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Lord Vishnu Hd Wallpapers Goddess Luxmi With Garuda Background Images

Lord Vishnu is the supreme god in Vaishnavism, one of the three deities of Hinduism who is known by vaious names such as Narayana and Hari etc. Here are some beautiful God Vishnu wallpapers with goddess Laxmi, Lord Narayan with Ma Luxmi on Garuda for free download.

God Vishnu pictures, god narayan photos, goddess luxmi vishnu wallpapers, hindu gods images

Hindu God Shri Hari HD background image showing nagaraja or king of all nāgas and one of the primal beings of creation in the universe.

Vishnu, hindu god, indian god, narayan photos, narayana pictures for desktop, lord vishnu backgrounds for smartphones

Lord Vishnu Narayan on king of serpants "Sheshnag" wallpaper fully size.

Vishnu, Narayana, God, hindu, Wallpapers, Backgrounds for smartphones, hindu gods for cellphone, Lord Vishnu narayana for mobile phone

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Lord Ganesha HD Wallpapers and Background Images 2019, India.

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Goddess Sarasvati Wallpapers HD Maa Saraswati Backrounds, Beautiful Hindu Goddess Images & Photos Free download

Hindu Goddess Ma Saraswati devi is the Deity of Divine Knowledge, learning, knowledge and Art.Goddess Sarasvati "सरस्वती" is known by many names according to Hindu mythology like :Vagdevi, Vidyarupa and Devi etc. Divyatattva brings you some of the best goddess wallpapers in  full hd for free download. These beautiful pictures of Ma Sarasvati are with mantra that you can recite daily to gain blessings of the deity.

saraswati images hd , images of goddess saraswati devi , saraswati images download

Maa Saraswati Images, Beautiful Images of Maa Saraswati, Saraswati HD Free Best Wallpapers , Cell , Mobile Wallpapers High Resolution Wallpapers. Download Full Size Goddess Saraswati Maa HD Free Best Wallpapers For Android , Mobile, Laptop

hindu goddess mata sarawati wallpaper, goddess of learning sarasvati photos

Lord Krishna HD WAllpapers and Backgrounds for Free
ॐ Goddess Durga Hd Photos and Backgrounds 2019-2020. India.

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Lord Krishna Wallpapers Gallery Baby Krishna Kanihya Pictures For Free

Lord Krishna is considered as the supreme head of god according to Hindu religion and he is called by various by his devotees like Madhava, Govinda, Hrishikesh, Damodar, Kanihya, Gopala, Devaki Nandan and Dayanidhi etc. At Divyatattva we bring you latest Sri Krishna wallpapers, Baby krishna pictures and Shree krishna images for free download.

baby krishna wallpaper, bal gopala pictures, spiritual gods of India photos shree krishna wallpapers download online

Lord Krishna pictues, Sri krishna photos for mobile phones, govinda pics for smartphones, hindu gods wallpaper for cellphone images

Sri krishna photos gallery for free download, krishna pics, smartphone hindu gods images, bala gopala wallpaper

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Urvashi Rautela Zodiac Sign Horoscope Birth Charts Kundali Love Astrology

Urvashi Rautela horoscope birth charts, kundali analysis, zodiac sign love astrology and predictions about her love life, relationships, sex life, career achievements and riches. By top bollywood celebrity astrologer Shri Rohit Anand, India.

Urvashi Rautela is a successful fashion model and actor who was born on February 25, 1994, in Kotdwara, Uttarakhand, India.Being born in the month of  Feb makes her zodiac Sunsign to be Pisces (Rashi Meen) according to western astrology. She has worked in few of the Hindi films in India and represented India in Miss Universe 2015 pageant contest. The gorgeous and talented actress was also seen as the cover girl for popular magazine FHM's which is her fans sweat with her hot and sizzling photoshoot.

