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Know The Auspicious date, time and the nakshatra to get married according to Vedic Astrology. Shubh Muhurat or right time is important in jyotish to overcome negative points in a horoscope of a boy and girl and can mitigate the problems to some extent.

If you are planning to get married or engaged then its very important that you execute your important events on right dates and time of your life when planetary alignment is at its best and is in favor so that you get success. Just getting married on any day or time can be a big spoiler and intensify the misery, unhappiness otherwise a good relationship and can even lead to divorce and separation.

Just getting to know dates of marriage from a free muhurat calculator or general time is not going to help or if any use to couples who are about to enter into a relationship. Both the horoscope of boy and girl need to be analyzed and checked for for Panchanga Suddhi to arrive at the suitable for a happy marriage as per Hindu astrology.

Auspicious Muhurat & Time For Marriage or Vivah.  

What you get to know In This ? After you give us the accurate birth details of the man and women, We will give you  the following :

* We will provide you with the best possible dates and time to get married in a month or a year.

* Free horoscope birth charts of boy and girl of many pages.

* Will check the doshas in the horoscope of boy and girl and let you know if any.

* We will give the shubh murata after checking Surya Sankramana, Karthari Dosha, Shashtashta Riphagatha Chandra Dosha, Sagraha Chandra Dosha, Udayasta Suddhi, Gandanthara, Papashadvargs, Kujasthama,  Ashtama Lagna Dosha,  Kunavamsa Dosha etc.

* You will get the best vivah or wedding dates with time, auspicious ring ceremony date and time and other smaller ceremony like rokka etc as per Hindu Panchang.

Muhurata Consultancy Service Fees : Rs. INR 2500/- USD 45/- $  Payable by Cash, Check, Bank Transfer, Paypal.

You can write to us for requesting the "Best wedding Dates & Time" on our email Divyatattva @, fill up the form on our website and also leave the comment in the text box below and we will reach out to you as soon as possible.

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Note: All astrological consultations are kept confidential and not revealed or shared with anyone.We will give you the best marriage dates in 2021, 2022, 2023 for a happy married life.

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