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United States, China, Pakistan, Iran, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Iraq, Turkey, UK, Poland, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Srilanka will become most unsafe nations with acts of Terrorism, Violent crimes, Repression, Riots, Protests, Extremism, Human Rights abuses, Atrocities on Minorities, Crime against Women and will face destruction from Earthquakes, Floods, Storms, Famines, Poverty, Tornadoes, Hurricanes and Snowfall.

India will emerge as great global power with huge military might, great economy and spiritual power of Hindus.

America, China, Pakistan, Iran, North Korea, Russia will be involved in developing spreading, smuggling Nuclear, Chemical and Biological weapons harming nations, world security and humanity. Communist China will never be a superpower but only be most evil force on earth with rogue regime threat to mankind which will bring downfall of China and humiliation, bloodshed, ruin and sufferance to Chinese people.

There will be great shift in human consciousness and people around the world will begin to realize greater truths, make rapid scientific progress  in uncovering reality of life and secrets of cosmos.

USA, China, Germany, Afghanistan, Iran, Bangladesh, Turkey, Britain, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia will support, fund, spread Terrorism & Islamic Extremism and will be biggest threat to nations of the world.

India will send satellites to Moon, make rapid progress in space technologies and exploring solar system, new technologies, building space station & will change global power center towards it.

Nations with most dangerous and demonical regimes and extremists ideologies which will bring their ruin, destruction, suffering, wars, violence, deaths will be US, China, Pakistan, Afghanistan, North Korea, Bangladesh, Cuba, Nigeria, Chad. Pakistan and China will gradually moves towards chaos, disruption, collapse, protests, instability, food shortages, violence, increasing crime rate, rapes, conflict, economic ruin, poverty, price rise and disintegration into smaller nations.

Horoscope Charts of India shows great progress in space technologies, launch space satellites for building space station, voyages to Moon, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and make great progress in space exploration and deploying weapons in space.

China, America, England, Pakistan, Japan, Australia will be rattled with Earthquakes, Hurricanes, Floods. Economies of Japan, UK, USA, Germany, Australia, France will face great challenges and fall.

Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Malaysia, Pakistan, Nigeria, Turkey, Afghanistan, China, Oman, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Syria, Iran, Bangladesh will support and fund Islamic Terrorism. They will send refugees, nationals, extremists to Europe, America, Canada, UK, France, Australia, India, Germany, New Zealand to spread Jihad, Distorted Islam, Do Lust Jihad for Forced Conversions by taking advantage of liberal democracies, secularism, abusing freedom and to takeover their nations.

Man Made Technologies will become more smaller with great speed in travel, doing work, assisting humans, companions, animals type, reaching great distances, planets and dangerous places. Lower works and jobs will be eliminated for AI and Humanoids. New generation Nuclear powered fuels will used for powering space travel and energy for space crafts.

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Earth and Nations will face greater threats from space debris, meteorites, asteroids, comets, Sun storms in times to come. There will be drastic changes in our planets atmosphere & temperatures in extremes which will be reflected on nations with snowfall and heat waves never witnessed it before. Antarctica will melt and massive ice land will breakup and will reveal new life forms and and increase sea levels and submerging coast line of cities and nations.

India will become the most powerful, influential nations with great might and will help poor nations with food, medicines, vaccines and establishing peace by destroying evil on earth. India will be working for working for progress of mankind, human evolution and prosperity of world.

Russia, Pakistan, North Korea and China will arm and equip Iran with new weapon systems, nuclear technology, missiles which will be great threat to Gulf region, Israel, USA and will lead to conflict.

Those nations will lead the world who will innovate technologies, Space Medicine, work upon AI Nano technology, New Weapon systems, Hypersonics, Atomic Fusions, Artificial Human Organs, Bionics and reach out to different planets for new minerals.

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Horoscope Predictions, prophecies, Astrology of India USA China Japan UK France

UNO, WHO, World Bank, IMF, OIC, FATF will become ineffective, powerless, useless as they will be abused, misused and corrupted by China, USA and UK.

Globalization will go down, decoupling will start to happen and Nations will deal and trade with their currencies and on their own.

USA, China and Pakistan will develop Biological weapons and spread its new virus variants to harm nations, mankind , loot people and ruin Economies with greed for money and lust for world domination.

