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Divyatattva Yoga Laff Yoga Humor Meditation Funny Jokes By Rohit Anand

Divyatattva Yoga Laff : Yoga Humor, Meditation Funny Jokes, Yoga Poses quotes and Funny Yoga Pictures By Rohit Anand.

We present to you some of the best funny yoga memes, funny yoga poses cartoons, jokes and humor that you will enjoy.
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Meditaiton and Yoga funny pictures, yoga jokes with photos, spiritual humor

These best funny yoga quotes can be used on the international yoga day, yoga class and yoga sessions to keep folllowers in good spirit.

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Katy Perry Zodiac Horoscope Love Astrology Birth Charts By Celebrity Astrologer Rohit Anand

Famous celebrity Katy Perry zodiac sign, love astrology, birth charts and predictions by India's top celebrity astrologer Shri Rohit Anand, New Delhi, India.

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Divyatattva brings you the birth charts, kundli, zodiac sign and horoscope analysis of  : Katy Perry who is an famous American singer, actress, celebrity, television personality and a song writer. At the time of her birth Libra lagna or ascendant was rising with Pisces Navamsa and Aquarius Dreskana in the fourth pad of Swati nakshatra signifying that she is cozy, attractive, full of charm and her live will of envy to others. She will enjoy almost all the comforts, luxuries and material wealth which she can think of and squander her wealth upon maintaning her lifestyle, clothes, fashion and her body. The ascendant planet Venus which is also the planet for name, fame, music, arts, movies, acting, beauty, love and romance is places in her second house along with Ketu in its own house, of wealth and its dispositor is places in the third hour signifying success in singing, song writing, acting and experiences at early age with sexual aspects of life.

Katy Perry Personality, Traits, Description and Zodiac Moon Sign.

Name: Katy Perry,  Katy Hudson, Katheryn Perry.
Date of Birth : 25 October 1984.
Time of Birth: 7:58. A.M.
City: Santa Barbara
State: California.
Country: USA.
Zodiac Sun Sign : Scorpio.
Moon Sign as per Vedic Astrology : Libra.
Numerology birth path number : 3.

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According to jyotish she belong to Libra zodiac rashi or moon sign as per vedic astrology. Being Libran makes her sexy, charming, romantic, cheerful, intelligent, confused,  wanderer, free spirit and who loves sex with high urges. She would love to be beautifully dressed, flexible in her approach, diplomatic and sometimes unable to make up her mind and say no to people. She is fond of beauty in every aspect of life and will love perfumes and pleasant places that are comfortable and luxurious. She will develop interest in singing, occult, esoteric and tantra. According to western astrology Kary peery is hainvg Scorpio zodiac sign and planet Mars being the ruler of this zodiac makes her passionate, wild, courageous, intense and sensual women.

Katy Perry Profession forecasts and her Career Predictions. She started her music career when she was in teenage and used to sing in a church fter she pursued her career in "Gospel Music" and released her debut studio album under her birth name in 2001 which was not a success commercially. Katy Perry rose to name and fame in the year 2008 when she released her second album, a pop rock record titled One of the Boys, and its singles "I Kissed a Girl" and "Hot n Cold". Katy is likely to do very well in career ahead and win many awards, recognition, name, fame all over the word for her work. Luck will favor her in times to come as she has many raja yogas in her kundli. She will also contribute to the noble causes and donate to charity. She will also be caught in few controversies inviting and wrath of authorities and govt. She will be earning lot of wealth, property and luxurious mansions for herself and decorating with it with own preferences and tastes. Scorpio is rising in her second house of wealth and its lord planet Mars sits in the third hour of her horoscope conjunct along Planet Jupiter which show she will be earning wealth with self effort and hard work and sometimes facing difficulties and troubles too. She will also have the habit of spending too much on fashion, luxury, fancy lifestyle and ornaments. She will do well in her career in the coming year with new songs, music and professional work. ★ Get Your Personalized Career Horoscope Reports

Career and Professional Acheivements : Four Guinness World Records, five American Music Awards, a Brit Award, and a Juno Award, and has been included in the annual Forbes lists of highest-earning women in music from 2011–2018. she has also voiced Smurfette in the 2011 film The Smurfs and its sequel in 2013. Katy Perry also began serving as a celebrity judge on American Idol in 2018. 

