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Muladhara Chakra In Tantra Yoga Root Chakra And Kundalini Shakti Awakening With Mantras By Rohit Anand New Delhi India

Mooladhara Chakra or Root Chakra in Tantra Yoga. 

The basics of life are symbolized at the bottom of the pyramid, if we don't have the food and shelter, we cant  or wont really  be concerned about much else. Survival is the first order of conscious existence. If you can't breathe, air is what you need. So the first level is physiological in scope. the same kind of foundation , with exceptions is established in the Muladhara or the first chakra. Mooladhara chakra is location is near the coccygeal plexus beneath the sacrumit, while its kshetram is supposed to be located between the perineum and the coccyx or the pelvic bone. Because of its location and connection with the act of excretion or expulsion, it is associated with the anus too in human body. Muladhara is said to be the base from which the three main psychic channels or nadis emerge: the Ida nadi, Pingala nadi and Sushumna nadi.

Element : Earth.
Issues : Survival, Security .
Seed Sound : Lam or Lahm.
Location : Base of Spine.
God And Goddess : Lord Ganesha and Dakini.

Once the survivability is assured, security comes next as everyone wants to be free from  constant anxiety, connected from from basic human needs of surviving and securing oneself. Then comes  the next level and that is of pleasure and sexual identity. After two sets of needs are satisfied to the extent that the mind feels free enough to consider other things, exercise of personal will and power, the need for love and a sense of belonging appears. We develop a sense of relationship with friends and lovers, family and others stemming from social needs of human beings social character. Within a social dynamic of any kind comes the need for recognition, in the form of esteem. We need or desire to have good understanding within the group. We long for the sense of competency, achievement, some kind of mastery with its corresponding status or fame. We desire to receive appreciation by the group, city, nation or career group--- recognition that is deserved as opposed to squeezed through inappropriate pressure by threat of harm, giving of money under the table, and similar kinds of fraud. The last stage in Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs is self actualization, where  a person comes to that for which they are most suited by nature and constitution.

The Muladhara chakra as the base of the spine is where we will begin. From birth to the age of four, we develop an inner sense of who we are and what our relationship is to the world. Basic communication skills can become quite good, while certain pieces of analytical cognition are completely missing. Once the basic security needs in life have been taken care of, the mind starts to think about other things.

Color : Red.
Petals : Four.
Deity : Indra.
Animal : Seven tusk white elephant.
Organ : Anus, Nose, sense of smell.

This Mooladhara chakra has four petals bearing the Sanskrit letters वं vaṃ, शं śaṃ, षं ṣaṃ, and सं saṃ written on it in gold, representing the four vrittis: greatest joy, basic pleasures, delight in controlling passions and blissfulness in dhyana or concentration. Deity Indra is associated with Mooladhara chakra mounted upon the white elephant or hati Airavata, who has seven trunks denoting the seven dhatu or elements necessary for supporting life system in human body. In the center of the square of this chakra, below the seed syllable lam and षं ṣaṃ, is a deep red inverted triangle. The kundalini shakti is said to asleep here, waiting to be aroused and brought back up to Brahman, the source from which it originated. Kundalani shakti is represented by a snake coiled three and a half times around a smoky grey lingam.

In kundalini or tantra yoga there are various tantric yogic practices induce the sacred energy in Muladhara chakra to awaken and rise: It can be with the mantras, Yoga asanas such as Garudasana, Shashankasana and Siddhasana; nosetip gazing, or Nasikagra Drishti; specific pranayamas; and most importantly the practice of Moola Bandha or psychic locks, involving the contraction of the perineum with retention of prana, which awakens kundalini, and is important for the retention of semen.

Earth Plane Desires : Since our survival, emotional as well as physical is often tied to desires, here are some mantra that will help us navigate the storms created by some basic desires.

Abundance Mantra for Goddess Luxmi for Providing Security, Money, Food: This Lakshmi mantra will help you achieve abundance :

" Om Shrim Maha Laskshmiyei Namah"

Daily Yoga Pictures Inspirational Quotes

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Lenormand Heart Card Combination Meanings in Lenormand Oracle Readings Spread Layout Online By Rohit Anand New Delhi India

Divyatattva presents list of possible Heart Lenormand Card combination, Lenormand Heart meanings with other cards, Lenormand Hearts Card combinations and interpretation with other cards  by Rohit Anand , New Delhi, India.

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Heart Lenormand Card No. 24 in Lenormand Deck With Other Cards.

Lenormand card of Heart is a good omen oracle card that brings love, romance, positive, caring, kindness and also ignite passions. Here Rohit Anand brings you various interpretations when combined with other cards in the lenormand deck. These cards gets further influenced or meaningful with places they appear in different lenormand spreads.

Heart + Rider (1): Romantic initiatives, New love coming in life, passionate messages or Lover Coming over, Dating someone, .

Heart + Clover (2): Opportunities in love, lucky to be in love,Time for matters of love or even reconciliations, Quick romantic connection,

Heart + Ship (3): Long distance love relationships, Romantic trips, Going on Honeymoon, Exploring New romantic relationship, Loved ones leave for trip.

Heart + House (4): To Give Compassion and have understanding with members of the family, Loving family

Heart + Tree (5): Healthy Love relationship in life, Karmic connection, Growth in love, Heart problems, Long term love, Love for nature etc.

Heart + Clouds (6): No transparency in matter of love, Doubts in relationships, Uncertain love, Dishonest relationship, Insecurities in love, Hiding feelings of love, Misunderstandings in love and concealing one's identity.

Heart + Snake (7): Love affair, Cheating in love relationships, lies, Seduction in love, jealousy, Tantric sex.

Heart + Coffin (8): End of love, Heart Break, End of a loving relationship, Comfort someone in grief, Care for someone who is on death bed,

Heart + Bouquet (9): Happy in love relationship, Affections, Great love life, Kind gestures out of love, Gifts of love, Forgiving and making up with someone.

Heart + Scythe (10): Separation, Heart Surgery, Heartache, Break up with loved one, Decision about love life.

Heart + Whip (11): Passionate, Lovers Quarrel, Sex.