Military budgets and deployment will be increased substantially in nations like America, Japan, India, UAE, South Korea, Australia & China. More nations will come into South China sea and will destroy hegemony of Fascist China.

Many American and Chinese companies will sell bogus, fake and ineffective vaccines, medicines at expensive prices threatening humanity, public health and fooling patients around the world with false propaganda.

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google, Amazon, Walmart, Snapchat, Twitter, Microsoft, Intel, Tencent, Alibaba, Wanda Group, Apple, Disney, HP and Dell will see their decline and loss in business and profits. Their stocks will crash will loss in market share.

Communist ideology, khalistanis and distorted islamic ideology of jihad will become greatest threat to civilized nations, democracies, Europe, Canada, UK, Australia, India, France, Sweden, Belgium, Switzerland, Romania, Norway, Israel, Sri lanka, Nepal etc.

World will boycott & Ban Chinese products, Ban Chinese companies and deport citizens of China and Pakistan due to espionage, frauds, crimes, terrorism, money laundering, illegal drugs, fake medicines, spread of virus, cyber war and spread of spyware.

Nations will form new alliances and world will witness decline of America, China and western nations. New world organizations will be formed which will do justice to Asia, Africa and Latin America as their voices will be heard.

Stock markets around the world will crash and become more volatile. Economies will face decline and there will be recession in many countries.World and nations will Dump US Dollar, Euro and Yuan. American currency will weaken and it will no more will be world currency.

China, America, Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan, Turkey, Canada, UK, Germany, Russia will be greatest threat to world peace, economies, peace, mankind, planet Earth and progress of humanity.

Yoga, Ayurveda, Sanatan Dharma, Hindu lifestyle,Vegetarianism and Hinduism become popular around the world and nations will adopt right Indian lifestyle.

France, Japan, India, Australia, Vietnam, Israel will form new alliances and come together to face threats from Evil China and rogue states of North Korea, Pakistan and Iran. 

China and Pakistan will face food water shortages, famines, oil & gas problems, civil unrest, violence, kidnappings, frauds, increased crime rate, prostitution, spread of deadly diseases, inflation, Chaos, massive protests, disappearances by ruling rogue regimes. List of failed islamic nations with intolerance, lack of freedom, misgovernance, bloodshed will grow from Nigeria, Somalia, Sudan, Bangladesh, Maldives, Yemen, Syria, Turkey, Palestine, Tunisia, Ethiopia, Burkina Faso, Afghanistan, Egypt, Serbia, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Senegal and Pakistan.

Shape shifting robots, Humanoids will invade the battlegrounds, households, medical surgeries, dangerous missions, space exploration and future settlements on Moon, Expedition to Mars and other planets in the solar system.

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People around the world will leave Islam, Christianity, Sikhism and other man made religions detrimental to evolution of humans and spiritual growth. Original teachings will be lost and distorted interpretations by extremists, radicals will bring much violence, wars, terrorism, bloodshed, conflicts in islamic nations.

People of Tibet, Taiwan, Mongolia, Japan will get support from Europe, America, India for freedom and security threats from China and its illegal occupation of land and claims.

There will be more and more sightings of UFO's & Aliens around the Earth in various nations to make humans feel their presence that they are watching human evolution and are worried about self destructive course, wars, violence, demonical acts.

Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Afghanistan Syria, Iraq, Iran, Maldives, Turkey, Nigeria, Bangladesh will be involved in Islamic Extremism, Drugs Trafficking, Terrorism, Conflicts, Money Laundering and their citizens will be threat to civilized society, democracies and nations. These nations will become unsafe for tourists and business & will face wrath of god with destruction from violence, earthquakes, poverty, civil unrest, protests, bloodshed, storms & floods, unemployment and food crises.

There will be protests in islamic nations against dictatorships, evil mullah regimes by people for freedom, justice, against repression of women, atrocities on minorities and no equal rights for people of other religions.

Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Flying Machines, Human Augmentations, Lasers & Lights will be used more and more in industries, space exploration, military applications to help humanity evolve and reach its highest potential.

There will be competition to reach Moon for habitation, mineral exploration and to take over land rich lunar land in rare minerals. China, America, Russia, India, Israel will reach out to Moon and other planets and Moons of other planets in the solar system.

Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Turkey, Iran, Nepal, China, Sri lanka, Brazil, Argentina, North Korea, UK, Canada, Germany, USA will face violence, riots, protests, increased crimes, deaths, chaos economic meltdown & shortages of medicines or essentials. These nations will become unsafe and unlivable due to racial attacks, vandalism, protests extreme ideologies, jihadi violence & khalistani terrorists.

Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia & Burma will become new center of terrorism, cyber frauds by Chinese & spying by Chinese companies

Scientists, medical professionals will find cure for most of Cancers, Aids and other deadly diseases.

Evil communist Chinese regime will use Russia, Gulf countries of Saudi Arabia, Iran, Pakistan, Turkey to destroy & harm America, Israel, India and Europe.

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Humanoids With AI will begin to look more real and invade human lives in every aspect of life and emulate humans and animals. They will be useful and also a danger to Economies, Security, Privacy & life on Earth. America, China, Russia will misuse AI to control humans, economies, stock markets and surveillance of humans.

USA, UK, Canada, Australia, China, Pakistan, Turkey will spread, fund, support Khalistani Violence, Islamic Terrorism social unrest in nations like Nepal, India, Israel, France, Japan etc. Hypocrite nations like USA, UK, China, Pakistan and their intelligence agencies will be involved in war crimes, provoking wars, spread false propaganda to divide and rule, Political Interference, Narco-terrorism & creating conflicts.

New airplanes, military aircrafts, Saucer flying machines never seen before will be tested, deployed by few nations like India, USA, China, Russia etc that will more at greater speeds covering great distances on planet Earth and different planets and moons of our solar system.

Vedic lifestyle, Sanatan sanskriti, Vegetarian will become popular and people will adopt Indian way of living that is best for human evolution and progress. Many nations will leave wrong western and islamic way of living that invites misery, suffering, diseases, suicides, depression, violence, chaos and in disharmony with cosmic laws of existence.

Pakistan will become a rogue state and hired mercenary of nations like USA, UK, China who will also commit atrocities on its minorities with bad human rights abuses and sell its women and motherland to China.

World biggest weak currency that will witness fall and lose its power will be USD dollar, Pakistani rupee, British pound, Bangladesh Taka, Turkish lira, Canadian dollars. Nepali and Malaysian  currency.

AI made phones will become popular in times to come that will revolutionize the way we communicate with people. Telepathy and mind controlled gadgets will be the next.

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New forms of fuels, atomic fusion reactors, hydrogen, solar, water will replace fossil fuels, energy needs, travel through aircrafts.

Nations and world will move towards Banning self destructive, toxic, negative, violent, terrorism, inhumanity and separatists ideologies of communists, islamists and khalistanis. People will reject such anti god religions, jihadi mindset, cruel practices of intolerance and harm.

Many nations will witness power struggles, conflicts, protests, violent crimes, political assassinations, racial attacks, kidnapping for ransom, terrorism and persecutions especially in America, Brazil, China, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Turkey, Bangladesh, Nepal, Nigeria, Yemen, Iran, Sudan, Venezuela, Bahrain, Chile, Syria, Lebanon, Chad, Mexico, Algeria, Malaysia, Qatar, Somalia, Congo, Iraq, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Germany, UK, Peru etc. These nations will be unsafe for investments, business and tourists.

Ayurveda, Alternative medicine, Pranic Healing and Sacred Mantras to heal Humans will become popular around the world. Medical science will move more towards treatments, surgeries from lights, lazers, AI based nano medicines.

Allies of China like Philippines, Thailand, Pakistan, Germany, Sri lanka, Myanmar, North Korea, Laos, Cambodia, Singapore, Russia, Australia will suffer greatly at the hands of Communist CCP with their ruin, exploitation, economic losses from deception, debt trap, coercion, threats and inhuman policies of Chinese regime. Egypt, China, Pakistan, Srilanka, Russia, Ukraine, Africa, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, will face severe food and water shortages.

Israel, Palestine and Iran will enter into conflict, wars with many nations of middle east will witness their ruin with wars bombings and terrorist attacks.

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North Korea, China, Pakistan, Iran, Turkey and their citizens will be involved in spreading and stealing Nuclear Biological, Chemical weapons endangering humanity, nations, world security. USA, UK, Germany, Austria, Canada, Saudi Arabia will give undercover support to Wars, Terrorism, Extreme ideologies of Violence, unable to stop Nuclear proliferation and stolen Nuclear material by rogue nations.

