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The Bhagwad Gita is an ancient Indian scripture, written by Sage Vyasa, that contains the teachings of Lord Krishna. It is one of the most important Hindu texts and has been a source of wisdom and guidance for millions over centuries. The teachings within this scripture are timeless and still relevant today in our modern world. 

Lord Krishna's words offer advice on many topics such as life, death, moksha (liberation), success, karma (actions), rebirths love marriage and spiritual development. He emphasizes that we should strive to live with purposeful action rather than attachment to results or outcomes; practice non-attachment towards material things; cultivate contentment through gratitude for what we have already achieved; be mindful in all actions so as not to cause harm or suffering upon others; remain humble despite any successes attained along our journey - these are just some examples from his vast repertoire of knowledge shared within the Bhagvad Gita scripture. 

His quotes about life inspire us to stay focused on our goals while living with compassion towards ourselves and others: “It is better to perform one’s own duties imperfectly than perfectly another’s duty." His thoughts on death encourage us not feel fear but instead embrace it peacefully: "Death will come whether you like it or not". We can also find solace in his words regarding Moksha which remind us that liberation comes when we let go off attachments: “Moksha comes only when you give up your desires completely". All these powerful messages provide a deep insight into how humans can lead meaningful lives full of peace harmony & joy - something worth striving for!

Bhagwad Gita Teachings, wisdom and Quotes Of Lord Krishna for Mankind. Sri Krishna sayings on life, death, moksha, success, karma, rebirth, love, marriage and spiritual development.

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The Bhagavad Gita is one of the most important and influential Hindu scriptures, as it contains a wealth of wisdom from Lord Krishna. It is composed in the form of a conversation between Arjuna and Krishna on topics such as life, success, karma and spiritual development. Through this dialogue we gain insight into how to live our lives with purpose and meaning. 

Lord Krishna’s teachings are some of the most profound words ever spoken in human history; they offer guidance for living an ethical life filled with love, compassion, service to others, detachment from material possessions and ultimately union with God through devotion or bhakti yoga. He speaks about how every action has consequences that will come back around eventually—the law of karma—and encourages us to be mindful in all that we do so that our actions bring positive results rather than negative ones. Additionally he talks about finding inner peace by controlling one’s mind instead allowing it run wild; his advice here can help us find balance amidst chaos when times get tough or overwhelming. 

Ultimately Lord Krishna teaches us not only what matters but also why those things matter: because they lead towards liberation from suffering (dukha). His quotes provide inspiration for striving towards higher ideals while still maintaining presence within everyday reality; this kind reminder helps keep perspective even during difficult times . By following these principles outlined by Sri Krishna we can become more conscious beings who strive for harmony both internally within ourselves as well externally amongst each other - creating a better world overall!

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