Astrology Predictions of USA UK Canada 2023 2024 Horoscope Prophecies for Future by Top Vedic Astrologer of The World

Vedic astrology Predictions of USA, UK, Canada, Japan, Australia for the year 2023 & 2024. Horoscope Prophecies, divination, future forecasts for Future, world wars, economy, stock markets, humanity, by Top Vedic Astrologer of The World. Intuitive divination and Jyotish are accurate ways of seeing the future of individuals or nations as to how god has planned and scripted the evolution of mankind and what humans need to do to evolve peacefully to reach their full potential to join league of advanced races waiting for human to grow spiritually and reap the benefits what future holds for them. Its through scientific advancements, rising consciousness, spiritual development by following the moral, ethical and cosmic laws mankind can reach its true potential, be blissful, unveil mysteries of cosmos and achieve its rightful place in the universe.

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Horoscope Predictions About USA UK Canada for 2023 & 2024

America will witness heinous violent crimes, its society will become Unsafe, unlivable, uncivilized and extreme ideologies in conflict with more racial attacks. 

United States will launch new satellites and prepare to launch space program for Moon, Mars and exploiting resources on these planets.

Millions of people around the world will leave Islam, Sikhism and Christianity. USA and European people stop believing in God and move towards other older religion and ancient Indian Yoga. People around the world will demand Ban on Islamic ideology, Khalistan and Communist ideology as threat to civilized society and humans evolution. Thousands of people will migrate away from USA to other countries due to extreme ideologies, clashes, corruption and high cost of living.

Inflation will be higher, prices will rise there will be slowdown, collapse/bankruptcy of companies and recession in few nations of Europe as people will protest against wrong govt policies. there will be food shortages, increased poverty and corporate greed.

Canada, USA, UK, Australia, Germany will become the hub of Islamic Terrorism, Khalistan Violent extremism, Racial Hatred and terror financing.

Japan will see its defense budget going up and new defense technologies emerging never seen before. It will prepare itself for conflict with China and Russia.

There will be massive decline of America, UK and China in world affairs as these nations will lose their influence, status, power, prestige and they will no more be great again.

The coming century will see technological change at faster pace with astonishing developments in Nano Technology, AI, Mind Reading, New Fuels, Flying Vehicles etc. It may even transform what it means to be human. There will be more use of fast modes of transport and .advancements in humanoids use. 

World will witness more chaos, wars, conflicts due to wrong policies of America, UK, China and Canada bringing downfall of these nations, stock markets crashing and higher inflation.

Space force will be operationalized by USA with space command, deployment of weapons on space stations, future projects and weapons testing on Moon.

Stock markets will crash and will see huge fluctuations in NYSE etc.

USA and India will align on world security, counter China and its allies.

America & Canada will witness huge explosions, fires, floods, typhoons, storms, Snowfall, protests by people which will cause disruptions, destruction and dissatisfaction against govt and its response to people's demand.

Joe Biden will destroy relations with many nations and will do underhand dealings with China against American interest harming the nation. His unpopularity will reach dismal lows never seen before for any American President.

Nuclear testing, weapons experimentation, exploitation of resources on Moon by USA and China will bring much danger to its surface and Earth's atmosphere in the future.

There will be conflict of nations and in greed of money USA, UK and China will sell weapons, incite wars, support terrorism, insurgency and destabilize nations with coercion, threats, blackmail and corrupting governments.

Many nations will witness fall in currency value and Dollar, Euro will lose its power and influence in many nations around the world as new payment systems will diminish its use.

Though there will be No world War 3 but there will be changed battlefields to economic, cyber, space, technology wars between nations.

Smaller nations some European nations will slide into poverty, lower incomes, high food prices with rising inflation and oil/gas prices eroding their purchasing power.

American will continue to secretly develop Nuclear, biological and chemical weapons and will face threat from Russia, China, North Korea and Iran.

Canadian & USA President will be weak. selfish and power hungry which take the nation towards disrepute, decline, suffering and misery to it own people. They will also provoke wars, support & fund terrorism and khalistnani violence which will bring down their nation & create disharmony.

There will be change in govt in USA and UK and Canadian president will face flak from its people for being incompetent, manipulator and become unpopular due to its wrong politicians in the parliament bringing much chaos, humiliation & loss of prestige in the world.

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Chinese companies and Space rockets will collapse and will become threat to human lives, privacy of citizens in USA, Israel, India, Australia, UK, France, Germany and Canada.

Rogue regimes of Pakistan, Turkey and China will continue to spread and support terrorism, spying, stealing technologies in America, UK, Canada, Italy, Australia and turn the islamic states against these countries. Christians, Sikhs, Hindus minorities Will Face Persecution in Sudan, Turkey, Nigeria, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Qatar, Oman, Indonesia & Bahrain 


Islamists, Khalistanis, Chinese and people of extreme ideologies will bring chaos and become threat to democracies of Canada, UK, USA, Australia, Thailand, Israel & India. They will subvert democracy to take these nations on wrong path of self destruction, spoiling foreign relations and threaten safety of other religions.

Canada will make strides in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and support clean technology and innovation.

Rogue nations of China, Pakistan, Turkey Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Russia, Saudi Arabia, North Korea, Iran will do cyber attacks, espionage, commit frauds, violent attacks, terrorism and steal technologies from research institutes of Canada, UK, Europe and America.

New head of states will take over in times to come as existing politicians in America, UK and Canada will lose their popularity, acceptance and power.

Too much freedom, secularism, hypocrisy, rights to immigrants, Islamists will bring great danger to United States, Britain and Canada and their own native culture, heritage, traditions and lifestyle.

New world order will be formed with new alignments of nations with and without USA, UK and EU. Latin American countries will form new groupings with Gulf, Asia and China at its members.

Chinese Corona Virus & Variants and its variations will continue to wreck havoc in America, Europe and rest of the world. China will develop new Biological, Chemical and Nuclear weapons to destroy west and humanity. Rogue CCP will continue with its expansionist policies of corrupting, laying claims on land and territory of other nations.

Celebrities will be used in USA, China, UK, India, Canada, France, Australia, Pakistan, Bangladesh to spread dangerous ideologies of Terrorism, Violence, Separatism which will be Anti God mindset of Demons and anarchy.

CCP of China, Pakistan, America will develop new variants of Biological weapons, Virus to bring down world, initiate biological wars and spread nuclear weapons.

USA, Canada, Australia, UK, China, Switzerland & Pakistan will become unsafe and Hub of Islamic and Khalistani Terrorism, extremism, violent attacks, racial discrimination, corruption and inciting wars.

Aliens & UFO sightings will increase warning nations and humans to behave before its too late.

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