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Yami Gautam Zodiac Sign Birth Date Horoscope Love Astrology Marriage Career Predicitons By Famous Astrologer Of The World Shri Rohit Anand Ji

Famous Indian bollywood actress Yami Gautam horoscope birth charts, love horoscope, zodiac sign according to vedic astrology and detailed natal charts analysis by top celebrity astrologer, Occultist and Tantric Shri Rohit Anand, New Delhi, India.

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Yami Gautam is accomplished Indian film actress who was born under Leo Zodiac ascendant and with Moon sign of Zodiac Cancer according to Vedic Astrology. Women born under Leo rashi are of royal looks, beautiful, attractive, charming, strong and likes comfortable and luxurious lifestyle as they are governed by the Sun. They are usually career oriented, ambitious, independent, confident passioante, sensual, commanding and loves name, recognition, praise and fame. 

Popular Bollywood film actress and model who became famous with her role in super hit Hindi  film like "URI : The Surgical Strike" and other Telugu films has beena successful model too. In addition to acting, she is also a prominent celebrity endorser for brands and products in the modelling industry. She has also worked in a few regional movies like Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil and Punjabi films till date. She did her education from Panjab University and took a degreee in law. This Indian diva is seriously into yoga, fitness and dont mind taking risks in life. Her favorite actors are Hrithik Roshan, Shah Rukh Khan, Aamir Khan, Tyra Banks and Jessica Alba.

Astro Profile of Yami Gautam, Zodiac Sun sign, Birth Details, Horoscope Rashi and Kundli in Indian Astrology.

Name: Yami Gautam.

Gender  : Female.

Date of Birth : 28 Novermber 1988.

Time : 12 : 30 A.M.

City and State : Bilaspur, Himachal Pradesh.

Country : India.

Ascendant : Leo.

Zodiac Sun Sign : Scorpio.

Vedic Astrology Moon sign or Rashi :

Sexual Orientation : Hetrosexual.

Zodiac Moon sign : Cancer.

Lunar Yr-Mo:   Vibhava - Karthika

Tithi:         Krishna Panchami (Ju) (73.66% left)

Vedic Weekday: Sunday (Su)

Nakshatra:     Punarvasu (Ju) (0.68% left)

Yoga:          Sukla (Mo) (35.07% left)

Karana:        Kaulava (Ma) (47.33% left), Hora Lord:     Moon (5 min sign: Cp), Mahakala Hora: Saturn (5 min sign: Aq), Kaala Lord:    Sun (Mahakala: Sun).

Yami Gautam Career horoscope, Profession in bollywood and  Predictions about her Success, Name or Fame.

In her horoscope charts D1 we see that her 10th house is occupied by Taurus zodaic and its lord planet Venus is palced in the third house in Libra which is the house of talents, arts and creative abilities. then we see the planet of fifth house planet Jupiter is placed in the tenth house forms a yoga for success in her career. If  we further analyze the natal charts of her horoscope that her house of proession is aspected by Sun which is he lagna lord and eleventh house planet Mercury. She will be hard working, restless, full if vigour and tenacity to acheive her ambitions in life in her bollywood career. She will have large circle of friends in professional circle that will help her in her profession and enchance her talents and polish her skills.

Nationality : Indian.
Education : Panjab University.
Occupation : Film actress, model.
Parent(s) Mukesh Gautam, Anjali Gautam.
Family Surilie Gautam (younger sister) and Ojas Gautam.

Modelling Assignments of Yami Gautam : In her modelling career she has done many brand endorsements like Fair & Lovely, Cornetto ice cream, Samsung Mobile, Chevrolet, and many other brands from top companies of India.

She was also nominated for Lux Golden Rose Awards in the year 2017 and has won IIFA Awards in 2013.

