Diseases Suffering & Health Issues Due to BAD KARMA by Mystic Yogi Astrologer Shri Rohit Anand

In the universe all embodies being are subject to diseases, illness, pain, suffering, misery, mental agony, decay and finally death. But all the bodily affliction or chronic diseases that you see in yourself and others manifest are due to various reasons. Todays medical science is too primitive to even understand that ill-health can be due to many causes which has many dimensions and mainly rooted in karma, evil thoughts, past births, bad food habits, hereditary, nature, environment, disobeying the laws of nature, planetary afflictions, doshas in the body, wrong lifestyle, supernatural possession, pollution, overeating, over-exercising, radiation or dark energy from machines etc being some of them. Diseases that emanate though Bad Karma may not necessarily in present life but past birth or many life times and triggered in this life due to similar mindset, subconscious mind or repeated wrong acts that transgress cosmic laws of god and nature.

Shri Rohit Anand ji is renowned Yogi, mystic, Vedic Astrologer who has considerable experience in dealing with health issues of people who come to him for relief from various problems, health issues & given us the reasons for suffering of mankind. We requested him to give us the causes as to why we are suffering with so many diseases and what can it be overcome. He said if humans are able to identify the causes and eliminate it and live according to natural laws or cosmic laws of health without disturbing the nature, not only we can avoid misery but also live happily with long life.

Diseases Suffering & Health Issues Due to BAD KARMA by Mystic Yogi Astrologer Shri Rohit Anand


Terrorism :  Violent Death, Injuries and Burns, Poverty, Economic Suffering, Sudden deaths in many lifetimes, Life cut short, Fear Psychosis. 

Corruption :  Wasting Diseases, Diarrhea, Lose Motions, Liver Damage, Live Damage.

Harsh Words/Foul Language :     Depression, Low Energy, No Enthusiasm, Sadness, Anxiety, Stress, Tongue Cut between teeth, Pancreas problems.

Greed :  Sexual Problems, Loss of Sleep, Wasting Diseases, Skin Disorders, Anxiety, Blood Pressure, Water Retention, Excessive Thirst, Cough Disorders.    

Adultery  :   Sexual Incontinence, Infections, Worries, Dejection, Loss of Trust , Nervous Disorders, Lower Back Pains, Immune Disorders, Muscle Cramps.

Cheating :   No Peace of Mind, Insomnia, Mental Retardation, Madness, Possession by Spirits, Nerve Problems, Headaches, Vomiting, Pains in Stomach.  

Insulting :   Loss of Teeth, Root Canal Treatment, Digestive System Problems, Bleeding Gums, Pus Formation in Mouth, Tongue Cut,

Oral and Anal Sex :   Cancer, Diseases of Mouth, Aids, Cough, Throat Infections.

Lust :  Pain in Testicles, Orchitis, Headaches, Pains, Wet Dreams, Enlarged Prostate, Excess/Less Saliva, Watery Eyes.

Anger :  Loss of Hairs, Liver Pancreas Problems, Excessive heat in Body, Fevers, Burning in body, Skin Burn, Fright, Silent Grieving, Fears, Panic.

Treating Old People Badly :  Arthritis, Loss of Job, Mental Suffering, Unhappiness, Pain in Legs, Sadness.

Holistic Healing : Cure For Pains, Strains and Sprains

Abusing Children :  Skin diseases, impotence, infertility, diseases of reproductive organs.

Plotting & Conspiring to Hurt or Kill : Brain Cancer, Mental Derangement, Madness, Loss of Memory.

Killing Animals For Pleasure or Harming Birds for Sports  : Blood Cancer, Hemophilia, Death or Bites from animals, Bone Marrow Issues. 

Controlling Others With Fear : Kidney Failure, Heart Problems, Excessive heat in the body.

Alcoholic or Drug Addiction : Autism, Mental derangement, Blood Disorder, Injuries from Falls, Accidents, Heart Failure, Sudden Deaths, Liver Damage, Eating Disorders.