Urvashi Rautela hot, Sex life, marriage, relaionships, love astrology, career, horoscope, zodiac

Being born in the zodiac sign of Pisces makes her mysterious, sensual, romantic, sensitive, curious and gentle soul. She is a women of desire with her deep mesmerizing eyes with attractive hourglass figure. Piscean women gains incredible strength through her inner intuition, confidence in her abilities to achieve higher ambitions. They are also day dreamers and sometimes difficult to understand as they are withdrawn into their shell sometimes. She seems to be a loving, compassionate, talented girl who has groomed herself well in looks, acting, dancing arts like ballet, kathak, hip hop, bharatnatyam etc. She has also been involved in many social work like " Save the Cow" campaign and founded the " Urvashi Rautela Foundation" to help the needy and diseased with better health and education for the illiterate. She started he career with modelling in many popular brands like Lakme, LG, Grasim and Levi's etc.

Name: Urvashi Rautela.

Ethnicity :     Indian

Parents : Father :Manvar Singh and Mother : Meera Singh.

Sibling : Yash Rautela.

Height :   5 feet 10 inches .

Her Education : DAV school, Gargi College. She received training in acting in famous Newyork Academy's School of Films and Acting Talent.

Hobbies : Dancing, Exercise, Fitness, Yoga, Water Sports and Biking.

Profession : Fashion Model, Actor.

Movies, Films and Works : Singh Saab The Great in 2013, Sanam Re, Great Grand Masti in 2016, Kaabli in 2017 and Hate Story 4 in 2018.She has also worked in few music videos of Yo Yo Honey Singh, MikaSsingh

Achievements : She was the winner of the Miss Universe India in the year 2012. She also won Miss Tourism Queen of the Year award. After which she has also been Miss Asian Super Model in 2011 and Miss India Universe 2015. In the year 2017 she won   TSR National Film Awards 2017 for best Female Debut South for  Mr. Airavata .

She was also chose as Miss Teen in 2009 and has been popular with her web series " Sex Chat with Pappu & Papa".

Marital Status : Single.

Urvashi Rautela kundali, sexy bollywood celebrity, hot pictures Urvashi Rautela vedic astrology jyotish moon sign
Astro profile of Urvashi Rautela, kundli birth details : Ask A Question about your Horoscope

Place of Birth : Kotdwar, Uttrakhand

Country of Birth : India. 

Time of Birth : Unknown.

Romantic Relationships and Sex Life : Pisces girls are free spirited seductress with her romantic style and shy too like a child at initial stages. They love sex and enjoy it in creative ways with fantasy. They love to experiment and try new things in relationship with men when in intimate moments with the lover. Pisces ladies can often hold on to ideas of soulmates or platonic love, in hope that someday their prince charming will come on a horse and propose to her for marriage. She will actively look for a person in her life who would never hinder her career dreams and goals in and see it as a threat to moving ahead with her mission, she will never give it a second thought or hesitate to break the relationship. Pisces women will love you till the end no matter how much you hurt them, they are observing, kind, generous, compassionate, empathetic and feminine. But they are also blunt and straight of you try to act smart with them or try to act secret, they will find out sooner or later if you are cheating and if have been loyal or not. they usually love to surround themselves with people who are honest, loyal, truthful, inspiring and happy people.

Being a Pisces women with water element, her best compatible signs are zodiac signs of Cancer, Scorpio and her own rashi men. But they also do well with earthly signs of Taurus, Capricorn and Virgo rashis.

Career and Professional life of Urvashi Rautela : Pisces born women are highly, romantic, intuitive and empathetic. They are also spiritual and unselfish in nature and would like to achieve their dreams and shine at their best in careers related to entertainment, social work, charity, personal care products and health care. She is hardworking and has always maintained a sculpted figure flaunting her curves in the daring outfits. We do see a bright future for Urvashi in film industry and she will continue to grow and get good modelling assignments and movies which will give her success, name and fame. Planet Venus in her birth charts will continue to bestow upon her glamour and beauty bringing her recognition and establish her career in film industry over a period of time.