Television Performances of Yami Gautam:

2008 Chand Ke Paar Chalo Sana NDTV Imagine.
Raajkumar Aaryyan Rajkumari Bhairvi NDTV Imagine.
2009 Yeh Pyar Na Hoga Kam Leher Mathur Vajpayee Colors.
2010 Meethi Choori No 1 Contestant Imagine TV.
Kitchen Champion Season 1 Colors.
2013 CID - Episode 642 - Kabarwali Ladki Ananya Sony TV.

In 2012, Gautam made her Bollywood debut with the film "Vicky Donor". Upon release, the film was a critical and commercial success, and Gautam gained positive reviews for her performance. Her following projects included commercially successful films like Action Jackson in 2014, Badlapur in 2015, Sanam Re in 2016in , Kaabil in 2017 and Uri : The Surgical Strike in 2019.

Her Co Stars : Shahid Kapoor, Hrithik Roshan, Prabhu Deva, Ajay Devgan, Varun Dhawan, Jai, and Shraddha Kapoor.

Presently she is undergoing the dasa of Mercury which will bestow upon her money, work, benefits,foreign travel, benefits though collaboration and partnerships, propserity and good living but not be good for health. We see good years ahead for her in her profession, her fan following will increase, she will get good success, money, fame, name, prosperity and movies to prove her mettle in film industry in the future. Till the year 2022 she will earch much wealth, accolades in her profession, favors from government and enjoy the luxuries and comforts of life especially in the antardasha of planet Jupiter. In D 10 charts in her kundli Planet Mercury and Jupiter are auspiciously placed giveing her the success in her profession as actress and modelling. Here Mercury is the lord of 9th house and Jupiter is places in the 3rd in the house of Pisces. Graha of Venus in palce in the Lagna  in the Capricorn zodiac in D10 and its dispositor in the 2nd house.

Yami Gautam Love Astrology, Relationships, Scandals, Sex Life and Marriage Predicitons.

Yami gautam love astrology, yami gautam horoscope , zodiac sign, kundli

Being born in Cancer rashi and Leo Ascendant makes her passioante, warm hearted, sentimental, committed emotional and sexy women who loves romance and wants to be treated in special manner with good ambiance by her lover. Being the embodiment of fire element they are hot and full of sensuality and can be fiery in the bed when it comes to sex and romantic adventures. These women are generally loyal, caring, loving, kind and generous to their partners in love relationships.

Maritial Status : Single.

Love Affairs, Romantic Relationships and Sex Scandals : Pulkit Samrat. Bollywood was abuzz that Pulkit and Yami’s love affair and breakup and has always grabbed the headlines, courtesy Pulkit seperated from his wife for Yami Gautam and she accused him of cheating. 

As her 7th house is ruled by Saturn which is placed in the 5th house of love and romance which shows that she is most likely to show interest in forming love realtions with men in her life which are likely to be a failure in earlier life and delay her married life. If one see the horoscope of Yami Gautam her house of marriage is occupied by Rahu which is shows her interest in superficial men in her life that won't be good partners. In her kundli her 2nd house, 4th house, 7th house, 8th house are afflcited and under stress which will not be condusive for healthy and happy love realtionships or married life in the future. During coming year as she undergoies the dasa of planet Mercury she will undergo more love affairs with men who might seek her for outer beauty and she might fall for them leading to breakup and separation.

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Important Vedic Astrology Yogas present in the horoscope of Yami Gautam are :  Ubhayachara    in    D-1 charts, Naabhasa, Daama/Daaminila, Vimala , Trilochana, Yogakaraka, Rajayoga, Maha Yogada  , Raja Sambandha etc.

Yami Gautam Kundli Vimsottari Dasa: Maha Dasas.