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Romantic Love Relationships of Katy Perry , Her Sex Life and Scandals according to Hindu Astrology. 💕 Love Quotes

She will have great romantic and sex life with men in her life. She will have many breakups, romantic entanglements, separation and divorces in her lifetime with men. Most of her partners will not be able to live up to her expectations and demands and kind of life she will have. She will be a passionate lover and most of the time her mind will be on romance and sex where ever she is. She will also loose her virginity at a very young age. Year 2019 and 2020 will be good for with regard to love and romance in her life. Libra women loves to be in love and experimenting and romancing around with lovers in every age group. Planet Saturn being the yogakarka planet and the lord of 4th and 5th house will amply reward her with strong attractive personality, romantic relationships, good, comfortable life and a happy one with her partners in life. But the same Planet will also be the casue of breakups if she indulges in promiscuous life.

Katy Perry Kundli , Natal Charts as per Indian astrology.

Lunar Yr-Mo:   Raktaaksha - Karthika
Tithi:   Sukla Dwitiya (Mo) (70.16% left)
Vedic Weekday: Thursday (Ju)
Nakshatra:   Visakha (Ju) (67.46% left)
Yoga:  Ayushman (Ke) (51.78% left)
Karana:   Balava (Mo) (40.31% left)
Hora Lord: Jupiter (5 min sign: Sc)
Mahakala Hora: Jupiter (5 min sign: Aq)
Kaala Lord:  Jupiter (Mahakala: Jupiter)
Rashi or Moon Sign : Libra.

Indian Astrology Yoga is Katy Perry Natal Charts.  More.... Famous Celebrity Horoscopes

Sasa   : D-1   Sa - Wandering leader of free spirit , Saturn in a kendra in moolatrikona or own or exaltation sign.

Vesi   : D-1   Ve   Balanced, truthful and happy , Planets other than Moon in 2nd from Sun.

Nipuna (Budha-Aditya)  : D-1   Su, Me     Skillful, expert, well-known and respected Sun and Mercury together or in mutual 7ths.

Sunaphaa   : D-1   Ve - Intelligent, wealthy and famous , Planets other than Sun in 2nd from Moon.

Soola  : D-1  Naabhasa yoga - throughout life Sharp, lazy, violent, valiant and poor     Seven planets in 3 rasis.

Guru-Mangala : D-1   Ju, Ma - Righteous and energetic  , Jupiter and Mars together or in samasaptaka.

Kaahala  : D-1   Sa, Mo - Strong, bold, cunning, leads a large army  The 4th lord is in own/exaltation sign and the 10th lord joins him.

Raja/Dharma-Karmadhipati D-1   Mo, Me- Dutiful and high achiever , Conjunction, aspect or exchange of 9th/10th lords.

Rajayoga  : D-1   Sa, Me- Successful and high achievements, Conjunction, aspect or exchange of kendra/kona lords.

Rajayoga  :  D-1   Mo, Sa   - Successful and high achievements, Conjunction, aspect or exchange of kendra/kona lords

Yogakaraka     :D-1   Sa - Success and achievements , Same planet owns a kendra and a kona.

Maha Yogada  : D-1   Ve  - Power, authority and wealth , Associated with lagna, GL and HL (by aspect, conjunction or ownership).

Yogada (GL) : D-1   Sa  - Power and authority, Associated with lagna and GL (by aspect, conjunction or ownership).

Yogada (GL) : D-1   Ra  - Power and authority, Associated with lagna and GL (by aspect, conjunction or ownership).

Rajayoga    : D-1    Becomes a king, The 5th lord joins lagna lord or 9th lord in 1st/4th/10th.