World and nations will move towards BAN on distorted islamic ideology and sharia inhuman practices. There will be restrictions on muslims, Ban on Hijab, Burka, hallala, Cruelty on animals on islamic festivals in more and more countries around the world.

World worst politicians and heads of states will be Joe Biden, Xi Jinping, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan,  Ebrahim Raisi, Kim Jong-un, Pushpa Kamal Dahal, Justin Trudeau, Ali Khamenei, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, Hibatullah Akhundzada, Sanna Marin, Olaf Scholz will bring misery, suffering, humiliation and downfall of their nations.

Wars, conflict, bloodshed between Rusia, Ukraine, European Countries will continue to be funded by America, UK, Germany China.This will bring down economies of Europe, Russia and America leading them to poverty, inflation, ruin and their people suffering the most.

Telepathy & AI assisted mind controlled technologies will get invented to control machines and communicate.

India will become third largest economy in the world and great nation helping humanity, supplying vaccines, medicines, food, Aid, help, security to smaller, poor & weak nations bringing peace.

WHO, USA, China, Italy, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, António Guterres will be culpable for spreading Corona Virus, wars and indulging in biological warfare of CCP and USA causing deaths.

Demonical and Corrupt Communist CCP will let world, nations and humanity suffer and die if China suffers and its stopped from its greed of money and lust for power. As China's economy suffers and world decouple and companies moves out China will also destroy economies of other nations with hacking, spreading virus, raising raw material costs and shutting down industries/factories disrupting supply chains.

People of Tibet, Mongolia, Taiwan, Hongkong, Laos, Nepal, Indonesia, Srilanka, Chinese Uighurs will demand freedom from illegal occupation of communist CCP. There will be massive protests in China and other nations against inhuman Chinese policies.

Irresponsible nations like Pakistan, China, North Korea, USA, UK, Canada, Russia, Iran will develop, support, fund, spread Nuclear, Chemical & Biological weapons Terrorism around the world endangering security, humanity, planet and economies of nations.

New generation of flying objects, jets, planes will be developed by nations with greater technological advancements at a rapid pace with new fuels and travel and greater speeds never known before.

Nepal, Afghanistan & Bangladesh will the new center of Terrorism, Drugs Trafficking, Money Laundering, Fake Currency, illegal migration which will pose threat to world. both countries will face economic ruin, protests, chaos and unemployment due to wrong policies of communist regimes, fundamentalists and islamic radicals.

Self healing technologies, self repairing machines with use of AI will be innovated and used by humans in many fields like manufacturing, medicine, space, surgery, military, phones, internet etc.

Many industrialists will see their wealth declining, downfall of their business, losses in stock markets and their reputation and respect declining like George Soros, Elon musk, Gautam Adani, Bill Gates, Sam Bankman, Hui Kan Yen etc. Debt bubble of fake economies of America, UK, China, South Africa, Bangladesh, Japan, South Korea & Pakistan will burst and bring collapse of their economies and ruin for their own people.

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Millions of people around the world and Chinese people will die because of CCP of China, UNO, WHO policies, incompetence, corruption, lies, deception and fake medicines/vaccines .

India will defeat weak Pakistan, communist China and coward PLA army in every conflict and will emerge as the most powerful nations of the world.

Humans will move towards spirituality, consumerism will go down and interest in social media will begin to wane.

Fake Chinese and Pakistan economy will crumble and exposed to the world as to how these two nations fooled the world to loot money of international organizations, stock markets and stole technologies. China will never be the superpower and its economy will collapse into negative.

America & China will be the most unreliable, shameless & untrustworthy nations of the world losing their credibility and will make underhand deals to fool the world. Nations around the world will refuse to accept American and Chinese domination and both will face embarrassing humiliation being friend of no one.

Pakistan, North Korea, Afghanistan will be hired mercenary nations of America and China to give threats, spread terrorism, smuggle weapons, create conflicts, chaos around the world. Pakistan army will be rogue indulging in killings, drugs trafficking, corruption and assassinations for money. It will continue to face economic crises due to corrupt politicians, misuse of Aid and help given to them for spreading jihad, violence and terror around the world.

Wise ones with raised consciousness will begin to realize that life on Earth exists due to ignorance among beings whose souls are manifested with bodies to evolve either for higher realms or lower ones of goblins.