Facebook :

Twitter :

Instagram :

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Penélope Cruz Zodiac Horoscope Birth Charts Love Astrology Marriage Relationships Career Predictions by Celebrity Astrologer Rohit Anand India

Penélope Cruz has been a successful Spanish model and actress in Hollywood who was voted one of the sexiest women alive. She was born on 28-April-1974 at 07:00 AM, Alcobendas, Spain. Penélope Cruz has Aries Ascendant according to Vedic Astrology and belongs to  Gemini/Mithun Rashi or zodiac moon sign.

Penelop Cruz, Horoscope, Astrology, Kundli, Kundali, Hollywood Celebrity
Penélope Cruz was born with Aries or Mesha zodiac ascendant and Gemini zodiac moon sign according to Vedic Astrology. Born underthis zodiac sign makers her hot, sexy, sensual, loving, passionate women with good level of energy. Taking birth in the nakshatra of Punarvasu gives her versatile with talented mind and she did several roles in Spanish TV shows and music videos. Her zodiac signs are governed by a fire and air signs, making her value freedom and independence a lot in her life. Her partner in life needs to be strong to match her of she might loose interest anytime if she feels neglected, unloved or not upto her mental calibre.Cruz made her movie debut in movie, The dark film Jamón Jamón in 1992 : By Famous Hollywood Astrologer And Occultist Shri Rohit Anand , India.

Astro Profile : Famous American Personality and President Penélope Cruz Astrology Predictions, Horoscope birth details and Kundali analysis.
Name : Penélope Cruz .
Date of Birth or Birthday or Age : 28-April-1974.
Gender : Female .
Time Of Birth or Birth Place : 07: 00 A.M.
City :Alcobendas  .
State :  Madrid.
Country : Spain .
Vedic Astrology Ascendant Of  Penélope Cruz Birth Chart :  Aries Lagna Zodiac.
Moon Sign or Rashi of Actor Penélope Cruz Natal charts : Mithun Rashi according to Hindu Astrology.
Nakshatra or Star constellation Of Penélope Cruz Horoscope:  Punarvasu Nakshatra in Vedic Astrology .
Zodiac Sun Sign of Penélope Cruz (Western) : Taurus.
Zodiac Sun Sign of Penélope Cruz (Eastern) : Aries
Chinese Astrology/Zodiac Sign: Wood Tiger.
Kundli Yogas in Penélope Cruz Natal Charts: Auspicious yogas in the kundali of Penélope Cruz are Soola, Pushkala, Vasumati, Nipuna, Subha, Rajyoga, Raja Sambandha, Viparita Rajyoga etc.

Penelop Cruz horoscope, hot hollywood celebrity, sexy penelop cruz film star

Natal Horoscope Chart Details Of Penélope Cruz in Indian Astrology.

Lunar Yr-Mo:   Ananda - Vaisakha
Tithi:         Sukla Sapthami (Sa) (72.24% left)
Vedic Weekday: Saturday (Sa)
Nakshatra:     Punarvasu (Ju) (29.58% left)
Yoga:  Dhriti (Ra) (24.15% left)
Karana:  Garija (Ju) (44.48% left)
Hora Lord: Mars (5 min sign: Sc)
Mahakala Hora: Jupiter (5 min sign: Vi)
Kaala Lord:  Sun (Mahakala: Mars)

His Parents Name :Encarna Sanchez and Eduardo Cruz.

Siblings : Older sister of Mónica Cruz and Eduardo Cruz. .

Hobbies: Dancing,

Her Education :Classical Ballet for nine years at Spain’s National Conservatory followed by four years of Theatre study at New York School. Finished 2º B.U.P. (2nd. year of secondary school). Had 4 years of dance performance with Cristina Rota.

Profession And Career : Actress, Fashion model, Film Producer and business women. Owns a clothing store in Madrid and designed jewelry and handbags with her younger sister for a company in Japan.