Rajayoga  : D-1   Sa, Me     Prosperous , The 5th and 9th lords in conjunction or samasaptaka.

Raja Sambandha : D-1   Sa, Mo - Important person in a king's court , Amatya karaka conjoining/aspecting 10th lord.

Raja Sambandha  : D-1   Sa - An intelligent minister , Amatya karaka in own sign or exaltation sign.

Raja Sambandha  : D-1   Sa - A famous minister , Amatya karaka in a kona.

Vimsottari Dasa according to Vedic astrology.

 Maha Dasas of Katy Perry Birth charts.

 Rah: 1971-05-29 (4:21:50 am) - 1989-05-28 (7:20:37 pm)
 Jup: 1989-05-28 (7:20:37 pm) - 2005-05-28 (9:44:38 pm)
 Sat: 2005-05-28 (9:44:38 pm) - 2024-05-28 (6:33:15 pm)
 Merc: 2024-05-28 (6:33:15 pm) - 2041-05-29 (3:08:27 am)
 Ket: 2041-05-29 (3:08:27 am) - 2048-05-28 (10:10:35 pm)
 Ven: 2048-05-28 (10:10:35 pm) - 2068-05-29 (1:06:22 am)
 Sun: 2068-05-29 (1:06:22 am) - 2074-05-29 (2:06:00 pm)
 Moon: 2074-05-29 (2:06:00 pm) - 2084-05-29 (3:36:17 am)
 Mars: 2084-05-29 (3:36:17 am) - 2091-05-29 (10:29:22 pm).

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Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Quotes For Yoga Class, Spiritual Wisdom By Rohit Anand

Best kundalini yoga and meditation quotes and spiritual wisdom by yoga master Shri Rohit Anand from New Delhi, India.

These inspiring tantra yoga, ashtanga yoga and meditation quotes will not only enlighten the yoga aspirants but will also help motivate and be steadfast on the path of spirituality and yoga.

inner calmness yoga meditation quotes, hath yoga, kundalini yoga, vinayasa, ashtanga yoga

raja yoga, hath yoga, karma yoga, kriya yoga, bhakti yoga, quotes

Yoga quotes, emditation quotes, karma yoga, mystical quotes of hinduism and sanatan dharma

More.... Motivational Yoga and Meditation Quotes and Posters

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Elizabeth Gillies Vedic Horoscope Charts Love Zodiac Astrology Predictions

American celebrity, singer, actress Elizabeth Gillies Vedic astrology chart, kundli, love horoscope, birth charts and zodiac sun sign analysis at Divyatattva.

Elizabeth Gillies vedic astrology, horoscope charts celebrities, Moon sign astrology , hollywood actress birth charts, American singer Elizabeth Gillies natal chart

Elizabeth Gillies Zodiac Sunsign, Personality and Birth Date Profile.

Elizabeth Gillies being a Leo as her zodiac sign makery hot, fiery, royal, attractive and brings sensuality in her personality. She is warm hearetd, loyal, protective and ambitious too about her career. She is surely alioness who is in commmand, charimistic  and at the same time sensitive to people around her. People born under this zodiac love praise, admiration, regognition for their work and flattery pleases them. They are born leaders and fearless in their approach towards their goals and taken them hea-don as they come to them as challange in life. She wants to be center of attraction and love to stand out of crowd. She spends lot of money on her appearances, outfits and love top brands. As per her looks she seems to be quite similar in her looks with regard to hollywood actor Lindsay Lohan. Women born under this sunsign are mostly straightforward, powerful, optimist and loves to be in the center of attraction. Most Leos are sensitive and touchy with their looks, feelings and dont like to be crtisized or made fun off. If ignored and insulted they are confrontational, agressive and can be dominating like a lioness or a pussycat. But they can also be warm, affectionate, generous, cheerful and love children and even behave like one when they feel the love and trust the closed ones whom they are posessive one.

Name: Elizabeth Egan Gillies or Liz Gillies.

Date of Birth And Age : 26 July 1993.

Time of Birth : Unknown.