 Jup: 1973-01-05 (2:02:28 pm) - 1989-01-05 (4:34:26 pm)
 Sat: 1989-01-05 (4:34:26 pm) - 2008-01-06 (1:28:39 pm)
 Merc: 2008-01-06 (1:28:39 pm) - 2025-01-05 (10:08:24 pm)
 Ket: 2025-01-05 (10:08:24 pm) - 2032-01-06 (5:14:32 pm)
 Ven: 2032-01-06 (5:14:32 pm) - 2052-01-06 (8:18:21 pm)
 Sun: 2052-01-06 (8:18:21 pm) - 2058-01-06 (9:18:27 am)
 Moon: 2058-01-06 (9:18:27 am) - 2068-01-06 (10:48:32 pm)
 Mars: 2068-01-06 (10:48:32 pm) - 2075-01-06 (5:53:47 pm)
 Rah: 2075-01-06 (5:53:47 pm) - 2093-01-06 (8:38:25 am)

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By Top Jyotish Acharaya, Lenormand Card Reader, Angel Card Reader, Tarot Card Reader Shri Rohit Anand at Delhi, Ghaziabad, Noida, Gurgaon, NCR, India.

Now you can get your monthly horoscope predictions, weekly astrology forecasts and year ahead divination and guidance about your love life, career, job, health, money and finances by most accurate Indian astrologer and tarotist Shri Rohit Anand Ji.

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Republic Day India Wallpapers Hindustan Bharat 26th Jan Memes

Divyatattva Republic Day images, 26th January greetings and pictures messages for patriotic Indians.

India the great country of great people.

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Hindustan wishes " Happy Republic day" 26th jan".

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Hindustan celebrates 26th jan as republic day. Bhart Bhagya Vidhata.

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Republic Day Images and Facebook Covers

Lord Shiva Wallpapers, Shivarati HD Images
 Spiritual Wisdom of Hindustan and Hinduism

Republic Day, New Delhi, India, Divyatattva @ 2020-2021.

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Kapil Sharma Zodiac Horoscope Astrology Birth Charts Career, Marriage, Riches, Success kundli Analysis

Famous Comedian from India Kapil Sharma horoscope charts, vedic astrology zodiac birth chart analysis, career astrology predictions and married life. By : Best celebrity Astrologer Shri Anand Ji, India.

Kapil sharma kundli, kapils sharma natal charts, kapils sharma horoscope, kapils sharma future, kapils sharma success, money, fame and name

Indian celebrity comedian Kapil Sharma who became to limelight with his comedy shows " Comedy Nights with Kapil or Kapil Sharma Show " has seen his life story from rags to riches. His horoscope chart readings reveal early struggles in life which gradually will lead to life of comfort and luxury with every wordly pleasure at his disposal. As he is born in Tarurus ascendant and its lord is placed in the eleventh house which is exalted. Generally men born under these lagna are sensual, easy going, inteligent, helpful, good with words they speak,  slow and steady and take their own time to proceed with the things in life. Sometimes Kapil sharma will also exibit the tendencies of being obstinate or stubborn and refusing to compromise easily when things get little unglier on professional front. He is likely to be closer to his mother and make sure she is present in his professional place of working to give him blessings and success. Feelings and sentiments will be more important to you than logical thinking. Now we also see Virgo zodiac being in 5th house and whose lord sits in the house of profession which makes him witty, clever, intelligent, quick, talented, singer and give ability to mimic after making small observations of people around and again the dispositor of 10th house sits in 5th house giving practical knowledge about his profession. It seems you are interested in minding your own business and making money and attaining power and social stature without getting involved in controversies and troubles.

He will make a comeback with new shows, comedy shows, stage performances, acting and production of TV serials in the future. His horoscope do indicate his helpful nature and promoting lot of people and giving right guidance in their career. We do see bright future for Kapil Sharma who will continue to make his mark in his profession and impact on people lives with his humor and talent. There will be vested interest rumours and gossips regarding his profession and relationships, but that will impact him only for sometime only. His dealing with women and comments upon them can put him in a difficult situation for which he needs to be careful.

Astro Profile of Comedian Kapil Sharma, Birthday, Zodiac Sign, Natal Charts and kundli predictions. 

