Prophecies Horoscope Future Predictions of USA UK India China 2025 2026

Divyatattva brings to you world astrological predictions for the year 2025 and 2026 on nations of America, Uk, France, China, India, Australia, Pakistan, Brazil, Germany, South America and many Islamic Nations. These astrological predictions and prophecies are indicate and presents before us what is likely to happen if human don't mend their ways and change course of action and live in more civilized ways in harmony with laws of nature and god.

Prophecies, Horoscope, Future Astrology Predictions of USA UK India China 2025 2026

America, UK & China will witness its downfall, its power and influence declining. 

World will witness much conflicts between nations, wars, violence among countries, between forces of good and evil. There will be much churning among mankind.

India will become great power economically, militarily and spiritually and its power and influence rise to great heights in the world.

Nations of UK, Canada, USA, China, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Turkey, Afghanistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Nigerian will become unlivable and unsafe nations with acts of terrorism, violence, Jihadi terrorism, Khalistan Extremism. 

Nations will develop new ways to generate Nuclear Energy, cleaner fuels for transportation and there will be more use of Air routes with development of flying vehicles.

India will become the center of international politics, innovation, research and new technologies and higher incomes of its people.

South American nations will witness protests against their governments, violence, floods and Earthquakes leading to destruction.

Many gulf countries like Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Bahrain, Sudan, Somalia will be responsible for spreading Extremism, Jihadi terrorism, financing jihad, violence, wars, sponsoring radicalization, supporting Taliban bringing much chaos, bloodshed in gulf states and other democratic countries. These nations will be unsafe and dangerous nations to visit or do business with in times to come.

New technologies will come up never seen before and mankind will witness speed of things being done increasing manifold .

Biological and Chemical wars of spreading Virus, Bacteria will continue with new variants appearing in the nations and will see its manifestation in world. America, China, Russia, Pakistan will be dangerous unsafe nation doing experiments and testing of these weapons.

Humans will reach out to new frontiers, space exploration, landing satellites on planets never achieved before. Mankind will see new research, exploitation of resources on Moon, Mars, Venus and other Moons in the orbit of planets.

More nations will reach out to Nuclear technologies which will be highly advanced and flying vehicles will become popular among people.

Evil and Demons will manifest in Human form whose traits will be Terrorism, Cruelty, Flesh Eating, Destroying place of Worship, Killings and Laughing at misery, Constantly at War and Conflicts, Hate Ignorance and Intolerance, Black & Green will be their mark.

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There will be NO world war III but conflicts between nations for taking over territory, resources, resolving borders issues, tackling Islamic extremism and terrorism.

Russia & Ukraine war will only bring misery, suffering, trauma, mental disorders, destruction with no winners but will only increase poverty, invite famines, deaths, food crises.

Humanity will see the rising consciousness and interest in metaphysics, yoga, Tantra, spirituality, meditation will increase in the new generation.

Germany policies will be threat to world peace and will bring only misery and decline of its economy and its relations will become bad with its wrong foreign policy. It will be unreliable and untrustworthy nation and its govt will bring shame to its own people.

Turkey, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia will continue to suffer greatly because of  Islamic extremism and its rulers. It will become unsafe and dangerous nation for tourists and to to business.

Islamic extremism, terrorism will be greatest threat to all democracies of the world and nations like Israel, India, France, Canada, UK, Belgium, Sweden, Australia, Germany, New Zealand etc.

Humanoid Robots will become a reality as more people will opt for its use in domestic life and industrial use in times to come.

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Many religions will see their decline like Islam, Christianity, Sikhism as they will not meet the expectations of new generation due to distorted scriptures and failing to produce god realized saints. People will lose faith in them due to lack of reforms and not meeting scientific facts or helping evolution of their followers spiritually in real way.

Santana Dharma will spread around the world, popularity of Yoga, Ayurveda, Tantra, Hinduism will grow tremendously in every country.

America, UK, NATO, China, Russia, Canada will lose its prestige, power, influence and will see massive erosion of their credibility, integrity and trust of nations around the world.

Evil China will face conflicts, frustrations, defeat, humiliation and decline in its relationships with neighbors, world and wars or attempt to occupy territory of Taiwan, Tibet, Hongkong will weakening it further with decline of its resources and wealth.

USA, UK and China will abuse, corrupt UNO, BRICS, WHO, FAO, IMF, World Bank, Security Counsel into ineffective , toothless, defunct organizations with no credibility or integrity.