Place Of Birth : Haworth, New Jersey, United States.

Zodiac Sign : Leo.

Elizabeth Gillies Profession, Career Astrology, Success, Fame and Wealth Predictions.

Profession : Actress, Singer, Dancer, Artist.

Seeing her career she is multi talented as besides being an actress she is also a singer and a model. Elizabeth has sung the songs like Die Trying, You dont know me and Bang Bang etc. Her astrological charts reveals lots of success, name and fame in her professional career. Being a Leo women she will be quite passionate and ambitious about her career and acheivements in life. Leo ladies like her do like to spend money on material luxurious and comfortable lifestyle that put them in limelight and command attention. She likes flashy clothes, exclusive expensive cars, good dinners, , exotic vacations, designer jewelry and accessories etc , which will put her in favaorite among her fans. Leo divas are usually are good entrepreneurs, visionary business leaders and always get a feel that they are talented in their filed and should be used in innovative business ways to make money and achieve name and fame. This exactly wee in the career of Elizabeth Gillies in the future and her career will touch new heights.

She first started her career at the age of 12 and the in the year 2007 acted in The Black Donnellys as  Young Jenny and then did a movie in 2008 " Harold". From 2010 to 2013, she acted as character of Jade West in the Nickelodeon series Victorious. In  Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll 2015–2016 she played main role in this comedy series.

Her Films and Commercial Modelling :  Animal in 2014 and the comedy film Vacation in 2015. Did Modelling for Virgin mobile.

Singing and Music Career of Elizabeth Gillies : 2012 "We Are Believix", 2012 "You Don't Know Me" 

Elizabeth Gillies Love Relationships, Marriage, Sex Life and
Elizabeth Gilies vedic natal charts, american singer horoscope, singer dancer Elizabeth Gillies love and sex astrology
Family. 💕 Love Quotes

Sexual Orientation : Hetrosexual.

Marriage and Love Relationships,
Husband, Marriage : Accoridng to her horoscope she will be dating lot of men in her life being choosy about her companion. Elizabeth Gillies has been single for a while for many years but was seen with heartthrob Mattt Benett. She also made the headlines due to her relationship rumors.She will find it difficult to find right man in her life with breakups due to loyalty issues. She will be passionate, sensual, hot and will seek full attention of the man she would love. She will be generous, affectionate, warm and romantic in her realtionship with men and when right chemsitry develops, it will see lots of fireworks. Once hooked up into a intense realtionsip it will be difficult for her to breakup. Being Leo girl and ruled by the Sun, she will also be her partner’s life source, inspiring and motivating him achieving ambitious goals in career and will demand a loving cuddle and understanding from him and to be a priority in his life. She need to feel that trust, love, passion, dignity, freedom, appreciation, positivity, energy and loyalty from they guy she can confide and without damaging her ego and she needs lots of cuddles flattery and praise about her personality and work. In bed she usually like adventure, passion, playfulness, tease, sensous kisses and lots of kisses and cuddles to feel wanted and loved.

Siblings: Father is George Gillies and Mother Pamel Gillies.

Parents: Gregory Gillies, Pamela Gillies.

She is a loyal but a passioante lover. Hot and loves to be in commant in the bed with her lover.

Elizabeth Gillies On Social Media :

Twitter : https://twitter.com/LizGillies

Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/lizgillz/

Her Hobbies : She loves dogs, swimming, exotic tours.

Chinese Astrology : Water Rooster.

Numerology : Birth Path No. 1.

Education: Haworth Public School , Northern Valley Regional High School.

Elizabeth gillies will also be facing some of the health issues in her life from allergies to skin burn and turning vegetarian will help her towards a better health.

Other famous Leo Zodiac Celebrities are : Arnold Schwarzenegger, Daniel Radcliffe, Jennifer Lawrence, Mila Kunis, Whitney Houston, Kylie Jenner etc.

