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Divyatattva brings you future predictions about China, Chinese Economy and in depth analysis of Chinese horoscope from top astrologers of the world.

* Its lust for expansion and domination to rule will make it colonize smaller weak nations by corrupting the politicians of their country. China will destroy the economies of Pakistan, Zambia, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Laos to make them slave and occupying their lands.

* China will develop new weapon systems to become great threat to world peace with its wrong policies. It will be worst proliferator of Nuclear weapons, missile technology and smuggle dangerous weapons to rogue and terrorist states like Pakistan, North Korea and Iran.

* Chinese Economy will falter and weaken and fudged by its communist govt. Unemployment will increase in China, stock markets and business will crash.

* President Xi ping will be the worst communist leader China has seen and will ring downfall of China with is policies. He will be an fallen and frustrated Hitler of the 21st century.

* China will be the biggest threat to world peace and regional security due to its hegemony and coercive and crooked policies adopted against smaller nations and its neighbours. It will indulge in suppression of its own people and Hongkong.

* It will kill millions of Muslims, Tibetans and Christians to wipe out both and their religions.

 * World will shun Chinese made goods, ban its products, and higher duties and taxes will be imposed.

* Many regions of China will face floods fury, rattled with earthquakes and storms destruction.

* America will continue to be hostile towards China, disrupt its Economy, challenges its military might and bring new alliances to contain China.

* Opposition to Chinese president Xi Ping will grow in the communist party as he will become unpopular among people of China and he will find it difficult to handle revolt inside the party members.

* Chinese rogue communist regime will scantly respect international laws and Year of 2019 will be bad year for China with world rejecting its policies and hegemonic designs to rule the world.

* It will start to loose its tag of manufacturing hub of the world and  frustrations, suicide among population will increase greatly.

* More and more nations around the world will become against Chinese economic colonial invasion policies and it will face setback on its projects, work being stopped and reversed. South China will see more tensions and military buildup and world refuse to acknowledge Chinese domination.

* Power, influence and military domination of China will be challenged, face setbacks and see decline in 2019 and 2020.Majority of countries in the world and major powers will become against China.

* Chinese espionage activities will increase around the world and it will steal technologies in clandestine manner from every country that it does business with.

* Chinese military presence in Tibet and Antarctica will alter the climate in the Himalayas and disturb the environment leading to natural disasters.

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  1. When will china fall and advancement of Islam curtailed in India?