Nations like Pakistan, Iran, Turkey, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Qatar, Jihadi Radicals, Extremists will bring great disrepute to muslims/Islam in the future leading to its decline and people leaving Islam around the world. Many Nations like China, Romanic, France, Germany, Israel, Russia, Switzerland, Canada, Norway, Sri Lanka, Japan, Hungary, Sweden, Greece will impose BAN on Islam, migrants from Islamic countries, Wrong Islamic repressive lifestyle and its practices. Many country will deport people following islam, put restrictions and deny entry and visa considering them against their values.

Solar flares will be sent by  Sun, warming will make sea levels rise and many nations will be flooded with waters, coastline disappearing, aquatic animals dying.

Pakistan China, America, Brazil, Argentina, South Africa, Britain, France, Germany will slide into chaos, violence, protests, misery, suffering, bloodshed and will see rise in criminal activities and bloodshed.

Flying bikes, cars, cargo drones will become popular with fast speed of transport within nations in times to come. Technology, AI, Robots will become more dangerous as they penetrate into humans lives, homes and manufacturing especially is misuse by nations like China, USA, Pakistan, Iran, Russia endangering humanity, nature, security, lives of people and planet Earth.

Any country trying to use Nuclear weapons will invite the wrath of god leading to severe consequences for that nation and its people.

Economic dominance of America, Uk, Europe, China will End and their economies and currency will weaken and power dynamics will shift to new nations like India.

Designer babies will be made with artificial fetus labs in the future with countries with low population growth and improve upon race, genetics and advanced intelligent beings.

Australia, UK, Canada, America will witness racial attacks by islamic radicals, khalistanis, Pakistanis on native residents, Hindus and their places of worship. Influx of illegal immigrants, refugees from Arab nations, war torn islamic countries, too much secularism will pose great danger to these nations.

Japan, Australia, UK, Germany, France, New Zealand will see their economies, population, purchasing power will decline with rise in unemployment, inflation and stock markets crashing. Floods, Earthquakes, Storms will ravage these nations.

Turkey president will suffer greatly, his health will deteriorate with infections & organ failures.His enemies will take toll on his career and his life. He will be the worst ruler that will bring great harm & suffering to its own people and Islam.

Irresponsible nations like China, Pakistan, America, North Korea, Iran will spread nuclear technologies to more rogue nations. Laser weapons will get deployed with flying machines become popular among military.

Its India that will bring peace, prosperity, stability to world and bring new world order with its humanity, love, spirituality, military and economic strength.

List of Bankrupt nations will increase in times to come adding many nations of Asia, Africa, Europe like Pakistan, Sri Lanka, China, Ukraine, Russia, Argentina, Afghanistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Chile, Lebanon, Iran, Albania, Angola, Turkey, Chad, Jordan, Tunisia etc. Fake and manipulated economies of America, China, Japan, France will weaken and crumble.

India will make great strides in developing new military technologies, hypersonic missiles, space exploration, mission for Moon, Mars and other planets in the solar system.

War of Ukraine will become more destructive, dangerous and will lead to use of more advanced weapons never used before dragging America, Europe, Russia to ruin, economic and military losses. Irresponsible nations like America, China, UK, Turkey, Pakistan, Germany, Iran, Canada will continue to incite wars in greed of money by selling weapons inviting misery and suffering for humanity.

Citizens of China, Pakistan, Turkey, Bangladesh, Malaysia & Khalistanis will emerge as serious threat to security of Canada, Britain, Sweden, Australia, Singapore, Belgium, France, Germany, India, Spain, Norway, Switzerland, Brazil, Kenya and Israel. Evil China will try to take over resources of nations, lay illegal claims on ports, sea routes, water, land with the intention to control the world but will be frustrated and humiliated. Pakistan, Afghanistan, Myanmar will be Narco Terror economy after their ruin in every possible way.

Iran, Yemen, Qatar, Pakistan, UK, China, Brazil, Sri Lanka, North Korea, Lebanon, Bangladesh, Syria, Afghanistan, Malaysia. Liberia will face food shortages, water scarcity, chaos, riots, protests, violent crimes & will be unstable, unlivable and unsafe. There will be high inflation in these nations, falling currency and will see poverty increasing.

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