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Quotes On Yoga & Meditation Inspiration About Yoga Spirituality And Sadhna

If you are looking for inspiring yoga and meditation quotes then, Divyatattva is the right portal to find some of the best motivational quotations to motivate your yoga class and students. These popular ashtanga yoga quote and sayings can be applied to daily yoga practices or a yogic lifestyle. Uplifting yoga quotes and words of wisdom are outcome of  deep meditation and sadhna of Shri Rohit Anand ji who is a Kriyayogi and a certified yoga master of India from past thirty years.

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yoga siddha quotes, yoga master quote, meditational quotations, vinayasa yoga, yoga teacher sayings, spiritual wisdo of India and Hindus

bliss, cosmic vibration, aum, yoga, quotes, spiritual and spirit aum quotes of hindus and hinduism

 Popular Osho Quotes On Life Happiness Spirituality
 Daily Inspiration Quotes On Happiness Joy Bliss
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 Top Spiritual Inspirational Quotes With Pictures

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Daily Inspiring Yoga Quotes Meditation Spiritual Words Of Wisdom

Divyatattva brings you daily inspirational yoga quotes, meditaitons quotes and spiritual wisdom quotes of the Hindus. These are positive and popular words of wisdom from great yogis of India and will surely inspire you to stay on the chose path that is best for you.

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Positive yoga quotes for yogini and yogis, inspirational quotes on meditation and popular yoga quotes and sayings for the yoga class, that can be used by yoga instructers or yoga teachers for motivating them on yogic way of life.


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Yoga Inspiring Quotes Meditation Picture Quote On Joy Happiness

At Divyatattva you will find thousands of inspiring yoga quotes, meditation quotes about strength and happiness that will keep on motivating you to be on the path you have chosen for your upliftment. These motivating quotes about yoga and meditation can be used in the yoga class for inspiring yoga aspirants to develop understanding, compassion, endurance, confidence and acceptance.

yoga sayings at the end of class,  yoga quotes on balance , yoga quotes on happiness,  inspirational poems for yoga class

yoga quotes, meditation quotes, inspiration quote yoga with images and photos

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Inspiring Yoga Quotes & Meditation Quotes For Motivation With Pictures

Divyatattva brings you some of the most inspiring yoga and meditation quotes that will motivate you to uplift yourself with self effort and stay positive on the spiritual path. These beautiful uplifting quotes and sayings about yoga and meditation will be guiding light to every aspirant who is seeking truth and and stay strong the path.

positive meditation quotes,  yoga quotes about strength,  short yoga quotes

inspirational quotes meditation,  yoga quotes about life,  inspirational yoga quotes for class,  yoga quotes on balance

yoga quotes, meditation quites, spiritual quotes, sanatan dharma quotes, vedas quotes,hindu quotes, hinduism sayings, words of wisdom

Hope you have liked these short meditative and yogic philosophy quotes of shri Rohit Anand ji. These will surely give you soul food for keep striving for the path you have chosen in your life to see the light at the end of the day. Here are some more articles on yoga, meditation, tantra, occult and esoteric subjects that will deeper your understanding about the subjects.

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New Year Messages Wallpapers HD Greetings New Year Celebrations Images

Happy New Year Hd wallpapers are best way to express your wishes, spreading positive vibes and give greetings to people near you. These beautiful and spiritual wallpapers are free for personal use and download. Welcome the New Year with these HD images and greeting messages by decorating it on your desktop computer.

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 Christmas HD Wallpapers and Backgrounds

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Lord Hanuman Hd Wallpaper Bajrang Bali Background Images

Hindu god shri Ram Bhakt Hanuman is the epitome of great devotion and surrender towards the god. Divyatattva brings you Lord shri Hanuman Hd wallpapers, Bajrang Bali backgound images that will inspire the same love and faith in the supreme consciousness. These beautiful photos of hanuman ji are free to download and available for personal use only.

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 Shri Rama And Sita HD Wallpapers Free
 Lord Shiva 4K Ultra Hd Wallpapers

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Happy New Year HD Wallpapers Widescreen Background Images Free Download

New Year is coming and everyone is excited to welcome it with joy and happiness hoping that it will bring wishes and goals come true. We present here some of the best and most popular Happy New Year HD wallpapers with widescreen images for free download.