Heart + Birds (12): Couple, Love Birds, Romantic conversations, Loving Butterflies or Butterflies in Stomach, Gossiping about matters of love, Being restless and nervous in love, Love Doves.

Heart + Child (13): Someone new in love relationship,Young love, Teenager Love life, High school sweetheart, Love Child.

Heart + Fox (14): Passionate job, Love of work, Fake love, Selfish Lover, Dishonest relationship, Emotional dishonesty.

Heart + Bear (15): Protective lover, Wealthy partner, Jealousy, Overbearing partner, Cardio, Powerful attraction, Love with boss, Strong feelings in love.

Heart + Star (16): Progress in love relationship, Positive Love, man/woman of your dreams, Love Fantasy.

Heart + Stork (17): Positive progress, Change of heart, Taking the next step in love matters, Evolving relationship, Love Doves

Heart + Dog (18): Love of pets in life, Best adorable friend, Heart Specialist, Soul mates, Friends and lovers, Faithful in connection, Trust in matters of love.

Heart + Tower (19): Big love, Being Distant, Difficulty in reach out to person, Loneliness in love life, Living aloof in a love relationship.

Heart + Garden (20): Uncommitted in love relationship, Open relationship, Player in matters of love, Multiple partners for sex and superfluous love, Public displays of affection, Prostitute.

Heart + Mountain (21): Challenges in love, Delays in love matters, Obstacles in love relationship, Cold heart, Difficulties in getting close or reaching objective in love, Lack of efforts in love, Problems in relations with people close to you.

Heart + Crossroad (22): Multiple partners, Proposals of love, Going separate ways in love, Separation from loved one, Passionate decision, Choices in relationship.

Heart + mice (23): No Love success, Heartache, Worrisome love life, Loss of love, Feelings of love getting weaker, Decaying love relationship.

Heart + Ring (25): Marriage, Partnership, Contact Marriage,

Heart + Book (26): Secret love affair, Hidden affair, Crush on someone, Could be second person or a relationship kept under wraps.
Lenormand oracle card combination, Lenormand card meanings, esoteric occult

Heart + Letter (27): Love letter, Love messages, Text messages and quotes, Romantic calls, Whats app messages connected to love.

Heart + Man (28): Loving man, Generous Male, Passionate person.

Heart + Woman (29): Loving woman, Kind lady, Gentle women.

Heart + Lily (30): Older love, Romance in old age, Passionate sex life, Young at heart even in old age, Maturity in love, wise and loving, Romance in winters, Love Bring harmony, Enjoy sexual pleasure whole heartedly.

Heart + Sun (31): Successful relationship, Hot Love making, Good virility and energy in love, Passionate love

Heart + Moon (32): Love for ocean, Romance, Foreplay in sex, Deep love, Thinking about love,

Heart + Key (33): Significant love, Important relationship with someone, Certain love.

Heart + Fish (34): Love of money, Love for business, Matchmaker, Deep Love and feelings, Spiritual love, love affair with businessman or aged person.

Heart + Anchor (35): Stable relationship, Commitment in love, Long term relationship with lover.

Heart + Cross (36): Love For Spiritual path, Fated love, Heavy heart, Love Of Religion, Grief and pain in heart, Difficulties in Love, Painful love, Heartache, Insecurity

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Christmas Facebook Cover Santa Decorations Christmas FB Cover Photos Images Pictures By Rohit Anand India

Beautiful Facebook cover for saying Merry Christmas to people you love, Happy Xmas FB Cover decoration, Santa Claus Facebook picture message quotes, Christmas Decoration Facebook covers by Rohit Anand at New Delhi, India . 

 Neon Christmas Lights Facebook cover for timeline.

Christmas Balls and Merry Christmas, Christmas Facebook Cover & Profile Cover

Facebook timeline cover Santa claus with gifts at Night.

Christmas peace and joy Facebook cover messages and quotes for timeline.

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Spiritual Inspiration Picture Quotes Awakening Photo Quotations Abundance Empowerment Sayings by Rohit Anand New Delhi India

Highly motivational spiritual picture quotes, Inner awakening photo quotations, Picture Quotes To Empower Your Life, Quotes about spirituality with messages and abundance sayings and quote by Rohit Anand, New Delhi, India.

Encouraging Quotes for Spiritual Upliftment.

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Inner Awakening and Helpful Quotations and sayings.
spiritual wallpaper quotes, mystic spiritual quotes and sayings, religious photos, inner awakening third eye,

Life of Abundance and Gratitude Quote With Images.

Thankful, abundance, women, spiritual, gratitude, quotes, facebook cover, image quotes thank you
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Lenormand Card Combinations Bouquet Meaning Flowers Readings Interpretation By Rohit Anand At Divyatattva New Delhi India

Divyatattva presents list of possible Bouquet Lenormand cards combination, Lenormand Flowers meanings with other cards, Lenormand Bouquet Card combinations and interpretation with other cards  by Rohit Anand , New Delhi, India.

Lenormand Bouquet, lenormand flowers, lenormand combinations, lenormand Rohit Anand, lenormand predictions, lenormand readings

Bouquet Lenormand Card No. 9 in Lenormand Deck With Other Cards.

Lenormand card of Bouquet is a beautiful card that brings good things, appreciation, positive, joy and happiness. Here Rohit Anand brings you various interpretations when combined with other cards in the lenormand deck. These cards gets further influenced or meaningful with places they appear in different lenormand spreads.

Bouquet + rider (1): Invitation, Happy news, Favorable messages, Charming visitor, Pleasant information, New person coming into your life, Happy developments, Joyful notifications, Positive movement forward, .

Bouquet + clover (2): Positive proposals, Joyful invitation, Sudden gifts, Good luck.

Bouquet + ship (3): Pleasant journey, Lovely vacation, Cruise liner, Decorated ship,

Bouquet + house (4): Celebrations, Decorations at Office or shop, Party, Lovely house, Beautiful structure,Lovely family members in home.

Bouquet + tree (5): Good health, Garden, Tree With Flowers, Nature, Pleasant Scenery, Spiritually balanced, Attractive growth, Flowering tree.

Bouquet + clouds (6): Doubtful invitation, Gifts are not what appears to be, Daydreaming, Laziness

Bouquet + snake (7): More than one women, Jealousy, Sexy & Attractive, Seduction, Envious.

