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Know about the Leo Rashi, Zodiac facts, Leo personality, सिंह राशि astrology online

Men and women born under the zodiac sign of Leo are amazing ambitious personalities, warm hearted, materialistic, natural born leaders, achievers, love flattery and praise and egoistic. They are confident, dominant, competitive, bold, courageous, protective and energetic. They are ruled by Sun which makes them hot, authoritarian, dignified, steadfast, loyal and who loves the position to command. Leo rashi male and females love to be in the centre of attraction, limelight and with good status. In western astrology Dates for a Leo birthday range  from July 23 to August 22, being a fixed fiery Sun sign. 

Astrological zodiac of Leo has strengths like being kind hearted, leadership qualities, optimistic, determination, belief in themselves and protecting their pack. They are quite generous with their money, time, attention, love and help to poor, needy, family and friends who respect them. They are unstoppable when they set their ambitious goals and set out to achieve them. But most of Leo star sign born suffer from troubles in their marriages, love affairs, relationships due to placement of Saturn and other planets. Zodiac BirthStone Emerald Benefits & Uses

Leo Rashi, Zodiac facts, Leo personality, सिंह राशि astrology online

Leo Astrology, सिंह दैनिक राशिफल, Leo Rashi, Zodiac facts, Leo personality, सिंह राशि astrology online

Leo Rashi, Zodiac facts, Free Daily Leo Horoscope 2021,Leo personality, सिंह राशि astrology online

Leo rashi born biggest weakness is that they are taken advantage of by others. Their kindness is abused and they feel hurt and insulted by those whom they stand with in hours of need or whom they protected. 

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