Future of India Astrology Predictions 2022 2023 Horoscope Analysis in Vedic Astrology

Future of India, Horoscope Predictions about Hindustan,  Astrology Predictions for the Year 2022 2023 and Horoscope Analysis of Emerging Superpower of the coming Century

Future of India, Horoscope Predictions about Hindustan,  Astrology Predictions 2022 2023 Horoscope

Indian Stock markets will touch new heights and outlook for the economy will improve. Stocks will become volatile with huge fluctuations & crash with fall of China and global markets.

Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nepal, Sri lanka, Myanmar, Maldives will become unstable, failed nations going into chaos, unrest, violence, instability, poverty, begging and aid or assistance for their survival. These nations will not survive without India's help, aid and support. Indian policy will be to offer some of the nations and states to join Indian union for their survival in the future.

Chinese Coronavirus cases will remain with new cases will emerge with mutants and variants. People of India will turn against China, Pakistan for spread of Islamic Terrorism and Bioterrorism with collusion of  rogue communist regime of China. Little by little devilish China will start to debt trap and occupy lands of neighboring countries of India, corrupting their politicians, settle Chinese citizens, imposing Chinese culture, language, destroying their economy, currency promising them forever rulership subservient to emperor of China destroying democracy, oppressing, fooling, killing their own people.

Indian Soldiers to become Super Warriors with Exoskeletons use to improve their lethal capabilities. Space command will activate Anti Satellite weapons with imminent threat from China. There will be intensification of Cyber warfare and Economic warfare between India, China, America, Pakistan, Russia, North Korea, Turkey and Israel.✬ Are Scorpio and Pisces Compatible Romantically

India will make great strides in space technologies, will reach out to Moon, Venus, Mars and other missions of space exploration. Indian space research organizations will work speedily towards deployment and advancement of ASAT weapons in space against evil nations like China and Pakistan. Rogue Chinese will be international thief and will steal technologies but will miserably fail making its prototypes functional.

Communist ideology, Khalistani and distorted Jihadi ideology will remain as threat and challenge for India's internal security. As India will witness much orchestrated economic unrest, protests, disruptions, threats by them to obstruct India's growth. Great wars awaits India and Indian forces will destroy dismantle Taliban & Pakistan as they have greater plan to spread Islamic rule, sharia, extremists Islam, Violence, terror in neighboring countries and destroy other religions. They will try to takeover Afghanistan but will fail, radical Islamists will go for Pak Nukes, missiles, invade Tajikistan, Turkmenistan but will be frustrated. Many nations of the world will move towards blacklisting of Islamic nations promoting jihad, funding terrorism, violence, sharia, Islamic extremism and nations like Pakistan, Afghanistan, Qatar, Turkey, Iran, Bangladesh, Oman, Yemen, Kuwait, Nigeria will suffer and their citizens deported due to terrorism, fanaticism, and denied entry into civilized countries.

Hinduism, Yoga, Sanatan Dharma, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Alternative medicine will become popular among Indians and there will be revival of Hindu traditions and its way of living in most countries around the world. Its Bharat Varsh, Hindus, Sanatan Dharma that will save the humanity, weaker nations and planet Earth with its spirituality, technology, science, medicine, healing and service of humanity by showing the right path by leading the world. Great Indian Saints will reveal secrets of the universes where inhabits the good and evolved higher beings with great scientific advancements and sophisticated technologies for interstellar travel and other ones that are dark or evil ones inhabiting demons and goblins with bestial creatures in the cosmos while Earth still in the middle of evolutionary stage.

Defense exports of India will touch new heights and its military budget will increase substantially to counter threats from enemy nations. India will develop new defense technologies never known before and high energy weapons and lasers will get inducted in the military.

People of India will become more self reliant, establish technologically advanced industries, fortune companies exporting its goods throughout the world replacing irresponsible crooked communist China.

Evil Pakistan PM Imran Khan and Rogue Communist China President Xi Jinping will take country towards worst form of governance, oppression, repression of their own people and their killings. Brutes and Barbarics will rule and dictate Iran, Bangladesh, Pakistan, China, Afghanistan and Turkey.

World will be attracted more towards India for spiritual advancement, Vedic lifestyle, Meditation, Occult, Tantra, Sanatana Dharma and mystery of consciousness. Indian scriptures, philosophy will become popular throughout the world and new generation of youth will adopt vegetarian and Hindu way of living. ★ Proud Hindu Quotes and Slogans

National security of India will be in great danger due to presence of Demonical Taliban, Pakistan, Turkey, Bangladesh and China in Afghanistan. These nations will be dismantled and destroyed by civilized countries as threat to humanity and other religions. India will be the country and Hindus who will destroy evil, distorted, violent, dark ideologies and establish Dharma, Justice, Peace and bring prosperity to world.

America, UK, Germany, Canada will be unreliable and untrustworthy partners and will incite wars, provoke India and their policies will not be favorable towards India. These nations will also support, fund Khalistan, jihadi violent ideologies against India.