Love Life, Marriage, Romantic Relationships of Penélope Cruz: Faiz Ahmad, Tom Cruise, Matthew McConaughey, Married her Husband :Javier Bardem in 2010.

Children : Son Leonardo Encinas Cruz in 2011, daughter Luna Encinas Cruz in 2013.

Sexual Orientation : Hetrosexual.

Height: 5 Feet 6 Inches. 1.68 m, 

Awards: Named Esquire magazine's Sexiest Woman Alive in 2014.Academy Award; she won the Best Supporting Actress Oscar for Vicky Cristina. Barcelona.Spanish Actors Union Award for best supporting performance.

Penélope Cruz Popular Films :Vanilla Sky and Blow, The Girl of Your Dreams and Woman on Top, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, All the Pretty Horses etc.

Her Other works And Achievements :Founded a non-government organisation (NGO) called Sabera Foundation.

Her Costars And Associations :Tom Cruise, Pedro Almodovar and Johny Depp. Her Frieinds: Goya Toledo, Patrick Swayze.

Her Inspiration :

Penélope Cruz On Twitter :

Penélope Cruz On Facebook :

Penélope Cruz On Instagram :

Website Of Penélope Cruz:

Penélope Cruz Zodiac Horoscope Charts Analysis, Horoscope Predictions by Date of Birth According To Vedic Astrology.

Being born under Mithun rashi makes her intellectual and often called as "Spanish enchantress" who speaks three languages: Spanish, Italian and English. Punarvasu constellation gives her career interest in Acting, drama, entertainment, politics and writing with success. She got early name, fame as model and actor mainly because of this nakshatra whose lord planet Jupiter is placed in the eleventh house of her horoscope chart.She will continue to do well and accumulate wealth and win accolades and awards for her forthcoming films in her career.

Birth Charts Analysis of Love & Marriage Horoscope of Penélope Cruz : 

In her natal charts her seventh lord planet Venus is in 11th house with the 12th lord jupiter and the 9th house also. This gives her the romantic love marriage with the person she choose to be. But her Ascendant is occupied by Exalted Sun and 6th lord mercury with lagna lord Planet Mars in the third house afflicted with Saturn. This is not considered healthy from marriage point of view and she might be entering into phase in her life in the future when there will be divorce, ill health and depression. She got married to her lover in the year 2010 when Mer-Jup-Ven dasha was in operation.

Vimsottari Dasa or Maha Dasas of Penélope Cruz Janam Kundli:

 Ket MD: 2015-01-22 (11:02:41 am) - 2022-01-22 (6:11:19 am)

  Antardasas in this MD:

  Ket: 2015-01-22 (11:02:41 am) - 2015-06-20 (5:47:58 pm)
  Ven: 2015-06-20 (5:47:58 pm) - 2016-08-21 (6:23:44 pm)
  Sun: 2016-08-21 (6:23:44 pm) - 2016-12-26 (11:14:30 am)
  Moon: 2016-12-26 (11:14:30 am) - 2017-07-27 (11:48:17 pm)
  Mars: 2017-07-27 (11:48:17 pm) - 2017-12-23 (6:36:21 pm)
  Rah: 2017-12-23 (6:36:21 pm) - 2019-01-10 (4:41:42 pm)
  Jup: 2019-01-10 (4:41:42 pm) - 2019-12-18 (9:41:05 am)
  Sat: 2019-12-18 (9:41:05 am) - 2021-01-24 (10:38:03 pm)
  Merc: 2021-01-24 (10:38:03 pm) - 2022-01-22 (6:11:19 am)

Vimsottari Dasa:

 Ven MD: 2022-01-22 (6:11:19 am) - 2042-01-22 (9:06:55 am)

  Antardasas in this MD:

  Ven: 2022-01-22 (6:11:19 am) - 2025-05-23 (2:33:21 am)
  Sun: 2025-05-23 (2:33:21 am) - 2026-05-23 (8:38:42 am)
  Moon: 2026-05-23 (8:38:42 am) - 2028-01-22 (7:02:15 pm)
  Mars: 2028-01-22 (7:02:15 pm) - 2029-03-22 (3:23:37 pm)
  Rah: 2029-03-22 (3:23:37 pm) - 2032-03-22 (9:42:55 am)
  Jup: 2032-03-22 (9:42:55 am) - 2034-11-24 (2:17:07 pm)
  Sat: 2034-11-24 (2:17:07 pm) - 2038-01-22 (8:36:21 am)
  Merc: 2038-01-22 (8:36:21 am) - 2040-11-24 (3:12:14 am)
  Ket: 2040-11-24 (3:12:14 am) - 2042-01-22 (9:06:55 am)

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Learn Yoga Meditation Mudras New Delhi India Yoga Classes From Top Certified Yoga Instructor Shri Rohit Anand With 30 Years of Experience

Now you can learn yoga and meditation from India's top yoga instructors at privacy of your home, group yoga classes and at yoga workshops at Divyatattva

Yoga, meditation, mudras, yoga teacher, yoga instructer, yoga classes

The word 'Yoga' means union.  It refers to the process of uniting the individual with the Universal Soul.  It brings about that state of mind which is unruffled and calm in all situations.

Regular Yoga and Meditation Classes : One hour daily. Six days a week, East Delhi, India.

Yoga Course and Yoga Teaching Includes : Patanjali yoga sutras, Ashtanga Yoga, Sun Salutations, Scientific Breathing Techniques, Relaxation techniques, Mudras to cure diseases, Yogic Philosophy, Concept of Yoga, Different paths of yoga, Vegetarian Diet Chart, Basics about kundalini shakti and chakras, Your Ayurvedic Constitution, Diseases and Cures.

Explaining the yoga shastras in theory class.

Learning Pranayama and right breathing techniques.

Individual diet chart for yoga students according to constitution.

Weight loss asanas for girls and boys.

Question and answers sessions.

Yoga Class Monthly Fees : Rs. INR 11000/- per month for Indian students. For Foreigners and Students from outside of India USD $ 350 per month. One hour daily, 6 days a week.

* Yoga class fees can be paid in cash, check, bank transfer, paypal in advance.

Why You Should Not Eat Meat or Non-Veg?
How to Lose Belly Fat & Reduce Weight Quickly
Sure Signs Of Spiritual Awakening With Yoga
Controlling The Mind With Mantra Japa & Meditation

Yoga Students Asks Shri Rohit Anand Ji Answers . 

How long should one practice Sirshasan or Paschimottanasan or Kumbhak or Maha Mudra to awaken the Kundalini? Nothing is mentioned on this point in any book on Yoga.
Answer: It all depends upon the degree of purity, stage of evolution, the degree of purification of the Nadis and the Pranamaya Kosha, and the degree of Vairagya and yearning for liberation.

A student starts his Sadhana from the point or stage he left in his previous birth. Some are born with account of purity and other requisites of realization on their having undergone the necessary discipline in their past life. They are born Siddhas. Guru Nanak, Jnana Dev of Alandi, Vama Dev and Ashtavakra were all adepts from their very boyhood. Guru Nanak, when he was a boy, asked his teacher in the school about the significance of OM. Vama Dev delivered lectures on Vedanta when he was dwelling in his mother's womb.

What is Brahmamuhurta? Why is it eulogized by the Rishis?

Answer:    4 a.m. in the morning is termed as Brahmamuhurta. Because it is favourable for meditation on God or Brahman, it is called Brahmamuhurta. At this particular hour, the mind is very calm and serene. It is free from worldly thoughts, worries and anxieties. The mind is like a blank sheet of paper and comparatively free from worldly Samskaras. It can be very easily moulded at this time before worldly distractions enter the mind. Further, the atmosphere also is charged with more Sattva at this particular time. There is no bustle and noise outside.