Name : Kapil Sharma.
Gender : Male. Hetrosexual.
Date of Birth : 02 April 1981.
Time : 09 : 45 AM.
City and State : Amritsar , Punjab.
Country : India.
Ascendant or Lagna Zodiac : Taurus.
Rashi or Moon sign : Aquarius.
Sun Sign according to Western Astrology : ★ Pisces.

Being a Taurean also makes him kind hearted, warm and enjoy sensual comforts of life. Their top priority is life is to get financial security, stability and build as many assets to make them secure. Taurus men like Kapil Sharma do have a calm, composed sentiments, unshakable, quiet nature and they feel safer and more secure with a structured routine in their life. But his Sun sign being also makes him imaginative, sentimental, compassionate, gentle and sometimes loner. Sometimes they set too much of high expectations upon themselves which makes them disappointed with their own self when they are unable to materilize it successfully. His Rashi acording to Indian astrology makes him seeker and who have a strong desire to know everything that is happening around them. We do find that Aquarius men are usually unpredictable, multi tasking and independent as they wish to keep themselves occupied all the time being the airy sign. 

Kapil Sharma Profession, Career as comedian, Riches and Success in television industry.

Kapil Sharma was born in Taurus lagna with Cancer Navamsa and Capricorn Dreksana in Rohini Nakashatra of 4th pada. This shows that he will have good willpower to achieve his world ambitions and work hard for it. This bring lots of monetary benefits and lavish way of living you will maintain in life fulfilling your material desires. Professions that usually suit such people relates to planet Venus and that is music, singing, acting, stage performances and being artist etc.

He will continue to do well as an actor, producer and comedian still some more time ahead. In the present face he will see success but will face hurdles, issues, frustration with his partners and coworkers but his luck will be on his side and continue to support him in the dash of the ruling planet. In the year 2019 and July 2020 he will undergo the dasa of Planet Saturn and Antardasa of Moon that is the lord of 10th house and 3rd house of talents will continue to help him use his fertile imagination and creativity to see success in his career though it will not be long term. His planet Mercury which is the lord of speech 2nd house and 5th house of intelligence, skills, creativity is place in the 10th house along with Moon which gives him success in the present profession of being a stand up comedian.

Planet Jupiter which is the lord of 8th house sits in the 5th house obstructs his basic education in life as well as delayed children happiness. In the year 2017 and 2018 when he faced the dasha of Saturn and Sun he got major setback in his career, frustrations with regard to his profession, went through depression, ill health, problems with co stars due to direct opposition of Saturn and Sun in the 5th and the 11th house. We do see that he will continue to do well in his profession and will remain in public limelight and make lot of money and prosperity will come his way due due his creative talents and knowledge he will attain though his profession and ability to learn and make a come back again. He will get much name and famewith some good yogas in his horoscope natl charts. Like we see Vosi Amala, Viprarita, Raja sambandha and Raja yoga etc.

Awards : CNN IBN India of the year award in 2013, Most Admired Indian Personality List by The Economic Times in 2015. He got this awards and recognition during dasa of planet Saturn and antardasha of Mercury and Venus.

Kapil Sharma Love Relationships, Marriage and divorce.

Kapil Sharma love astrology charts reveal the combinations of love affairs with women in which he will get success but also end with troubles and problems with no smooth sailing in early life. His ascendant lord is with 7th lord mars in the 11th house and 9th lord Saturn also aspects ascendant lord and 7th from 5th house indicating love affairs and marriage but also separation.

kapil sharma horoscope, kapil sharma astrology, kapil sharma kundli, kapil sharma birth charts