Bouquet + coffin (8): Disappointment, Flowers over the dead body, Unpleasant gathering, Happiness ends, Last repects to person, Flowers of the bed.

Bouquet + scythe (10): Good decision, Positive surgery, Plastic Surgery, Cut Flowers, Garderner's Job,

Bouquet + whip (11): Good sex, Fun night out, Happy conversations,

Bouquet + birds (12): Two invitations, Joyful talks, Charming Twins, Fun conversation, Verbal Invitations to more than one person.

Bouquet + child (13): Charming child, Happy positive beginnings, Children’s party, Small party, Happy start.

Bouquet + fox (14): Bribes, Job related to fashion industry, cosmetics or beauty, Happiness at work, False makeup, Faking Happiness, Showoff.

Bouquet + bear (15): Positive finances, Good Investments, Charming Boss, Beautiful and attractive  elder person.

Bouquet + stars (16): Dreaming for positive developments Achievements, Hopes for the future.

Bouquet + stork (17): Positive change, Happy changes, redecorating, Progress is satisfactory and joyful.

Bouquet + dog (18): Attractive associate, Happy Friendships, Beautiful Good friend, Nice company

Bouquet + tower (19): Memorial, Theatre for performance, High society, Shopping malls, Marvelous tower, Amusement parks, Tallest building structure.

Bouquet + garden (20): Park, Beautiful Scenery, Nature, Flower show, Crowds, Happy events, Garden full of flowers.

Bouquet + mountain (21): Outdoors, Mountain and valleys, hiking, Delays in being having joy in life, Happiness comes slowly.

Bouquet + crossroad (22): Walk in nature, Positive opportunities,

Bouquet + mice (23): Happiness is short, Damaged Gifts, Anticipation, Bad haircut.

Bouquet + heart (24): One is happy with love life, Engagement, Celebrations, Joy emanating from compliments.

Bouquet + ring (25): Happy marriage, Engagement, Good contract, Continuing happy period, Proposal for deal.

Bouquet + book (26): Good in studies, Studying in herbs and flowers, Learning something pleasant, Blind date, Book of flowers.

Bouquet + letter (27): Invitation, Decorative stationery, Happy news, Pleasant messages. Good Calls, Compliments on phone.

Bouquet + man (28): charming man

Bouquet + woman (29): Attractive lady, Women with makeup, Lovely lady, Female with cosmetic surgery, Women with tattoo, Colored hairs girl.
Lenormand, lenormand flowers, lenormand bouquet, lenormand oralce, lenormand combinations, petit lenormand Rohit anand

Bouquet + lily (30): At peace, In harmony, Satisfaction and Contentment.

Bouquet + sun (31): Remarkable success, Recovery, Celebrations.

Bouquet + moon (32): Mentally satisfied, Art show, Pleasant date, Satisfaction, Beautiful Night, Good reputation.

Bouquet + key (33): Great success, Life changing gifts, Very attractive, Gift having significance, Gifts can make up the things.

Bouquet + fish (34): Gift of money, Expensive invitation, Beauty industry, Beautiful fishes, Gift of wine, Decorated fish for food.

Bouquet + anchor (35): Long term happiness, Happiness is the Goal in life, Long term beauty, Achieving goals, Acts of kindness for long term.

Bouquet + cross (36): Happiness is destined or burdened, Charity, happiness has a price to pay, Offering that is a burden, Sacrifice to be happy, Philanthropy activities.

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Buy Angel Oracle Cards Crystal Angels Oracle Cards By Doreen Virtue Hay House Inc : Review By Rohit Anand New Delhi India

*Buy Crystal Angels Oracle Cards By Doreen Virtue: A 44-Card Deck and Guidebook Cards – November 21, 2017. Review By Rohit Anand.
Crystal angels of abundance oracle cards,  crystal oracle cards,  animal tarot cards , angel therapy oracle cards

Oracle Cards: 44 cards deck.
Guide Book : 120 pages.
Publisher: Lifestyles; Tcr Crds edition (November 21, 2017). Hay House Corp.
Language: English.
ISBN-10: 1401948537.
ISBN-13: 978-1401948535.
Product Dimensions: 5.9 x 0.9 x 8.3 inches .
Artwork : Marius George.

This oracle card deck can be called both as a  teaching tool about knowing about crystals as well as an accurate divination method given by the publisher. In Doreen’s previous works, she has corresponded the aura color and functions of each angel, with corresponding crystals who share the same properties and colors. Now with this ne Angel oracle deck : Crystal Angel Oracle Cards, readers can see a beautiful original paintings on each card by talented artist Marius Michael George, featuring a specific angel drawn with their crystal and a detailed message upon each of the card. Quality of cards stock is good and with beautiful print. The accompanying guidebook to this deck will also make suggestions about incorporating crystal gemstones into card readings with the Crystal Angel Oracle Cards. These beautiful cards are available online on Amazon.com, bookdepository.com, hayhouse.com and Barnes & Noble.com.

*Buy Angel Answers Oracle Cards: A 44-Card Deck and Guidebook Cards – 2014. By Doreen Virtue PhD (Author), Radleigh Valentine (Author). Review By Rohit Anand.

Angels Answers Doreen Virtue oracle card review by Rohit Anand, author of numerous bestselling angel card decks, pairs the power of crystals and angels in these beautiful oracle cards
 Language: English    ISBN-10: 1401945902
 ISBN-13: 978-1401945909
 Product Dimensions: 14 x 9.9 x 3.3 cm.
 Publisher: Hay House Inc
 Package Includes: A 44-card Deck and Guidebook.

Sometimes you need a simple and to-the-point answer to your questions, such as 'Is it "Yes" or "No"?' and 'When will I get the job i have applied for... When i am suppose to meet my soul mate... move to a better location?' and so on. Angel Answers Oracle Cards offer you trustworthy guidance when a short-but-sweet response is required.If you're navigating through a confusing situation, this card deck will yield straightforward answers to give you the clarity you're seeking. World famous Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine, bestselling designers/authors of Angel Tarot Cards, bring you an oracle card deck that cuts to the chase with the most pertinent information you need.

