Reading Lenormand Combinations Online With Occultist Rohit Anand New Delhi India

How to Read Lenormand Combinations?
After Lenormand's death her name was used on several cartomancy decks including a deck of 36 illustrated cards known as the Petit Lenormand or simply Lenormand cards still used extensively today by lenormand users. The 36 card Lenormand deck that we use today is modelled on a deck of cards first published in 1799 as part of Das Spiel der Hoffnung (The Game of Hope), a parlor game of chance designed by Johann Kaspar Hechtel of Nuremberg. As time passed lenormand evolved and new meaning are added by the readers. The Lenormand oracle cards provide another method of gaining insight into your own mind subconscious helping you know the possible courses and actions that you can take in the given situation. Here i am giving various lenormand combinations of our times that will help you understand the learn to interpretet the cards in better ways i given situations but i still continue to add more meanings to it as i discover. 

Lenormand Card No 2 Clover Combinations

Lenormand Card No 9 Bouquet Combinations
Lenormand Card No 24 Heart Combinations 
Lenormand Card No. 30 Lily Combinations
Lenormand Card No 34 Fish Combinations
Lenormand Card No 36 Cross Combinaitons

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