Why he got divorce from his first wife? If you analyze his horoscope charts D1 then you will find that his seventh lord planet Mars is debilitated in the eleventh house with Sun and planet Venus.Now planet is closely conjunct Venus and is the lord of the sixth house of enemies, divorce and obstruction to peaceful and happy married life. But Planet Venus is exalted in Pisces in D1 and afflicted in sixth house in the Navavmsa charts or D9. He will continue to face trouble even in his second marriage and relationship with women in his life or otherwise. Unfortunately, all too often, guys born under these zodiac will shut down hard when forced to make difficult emotional or sentimental decisions in relationships and will find a way to numb themselves to what they are really feeling. Now his seventh house of Scorpio and whose lord Mars is in the the 11th house with Sixth lord Venus and Sun which is the lord of 4 house which are aspected by Jupiter , the lord of 8th house and Saturn. Now these placements don't make his married life easy or his relationships with women and having children even. His Venus and Mars are combust and Jupiter is retrograde in the 5th house of love, romance and feelings. Deeper analysis of Navamsa divisional charts we see Venus being placed in the 6 house hemmed between Sun and Mars and planet Saturn which is the lord of Ascendant is weak in the 10th house. So finding love and domestic peace and being happy in love relationships or marriage will be a challenge for him always and it wont be easy for any women to deal with him in easy manner.

Lunar Yr-Mo:   Raudra - Phalguna
Tithi:         Krishna Dwadasi (Me) (5.97% left)
Vedic Weekday: Thursday (Ju)
Nakshatra:     Satabhishak (Ra) (59.62% left)
Yoga:          Subha (Su) (43.86% left)
Karana:        Taitula (Me) (11.94% left)
Hora Lord:     Venus (5 min sign: Aq)
Mahakala Hora: Venus (5 min sign: Sg)
Kaala Lord:    Venus (Mahakala: Venus).

Vimsottari Dasa of kundli of Kapil Sharma: Maha Dasas:

 Rah: 1973-12-27 (3:30:42 pm) - 1991-12-28 (6:16:43 am)
 Jup: 1991-12-28 (6:16:43 am) - 2007-12-28 (8:43:37 am)
 Sat: 2007-12-28 (8:43:37 am) - 2026-12-28 (5:42:45 am)
 Merc: 2026-12-28 (5:42:45 am) - 2043-12-28 (2:20:45 pm)
 Ket: 2043-12-28 (2:20:45 pm) - 2050-12-28 (9:24:19 am)
 Ven: 2050-12-28 (9:24:19 am) - 2070-12-28 (12:35:18 pm)
 Sun: 2070-12-28 (12:35:18 pm) - 2076-12-28 (1:15:56 am)
 Moon: 2076-12-28 (1:15:56 am) - 2086-12-28 (3:01:30 pm)
 Mars: 2086-12-28 (3:01:30 pm) - 2093-12-28 (10:02:59 am)

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Shivaratri HD Wallpapers Lord Shiva Images Mahadev By Rohit Anand

Divyatattva famous hd wallpapers of Hindu god Mahadev, Shiva parvati photos, Aghori and Shviaratri hd images for free download.

Lord Shiva hd 3d images for free download.

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Lord Shiva in Meditation 4k images of 1080p download .

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Lord Shiva hd wallpapers 1920x1080 download.

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Pisces Ascendant In Vedic Astrology, Horoscope, Personality Traits & Secrets of Meena Lagna

Pisces Zodiac rising in Vedic Astrology, Secrets of Meena rashi Lagna kundli, Piscean Horoscope personality traits, by Top Indian Astrologer, Tantric, Tarot Card Reader Shri Rohit Anand, India.

pisces sun pisces rising, scorpio sun pisces rising, Meena lagna, zodaic sign vedic astrology

Ascendant is the most important and essential element of the birth horoscope. A group of stars, which arise in the eastern horizon at the time of birth of a person within the limitation of 30 degrees of a zodiacal sign is called Ascendant. the period of Ascendant is roughly two hours and its calculation is based upon the Sidereal time on the basis of local time of the place where the person is born. Birth horoscope is actually the horoscope based on ascendant. In fact all the 12 zodiac signs rotate in the sky, rising over the horizon one after the another in a day in a particular period of time subsequently, constitute the twelve ascendants. The entire universe of 360degrees is divided in 12 houses of 30 degrees and this astronomical division of universe is the fundamental basis of the Vedic astrology, which decides and depicts the coming events from the womb to the future.