* If you are drawn to Angels and high vibrational messages, these are the cards for you! The messages are simple and to the point, not sugar coated at all.
* These 44 beautifully illustrated oracle angel cards come with step-by-step instructions in the accompanying guidebook for meanings.
* For those who have never worked with angelic energy before, or who are introducing a client to their unique power, these cards will be an invaluable tool.
*Cardstock quality on this deck is amazing.
* Some of the cards clearly give messages about timing, and others a clear Yes or No answer. There is enough symbology on the images to extract more data if required.
* The cards are easy to shuffle and easy on the eyes. They're bright with a ton of gold and violet popping at you. The images are of angels, saints and other brilliant lights.
* The text is a bit different than other oracle decks with very concise messages, but it works well.
* The cards have metallic gold edges and are made of very thick material with a nice glossy finish.

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KriyaYoga Meditation Mudras For Higher Divine Consciousness And Transformation to Divine Body : Importance Of Mahamudra In Tantra

KriyaYoga Meditation Mudras and Kriya Yoga Meditation Techniques For Higher Consciousness And Transformation to Divine Body with practice Of  Mahamudra in Tantra.
Meditation Techniques, Kriya Yoga Meditation Techniques, Mahamudra Kundalini Yoga by Rohit Anand at Divyatattva, Yogananda

Importance of Mahamudra in Kriya Yoga:-

Mahamudra is the topmost technique in Kriya Yoga. It is so powerful that if the practitioner practises it daily, regularly, uninterruptedly, punctually, properly, sincerely, deeply, divinely, rigidly and faithfully then the result of the technique can change any person or the kriya yoga practitioner from an ordinary person to a divine entity with the perception of the higher divine consciousness. Mahamudra prepares the body as an altar or the base of meditation to experience the constant alertness of the soul in the whole body a proper field for the genuine Kriya meditation.

As farmer cultivates the land before sowing the seeds and removes all the debris or wild trees, creepers, grass and all other unnecessary trees. So all the evil propensities are like debris and garbage to the spiritual cultivation. Therefore these are to be removed by Pranayam Koushal or practice and other techniques in the beginning of the Kriya meditation that is already, discussed before. Then after removing the debris from the field, the farmer ploughs or cultivates the land properly. Similarly Mahamudra is very important technique through which it is to cultivate this body land. In this body land, we are to cultivate it properly in order to get spiritual harvest in time. If  as spiritual aspirant you do not cultivate land and without cultivating the body land,  and sow seeds, then you can not get any harvest. Mahamudra is the associated technique to cultivate this body land through the technique of Mahamudra.

Mahamudra is a special and marvelous technique by y practicing which you can transfer your physical body to the divine body and consequently you can transform yourself from physical consciousness to divine consciousness.

In the first place, you bend your whole body left side wise with pro[per associated Pranayam, as taught y the Guru and by such performance, your right nostril will be free. Then with the practice of the same Pranayam, bend your whole body right sidewise. With performance of this posture with proper Pranayam, your left nostril will be automatically free. Then you bend your whole body in your front with the practice of Pranayam, then by this your both the nostrils will be free. Until and unless your both nostrils are free, you can never get equal pressure of breath or equal flow of the breath within your both the nostrils. If you do not get equal pressure of the breath in both the nostrils , then your body field for spirituality can not be ready for genuine meditation. Consequently you can not get proper state of spiritualirty within you. Therefore by the practice of this technique of the first Kriya, you are to prepare your body field for genuine meditation in order to get the state of spirituality for the purpose of attaining the stage of God-Realization.

Due to results of the performance of this technique of Mahamudra, you will get equal pressure of the flow of the breath inside your both the nostrils. This equal pressure of the breath flow will get you the balance state of the mind. Balance of the mind will give rise to stillness of the mind. Stillness of the mind will give yield to extreme calmness in your whole body, mind, intellect, senses and ego. Then in course of time by the practice of the second technique, you will get the stage of the motionless of the mind that is the stage of objectlessness of the mind.

Secondly, by the practice of Mahamudra, the Sushumna or the spinal chord will be opened. There are two chords inside the backbone. One is Pingala Naadi or solar chord and the other one is Ida Nadi or lunar chord. Lunar chord starts from the left side of the Muladhar or Money Center up to the Soul Center and thereafter through the Soul Center, it ends at the end of the left nostril. Similarly Pingala or the solar chord starts from the right side of the Muladhar and extends upto the Soul Center through the backbone and via Soul Center it ends at the ending point of right nostril. Both the solar chord and the lunar chord remain inside the spinal chord or the backbone clinging to each other from Muladhar to Soul Center and then these two chords through their respective nostrils extends upto the end of their own relevant nostrils. By the consecutive and successive repeated practice of Mahamudras by bending the whole body to the right sidewise and left sidewise and front wise, both the chords Ida and Pingala are automatically separated from each other. As a consequence of this separation of these two chords from each other, a narrow hollow passage is opened in between these two chords of Ida and Pingala. This opening of this hollow passage is called Sushumna Kaand or Sushsumna Nadi. It is also called as the intervening chord or the wisdom chord. Spinal chord or Sushumna chord , solar chord and the lunar chord- all these four chords remain inside the backbone. 

Modern Physiologist and Anatomist call Pingala as Sympathetic chord and Ida as the Parasympathetic chord. By the practice of Mahamudra , the Sushumna chord is automatic opened by separation of the solar chord and lunar chord from each other due to the repeated practice of the Mahamudra for some years together. Opening of the Sushumna chord is taken as the starting point of Kriya meditation. Without the opening of the Sushumna chord, the question of rotation of the Kundalini or the divine power inside the spinal chord of or the Sushumna chord does not arise. Therefore opening of the Sushumna is the base of the spirituality or spiritual activity. Opening of the Sushumna is the gate way to enter into spirituality. Therefore Mahamudra plays an important role in the practice of meditation for opening the Sushumna chord. The role of Mahamudra in the system of Kriya Yoga is primary and vital. If a person fails to practice Mahamudra properly and regularly, then definitely his chord can never be opened and consequently the way to proceed towards divinity or spirituality is blocked and the door to proper and genuine Kriya meditation is closed. Therefore the opening of Sushumna, the role of Mahamudra is vital and fundamental. Mahamudra with proper pranayam is the only means to open this spiritual path of the spinal chord or the Sushumna to reach the destination point of God- Realization of your spiritual journey through the speedy motor vehicle of Kriya meditation. 

