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Kriti Sanon is Indian bollywood actress who has left the mark for herself in Hindi films with her beauty, charm and acting skills. She was born in New Delhi, India on 27 July 1990. Being Leo as her zodiac sign makes her ambitious, attractive, stylish, classy, career oriented and comitted to her profession as an actor. Leo women like she is are of magnetic personality, fiery, playful, affectionate and loves flattery and respect being center of attraction and applauded. We see all these qualities in the personality and nature of Kriti Sanon as she attracts attention where ever she goes as her aura give the impression of power and beauty. Leo ladies usually love loyalty, honour, commitment, dedication and trust form people around her and she is loyal too and protective about them and their family. They are usually optimistive, forwrd looking, speaks her mind and can also fire you if you indulge in insulting her or disrespecting her before others. They are sensitive to their reputation and has least appetitie for any kind of humiliation and criticism. 💖 Daily Beautiful Love Picture Quotes

Leo girls are full of confidence, passion and make sure they look good when they dressup for the outing . job or with boyfriend. Kriti Sanon loves praise, admiraiton and cuddles from loved ones. Though she can be domineering, self centererd and sarcastic too when they become jealous of someone. Her ambitions are high and she is bold and courageous too to acheive them with sweet smile on the face and fierce fire in her belly.

Kriti Sanon Kundli, Birth Charts, Horoscope according to  Indian astrology or ★Vedic Astrology .

Name : Kriti Sanon.
Gender : Female.
Birth Date or Birthday : 27 July 1990.
Place : New Delhi,
Country : India.
Nationality: Indian.
Parents : Mr.Rahul Mrs. Geeta.
Siblings: Nupur Sanon.
Schooling : Schooling: Delhi Public School, R.K. Puram, Delhi.
Favorite Cuisine or Food:  Chocolates, cheesecakes, moong dal ka halwa and custards.

Kriti Sanon Love Realtionships, Boyfriends Breakups, Marriage : Tarot Card Readings & Consultations

When she will be committed in are relationships Kriti Sanon will give everything to his man, her loyalty, her heart, her devotion. She will be quite warm and passionate in her love relationships with men in her life. She will take a stand and be protective about the man she loves want to fight, make up too. She loves to be cuddled, is playful in bed, likes cute smiles in menand got plenty of fire in her soul and body to love intensely her lover and partner. She is likely to have fee relationships and some of them will lead to separationn and end in breakup. She will become careful in forming love relationships or getting involved with her costars in the film industry and is likely to remain single for few more years in the future.   Secrets of Dating A Leo Women

Boyfriends or Husband : Gaurav Arora,  Sushant Singh Rajput .
Maritial Status : Single.   Cheating Relationships & Astrology Consultations

Professional Career And Astrology Predictions for Kriti Sanon as an Model and Actor :

Profession : Model, Actor.

Kriti Sanon stared her career with the Telugu psychological thriller Film Nenokkadine which was released in the year 2014. She also did her first Hindi film in bollywood released in Sabbir Khan’s action film Heropanti 2014 with co star Tiger Shroff. According to her horoscope charts she is likely to do well in her career in bollywood and Hindi films. She will make her mark and acheive much name and fame in the movies in the future. A Leo damsel doesn't think if she should she follows her guts, when she is determined and ambitious, she just goes right after it. The only way a Leo thinks is passionately and aggressively. No ifs ands or buts about it onece she has marked her goals in life!

Her Movies : Luka Chuppi, Kalank, Panipat, Housefull 4, Arjun Patiala, Heropanti , Raabta, Dilwale.

Awards  : Filmfare award,Vogue Beauty Awards, BIG Star Entertainment Awards, International Indian Film Academy, Dadasaheb Phalke Excellence Award .

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