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Vastu Shastra Tips for good health, happiness, prosperity, wealth from top Vastu Consultant on-line by Shri Rohit Anand India

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Here are some of the best Vastu Shastra Tips from our Vastu Expert :According to Vastu Shastra, clocks at home energize a direction, so make sure all clocks are in operating condition and not stopped. A Non working wall clock or any clock can create delays in work field and attract negativity in your house or office too with delays and things not getting completed or resolved on time.

Hanging a bamboo flute or bamboo wind chime over the main entrance of your house can restrict negative energy crossing over your house. It will also stabilize the finances of your household.

North direction is considered as the wealth area because it is ruled by "Lord Kubera". By using purple in the Northern direction area of your home will bring many opportunities to gain wealth and increase prosperity.

Toilet seat should be places in such a way that a person should face either North or South direction while using a toilet.

Vastu Shastra Tips for Kitchen

Kitchen should never be near the toilet or on the upper floor of the house. Avoid sink near the south east corner of the kitchen. One should always avoid keeping the dust bin in the North East part of kitchen area. Keeping herbal or sattvic plants of tulsi, adrak, nimbu will be auspicious for kitchen and home. Always place your drinking water storage in the northern direction of your kitchen as it will be good for healing and cooking.

According to Vastu how many burners or induction plates must the stove have?

One can have either 2, 3 or 4 burners stove but placement of  gas stove is important in the kitchen area.

Placing the Buddha statue near the entrance of the house or gate creates the peaceful vibes at home and bring in serenity.

Which Direction according to Vastu is Good for Health?

For good health For drinking water one should always keep ones face towards East or North. While sleeping one should keep one's head towards East as it increases noes intelligence, energy flow, gives sound refreshing sleep and keep one in good health with positive vibes. Having a horses painting or wall hanging in the south direction brings in speed, activities, movement in every walk of life as it indicated flow of energy in right direction.

Planting a lemon , sandalwood, pine and coconut plants brings in good luck, health and prosperity at home

Placing crystals or crystal tree with Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Carnelian, Green Aventurine, Black Tourmaline, Moon Stone, Quartz pebbles can ward of negative energies from the house and bring in positive vibrations for health mind and healing.

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To attract good fortune one can place Amazonite crystal for abundance and prosperity.

Always make sure you don't have cobwebs at house or office as it indicate the person, work or business might get struck, have delays, obstructions in taking it forward or grow it. They must be cleared on regular basis to see growth in all areas of your life.

A natural crystal healing grid near bedroom or bed is suppose to remove unhappiness at home and bring in good relationships. It also helps in resolving the current problems and issues with relationships.

Watching daily sunrise from your garden or balcony and being there having sun rays on your body energizes your chakras, removes negative energy, cure diseases and brings in enthusiasm.

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Placing candles or green plants and crystals like pearls, moonstone in the bathroom increases the positive energy in that area and helps in uplifting you and your mood.

Water fountains, flowing water with decorative pieces or paintings depicting water should be placed in the North or East direction for attracting abundance, wellness and positivity.

How are owl beaks effective in Vastu Shastra?
Owl is a symbol of wealth and Wisdom in Hindu mythology and ancient scriptures, that is why some vastu experts recommend keeping own showpiece at home in South East corner. This also helps ward of negative energies and keep financial troubles away. Owls are also a powerful totem in many cultures and has a role in feng shui too as it discourages negative Chi energy. But These birds with long beak are raptor omens and are recommended only in special cases.

As per Vastu which side of our land is suitable for planting bamboo tree?
Bamboo should be planted in the East for health aspects, in the southeast, to gain prosperity, money and wealth. A bamboo plant with 10 stalks will bring joy and happiness.

IF you follow these Vastu tips given by our professional Vastu expert Shri Rohit Anand ji, then you will surely have a peaceful living and a comfortable wellbeing of your family.

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