Kundalini yoga, kriyayoga, chakras, mahamudra, shivalinga universe, Rohit Anand, DivyatattvaA Kriya practitioner should be very careful, sincere, regular, punctual, rigid and faithful to his meditation specifically regarding the proper practice of Mahamudra under the guidance and supervision of a realized Sadguru to open the Sushumna chord that plays the central role during the time of Kriya meditation. Without the opening of Sushumna chord, second Kriya or second step of Kriya Yoga system is a dream to the practicant.Second Kriya is fruitless to the Kriya practitioner whose Sushumna chord is not opened. During the practice of Kriya proper of the first Kriya, you are to rotate the divine power or the Kundalini power inside the spinal chord or the opening Sushumna chord from top to bottom and bottom to top to quicken the evolutionary life span to exhaust all your Karmas and their Sanskaras including Prarabdha to reach the human goal of Divine Being or Brahman. In the first Kriya the rotation of the Kundalini power is not under your control. It is self movement or the auto-rotation of the Kundalini. By the practice of the second Kriya, the practitioner is to rotate or to move the power inside the spinal chord to bring the rotating system under his full control and thereby the Kriya practitioner can halt the Kundalini each center while rotating inside the opening sushumna. This rotation of the Kundalini power takes place through informal kriya and the first and the second stages of second Kriya not inside the backbone, but inside the opening Sushumna. That is why the opening of Sushumna is the foundation on which the Kriya practitioner is to construct his spiritual palace of liberation of Self- Realiation.

Now I shall explain about what is the necessity of the stage of getting equal pressure of breath in the both the nostrils or the stage of balance or the Vernal Equinox day by the practice of Mahamudra which is a top technique in Kriya Yoga for the preparation of the field for God-Realization or the stage of Balance.

All our thoughts or experiences good or bad stored up in the mid-brain. When you sit for meditation these thoughts come up in the mind. By this you get so many worries, anxieties and negativities as a consequence of which your meditation does not become genuine. For this you can not get single-minded meditation. It is adulterated meditation. Now I am telling how these thoughts or our all these stored up impressions come up and disturb us.

There are two lobes in the brain – right lobe and left lobe. God sends or gives all thoughts in the right lobe of the cranium. We talk from the left lobe in the cranium. When these thoughts come up, we become emotional and restless. Sometimes you get affection, sometimes cruelty, anger , pride and viciousness etc. but by the practice of Mahamudra, our mind including brain that is left lobe and the right lobe be calmed down and vacant as a result of which thoughts or expressions can not crop up in the mind. In ordinary stage, when thoughts come, you can return back those thoughts to God. This is possible only by Mahamudra.

There is one very important gland inside the brain of every human being that balances our thoughts. This is called Pons Gland. It looks like the size of the fifth moon. It remains just in front of the mid-brain. In mid-brain, so many thoughts are stored which we have learned from our infancy till now. These thoughts strike the Pons Gland as a result of which Pons Gland makes us joyous and sorrowful. I am giving the example. In the church, there is church bell. If you give one blow or stroke on the church bell, then immediately you will hear the bell sound just as dhang dhang. Similarly if I speak high of you or ill of you, then automatically your face will be pale and you will be full of sadness.

Pons Gland has sufficient power to control your emotions and it will help you to judge which is good and which is bad whether you will talk this or not whether you will shout or not. Pons Gland will give some balance effect by which any thought or anger or any negative or any viciousness will come, you can judge and you can return back those thoughts or negatives to God immediately through the help of the practice of the second technique. If it is good, then you say “ Oh God,you please work this goodness through me. Pons Gland will balance your thoughts. This balance of thoughts through the Pons Gland comes by the practice of the third posture of the second technique. The practice of the third posture of the third technique within a short period will stimulate and influence through Pons Gland your all impressions or associated thoughts which are stored in the mid-brain to appear in the mind. With this you will get balance state of the mind. Then when you sit for meditation, you will never get any thought, anxiety ar any mental disposition. You will get peace, bliss, joy and happiness. On the whole, the practice of Mahamudra, removing your thoughts and emotions makes your body field fit for proper meditation to get spiritual realization.

Kriyayoga and Five Pranas In Macro And Micro Cosmos

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Best Vedic Astrology Softwares Free Review By Astrologer Rohit Anand Zodiac Horoscope Predictions Software Download India

Top Vedic Astrology Softwares, Free Jyotish Software, Kundli Making Online Software, Download Indian Astrology Software, Free Vedic Astrology Softwares With Predictions, Latest Indian Jyotish Software For windows and Reviews for accurate Zodiac astrology Software by Astrologer Shri Rohit Anand, New Delhi, India.

Free Jyotish Software, Kundli Making Online Software, Download Indian Astrology Software
Parashara's Light 9.0 The Ultimate Vedic Astrology Software : is the leader in Vedic Astrology Software for the Professional Astrologer and also the beginners. It features a wealth of astrological calculations, divisional charts, tables, and interpretive prediction reports. Learn Vedic Astrology with the personalized Indian astrology Tutorials and other great interactive features! A detailed Tajika Yogas gives you details about planets with degrees forming the yogas in the horoscope. The birth charts planet summary reports is based on a highly authentic model of interpreting the effect of the planets in the natal chart.Reports have a clean look and are beautifully designed. The scrolling of the reports is smooth and the report previews appear nicely broken up in individual pages.The Search for charts and Statistics on Charts features allow you to search look for any of the 1001 Parashari yogas in a given set of charts. You can buy this astrology software online in India with latest version from their website....

