Emerald Gemstone Panna Birthstone Uses Benefits Mantra & Its Activation Process By Shri Rohit Anand

Emerald Birthstone, Gemstone Uses, Gems Benefits, Emeralds Properties and Mantra for Panna stone to Purify & Energize it, By Jyotishi & Occultist Rohit Anand

Emerald is a green colored which is because of traces amounts of chromium and/or sometimes vanadium and yellow and blue as secondary colours of Panna stone. It is considered as highly precious gemstone of the Beryl mineral family with hardness of 7.5–8 on the Mohs scale. In vedic astrology worn to enhance mental, intellectual abilities, improve speech, get success in businesses, trade & jobs. Emerald is ruled by planet Mercury which can give success, name, fame in creative or intellectual pursuits and those seeking knowledge. Panna or Emerald gems have been a popular stone since ancient times in India and Egypt with more than 7000 years.
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Emerald is also known by other names like Pachu stone, Markat Mani, Parnaya and Budh ratna in India and Smaragdos in Greek and has the Refractive Index from 1.577 to 1.583 with Specific Gravity:   2.72. In Indian astrology astrologers assign Panna ratna or Emerald for Mithun or Gemini zodiac and Kanya (Virgo) rashi. Green Emerald jewellery and ornaments has been popular among men and women all over the world. Glittering and Mesmerizing Green Emerald Rings, bracelets, earrings, decorative items, dresses, necklaces, pendants and other Emerald jewellery is desire for everyone at any age. Emeralds are usually good for people who are teachers, writers, businessmen, traders, poets, lawyers and those in TV or film industry.

Panna Rashi Ratna Uses or Emerald Birthstone Benefits. 

Usually in western countries Emerald is worn as a jewel stone. But in eastern countries like India, it is the astrological significance of it that makes this gemstone popular among those who believe in astrology or jyotish. Since planet Mercury rules intelligence so this stone of Emerald is helpful to improve wearer’s mental capabilities, comprehension, logical, reasoning, speech and memory skills. Top Astrologers on Divyatattva India, like Shri Rohit Anand Ji highly recommend wearing Panna or Emerald gemstone for people working or jobs in accounts, finance, CA, banking, Sales, bookkeeping, share market, acting,  trading etc. As well as for people engaged in creative ventures. Buddh graha or Mercury is regarded as the Vaani karaka planet in Hindu astrology. So people suffering from speech related issues with low confidence can benefit from Panna and perform better in their social and professional lives. Needless to say, panna gemstone benefits people working in cinema, public dealing, PR, journalism, Media, writing, or Mass Communication related roles, the most.

It is believed that wearing a Emerald stone has many healing properties too and benefits individual who are suffering from ear, eye, digestive, skin, lungs, kidney and throat related ailments. Panna as rashi ratan is also highly useful in treating certain allergies, lung infections, brain, spine and nervous disorders. It also helps in enhancing of intuitive, clairvoyant and psychic abilities of anyone who wears it. It's good for those who are seeking romantic partner and success in education or studies.

Is Emerald a Lucky Stone? Who should wear it !

Emerald represents planet Mercury as per Indian astrology. Ancient Vedic astrology recommends wearing this gemstone to overcome negative influences caused by a weaker Mercury in a person’s horoscope. But as a precaution no one should wear any gemstone or crystal without consulting a crystal advisor, astrologer or gemstone consultant. Emerald can be worn by those who want to speak confidently, has problem with stammering, want success in business enterprises, are in singing, seeks to be innovative, develop concentration and focus upon its goals. as per western astrology those who are born in the month of May canw wear this stone as it will be lucky for them.

How to identify Real Emerald?

One should always buy quality emerald gems from authentic sources, website or jeweler. The first thing to to check if emerald is genuine is to look for are tiny flaws, inclusions or irregular patterns in the stone. Look for small natural holes, tiny deep lines, formations especially in the backside of the gemstone, this is an indication that it may be a natural emerald as natural emerald always have some flaws in it. Another test that you can do to determine a natural emerald is to apply oil to the emerald. Make it a point to get certified Emerald or Panna from authorised labs and buy certified natural gems. Beware of extra clear stones, synthetic stones and lab grown stones as they are not real emeralds. The most sought after emerald stone colors are bluish green to pure green and vivid color saturation and tones that’s not too dark as then you will find it difficult to identify its authenticity.

What Carat or Ratti Panna or Emerald should i wear?

Minimum 1/12th of the body weight of man or women, for example a person weighing 60 kgs, can wear a 5-carat Emerald Ratna. But actual strength is emerald can be decided or recommended by a competent astrologer or Gemologist only after analysing the birth charts, janam kundli or horoscope. As it is popularly called as the gem of spring, emerald is the perfect gift as the birthstone for the people who are born in the month of May. It’s also the gem to be given on the 20th and 25th wedding anniversaries for couples.