New Year Greetings Wallpapers in High Resolution.

Divyatattva brings you huge collection of Happy New Year wallpapers for free download, Happy New Year 2019 Wallpaper in HD for WhatsApp, Facebook, Mobile, Desktop, Ipads, Laptop.

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Divyatattva.in brings you huge collection of Happy New Year wallpapers for free download. Happy New Year 2019 Wallpaper in HD for WhatsApp, Facebook, Mobile, Desktop, Ipads, Laptop.

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Christmas Greetings HD Wallpapers Xmas Decoration Santa Claus Photos

Divyatattva brings you HD Chrismas wallpapers 1080 resolution, free christmas desktop wallpaper, christmas tree hd wallpaper, christmas wallpaper 4k and christmas holiday wallpaper for free download.

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 Beautiful Chritmas Facebook Covers Free
 Halloween HD Wallpapers Widescreen 4K
 Words Of Wisdom Picture Quotes

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Merry Christmas Hd Wallpaper Xmas Tree Santa Claus Backgrounds

Divyatattva brings you best happy Christmas Hd wallpapers, Xmas tree pictures, Christmas decoration photos and Christmas Santa Claus images for free download. 

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Christmas hd wallpaper, xmas hd backgrounds, christmas photos, christmas trees decoration

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🎅 Free Happy Christmas Facebook Covers


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How Yoga Prevents Hair Fall & Helps Hair Regrowth fast

Best Yoga poses to prevent hair fall, stop baldness and reduce hair fall to promote hair regrowth. By Top Yoga Teacher Shri Rohit Anand, New Delhi, India.

We all long for long, healthy, smooth and shiny hairs but today's lifestyle aging, stress, pollution takes toll on our hairs. Loss of hairs and premature greying is now a days becoming common from young age and its becomes a matter of concern when it becomes prominent and on the regular basis for both the sexes. Baldness also happens due to overactive and underactive thyroid gland, chronic cold or even taking excessive vitamins besides other causes. Hair loss can happen due to many reasons and we are mentioning some of them below.

Causes of Hair Fall and Baldness :

Hormonal Disturbances.
Heavy use of Antibiotics and its side effects.
Wrong diet.
Genetic reasons.
Diseases and illness.
Use of Hair dyes and Chemicals.
Use of Helmets, Hair dryers and pollution.
Stress, Depression and Tensions.
Birth control pills.
Anti depressants.
Thyroid Disorder.

Yoga and right diet are the best ways to keep your hairs healthy, prevent hair fall and also regrow the hairs naturally by stimulating the blood and oxygen to head. Due to unhealthy lifestyle, diseases, stress, worries, antibiotics, wrong diet and enviormental changes hair fall and grey hairs has become the common problem that starts in the young age in both men and women. To stop hair fall and to regrow hairs faster naturally, there are certain yoga poses, mudras and pranayama techniques that are helpful if done on regular basis and by following the right dietary habits.

Best Yoga Asanas to prevent Hair fall and that helps hairs regrowth are. These yoga asanas impacts, brain, nervous system, digestive system and circulatory system. It helps to regulate the functioning of the thyroid glands too that also plays a pivotal role in hair growth in human body. Doing yoga poses daily helps detoxify the digestive tract, nadis and remove diseases like diabetes, obesity, stress, migraine, depression, sinus etc and help stop hair fall.

1. Sirsasana.
2. Sarvangasana.
3. Ustrasana.
4. Pawanmuktasana or Wind Relieving Pose.
5. Vajrasana or Diamond Pose.
6. Paschimottanasana.
7. Hastapadasana,
8. Adho Mukha Savasana
9. Uttanasana.
10. Surya Namaskar.