Vedic astrology software package in the market .Some of the features of this astrology software are : Bhava chalit chakra using various house division schemes (rasi houses, equal 30 deg houses, equal houses based on 9 nakshatra padas, Sripathi/Porphyry, Krishnamoorthy/Placidus, Koch,Free Vedic Astrology Software for Astrologers Jagannatha Hora: This free vedic horoscope program will works on Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 and Windows 10 computers. This brilliant indian astrology software was designed & written by P.V.R. Narasimha Rao. Jagannatha Hora is unsurpassed by any contemporary Vedic astrology software package in the market .Some of the features of this astrology software are : Bhava chalit chakra using various house division schemes (rasi houses, equal 30 deg houses, equal houses based on 9 nakshatra padas, Sripathi/Porphyry, Krishnamoorthy/Placidus, Koch, Polich/Page, Alcabitus), from lagna & Moon or Sun etc. It shows Shadabalas, Ishta phala, kashta phala, Vimsopaka balas of shadvarga, saptavarga, dasa varga, shodasa varga, Vaiseshikamsas of shadvarga, saptavarga, dasavarga and shodasavarga, Basic avasthas based on age, For avasthas of alertness and mood, one can use any divisional chart....

Leo star horoscope astrology software divyatattva.in vedic astrology software leo star  leo star professional full download  leostar professional software cracked download  leo gold astrology software free download full version  leo star professional software cracked download iso  leostar activation codeVedic astrology software Leostar Professional from Future Point : This also one of the best horoscope computer program for astrologers that comes with various versions.  This vedic jyotish software really helped them to get most accurate calculation by just a click and saved their lots of time. This Beautiful Vedic kundali software is based on reliable & accurate astrological calculations. This vedic jyotish software is the result of years of extensive research work & can be used by anyone from layman to professional astrologer. Some of the features of this astrology software is charts of Shodas vargas, Shadbal, Dashaphal, Transit, Longevity, Databank of horoscope, Horoscope matching on the basis of Asktokoot Guna and Mangalik dosh Matching, Varshapha, Annual charts, Patyansh, Mudda and vimsottari Dasha, Horary astrology Calculations, KP Horoscope,Planet/House Position, Significators, 249 no. System, Vinshotri Dasha, Lal Kitab modules gives LalKitab Kundali, Dasha, Varshphal Remedies Predictions, Numerology, Destiny Number, Name number calculation with remedies & Predictions, Muhurta for job, Business, House Warming  or Grah Pravesh, Marriage etc.Panchang Create Panchang containing Tithi, Var, Nakshatra, Karan, Yog for any year.  

Kundalil astrology software, Ekundali horoscope software, Astrologer jyotisha, Rohit Anand, Divyatattva
Kundli pro and E-Kundali Premium Jyotisha Software : Kundli for Windows E-Kundali Premium 6.0 is available in many Indian languages suchas English, Hindi, Bangla, Telugu etc.This Indian astrology software can be downloaded online. It features many charts relating to Lagna or ascendent, rashi and Shodasha Varga, tara chakras, all aspects Prashari, Jamini and Tajaka, Vimshottari Dasha upto 5 levels: Maha-Dasha, Antara-Dasha, Pratyantara-Dasha, Sooksha-Dasha, & Prana-Dasha. This jyotisha software also give Ashtottari Dasha 2 Methods,Shashti-Hayani Dasha, Yogini Dasha, Shat-Trimsha Dasha, Jaimini Chara Dasha ,Jaimini Chara Dasha . Genaral Prediction are also give with regard to Physical Appearance, Mental Qualities, & Notable Characteristics Predictions, Nakshatra, Lagna, Hora, Drekkana, Pranapada, Gulika, Deha Rashi (= Body), 'Gana', 'Varna'. Planetary Combinations Applicable in the Kundali - Important Yogas: Dhana Yogas, Nabhasha Yogas, Anishta Yogas, Ravi Yogas, Chandra Yogas, Pancha Mahapurusha Yogas, Graha Malika Yogas, Arishta Yogas Coverage of approx 750 Yogas in the horoscope. 100% Accurate Calculations, Well designed work screens, 4 types of charts styles North Indian, South Indian, East Indian & Sri lankan. A lot of graphical interaface features, Longitude, Latitude database of more than 180,000 places, 10 types of ayanamsha, 6 types of House cusp....

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Tarot Masters Advise Tarot Tips For Beginners Practical Techniques To Enhance Your Tarot Reading Skills By Tarot Expert Rohit Anand

Beginners practical techniques to enhance your tarot reading skills by Tarot expert Rohit Anand New Delhi, India. Tarot tips for studying tarot, learning tarot card meanings, simple tarot spreads for beginners and best ways to learn tarot resulting in accurate predictions in tarot card readings.
Are you new to tarot and want to learn tarot with confidence and become professional tarot card reader at the earliest or just want to do it read tarot for your friends, family, colleagues and even yourself. Here are some of the best tips for beginners that will help you .

tarot tips, tarot learn, tarot deck, tarot time, tarot days, tarot meanigns, tarot oracles, tarot readings, tarot predictionsStart Tarot Learning With Basic Easy to Understand Tarot Deck : There are thousand of tarot decks in the market that you can buy online, most of them are not easy to understand as many things have changed with times making them more complex, with makers of those tarot decks changing the design, colors, omit many things and these are mostly for advanced tarot card readers.One also need to get rid of superstition that someone needs to gift you the tarot deck to start with. Buy the deck you are drawn to along with basic Rider   Waite Smith if you are completely new to tarot.

Keep the Tarot Spreads Simple. When you first begin with tarot it will be quite helpful that you keep tarot spread layout simple, use simple tarot keywords and simple techniques to learn and your confidence will improve tremendously by daily practice of tarot. Usually 3 to 7 card tarot spread reading is sufficient to give you good  understanding and guidance of the issues with regard to questions you are focused upon.

Draw Daily Tarot Cards. To learn tarot quickly drawing a daily tarot card is quite helpful to create personal connection with your tarot deck, learn the traditional keywords with practice. But you also need to associate the tarot cards or court cards to things around you, people around you and situations around you. One also need to learn to associate tarot cards with your time template, country, social norms, places, objects, things or technologies.

Concentrate on The Pictures on The Tarot Card . Meditating on the tarot cards and closely studying it in all details will help you master the tarot in depth as everything in tarot has a meaning to it i.e. the elements, colors, symbols with major arcana cards in the tarot depicting days of the week etc. If you are familiar with numerology, astrology, occult or yoga then it will be added advantage for you to understand in more detail the meanings of tarot cards and their connection with everything around you.  

