Best Vastu Dosh Remedies For Home Apartment Bungalow By Top Vasthu Expert

Best Vastu Dosha Remedies For Home Apartment Bungalow By Top Vasthu Expert from New Delhi India. One of the best Vastu consultant Shri Rohit Anand gives you proven Vastu and Fengshui remedies that will work to correct any Vastu dosh in your house, flat, plot or apartment  and that wont involve any destruction or demolition of your house. We have see that most house owners are curious to know if Vastu dosh can be cured in the property they are living in or have bought. Well answer to it is "Yes", Vaasthu dosha can be rectified in many ways when you consult a Vastu expert who is also a good Vedic Astrologer. But we are here giving in some Vastu dosh remedies that everyone can use in their flat, bungalow, apartment to drive out negative energies and welcome the auspicious vibrations that will surely attract the prosperity, happiness, health and maintain well being of your family.

Best Vastu Dosh Remedies For Home Apartment Bungalow By Top Vasthu Expert
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Here are some of the best Vaastu Dosha remedies that will clear your home or living space of all imperfections, negative energies and correct it and stop all problems that you might be facing in your flat, plot, bungalow, pent house and even in old houses. If you keep these points in your mind before doing girah Parvesh or entering your new home, you will find that you will attracting more luck, positivity, prosperity, peace, wealth, money and health improving of most family members dwelling in that house.

Entrance of your Home or Main Gate of House

Make sure that main entrance of your home is clean with no stagnant waters, garbage, toxic smells and pictures of wild animals. ITs always better to decorate your main entrance of your gate with Kula Devi Devata, deities that your worship and pray regularly like that of Ganesha, Luxmi etc. Any guest or visitor that enters your house should see auspicious photos, images, pictures, symbols, paintings which not only gives good impression but also protects your house from negative or toxic energies that some people might bring to your home from outside world. Main gate of house should have welcome positive vibes for guests and visitors and should give good impression about you and your family.

best ways to remove all Vatu dosh

Using Sea Salt, Gomutra for Removing Negative Energies Daily

One of the best ways to remove all Vatu dosh is to clean your floors and  your house with sea salt and gomutra to wipe out negativity and maintain its purity. Uncrushed portions of Sea salt has the ability to absorb the dark, negative and evil energies that might enter your flat or plot especially if you have public dealing and lots of visitors coming to your home with every kind of mindset.

Use of Camphor Diffuser at Your Home to Ward Off Problems

If you are looking for effective Vastu dosha remedies that are cheap and can do wonders then this is another powerful remedy to keep troubles away from your sweet home. You can use camphor in many ways to drive out toxins, virus, bacteria, negative vibes out of your house and keep a healthy environment that is pure and keep away infections. People having problems with losses in business, financial troubles can keep Camphor crystals at home to address this issue.

Place The Mirrors in Right Direction

Everyone who believes in the science of Vastu shastra and is aware of the Vastu dosha hi his or her home would certainly like to see that home seet home brings in all luck, wellbeing, health, peace and prosperity. For this to happen and to get rid of Vastu dosh quickly one need to place the mirrors at home in the correct directions. Mirror itself should not be flawed, broken or wavy as it might bring ups and downs, health problems and setbacks. Your house can be filled with positive vibes if the mirrors are reflecting positive energy. It should not be placed in front of main gate nor it should reflect your bed.

Use of Crystals, Crystal Balls and Wind Chimes

Its often seen that people consider wind chimes only as item of décor display which its not the sole purpose of it. Wind chines if placed correctly as per advise of Vastu consultant can bring in positive energy to the house and can create harmony and soothing atmosphere in the home. Placing crystals is another way of  attracting wealth, money, health, wellbeing, prosperity into your home. Crystals are to be placed at home after energizing, purifying it with specific objectives and mantras or with other methods. Crystal balls of stones, precious stones, semi precious stones can be used after recommendation of a crystals specialist, Vedic astrologer or a Vastu Consultatnt as not every crystal is for everyone. Purpose of using crystal should be clear in mind and then horoscope charts needs to be analyzed and at what direction it is to be placed for maximum benefits and wellness.

Vastu Dosh Remedy By Installing Vastu Nivaran Yantra

Vastu Dosha yantra, Vastu dosh nivaran yantra or Vaastu yantra installation in the house is the powerful remedy for any kind of Vasthu dosh is the house, apartment, bungalow, flat, home or even in the commercial office or showroom. Vastu yantra are powerful and show results in few weeks if they are made correctly, under proper hora according to Vedic astrology by an astrologer, vastu expert, occultist or a person who has knowledge on how to construct yantras. Energized and installation of Vastu Yantra on auspicious muhurta goes long way in shielding the house owners and dwellers from vastu defects at home and bring in luck, money, protection from losses.  

Meru Vastu  Sri Yantra also known as Sevan or Savan for Vastu Dosh

Installing Meru Shriparni Yantra after due prana pratishtha removes all Vastu dosh in the home. It is believed that Goddess Laxmi is present in this special Shriparni Tree. The Shri (Shree) yantra made out of Shriparni wood gives prosperity and attracts money too. It keeps you rich, makes flow of money stable & there is healthy flow finances. Plcing Meru Sri Yantra is helpful to correct Vastu dosha or Vastu defects in the house. When this Shri Yantra is activated or energized by abhisheka, it gives excellent results to the owner of the property. You can keep this Divine Shriparni Shri Yantra in your sweet home or office as it is generally recommended by Vastu (or Vaastu) consultants all over the world.

Parijat Plant in Vastu Shastra To Remove Vastu Defects

According to Vastu Shastra Planting Parijat Plant in house removes stress, negativity, mental stress and negativity from home brings peace and calmness to people who dwell in the house. Champak, Mogra and Parijat flower plant fills the environment with positivity and has many medicinal properties too. It should be planted in the north or east direction of the house.

Ancient Science of Vastu Shastra is based on various energies within us and that come from the environment, planets and surroundings around us. Like solar energy or highest pranic energy comes from the sun, then there is cosmic energy, lunar energy, thermal energy, magnetic energy, light energy, and wind energy as we have corresponding elements in our own body. These energies influences us in subtle ways and can be balanced to enhance peace, prosperity, wealth, health and success. If a house is made according to the Vastu principles or guidelines, the inmates enjoy all the happiness, wellness in life but if it is against principles of Vasthu then will be a place for all sorts of problems, worries, health issues and restlessness due to attraction of negative energy, evil spirits and disturbed or imbalanced elements in our home.

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