India will defeat and frustrate Pakistan and China in every conflict and war in the future and will take back its territory. It will liberate COK, POK, Gilgit, Baltistan, Tibet and support independence of Taiwan. It will also protect weaker and smaller nations from rogue China and extremists Jihadi cult of self destruction.

Artificial intelligence, robotics, quantum communication use will increase in India tremendously. But increase in the cost of living will hit common man and poor tremendously. Many will slide towards below poverty line will find their survival difficult.

China will destabilize and ruin the neighbors of India like Nepal, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Pakistan by corrupting their politicians, coercion, threats, debt trap, lies, deceit, exploiting their resources, taking over their lands, settling Chinese citizens and gradually making them slaves of CCP. Chinese will try to control waters, sea routes, lifeline oceans and resources of Earth to rule mankind but will fail and will be defeated by India. Indian borders will become heavily militarized and Indian forces will make their presence in South China Sea to contain China and pointing its missiles towards China major cities. It will try to create internal disturbances in India with sponsored protests, blockades, riots, violence, disruptions using rogue and corrupt anti social elements, anti nationals, prestitutes, terrorists, corrupt politicians, separatists, anti socials to stop India's progress and create chaos in India. Islamism and communists will become biggest threat to India and Asia, bringing much violence, chaos, disruptions, bloodshed, intolerance, spreading & imposing their way of life with distorted evil ideology by forced conversions, Lust Jihad, Confucius Institutes, Chinese language and culture to conquer and populate with their natives and take over land and other nations.

Indians will strive for man made space shuttle for exploration, research, deploy advanced DRDO weapon systems and prepare for travel and send satellite to Moon in the coming future. Extraterrestrial life forms wait for humans & Indians to become more civilized, spiritually evolved to interact for higher knowledge, scientific advancement of humans. But some self destructive, obstructionist ideologies in India will act as detriment for them to make initial contact. These distorted and negative ideologies of islamic and communist and others will drag people on India backwards into ignorance obstructing evolution of mankind.

Govt of India will support many weaker nations, save them from debt trap of Demonical China who will bent upon destroying , exploiting smaller nations into submission and slavery. China will collapse the economy of other nations and its own economy will also be under threat, slowdown and ruin with huge financial defaults, fake data, stock market crash and shut down of industrial sectors.

There will be great awakening among Hindus and ascension of consciousness which will bring great benefit to world spiritually, materially and show the path towards correct and righteous way of living with ethics, morality, yoga and true spirituality. World will begin to follow Hindustan and Vedic way of living. Kaliyuga will be over, there will be NO coming of Kalki Avataar. India and the world will enter into Dwapara Yuga or great scientific atomic age. There will be speed in everything and establishment of dharma as forces of goodness will become stronger and evil, immoral or corrupt will begin to suffer.

Evil Pakistan will continue to spread Islamic terrorism bringing instability to region. It will become more weak, unstable, lose its territory, self respect and dignity as nation. Its citizens will be deported, humiliated and banned from entering many countries. ★ Starseed Angel Oracle Card Readings

USA, China, Russia, India will start making Humanoid, Bionic and Robotic army and start working on more sophisticated technologies for Artificial intelligence based weapons for wars and conflict.

There will be increase in criminal activities, economic scandals, frauds, prostitution, drugs culture, violent crimes in society and govt will fail to bring police reforms, electoral reforms, judicial reforms which will hamper the progress of India greatly and to make it safe society with strong democracy.

India will launch new advanced space satellites and missions for Moon, Venus and anti satellite weapon systems deployment in Space to counter enemy nations. It Will be the last Superpower on Earth that will bring great transformation, age of spirituality, scientific and technological advancement that will benefit mankind. USA, China, Russia, India will compete for space, Moon and Mars dominance with new launches of satellites, exploration of resources and its exploitation for the future.  Hindu Goddess Kali Wallpaper

Indian states will witness Earthquakes, storms, devastation from floods, rainfalls, landslides and disasters from fires. States of Maharashtra, Orissa, West Bengal, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Uttrakhand will witness the fury of nature.

Popularity of PM Modi will continue to remain high and people of India will like his hard work and selfless ways of working for nation and taking it to great heights and restoring lost glory of Hindustan. Power and influence of India will continue to grow with leaps and bounds in Africa, Europe, Asia and Gulf.

Waves of Viruses will keep coming unless every being on planet is vaccinated and new forms of medicine comes out. New improved vaccines and medicines for virus will come out in 2022 and 2023. Depopulation with the end of capitalism & democracy will be the goal with new Chinese Virus variants manufactured by Communist CCP and PLA to kill humanity.

Hindustan will face more severe cyber attacks by Turkey, North Korea, America, Russia, Pakistan, China who will also try to cause disruptions in Indian Economy with sponsored strikes, support to terrorists, industrial protests with the help of communists and Chinese supporters in India.

Some political parties of India and politicians will be exposed to be working for the enemies of India, China and Pakistan posing as biggest threat to democracy, freedom, security and other religions. People of India will defeat political alliances of Congress, Communists, AIMIM, PDP, NC, SP etc.