The Ascendant is the starting point for ancient Indian astrologers that have defined the Ascendant as the body parts of a person and the other aspects of the horoscope are the different parts of his body. In the predictive astrology, Ascendant is the face of the person and different zodiac are the different part of the body of "Kaal Purusha" or the Time Personified. The face of a person will bear the peculiarities and characteristics of the Ascendant. The face and nature of the person is influenced by the planets, who are the significators of the Ascendant.The first house of the D1 chart is called lagna or starting point from the first house and moving left to the subsequent segments representing the subsequent houses in the ascending order up to the 12 degree house is the framework of a birth horoscope.

Pisces Ascendant, Pisces Rising Zodiac Sign and Its Lord

For the Pisces ascendant , the lord of lagna and 10th house is Jupiter. Planets like Saturn, Venus, Sun and Mercury are malefic planets while Mars and Jupiter are benefic. Mars and Jupiter forms the Raja Yoga for Pisces lagna. The Moon and Mars give good results, because Mars is the lord of 2nd and 9th houses. The Moon is the lord of 5th house and most malefic planet is Saturn. Pisces people are spiritual in nature, sentimental, loving, romantic, intuitive, imaginative, religious, studious and friendly too. Positive aspect of Piscean is that they are polite, gentle and negative aspect is that they can be impatient, careless and uncertain. The characteristics or the traits of Pisces ascendant mentioned above are influenced, altered or modified by planets conjunct the Ascendant, aspected by it  and the degree of the position of the ruling planet Jupiter and the nakshatra of the sign on the Ascendant. They are very cooperative by nature, flexible according to situations, adaptable and open-minded too. Their personality is changeable according to situations and issues they come across. You might feel like meeting person with dual personality or two different people from one day to another as one can be spiritual and other side may be material which makes it difficult for anyone to know them completely and correctly which depends how their Rahu and Ketu is operating in their horoscope. At times they may be in their own little world, rooms or places of isolation being being silent and lost, and at other time sociable, though they prefer solitudes and being quiet over sociability.

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Zodiac Pisces Features according to Indian Astrology.

Symbol of Ascendant : Fishes.
Lord of Ascendant : Jupiter.
Element : Water.
Nature : Dual.
Direction : North.
Gender : Female.
Caste : Brahmin.
Nature Mild Nature and cough creating.
Part of Body : Both the feet.
Favorable color : Yellow.
Auspicious Day : Thursday.
God : Lord Vishnu.
Favorable Dates : 3, 12, 21, 30 etc.
Constellation or Nakashatras are : Poorvabhadrapada, Revati and Uttarbhadrapada.

Pisces Rising in Natal Charts And Horoscope Compatibility.

Ascendant Pisces is symbolized by the two fishes with their head and tail side by side. Its powerful during the day time. Its a watery, pious, Brahmin by caste, medium bodies and the lord of the northern direction. If a person has Piscean lagna and planet Saturn is in the first house with the moon and if the Sun is posited in the seventh house, then there will be lot of obstacles and hindrances in getting married. The most compatible signs with Pisces zodiac sign are generally considered to be Taurus,  Capricorn, Scorpio and Cancer. Pisces men and women are artistic with good imagination and can be very inspiring spiritually and getting someone out of depression or even problems of life. They can be the shoulder to cry upon in times of need though they themselves find it difficult to find the same for themselves. Pisces rising beings avoids cold, blunt, hard facts, cruel and harsh realities like the plague. By nature Pisces are mostly unselfish, kind hearted, and giving and the lesson to learn  is the lifetime is to set your limits and when to say no. Pisces usually have big head and deep large eyes which can even be blue which has the capacity to inside your mind rather than at you.