Do not ask same Questions again and again in few hours or Days : One of the biggest mistakes we have seen is that tarot beginners when reading tarot for themselves or friends is that they ask the same question again and again, hoping to get a better answer/information each time or expect the pre determined answer they have in their minds or the way want things to happen for them in their lives.Sometimes they do a reading when they’re highly restless, have expectations, worried, fearful and emotional leading to shut down for receiving truthful insight.

Instead, use the Tarot mindfully. Draw on the cards when you have an open mind and an open heart. Treat the cards (and yourself) with respect and give yourself enough time and space to truly accept the wisdom they have to offer you.

Correct Method of Tarot Card Reading : Most tarot amateurs are confused as what is the correct way of reading tarot cards i.e. whether to go for only upright cards or use the reversals in the tarot spreads to while learning. I would say first you can start with upright cards, get familiar with tarot card meanings and as you progress you can start to use reversals too at later stage as it can give you more meanings and depth to your readings. Reversals in tarot indicate may indicate negative energy, blockages, delays, problems and possible solutions to overcome issues concerning the querent. Then develop your own way of reading, there can be no rules a such but guidelines to keep you on right track.

Join Tarot Study Groups On Social Networking Sites
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To learn tarot, know about tarot trends, ways of tarot interpretations, latest tarot books and decks in the market and find a study buddy you can join tarot study groups on Facebook, Google Plus, Yahoo etc. these groups also help you in solving your quires, getting help from seasoned tarot experts, download free tarot ebooks and understand your own tarot deck if you are completely new to it.

Developing Your Intuition : Learning Tarot is not  just about memorizing card meanings from any tarot book, but it also about awakening your higher psychic senses or faculties. Focus on your third eye or chakra in the middle of eyebrows. Imagine it opening up, you can also use mantras and do at least 30 minutes of meditation daily. Intuition is yourself, your higher self, that is. Creator, the Universe, or your soul are all patiently waiting your instruction, more than happy to guide you. For this you need to calm your mind, do deep breathing yogic exercises as that would be helpful.   

Avoid Tarot Burnout : If you want to avoid tarot burnout, take a vacation or a break if you are feeling drained with too much of tarot card readings or holding tarot session of friends and colleagues that are around you.

Do Not Get Discouraged :  In the beginning when anxiety levels are high and one is eager to directly jump to do reading spreads one is bound to get wrong, mislead, get distorted readings. Also do not get discouraged by fears of any kind about tarot, tarot haters negativity and people around mocking at you or criticize you. You need not bother about them get disturbed or discouraged and just need to find quiet, safe, neat and sacred place to practice your tarot alone.

Safety Of Tarot cards and Tarot Deck : If you take care of your tarot cards, it will take care of you. Use clean hands, wrap them in good silk or clean cloth. Make sure others don't use the cards that you practice with so as to avoid any kind of low level energy or negative energy. Keep them in box and when you need to lay a tarot spread use clean cloth under it to protect them from dirt and wearing off . You also need to keep your pets and liquids away from the space you have chosen for tarot card readings for safety reasons.

Tarot Cards Mobile Applications : Make use various smartphone tarot applications available in the market and Google Play store, to learn tarot card meanings whenever you are traveling have spare time. These Tarot Reading apps also gives you the best yet free love tarot readings, single card reading, daily three card draw for learning and weekly tarot  reading on your android device.Though some of the tarot cards APK or apps can be free and some can be paid, so you need o choose wisely for learning and reading for yourself and for your loved ones. Some of the best tarot apps also contain some free ebooks on tarot, along with free different types of tarot spreads for tarot reading on matters of love, career, job and health. Watch Beginners Tarot Videos here.

Tarot is about wisdom, knowledge and self empowerment, not about waiting for things to magically appear before you in your life without righteous self effort.

Get Celtic Cross Tarot Spread Readings and Accurate Tarot Predictions 
Ask Online Tarot Readings And Predictions From Top Tarotist Of India

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Best Tarot Cards Reading For Job Career Work Employment By Famous Tarot Card Reader Online Rohit Anand New Delhi India

Top Tarot Cards that indicate Job, Career, Work, Employment in tarot spreads and tarot card readings By best tarot card reader online : Shri Rohit Anand New Delhi, India.

Tarot cards, tarot spread, tarot job, tarot work, tarot online business reading, tarot card for jobs, Rohit Anand India tarotist

Top Tarot Reading in Delhi  Famous Tarot Card Reader India.
Shri Rohit Anand with 25 years Experience as Tarotist.

 Learning Tarot : Top tarot oracle cards for Jobs and Career.

If you are new to tarot and a beginner in learning tarot cards and curious to know about your career and job prospects in the companies you have applied for employment, here are some of the tarot cards you should look for getting the right answer in your tarot spread.

1. Ace of Pentacles in tarot deck : This card indicate the beginnings of all new opportunities in field of career, job, work, part time work and employment. Appearance of this card in the tarot spread may also indicate job promotion or increment in the present company.

2. Two of Wands tarot card in tarot layout : This tarot card gives indication of all possible opportunities if you are thinking of applying for job in different city or country. Planning to migrate to different place for work opportunities or higher education to reach out to your goals and overseas travel is no issue with you with regard to your career. This tarot card in the tarot spread layout show the foresight, planning and foresight that goes into fulfillment of ambitions one has in achieve of career goals. One need to make a decision and progress on the matters of career in planned way and explore new career fields or opportunities that might come his or her way.

3. The Chariot Tarot Card : This tarot card shows one's strong will power and intentions of achieving something big in career. One has unstoppable determination in reaching top in ones career in big company or landing in big job, getting good post in company or be in top executive and management posts. It shows one caliber in taking charge of management and exercises more authority and control over the affairs of workplace and company affairs. this particular card could also mean movement or progress in positive ways in getting the job applied for.

4. Ten of Pentacles in Tarot Spread : Ten of pentacles indicates success with regard to pay packet in job, promotion with good pay package and incentives in job offers. When this card appears in tarot readings then it points towards security, prosperity, rise and solid foundation in career growth at top posts.