Chinese PLA will cause disruptions in India with cyber attacks, Chinese companies and citizens indulging in frauds, espionage and fake propaganda against India in American media and social media in various countries. QUAD group will see new members in it and containing China and its expansionism.

People of India will unite and will defeat Islamic radicals who will try to drag country into chaos, negativity and plan for takeover with forced conversions and illegal Muslim migration. Bangladesh and their Islamic Extremists will commit atrocities, Human rights abuses on the minorities of Hindus, Christians, Rohingyas and other religions. Jihadis of Bangladesh will destroy their homes and temples.

People of India should prepare for wars, conflicts and border skirmishes with hostile and evil nations of China, Pakistan and smaller nations around neighboring India who will be incited by rogue communist Chinese.

Many Nations neighboring India and around the world in Asia, Africa, Middle East, Europe will begin to collapse, slide into poverty, economic collapse, beg for their survival and they will present opportunity for takeover by stronger ones in times to come.

America and Germany will be most untrusted, unreliable partners of India. Some of the American and Chinese companies will become great threat to security and economy of India violating privacy and economic secrets.

Pace of development, speed of transport will increase in India leading India to high trajectory of economic growth. India will develop drone cargo, low altitude flying cars, high speed travel pods and trains for quick mobility in the coming future.

Afghanistan, Ukraine will become new battleground of alliance between Evil China Pakistan Taliban and America, Russia, Israel & India. It will become more unstable and will witness much violence and bloodshed. 

Indian science of programming of the waters with sound vibrations will become popular in the world.

America, China, Qatar, Kuwait, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Germany will be most unreliable and untrustworthy nations for India to trust upon. It will be inappropriate to trust any of these nations and Islamic states as they will betray everyone in the future. Chinese will use Pakistan and Sri lanka to smuggle drugs, weapons in south India states to spread unrest, terrorism, separatism and incite islamic radicals.

New currencies & credits will get introduced by the Indian Govt and bring revolutionary changes in the India economy taking step forward towards top economies of the world.

America and China will continue to help Pakistan retain Nuclear weapons and advance it to counter India in the future.

Bad karma and ruling elite of Pakistan, China, Turkey, Afghanistan, Iran, Sri lanka, Myanmar, North Korea, Ethiopia  and their rulers will drive their own people to depression, suffering, poverty, Famines, suicides, financial ruin, mental disorders and deaths.

Hindustan will prepare for coming wars, turmoil, conflicts, regional tensions that will unfold in the coming years in world, between countries, rogue regimes and neighboring nations.

Deadly infectious diseases, virus, bacteria will spread through animals, harming humans health and those who eat Non Veg Food. New Diseases and infections will spread from Hong Kong and China which will be threat to all countries.

Afghanistan, Turkey and Pakistan will move towards anarchy, violence, chaos, suffering, misery, poverty, terrorism, bombings and disintegration due to Islamic radicals and wrong policies of America, Pakistan and China. Great sufferance will come to Pakistan, China and Afghanistan due to their evil and crooked policies of deception, lies, corruption, Islamic extremism, communism and destroying other religions with hate and atrocities. 

Nations like China, Japan, America, Germany, Australia, France, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Turkey will witness major financial meltdown, Banks defaulting, stock markets and property prices will crash and people will lose their wealth. NATO, USA will recruit mercenaries, terrorists from Islamic nations to fight Russians in wars.

Communist China will lose trillions of dollars, Chinese companies will move towards bankruptcy, defaults and collapse of Chinese economy sending ripple effects throughout the world and stock markets crashing in every country. More and more countries will ban communism, deport Chinese citizens and ban or blacklist Chinese companies in business and leave China. 

Corporates, hoarders will manipulate Indian markets and food prices and common man and poor will suffer greatly with organized loot, injustice, frauds and food shortages. Cyber crimes will increase, drugs culture will spread among the rich and affluent.

Britain itself will face demand for referendum and partition with Scotland like it did to India. UK power and influence will see major decline and it will seek Indians help in saving their country. People of India will demand its looted wealth, artifacts from England & British Monarchy.

Great cold war conflict will emerge between great nations of India and China that will bring destruction and pain to China with its economy shattered and will go down and people revolting against rogue criminal organization of  communist CCP.

China, Canada, Malaysia, Turkey, Afghanistan, Yemen, America, Bangladesh, Iran, Qatar will be most unsafe and dangerous nations promoting Violence, Islamic extremism, supporting terrorism, financing separatists movements, spreading intolerance towards foreign nationals, companies, minorities and other religions. Chinese will prepare for invasion of Taiwan, taking over South China Sea and war with other smaller nations, their territories and countries that will come in support to save these nations in event of conflict and sanctions.

World markets will witness huge fluctuations, stock markets crashing, recession and slowdown will impact global recovery from Corona Virus.

Countries like USA, Pakistan, Russia, UK, Turkey, France, Germany, Saudi Arabia and China as they will lose their stature, credibility, integrity and Trust. These nations will incite wars, provoke nations and conflicts to sell their weapons and their greed for money will be at the expense of humanity, peace, mankind and nations.

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