many international media and social media fund fake protests and disruptions in democracies around the world against their elected leaders.

There will be NO second coming of the Christ. Humans will evolve of their own with self effort, developing higher understanding of spiritual truths and will leave Christianity and Islam due to distortions and original teachings lost and its followers losing faith in the Church.

Millions of people will die due to hunger, poverty, food crises in Afghanistan, Turkey due Pakistan, Taliban and China who will ruin not only their own country but also nations they form alliance and friendship with.

Communist, Chinese, Khalistani and Jihadi ideology will be considered as threat to security and many nations will begin to restrict, ban, deport its followers and deny them visa.

Massive destruction, losses will come to America, China, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, UK, Australia, Myanmar from Earthquakes, Typhoons, Floods, Hurricanes, Snow Storms and raging fires.

Population of the Earth and Nations will decline but life span of human will increase. But more deaths will happen due to poverty, malnutrition, suicides, wars in Islamic nations, China, Asia and Africa. Unemployment and unrest will be massive in China and Africa and people will protest against their govt.

China will continue with its debt trap policies to trap weak, corrupt, smaller nations to take over their land, resources, make them slave, exploit them, coerce them into impose Chinese policies, language, settle Chinese nationals on their lands, replace their currency and take over their nation. Many nations will fall into their trap like Uganda, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Myanmar etc. China will corrupt and bribe many nations, politicians, political parties, journalists, social media of Europe, America, UK, Germany, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Australia, New Zealand, Uganda and Africa.

Economic war, cyber war will increase among nations with cyber attacks from China, Russia, North Korea and Pakistan. There will be massive Anti China and Anti Pakistan protests in every country due to their evil corrupt policies that will threaten every religion, democracy, freedom, govt, harmony, peace, development, which will lead to their isolation and Boycott. Criminal thug organization of Communist CCP will Not work for Chinese people or to save China but to save itself, rule Chinese people like slaves with more controls, disappearances, brutal repression, silencing the opposing voices make illegal claims on land of neighbouring countries & their resources. Every passing year China will go down in its economy, prestige, reputation, development as it will not adhere to international laws & ethics. IT will continue to lie and deceive the world and corrupt International organizations like WHO and UNO and abuse them to its advantage.

Femicide and repression will increase in some islamic nations, who will Not respect women and this will lead to further backwardness of their nations. Millions of women will leave Islam and adopt liberal and authentic religions giving freedom, respect, growth, progress, safety, spiritual development and way of life where their voices are heard.

India will help many poor nations in crises will food, medicines, aid and save humanity with its kind gestures without which world will not survive. It will show the world the right path and lead nations.

America and China will build & use Biowarfare and Chemical warfare on nations they will consider as enemies bringing much danger to countries and human civilization on Earth. New Virus variants and diseases will continue take its toll on people around the world. Chinese will become global menace with cyber attacks and cyber frauds on nations like America, France, India, Nepal, Russia, Australia, Canada, Bangladesh, Singapore, New Zealand, UK and Brazil.

Mental diseases, Suicide, depression, insecurity, Heart diseases, psychological disorders will increase in Pakistan, China, Bangladesh, America & Srilanka.

More nations around the world will harness nuclear energy, solar energy, hydrogen with new technologies and even move towards making nuclear weapons. Lies of western nations will be exposed on how their scientists stole & copied ancient Indian technologies, science, medicine, formulas and falsely claimed as its own.

Reverse rural migration and domestic shift will start to happen from cities to sub urban areas as pollution, prices, crime, congestion, social tenisons, housing prices increases in urban settings.

World will become more insecure place with wars and conflicts between nations in the gulf, asia, africa and South China sea. It will witness conflict for territorial claims, bloodshed for resources and supremacy.

Frankenstein communist China will be biggest threat to humanity, territory of every nation in Africa, Asia and Island nations. Brain control technologies will be the new weapons and threat to humanity from Evil China and America.Criminal communist Chinese CCP regime will try to create divisions in middle east and arab nations by creating misunderstandings leading them to wars, conflicts and selling bogus weapons to destroy each other. China will also corrupt, exploit, abuse, loot many African nations by fooling them and overthrowing their governments and establish slave Chinese rule upon African people.

Israel & India relations will touch new heights and Israel will gain more acceptance in islamic nations who have been opposed to its existence.

Pakistan will continue to spread Islamic Terrorism and Extremism in India, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Europe, France, Italy, Australia, Germany, Norway, New Zealand, Singapore, China, Russia, Canada and UK. Rogue states like Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan and China will become the most unsafe and dangerous nations for doing business and visit. Thousands of Pakistanis, Chinese, Khalistanis, Bangladeshis, Afghanis will be denied visa and will be deported out of these countries as security risk.

Countries like USA, Russia, UK, France, Germany and China as they will lose their stature, credibility, integrity and Trust. These nations will incite wars and conflicts to sell their weapons and their greed for money will be at the expense of humanity, peace, mankind and nations.

Pakistani and Chinese students and citizens will be denied visa, jobs, nationality, admissions in universities/companies & entry in most countries due to espionage, scams, terrorism, stealing technologies & research, frauds, narcotics & weapons smuggling,  jihadi mentality, money laundering, extremism, violence, crime against humanity.

China and America will abuse, misuse, corrupt all international organizations leading their credibility declining and nations losing faith in them. UNO, WHO, WTO, UN Human Rights Council,  International Organization for Standardization (ISO), UNIDO, ITU, FAO, IOC, and ICAO will lose its integrity and will become defunct and useless organizations.

Putin, Joe Biden, Angela Merkel, Imran Khan, Xi Jinping, Recep Tayyip Erdo─čan, Justin Trudeau, Mahinda Rajapaksa will be the worst leaders of 21st century that will only bring chaos, misery, suffering, violence, bloodshed to people with their wrong policies.

Countries will demand to Sanctions USA, UK, China, Pakistan for inciting Nations into Wars with lies, Sell weapons for Greed of money, War Crimes, Support of Terrorism, Human Rights abuses, Racism, Atrocities on Minorities. People around the world will demand Investigation of these nations Making, Spreading Nuclear, Biological Chemical Weapons Endangering Humanity, Planet Earth, Religions and mankind.

Some Political parties of India like Congress, Communists, PDP, AIMIM, DMK will become unpopular among people of India due to Anti India agenda, policies and Anti National statements.

Millions of people will die in China, Pakistan, North Korea, Iran, Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, Burma, Russia, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Argentina, Bangladesh, Italy, Sudan, Ethiopia, Syria, Yemen & Venezuela due to evil regimes and demonical anti people policies leading to poverty, food & water scarcity.

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