Humans conduct will  become worse than animals and will be punished by nature and animals will more attacks of animals and from mother nature with melting of ice, lesser rainfalls, hurricanes, floods, famines, rising temperatures and death of marine life.

Philippines, Indonesia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Australia, New Zealand will be rattled with Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Floods, Storms, Typhoons and forest fires leading to destruction and displacement.

America, UK, China and Islamic Nations will be unreliable and untrustworthy partners of every country depending upon which many nations will be ruined, suffer from terrorism, chaos, instability, wars and spread of Nuclear, Biological and Chemical weapons.

World order will change and shift towards more sensible nations like India who will lead the world with its humane policies, helping mankind, giving aid to weaker and smaller nations, distributing vaccines and food to African nations.

Pakistan will meet with self destruction & Pakistanis suffering as HELL because of Its Hatred for other religions, Israel, Jews, Christians, Sikhs, Hindus, Buddhists. Extremist Islamic Ideology of Separatism Terrorism, Wars, Intolerance, Corruption, of Pak Army & ISI Mullah/Maulana, Dictatorship, Fake Democracy and Fanatic killings people of Other religions, forced conversions to Islam and China Debt trap will make it weak and failed state.

Water sources will begin to dry up in America, China, Europe, Pakistan, Latin American nations, Africa as struggle for drinking water will become desperate for people.

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India  or Hindustan will save the world with its humanity, kindness, help, food and medicine for the world.

Joe Biden, Boris Johnson, Putin, Xi Jinping, Justin Trudeau will be the worst head of states who will bring much misery, suffering, chaos, violence, death to their own people and deceive them with false propaganda, lies and deception.

Demonical Communist China will continue with its hegemonic designs to rule the world, commit atrocities on Muslims, Christians, Tibetans, Buddhists and torture them to death and will indulge in inhuman organ harvesting.

Many nations will move towards BAN of Communist, Khalistan and Jihadis ideologies and their followers will be denied Visa, Nationality and entry in Europe, Asia and Latin American countries being threat to civilized society, security, peace, harmony and other religions.

World will become more chaotic place to live in as more people will turn to machines in their lives leading to more loneliness, suicides, depression, heart attacks, viral infections, brain diseases, diabetes, kidney failure, anxiety, stress and nervous disorders.

Rogue China, Turkey and North Korea will smuggle Nuclear Weapons, Missiles, Drones to evil states like Pakistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia which will destabilize world peace.

Many African nations will face poverty, famines, suffering due to food shortages, no clean drinking water, civil wars and struggle for power.

Afghanistan Iran, Pakistan, Bangladesh, China, Maldives will be most unsafe dangerous nations that will indulge in Extremism, Drugs Trafficking, Fake currency rackets, supplying hired mercenaries, women trafficking for money and fundamentalism.

Only countries with food, weapons and strong economy will survive in times to come, most smaller and weaker nations will perish or merge with stronger and larger nations. Boundaries of nations will change and so will the continental shift will take place.

Most Islamic nations will get weaker, indulge in wars, power struggle, violence, atrocities on minorities and people of other religions and lose its relevance and will witness declining economies and poverty.

Popular Celebrities will be used in America, Afghanistan, China, UK, Bangladesh, India, Canada, France, Australia, Pakistan, Bangladesh to spread dangerous ideologies of Terrorism, killings, Violence, Separatism, Barbarism which will be Anti God mindset of Demons and anarchy.

Millions of people will die in America, China and North Korea due to Corona Virus and real figures will never come out in public. USA and China will be major countries that developed and experiment will biological and Chemical warfare unknown to world.

Its India and Indians that will lead the world to glorious future, scientific advancement, spiritual upliftment of humanity, peace, economic powerhouse, innovation and research in the future.

China and America will never be superpower in the future but the rogue powers that will only bring wars, instability, bloodshed, ruin, destruction, humiliation to other nations and will have no regard to humanity.

Most Islamic nations will see their decline, people leaving Islam, poverty, backwardness, ruin, wars, self destruction, famines, poverty will take over extremist nations promoting jihad, fanaticism and distorted Islamic teachings never given by god.

USA, UK, Canada, Germany, Australia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, Yemen, Libya will become the HUB of Islamic Terrorism, Khalistan Violent Extremists, extreme ideologies that will tear its society apart, bring disrepute, chaos, violence, terrorism, killings, separatism to their own country and the world.

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