Treatment and oiling of Panna or Emerald : Certain treatments like oiling with cedarwood, Opticon is  used or done on emeralds. Some emerald stones are treated with hard epoxy like resins which is less valuable than the ones treated with safer colorless oiling too. Oils and epoxies are used mainly used by lapidarist to fill fractures or cavity which reduces their visibility. Emerald Gems are graded on a 4 step scale; none, minor, moderate and highly enhanced as per gemologists. Best quality emeralds and unenhanced gemstones along with certification from reputed gem testing labs can bring bring better price in the market than treated stones of the same size, color, and clarity.Emeralds usually have internal fractures, so it is advisable to clean them with room temperature soap and water. Avoid wearing gems where or when it will get dirty or rough treatment.

Where is good quality Emeralds found?

Emeralds usually occur in and around Granitic rocks, especially granite pegmatites, schists, metamorphic limestones and hydrothermal vents. Best quality Emeralds or Panna are found in countries like Colombia, Zambia, Brazil, Russia, Bulgaria, USA, Australia Pakistan, Cambodia, Afghanistan. Usually Colombian, zambian and Brazilian emeralds are the considered to be superior than other origins.Panna or Emerald price increases for stones without visible inclusions and greener they are with good finishing or clarity. Today the African continent is second largest source after South America in production of high quality emeralds from of mines in Zambia, Madagascar, and Zimbabwe.

Emerald Gemstone Panna Birthstone Uses Benefits Mantra & Its Activation Process By Shri Rohit Anand

Emerald Prices in India and World

Even though Emeralds are expensive gemstone, they remain high in demand in national and international markets. Panna prices begin from INR ₹ 1000 or  USD $12.50  and may go as high as Indian Rupee ₹ 2 lakh $3076 per carat, depending on the country of origin, clarity, color and size of the gemstone.Cutting and giving a finishing touch to a Emerald gemstone can increase its cost. In buying emeralds, the rule goes as brighter and greener is the color of it, higher the price it fetches in the market. Carat weight can influence panna or pachu gemstone prices in the markets especially when size and clarity co-exist on the same scale. It is one of the favorite gemstones of top jewelry designers in India and Emeralds studded jewellery especially rings, pendants, bracelets looks very classy & stylish now a days and is also recommended by astrologers.

Metal to be used to wear Emerald Stone : Best Astrologers in India usually recommended gold as metal to embed panna ratna. In exceptional or other cases after looking at the natal charts some jyotishi can also recommend metals like Panchdhatu, platinum, white gold, and silver etc. A good and experienced astrologer or jyotishi can easily find out which metal ring, pendant or bracelet will be good for a individual person to wear to get maximum benefits and blessings of planet Mercury. 

In the use of Emerald for healing purpose, Apamarga Bhasma and metal such as Bronze are used to attract the higher cosmic power of Budha graha or Planet Mercury, as emerald is a healing stone too. The gemstone of emerald is then energized with its precise beeja or seed mantra on a auspicious day to empower/energize it to eliminate all the malefic effects of the planet Mercury and reinforce its beneficial effects only. Thus the gemstone power is enhanced and this talisman becomes suitable to be worn by any person irrespective of his birth chart.

On Which Finger Emerald is to be Worn : Little finger, or the ring finger of the working hand.

Day & Time for wearing Emerald : Wednesday, after sunrise, is the best time. Muhurat or Auspicious time is needed from good astrologer to wear Emerald gemstone.

How to Activate the Emerald Stone?

First it needs to be purified with Ganga jal or panchamrit and kept in sun and moon light for 24 hours in rock salt waters. Then shown incense or sage to clean or purify it. Certain vedic rituals, prayers, mantra, chants can also be done to activate emerald stone before wearing it.

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Mantra For Purifying, Cleansing and Energizing Emerald or Panna Stone : 'Om Budhaya Namah’, ॐ बुधाय नमः | (108 Times). One can also pray to ishta devta, guru, Lord Vishnu and Lord Narayana. Additionally one can also chant the seed or beeja Mantra of “YAM” 108 times taking stone into the hand before wearing the gemstone.

Some Notable Emeralds Are : Bahia Emerald, Chalk Emerald, Duke of Devonshire Emerald, Mogul Mughal Emerald, Patricia Emerald etc.

What is Emerald Stone good for?

Emerald gems is good for healing the Anahata Chakra and the Vishuddhi chakra ensuring mental, psychological, physical equilibrium and harmony in life.

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Note : Emerald or any gemstone should not be worn by anyone without consulting the competent astrologer or crystals expert. Find Best Crystal and Gemstone advisor here. 

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