Overuse of Television, Mobile, Computers : Eye Vision loss, Headache, ENT problems, Sleeping disorders, Insomnia, Fevers, Infertility, Stiffness, 

Cheating and Stealing Money : Indigestion, Diarrhea, Loss of Vision, Lose Motions, Intestine Cancer, Liver disorders.

Beating Someone and Helpless Animals : Pain in Joints, Stiffness of Hands, Gout, Nerve pains, Muscle Degeneration, Injuries and Pains, Near Death Like Experiences, .

Criticism or Fault Finding : Tooth Problems, Bites by Bees and Ants, Swellings, Heat in the Head, Pus in Gums, Blood through Mouth, Irritability, Low Energy, Depression, Sadness, Swollen Eruptions.

Selfishness, Ungiving and Unloving : Increased Heart Beats, Unhappiness, Loss of  Close Relatives, Disturbed, Insults and Humiliation, Jaundice, Small Pox, 

Perverted Thinking : Sexual Diseases, Mental Frustrations, Anxiety, Wet Dreams, Lack of Vitality, Eye Diseases, Injuries, Infectious Diseases.

Doctors Misguiding Patients and doing Unwanted Surgeries : Wasting diseases, Cancer, Undiagnosed ailments, Sudden heart Attacks, Cough and Cold, Flu, Incurable diseases. 

Corrupt Govt Employees, Bribing : Liver damage, Pancreas problem, lungs infection, Heart Attacks, High B.P., Stress, Loose motions.

Misusing Distorting Religion To Spread Violence, Dominance, Terrorism : Violent Death, Tumors, Kidney Problems, Short life, Brain Hemorrhage, Amputation of Body Organs.

Cunning Plotting and Crookedness : Brain Hemorrhage, Undiagnosed diseases.

Oral Sex, Watching Porn, Lust : Infections, Mouth Cancer, Throat Cancer, Skin Diseases, Poor Vision, Watery Eyes, Swellings and Problems Of Reproductive Organs, Orchitis, Pain of Lower Abdomen, Cysts.

Jealousy, Anger, Rage : Skin Burns, Red Skin, Heat in Head, Fevers, Abnormal heart functioning, Loss of hairs, Violent Accidents, Redness in Eyes, .

Overthinking, Hiding Things, Psychological Superiority : Diabetes, Mental Derangement.

Negative Thinking about Someone, Overuse of Machines, Desiring Bad About Others : Brain Cancer, Inflammation of Eyes.

Insulting Gurus, Teachers and Spiritual People :  Liver Damage, Worries, Stress, Weak Body, Illness of Body Fat, Body pains, Arthritis, Stomach Problems, .

Stealing From Temples, Dacoity, Looting of Religious person : Unhappiness, Depression, Stomache, Fear of Poverty, Bad Dreams, Sudden Death, Accidents, 

Creating Pollution, Wasting Water, Polluting vast Natural Water Resources : Insomnia, Cancer, Sleeping disorders, Phobias, Urinary Problems, Possession by Evil Spirits, Worries, Anxiety Attacks   .

Doing Scams, Frauds and Fooling People to Extract Money: Liver problems, Loose Motions, Dental Problem, Vomit, Blood in Stools, Kidney Failure, death by suicide, bloody vomits.

Destroying Temples, Disrespect to Idols of Gods and Religious Places : Big losses in business, poverty, Shortages of food, Unhappiness, Depression, High Blood Pressure, Pain In Lower Back & Legs, Possession by Spirits, Bitten by Dogs or Animals, Sufferance from Curses, Poor Growth and health.

Extremism In Religion, Distorting Religion & Misinterpretation : Live problems, Pancreatic Cancer, Fatty Liver, Low Energy, Fatigue, Skin Issues. 

Repression & Suppression of someone : Excessive heat in body, Blood Pressure problems, rapid heart rate, Acidity, Skin burns.

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