What are the advantages of Mouna or the vow of silence? Should I also observe?

Answer: Observe Mouna for a couple of hours daily at any time that suits you. Try to speak little at other times. Avoid unnecessary conversations. Don't talk harsh words and obscene language. Talk sweetly and gently. You must have perfect control over speech. Control over speech means control of mind. The organ of speech, Vak Indriya, is a great distractor of the mind. Mouna gives you peace. It removes anxieties and quarrels. It develops your will power. It conserves energy. It reduces the force of Sankalpa or the thought-current..... Read More Musings Of a Mystical Yogi

 Inspirign Yoga and Meditaiton Quotes By Shri Rohit Anand Ji 

Divyatattva Yoga Teacher for home, Power yoga classes in East Delhi, Learning meditation at Preet Vihar, Yoga Instructer for children at Anand Vihar, Yoga workshops at Nirman Vihar,  Private Hatha Yoga teacher at Karkardooma, Vinyasa Flow Yoga at Patparganj and Yin Yoga.

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Why You Should Not Eat Meat or Non Veg Food and Be Vegetarian?

Why should people stop eating meat and be vegetarian?

As human species our body was not designed by nature and god to eat meat nor our teeth or jaw structure and digestive tract were made to eat the flesh of other animals or carnivore. Eating meat may be a source of high protein and energy according to modern medical science but it also comes with a lot of toxins that generates diseases in human body which they don't have any cure.

On medical, psychological, moral and spiritual grounds. The mind is made up of the essence of the food that a man takes. Tamasic food results in a Tamasic mind. Meat is Tamasic and hence should be avoided. Especially if you are into yoga and meditation, it will be very helpful to have calm mind with the vegetarian diet like fruits, vegetables, nuts and honey etc.

When an animal is killed or butchered, a contraction of its nervous system takes place on account of fear. (And you might have felt certain disturbances in your own stomach when you have experienced fear.) This leads to the secretion of certain and stress hormones are released in them or poisons in the body or liver, etc., of the animal. These poisons are cumulative in their nature and are never removed or lost during the process of boiling or cooking meat. Hence, meat-eating is poisonous and dangerous in the long run. The chemical components of different types of foods vibrate at varying rate. Each particle of food is a mass of energy. The intake of certain foods sets up discordant vibrations in the physical body of humans and which also throw the mind into a state of oscillation and disequilibrium. Concentration of mind and meditation becomes difficult and higher thinking is disturbed, because elevating thoughts imply fine and pure vibrations. 

Meat Eating Brings Following Diseases : Tapeworm, albuminuria, stones in kidneys, destroys nervous system, gives brain diseases, constipation, indigestion, heart diseases, cancer and excessive intake leads to protein poisoning . Eating vegetables and fruits, have a natural laxative action, are conducive to health and to the elimination of diseases and toxins from the body.Eating beef and pork has been found to be more dangerous for human consumption as it have great negative impact upon nervous system and in giving brain diseases. AGEs are gerontotoxins or aging toxins which also cause proteins to cross together causing stiffness, inflammation in muscles, brain tissue, eyes, heart, bone, kidneys, red blood cells, asthma, drug allergies, hayfever and degenerative arthritis.

Arachidonic acid present in non veg food inked to brain or lungs inflammation, depression, abdominal aortic aneurysm, pancreatic cancer, urinary tract infections and stress in human body. Significant levels of bacterial toxins have also been found in animal products that cause endotoxemia ( which is bacterial toxins in our bloodstream) within hours of eating. Eating Half an egg a day or more has shown to double the chances of mouth, brain, intestine, throat, esophageal, prostate, and bladder cancer; also triple the odds of colon and breast cancer. May be explained by the dixons or PCB (industrial toxins), nitrites present. While banned, levels are still present in our food and seem to be worst in animal products like chicken, eggs, meat, pork, beef, fish etc. It has been confirmed that read meat does produce colon cancer in humans.