Pisces zodiac or Ascendant persons have lot of artistic talents, potential for singing, dancing, sketching, understanding of esoteric and psychic abilities. They turn to spiritual matters, dharma, reading scripturues, shrutis, smritis, vedas,  or philosophy. They have a great admiration for learning, metaphysics, education, no matter what level or how far they achieve success in life in these areas. Physically they are gentle, sensitive, soft hearted and peace loving. Pisces Rising does not prefer to stand out in the crowd and dislikes attracting attention to themselves but do like if someone appreciate them for truth, knowledge and spiritual erudition. ★Pisces Zodiac Memes and Secret Facts

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Pisces Ascendant Astrology - Love Relationships, Professional Career, Marriage.

Friendly ascendant for Pisces lagna are Cancer and Scorpio. According to " Jaatak Paarijat" the girls of the ascendant Pisces are expert in sexual affairs. If the Moon is placed in the lagna, she is loved by her husband. If Venus is conjoined with Jupiter in the lagna then the person marries two women or enjoys two ladies side by side. Pisces are generally loving, compassionate, kind hearted, empath and of understanding nature but never judgmental in relationships. A Pisces person derives this beautiful trait from its element of water, being sensitive to feelings, emotional and nurturing and they wish,  they could take away your troubles and solve them for you. Most of the time you will find them giving away their self interest for the benefit of mankind and people who come to them with their problems. These people look for usually a stable relationship whether spiritual or livein –one that is trustworthy and reliable of sorts. Pisces rising men and women  gravitate to partners who understand them which is not easy as they are intriguing, and most of the Pisces seem to need a practical or a  realistic partner to keep them grounded and not remain in unrealistic or dreamy tomorrow. People with Meena lagna have pronounced or developed intuitive or psychic abilities which can be a dependable source of guidance for them if you learn to pay attention, develop and give time to develop them. Their ruling planet being Jupiter which is the planet of religion or spirituality mysticism, spiritual powers and imagination. Pisces species are romantic too and as they evolve spiritually they move towards pure selfless kind of love and needs more of spiritual partners for their sadhna or spiritual pursuits.

Pisces are good at professions like spirituality, astrology, consultations, mentor, pundit, yoga, meditation, banking, finances, occult, healing, spiritual counselor, teacher, Guru and being priest.

Pisces Rising Lagna and Planet Jupiter in Pisces.

If your Jupiter is in Pisces and at good degree, then it indicates that you are a spiritualist,  mystic, saint, follow the Vedas or ancient knowledge and will also be philanthropist. They are little shy, introvert, observer and live in their own world which may involve esoteric, mystical, fantasy and scifi template. Your faith and devotion, trust in god in cosmic intelligence or pure consciousness is what will sustains you, and you draw protection or guidance from the unseen spiritual realms. Part of your soul function according to your atmakarka(AK) has to do with work on the inner planes through prayer, meditation, serving others, guiding people on right path or working with subtle forces of nature.

Meena Lagna men and women natives are also directionless in life if they don't get the right guidance in early stages. Usually they are peace loving souls and seek solace or escape from harsh realities in religious gatherings, listening to bhajans, spiritual songs and romantic.

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Sunday, January 6, 2019

Spiritual Wisdom Hindu Quotes Philosophy Hinduism Beautiful Messages

Spiritual inspirational quotes about life, spiritual wisdom quotes, spiritual quotes about god and famous life journey quotes, beautiful short spiritual messages with pictures and sayings by Rohit Anand.

Transformative Awareness Quotes about god and Enlightening Spiritual Quotes about love, hindu wisdom philosophy

Do not degrade your mind, body and soul running after vain desires and pleasures of this world. When your time comes, nobody will be able to save you but you yourselfwith good karma.

daily spiritual quotes, beautiful messages on life, spiritual quotes about god, spiritual funny quotes, spiritual quotes about life journey

Everything amazing thing that exists in this cosmos also exist in human body. Both are inseparable inside out.

inspirational spiritual quotes, famous spiritual quotes, short spiritual quotes about god

God is in everyone but not everyone is in god.

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 Funny Spiritual Quotes Yoga And Meditation Humor
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Now you can get daily spiritual wisdom quotes, spiritual quotes on love and short spiritual sayings from us. Visit our website for fresh content and daily inspirational quotes on yoga and meditation too. 2018-2019, New Delhi, India.