5. Three of Pentacles in Tarot Card Readings : This is another card for getting job where you need to work with others, in group or as a team to achieve objectives. Success comes when one works in organized way in collaboration with others with open mind and effective communication skills.

6. Six of Wands Tarot Card : Its a card for success in getting a job, work, employment and being happy with one's offer at hand. It could also mean reward, appreciation, recognition of ones hard work and achievements at the workplace.

7. Emperor Major Arcana Card : This card could mean respectful person with influence and experience getting job. He can be company director, mentor or at top post. This person is in the position of authority and exercise much power and important assignment in the larger affairs of the region or being the boss of the group head.

8. Eight Of Wands Tarot Card : 8 of wands appearing in the tarot reading leads one to travel for job, giving interview for jobs, receiving calls and job offers, job interview offer. If may mean business travel for get new orders or sales job.

9. Eight Of Pentacles Tarot Card: When this taro card appears then one get on the job orientation,
Tarot, tarot reader rohit anand, tarot divyatattva, tarot ciro amrchetti, tarot predcitions, tarot jobs, tarot work, tarot career, tarot businesss
learn new set of skills, work hard on job, requirement of skilled labor, gaining knowledge, training on the job, enhancing skills and applying new techniques of working.

10. Two Of Cups Tarot Card : It means signing job offer, entering into contract employment, business agreement, job contract, fixed tenure work assignment. It could also mean business partnership and harmony in working together. Connecting with other people at work place, company or factory premises for getting job done. It can be a card for finding balance, peace, harmony or simply joining the feminine and the masculine aspects of one's inner self to create a more integrated whole.  It can be the good constructive  and positive unifying force that brings warring parties together in joint venture or being together in managing affairs of partnerships, firm or a company. Career or job prospects that might be suitable are as a marriage match maker, giving guidance in partnerships, commission agent, counselor or mediator.


Get career tarot consultations, getting the job through tarot, tarot spread layout for job interview, will i get a job in tarot spread, tarot spread for job search, career direction tarot spread and tarot card predictions for career and part time jobs. By Rohit Anand. India's top tarot card reader at Divya tattva.

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Horoscopes Career Jobs Professions In Vedic Astrology Planets Houses For Writing Author Poet : Choosing Right Career For Success

How to predict career and job in vedic astrology, Writing Profession in Horoscope, Houses and Planets in Career Astrology, Planets and Profession in kundali, Predict work, Business, Self Employment and Profession in Birth chart, Vedic astrology career analysis by Shri Rohit Anand at Divyatattva, New Delhi, India.

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Decode the art of writing with the help of Vedic Astrology.

Key Planets for writing skills:

1) Moon: Moon is your mind. Moon shows the way you think. Your emotions.
2) Mercury: Mercury is a messenger who works as a communicator of your minds emotions and thoughts to the outer word.
3) Jupiter: Your knowledge and intelligence. Wisdom.

When both Moon and Mercury are strong and interlinked in birth chart they show ability of your subconscious thoughts to bring them to the surface.

Key houses for writing skills:

1) 3rd Hose: 3rd house shows your hands. Writing requires your hands to be skillful. It is very important to have connection of 3rd house or 3rd house lord to key planets mentioned above.
2) 5th house: This is a house of creativity. One of the important parameter to be a skillful writer.
3) 10th house: This is a house of work environment. If you want to make a career in writing, key planets and key house/lords needs to be connected with 10th house.

Key Divisional Charts in Vedic Astrology:

1) D1: To see the general trend.
2) D9: To see the inner potential in you.
3) D10: To see if you can make a Career in writing.
4) D3: To look into inbuilt hand skills.
5) D5: To look into inbuilt creative abilities.
6) D24: To look into fruits of education.

Now see the key planets, Key houses and key divisional charts with reference to Signs:

1) Aries: This is fiery and action oriented sign. They are poor at contemplative things. Rare to find author under this sign. If you could find someone under aries, his writing would have more fiery flavour. Leaders and people those who write in some kind of Movement and crusade.

2) Taurus: This is an earthy sign. They like practical subjects which would be helpful and instructive. They are also fond of arts and music and good at writing love and romantic subjects.

3) Gemini: This is a versatile sign so the area of their writing would be diverse. Connection of other planets and houses would give the clue of field of interest.

4) Cancer: Writes about nurturing and taking care of something. Emotional writing. Writing related to everyday issues. Cooking, child welfare, nursing are some of their favorite areas.

5) Leo: This is a dramatic and performance oriented sign. They would be very good at writing drama/movie scripts. They have natural affection towards young generation. Most of their work would revolve around younger generation. Entertainment, action, adventure related writing.

6) Virgo: writing in clear and concise manner. Technical books, health related matters are some of their areas of expertise. Good at reviews as they are kind of a perfectionist and loves to see things in details and at microscopic level.

7) Libra: This is peace loving, artistic and aesthetic sign. Their favorite areas are romantic poetry, human relationship, unity/harmony and aesthetic writing.

8) Scorpio: This is sign of deep and hidden things. Writings about deep research and occult science. Most of the astrologers those who are good at writing can be seen from this sign. Research paper writing in various scientific subjects like physics, psychology, chemistry.

9) Sagittarius: another fiery sign. Loves to travel and study the foreign culture. Writings is related to foreign culture and traveling. Outdoor life and courage against adversity are the areas where they are good at. Humorists could be seen from this sign.

10) Capricorn: Thorough, careful and vigilant sign. Writings where Structure and discipline and discipline is required. Long writings like novels where sustained efforts, discipline and structure is important.

11) Aquarius: Future oriented and original thinkers. Humanitarian writings, social and political writings. They are radical and innovative. They would be remembered for writing something which is innovative, idealistic, radical and unexpected.

12) Pisces: Dreamers, sensitive and emotionally responsive. Writing related to mysteries, fantasies and subjects related to dreams.

Now, you need to see most recurring pattern from your Moon chart, Sun Chart, and Ascendant from Key divisional chart to come to the conclusion. 

Get your personalized career report, career consultations, professional guidance, help in job and profession to choose from,  know about increments and promotions, finding job abroad, business astrology , self employment as profession in horoscope from celebrity astrologer Shri Rohit Anand ji.

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