There is no difference between you and an animal when both are considered as souls inhabiting the bodies. From whichever source you derive the right to live and enjoy in this material body, from that very same source, the souls of these animals have derived equal rights to live and enjoy in their material bodies. Hence, you do not possess the moral right to kill a single living being, however small it may be.

Hatred, pride, harshness, revengefulness, anger, cruelty, greed, jealousy, impatience, intolerance, restlessness, anxiety etc., are brutal qualities that emanates from non vegetarian food that are obstacles to God-realization.This is why we see Muslims  and Christians carry most of these base human qualities that are detrimental to spiritual development and god realization.

Meat eating brings our focus of awareness too much to the gross physical plane, and so we feel restless, anxious, heavy, and bound by worries of the world. To find greater happiness, we need to lift our consciousness to feel light, happy, joyful and expansive and for that non-vegetarian food is not helpful at all. On the contrary we have seen that people eating meat die sudden death and get possessed by spirits easily due to aura and vibrations created by people consuming these foods.

In the greatest scripture of Hindus : Bhagavad-Gita, Sri Krishna says to Arjuna: " The food is of threefold qualities i.e. which increases vitality, energy, vigour, health, and joy and which are delicious, bland, substantial, and agreeable are dear to the pure and divine. The passionate persons desire foods that are bitter, sour, saline, excessively hot, pungent, dry, and burning, and which produce pain, grief, and disease. The food which is stale, tasteless, putrid, rotten, and impure, is dear to the Tamasic". Out of food your mind, dhatus of the body are made and Tamasic food leads to self destruction. Precious human birth is a means to attain this sublime higher knowledge of its inner spiritual nature and to regain its divinity. In this process of evolution, all grossness and base animalistic tendencies needs to be eliminated from the human psyche. Non-vegetarian diet or consumption of meat, which is gross and animal by its very nature, is a great hindrance to this process. Whereas, pure Sattvic diet is a great help to the refinement of the human nature and enlightenment by awakening of kundalini shakti and purification of chakras. 

Last. but not the least, there is One Consciousness which has expressed itself in the form of the various beings, animate and inanimate. And this makes you one with all beings. When you have known this, will you consciously hurt any being? Can you willingly and joyously cut your own fingers and cook them and eat them? Knowing this oneness alone is the purpose of your coming again and again into the mundane plane. You can know, feel and experience this oneness only when you stop injuring and hurting others and begin to love all as your own Self. Verily, the animals are thy own Self. Thou alone art residing in these animals as the individual souls and thou alone art manifest in the form of the material bodies in which these souls reside. Hence, wake up; stop meat-eating and butchering the animals. Develop love for them and promote oneness. Eating fruits is most spiritually beneficial among all fruits.

Its important that one need to eat easily digestible food which is simple, nutritious, healthy and conducive to good health and spiritual development. By Rohit Anand.