Saturday, January 5, 2019

Love Picture Quotes Caring & Sweet Love Quotes from Heart By Rohit Anand

Divyatattva brings you some of the best love quotes with pictures straight from the heart for him and her. These inspirational deep love quotes will surely help you convey your emotions and love to your loved one. By Rohit Anand

Love quotes in hindi, short lovequotes with pictures for him, love quotes with photos for her from heart

When the inner call comes in life, listen to your heart and love will show you the way to set you free.

love quotes malayalam, love quotes in malayalam, love quotes in tamil, love quotes tamil

Be with someone in life, who can take careof you. Not only materialistically but take care of your soul, your wellbeing, your heart and everything that is you.

sweet and caring love quotes in kannada, romantic love quotes with photos for couples, 365 quotes for her

Where the words fail to convey, music speaks. Sometime music is the only medicinie that heart and soul needs.
These sweet and caring love quotes with images for couples and those in love relationship will feel the true love of their partner when these are shared with them. If you would like to have 365 love quotes for her our website will surely come to your help in this regard. Kindly check into our site for fresh love content, romantic love quotes, love quotes in hindi and love astrology.

Divyatattva, New Delhi, India, 2018-2019

Friday, January 4, 2019

YOGA LAFFS : Yoga Fun Meditation Humor Funny Spiritual Jokes By Rohit Anand

Divyatattva Yoga Laff : Funny Yoga poses, Meditation Jokes, Yoga Quotes meme and Humorous Yoga Pictures By Rohit Anand

Namaste! We bring to you some of the most funniest funnyjokes on yoga, spiritual humor, funny yoga memes, funny yoga postures cartoons, picture yogi and yogini jokes and humor that you will make you smile.
yoga jokes, funny yoga pics, meditaiton jokes, spiritual jokes and humor
Mom and baby cute asana.
funny yoga,yunny yoga new types, yogi and yogini jokes, spiritual jokes, laughter yoga
Type of Yoga on Menu : Hot yoga, Beer Yoga, Aerial yoga, Broga Yoga, Power Yoga, Laughter yoga, Tantrum Yoga, Cannadis Yoga, Acro Yoga, Goat Yoga. Yoga flavors for our times. More branded money maker yoga coming soon.

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Hope you have enjoyed these yoga jokes with images in hindi, yoga cartoons jokes, yoga poses joke and puns. If you liked them you can leave us a comment in the text box below.

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Wednesday, January 2, 2019

100 Picture Yoga Quotes Meditation Quotations For Inspiration and Motivation

Divyatattva yoga quotes about life, yoga quotes on happiness, childrens yoga quotes, yoga buddy quotes by Rohit Anand, New Delhi, India.

yoga quotes,meditaiton quotes, hath yoga kundalini yoga quotations

Let your yoga practice become a celebration of life.

positive meditation quotes,  yoga quotes about strength,  short yoga quotes , meditation quotes funny

Yoga is the most advanced science given to mankind for wellbeing of mind, body and soul.

yoga quotes about life , yoga quotes on happiness , childrens yoga quotes,  yoga buddy quotes

True yogi remians fully absorbed in infinite consciousness. He transcend all duality and radiates highest power and the prakriti obeys him.

More....... Positive Inspirational Yoga and Meditaiton Quotes

Here we are giving some more interesting spiritual memes, wisdom quotes, Hinduism and Hindi gods beautiful Hd images and quotations for who are in sadhna and faith in Sanatana Dharma.

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AdiYogi Mahadev Yoga and Dhyana Photos
How Yoga Prevents Baldness and Promotes Hair Regrowth
ॐ Hindu God Ganesha HD Backgrounds Free
ॐ Mystical Pictures, Angels Photos, Esoteric and Occult Images
ॐ Spiritual Glitter Graphics, Gif Images of Hindu Gods, Goddess
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