These are effective yoga poses to stop hair fall and and promote hair growth. Meditation and correct pranayama techniques also activates  blood circulation with improved cellular oxygen levels and calming the mind and by getting rid of stress, depression and anxiety, thus preventing hair fall. Some of the yoga postures, where the head position helps in improved blood circulation to the scalp, thus working towards better hair growth. Bend forward and do back combing this strengthens the hair roots. These Yoga exercises can be done on daily basis to help grow hairs faster. How to do yoga asanas to stop hair fall, can be learnt from personal yoga teacher under its supervision.

Pranayama for Hair Regrowth. 

Anuloma Viloma Pranayam.

If these pranayama are done on a daily basis they not only help prevent hair loss in both men and women but also repair the hair damage and promote healthy hair regrowth and also prevent premature hair greying.

Yoga Mudras for Hair Regrowth.

Hair growth mudras in yoga are Balayam yoga, and it was made famous all over the world by Baba Ramdev. Balayam Yoga You will just need to rub the fingernails of both hands together. Rub them vigorously for 5 minutes. Don’t use the thumbnails for this exercise. Yoga mudra asana is also useful in preventing baldness.

Meditation For Preventing Hair Loss and Fast Hairs Growth.

Guided Meditations or Yoga Nidra both are very effective techniques to get a rejuvenating peaceful sleep and reduce stress. A good measure to prevent hair loss if done for at least 30 to 40 minutes daily.

Right Diet For Stopping Hair fall and Preventing Baldness.

Right Diet is important for stopping hair fall and healthy hair growth. Nutritious and balanced satvik diet which includes seasonal fruits, fresh greens leafy vegetables, whole grains, Watermelon, bananas, sprouts, chikoo, pears, dry figs and black raisin, cereals, dairy products too. Its beneficial if your regular diet has proteins, vitamins, zinc and iron for healthy hair growth.

Washing your hairs every day with soap strips them of essential nutrients to maintain healthy hairs. Brushing wet hair is one of the biggest reasons for hair fall and breakage. Best is to wash your hairs at-least twice a week and massage head scalp with olive, castor or coconut oil to get rid of dandruff and dust. Run your fingers through your hairs and give a gentle tug this aids hair health. Do not to brush your hair immediately after washing it. Avoid over use of hair dryers, harsh chemicals, hair coloring, too much of combing, wearing heavy helmets and or using dyes.This leads to dry and brittle hair and gradually hair start falling. Silicone, sulfate and alcohols based shampoos and conditioners should be avoided they accelerate hair loss. Diseases, sinus and heavy use of antibiotics also leads to hair fall which should be avoided.

Applying henna with curd and use of aloe vera prevents hair fall. Taking sufficient sleep of atleast 8 hours daily also helps control fall of hairs. Avoid using too much hair brush and hair combs and from different people as excessive usage leads to hairs breaking up prematurely.

By Shri Rohit Anand. Top Certified Yoga Teachers of India. Learn Yoga & Meditation

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Thursday, November 1, 2018

Radha Krishna HD Wallpaper Free Radharani Kanhiya Pictures

Beautiful HD wallpapers of Lord Sri Krishna, Achyuta, Govinda, Aditya, Akshara, Aniruddha, Chaturbhuj, Devesh and Gopala. You are free to download these beautiful images and pictures of Srimati Radha and Kanhiya for personal use.

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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Hindu God Shiva Parvati HD Wallpaper Shanker Gauri Pictures Free

Lord Shiva is the main deity that is worshipped in Hinduism. He is considered as the supreme being among the Shaivism and is called the "Destroyer". We are giving here some of the best and most popular Lord Shiva Hd images, Shivji photos, Shiva Mata parvati pictures, full size 4k ultra hd wallpapers of bhagwan Shanker and Shiva parivar pics for free download.

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Shiva the destroyer, rudra, shanker images, hindu gods in samadhi photos for mobile and desktop computers

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More.... Lord Shanker and Mata Parvati Hd Images Free Download

These beautiful Mahakal images, lord Shiva angry photos and in meditation are free to download for personal use. Belwo we are giving some more Hinduism gods and goddess photos and pics.

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