Spiritual Poems By Rohit Anand : Inspiring Spiritual Poetry To Touch The Soul

Divyatattva brings to you Inspiring Spiritual Poetry, Spiritually awakening poems and Best Spiritual Poem To Uplift The Spirit By Shri Rohit Anand 

Spiritual poem for god seeker and those want grow spiritually and need inspiration to reach out the truth, connect with its source, the soul. This inspiring spiritual poem is straight from heart, ac all from soul to be one with the source : God. Through deep meditation, spiritual practices and love we realize that we are not bodies, ego, mind and senses but something higher that we need to achieve with self effort and strong urge for that pure consciousness.

Knowing Myself

By Rohit Anand (Writer & Poet)

I Know My Soul

Runs The Show

On the Theatre of

Earthly Template

Directed By Stars and Planets

To Reach The Sky By Coming

Out of Illusion of Separatism

To Be One With That

Whose Spark In Me

Propels Me To Evolve

By Raising My Consciousness

To Love & Be At Eternal Bliss

In Oneness And Grow

Unravel The Truth And

Mysteries I Aspired To Know

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