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15h August Abundance Affirmations Angel Cards Angel Oracles Angels Animated Photos Aries Aries Men Aries Women Asanas Ascended Masters Ashwini Nakshatra Ask Astro Vastu Astrological Predictions Astrology Astrology Books Astrology Cancer Astrology Gemini Astrology Gemstones Astrology Libra Astrology Memes Astrology Scorpio Astrology Software Attract Aum Auspicious Days Awakening Baby Horoscope Backgrounds Backpain Bajarang Bali Balaji Bharat Birth Charts Birth Charts Hollywood Birth Stones Blue Sapphire Bollywood Celebrity Bouquet Combinations Cancer Card Reading Cards Career Celebrity Horoscopes Chakras Chanting Children Astrology China Predictions Christmas Christmas Facebook Covers Classes Yoga Compatibility Consciousness Constellations Consultations Astrologer Crystal Ball Crystals Cure Back Pain Dating Leo Dating Pisces Dating Taurus Dattatreya Devotion Dhanishta Nakshatra Dharma Diet Disclaimer Diseases Divination Divination Runes Divinations Divine Divine Guidance Divine Masters Divorce Diwali Doreen Virtue Durga Enchanting Esoteric Facebook Covers Fairies Famous Horoscopes Fantasy Fat FB Covers Female Festivals Finance Fish Lenormand Card Fitness Food Forecast Ahead Friends Funny Future Of India Future Predictions Gemini Gemini Cancer Compatibility Gemini Men Gemini Women Gemstones Gif Animated Gita God God Realization Goddess Gods Gods Backgrounds Gods Images Graha Growth Guide to Tarot Halloween Hanuman Happy Christmas Happy Christmas FB Cover Happy Diwali Happy New Year Healing Health High Priestess Hindu Gods Hinduism Hindus Hindustan Hollywood Celebrity Horoscope Horoscope Celebrities Horoscope Compatibility Horoscope India Horoscope Matching Horoscope Pakistan Horoscope Readings Horoscope Software Horoscopes Humor Images India Indian Indian Celebrity Infidelity Inspiration Intuition Japa Jobs Jokes Jupiter Jyotish Jyotish Software Kaali Karma Ketu Kids Names King Of Swords Kipper Cards Kipper Decks Krishna Kriya Yoga Kundali Kundali Matching Kundalini Kundli Kundli Matching Kundli Software Laughter Learn Astrology Learn Runes Learn Tarot Learn Yoga Lenormand Lenormand Bouquet Lenormand Cards Lenormand Combinations Lenormand Heart Leo Leo Women Libra Libra Men Libra Women Life Life Energy Lord Ganesha Lord Hanuman Lord Krishna Lord Rama Lord Shiva Love Love Compatibility Love Quotes Lower Back Pains Luxmi Magical Magician Mahamudra Major Arcana Mantra Mantras Marriage Mars Match Making Meaning Lenormand Card Meditation Meditation Quotes Mercury Merry Christmas FB Timeline Mind Money Monthly Predictions Moon Signs Motivation Mudras Muhurat Muladhara Chakra Mystic Mystical Nakshatras Natal Charts Neelam New Year New Year Greetings Occult Om Oracle Oracle Card Readings Oracle Cards Oracle Decks Oracle Readings Oracles Osho Pagan Pakistan Past Lives Patanjali Photos Photos Gods Picture Quotes Pictures Pisces Pisces Man Pisces Women Planets Poetry Positive Prana Precious Stones Predictions Privacy Professions Prophecies Prophecies India Prosperity Psychic Pukhraj Quotes Quotes About Spirituality Radha Krishna Raja Yoga RajaYoga Rashi Readings Rebirth Relationships Religion Remedies Republic Day Retrograde Planets Review Books Romantic Ruby Rumi Rune Spreads Runes Sadhna Saibaba Saints Sanatan Dharma Sarasvati Sayings Scorpio Separation Sex Shakti Shani Shiva Shubh Muhurat Silence Slogans Yoga Solutions Soul Spiritual Spiritual Pictures Spiritual Quotes Spreads Strength Study Tarot Suits in Tarot Symbols Tantra Tarot Tarot Astrology Tarot Cards Tarot Career Tarot Jobs Tarot Learning Tarot Readings Tarot Spreads Tarot Tips Taurus Therapy Timeline FB Cover Truth Varshaphala Vasthu Shastra Vedas Vedic Astrology Vedic Astrology Books Venkateswara Venus Videos Virgo Vishnu Vivah Wallpapers Wealth Wearing Gemstones Wedding Weight Loss Wellness Wisdom Women Work World Prophecies Yearly horoscope Yellow Sapphire Yoga Yoga Hindi Yoga Postures Yoga Quotes Yogi Zodiac Zodiac Aries Zodiac Astrology Zodiac Cancer Zodiac Gemini Zodiac Leo Zodiac Libra Zodiac Names Zodiac Pisces Zodiac Scorpio Zodiac Tarot Zodiacs

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