Future Of India Astrology Predictions 2019 2020 Horoscope Forecasts

Divyatattva brings you predictions about India in the coming year, Future of India in the year 2019 and 2020. Horoscope predictions about India, Vedic Astrology forecasts of great nation of Hindustan.

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* Indian economy will do well in later part of the year but stock markets will be very volatile.

* Problem of drugs, prostitution, sexual assaults, cyber crime will increase. Corruption will remain high in 2019 and 2020.

* Yoga, Tantra and Sanatan Dharma will make comeback and will make great strides in India and all over the world.

* Terrorist attack/bombings on India will take place from Pakistani terrorists in the coming months.

* India's influence and power will increase throughout the world. It will make great strides in defence and military hardware.

* Suffering of people will increase and many will die due to  increased cases of heart attacks, cancer, diabetes, depression, mental diseases, kidney failure, infections and suicides in India.

* Its military might will increase, new weapon systems will be inducted and work on space deployment weapons will progress for the future.

* Bollywood would expand its popularity throughout the world. Movies in India will touch new heights with regard to income and box office success. Popular Kapoor family of bollywood will see its decline, economic difficulties, misery and suffering.

* Life span of Indians will increase and people will be switching to more healthier diets.

* China, America and Pakistan will never be reliable friends or allies of India. America and China will never be the great countries of the future. Some of the Chinese companies will be threat to India and indulge in espionage and spread of communism and corrupting politicians. China will indulge in instigating India's neighbours like Nepal, Sri Lanka by bribing the politicians, media and individuals. Chinese rogue communist regime will continue to smuggle chemical, biological and nuclear weapons to corrupt regimes and endanger humanity and lie to the world. Any country that China will call its friend and develop relationship with countries it will cause its suffering, misery, destruction, exploitation and isolation.

* Citizens of India will see a great shift in the consciousness as they will be more aware and awakened.

* Population explosion and pollution will be major problem for the country. States of Kerala, Karnatka, J&K, West Bengal, Assam, Telengana will face social tensions and threat to national security due to deliberate illegal settlements and migration from islamic radicals and politicians.

* More and more people will shift their diet and lifestyle to vegetarian and vegan or organic. As people will start to realize the great harm of meat and non vegetarian food.

* Unemployment will increase in India in the future. Govt will fudge the data on economy and employment.

* India will face great danger from Islamic radicals, khalistanis terrorists and Separatists.

* People of India will loose faith in justice system of the country. Its credibility will be in serious threat due to lack of reforms and people will start taking law into their own hands.

* Relationship with Pakistan will deteriorate as it will continue to be spread hatred, hostility, Islamic terrorism against India and Hindus. Border clashes and bloodshed will increase among Pakistan and India. Pakistan will continue to lie, deceive, back stab and insincere in improving relations with India.

* China, Turkey and Pakistan will indulge in cyber attacks on India and its assets in 2019 and 2020.

* India will move fast to become the great Superpower during these years economically and militarily. It will become the innovation, artificial intelligence, robotics and manufacturing hub of the world.

*There will be sinister design to settle illegal Muslim migrants into Indian states for Islamization of India and its states by islamic radicals and corrupt politicians.

* Vedic Education, Gita and Sanskrit will become popular in India and through out the world.

* Immorality will increase and women will become corrupt indulging in alcoholism, drugs, sex and crimes. Sexual and violent crimes shall increase in the society.

* Hindus will unite all over the world and make  Hindustan great power in the future.

* Congress and Communists will be perceived as anti Hindus and anti India by the people and will bring great problems for the both. People of India will reject both political parties for insulting Indian armed forces and being threat with its policies. Some of the politicians and political parties will loose its relevance and will seize to be a force and might be wiped out from political arena.

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  1. Your predicitions are so true. You predicited the abolishment of article 370. Could you predict where India will be in 2024, who will the elections in 2024 and with what majority.