Avril Lavigne Birthday Zodiac Sign Horoscope Birth Charts Analysis By Top Celebrity Astrologer

Avril Lavigne Birthday Zodiac Sign Horoscope Birth Charts Analysis By Top Celebrity Astrologer, Numerologist, Occultist, Mystic, Yogi and Vastu Expert Shri Rohit Anand Ji

Avril Lavigne is a Canadian singer and songwriter who was born on 27 Sep 1984 under the zodiac sign of Libra according to Vedic Astrology. Her ascendant at the time of birth was Virgo with nakshatra of Swaati. Lavigne is quite magnetic, attractive, sexy, romantic, gorgeous, stylish, gentle, compassionate and loves to be at peace. Being born as Libra woman thrives she thrives on love, romance, sensuality, fun, laughter, music, sex , diplomacy and beauty. She loves to feel free, independent and keep it light. Libra born babes have a natural cool to them that comes from not trying too hard and keeping things chill as they are easygoing too.

Avril Lavigne Birthday Zodiac Sign Horoscope Birth Charts Analysis By Top Celebrity Astrologer, Numerologist, Occultist, Mystic, Yogi and Vastu Expert Shri Rohit Anand Ji

She was named Avril (the French word for April) by her father and mother who recognized their child's vocal abilities when she was two years old and sang "Jesus Loves Me" on the way home from church.

Name : Avril Ramona Lavigne

Birth Date or Birthday : Thursday, September 27, 1984, 7:55 AM

City/State/Country: Belleville, Ontario (Canada) Time Zone:     4:00:00 (West of GMT)

Place:   77 W 38' 00", 44 N 16' 00"

Lunar Yr-Mo:   Raktaaksha - Aswayuja. Tithi:  Sukla Tritiya (Ma) (21.53% left)

Vedic Weekday: Thursday (Ju). Nakshatra:  Swaati (Ra) (42.39% left)

Yoga: Vaidhriti (Ju) (35.40% left). Karana:  Garija (Ju) (43.07% left)

Hora Lord:     Jupiter (5 min sign: Sg). Mahakala Hora: Jupiter (5 min sign: Sg)

Kaala Lord:    Jupiter (Mahakala: Jupiter)

Houses 1, 12, 3 / Water, Air / Cardinal

Chinese Astrology: Wood Rat

Numerology: Birth Path 4

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Family, Parents and Siblings : Parents: Jean-Claude Lavigne, Judith-Rosanne Loshaw.

Hobbies & Favorites : Music, Hockey.

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Avril Lavigne Career Astrology : Profession, Name, Fame, Wealth, Networth

Profession : Singer, Songwriter.

She began writing her own songs at very young age. Her first song was called "Can't Stop Thinking About You" which was about a teenage crush, which she described as "cheesy cute".At as very young age of 16, Lavigne signed a two-album recording contract with Arista Records in her career. She also won two World Music Awards in the year 2007.She has released seven studio albums and has also received several accolades, appreciation, awards and nominations, including 8 Grammy Award nominations for her work. 

Avril Lavigne Love Horoscope : Boyfriends, Dating, Relationships, Marriages and Divorce

Spouse: Chad Kroeger (m. 2013–2015), Deryck Whibley (m. 2006–2010),  Engaged to Mod Sun (April  2022)

Libra born women are sexy, romantic, loving and playful in bed. Avril Lavigne loves to romance and when she is in love with someone then no one matters to her. She is quite expressive in her feelings for men in her life.

Avril Lavigne on Social Media :

Official Website : https://www. avrillavigne.com

Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/avrillavigne

Astrology Yogas in Natal Charts or Kundali of Avril Lavigne

Hamsa                 D-1   Ju                              Spiritual, pious and respected                        Jupiter in a kendra in moolatrikona or own or exaltation sign

Bhadra                D-1   Me                              Learned, cheerful, helps relatives                    Mercury in a kendra in moolatrikona or own or exaltation sign

Vesi                  D-1   Ve, Sa                          Balanced, truthful and happy                          Planets other than Moon in 2nd from Sun

Nipuna (Budha-Aditya) D-1   Su, Me                          Skillful, expert, well-known and respected            Sun and Mercury together or in mutual 7ths

Anaphaa               D-1   Me , Comforts, good looks, Planets other than Sun in 12th from Moon

Soola                 D-1   Naabhasa yoga - throughout life Sharp, lazy, violent, valiant and poor                Seven planets in 3 rasis

Guru-Mangala          D-1   Ju, Ma                          Righteous and energetic                               Jupiter and Mars together or in samasaptaka

Parvata               D-1   Me, Ju                          Fortunate, charitable, eloquent, easy-going, famous   kendras have benefics, 7th and 8th have no malefics

Chaamara              D-1   Me, Ju                          Long-lived, scholarly, eloquent, learned in many arts Lagna lord exalted in a kendra and aspected by Jupiter

Mridanga              D-1   Me, Ju                          King or an equal and happy                            Planets in own/exaltation sign in kendras/konas and strong lagna lord

Kalpadruma/Parijata   D-1   Me, Me, Me, Sa                  King, principled, warrior, prosperous, strong, kind   Lagna lord, his dispositor, latter's rasi & navamsa dispositors are all in own/exaltation sign or kendra/kona

Bhaarathi             D-1   Sa, Ve                          Intelligent, religious, good-looking, famous          Navamsa dispositor of 11th lord is exalted and joins 9th lord

Saraswati             D-1   Me, Ju, Ve                      Very learned, skillful, intelligent, famous, praised  Mercury, Jupiter and Venus in kendras/konas/2nd, Jupiter in own/exaltation/friendly sign

Yogada (GL)           D-1   Ma                              Power and authority                                   Associated with lagna and GL (by aspect, conjunction or ownership)

Rajayoga              D-1   Sa, Ve                          Prosperous and successful                             The 5th and 9th lords in conjunction or samasaptaka, lagna lord aspecting lagna

Rajayoga              D-1   Me, Ju, Ve, Sa                  Becomes a king even if from a lowly family            Four or more planets in moolatrikona or exaltation signs

Raja Sambandha        D-1   Me, Me                          Important person in a king's court                    Dispositor of amatya karaka conjoining/aspecting 10th lord

Raja Sambandha        D-1   Sa                              An intelligent minister                               Amatya karaka in own sign or exaltation sign

Avril Lavigne Vimsottari Dasa:  Maha Dasas of Kundali:

 Rah: 1974-05-12 (9:13:45 am) - 1992-05-11 (11:58:59 pm)

 Jup: 1992-05-11 (11:58:59 pm) - 2008-05-12 (2:20:27 am)

 Sat: 2008-05-12 (2:20:27 am) - 2027-05-12 (11:16:00 pm)

 Merc: 2027-05-12 (11:16:00 pm) - 2044-05-12 (7:51:29 am)

 Ket: 2044-05-12 (7:51:29 am) - 2051-05-13 (2:53:01 am)

 Ven: 2051-05-13 (2:53:01 am) - 2071-05-13 (5:57:06 am)

 Sun: 2071-05-13 (5:57:06 am) - 2077-05-12 (7:00:19 pm)

 Moon: 2077-05-12 (7:00:19 pm) - 2087-05-13 (8:21:48 am)

 Mars: 2087-05-13 (8:21:48 am) - 2094-05-13 (3:23:14 am)

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