Radha Krishna Janmashtami Festival 4k UHD Wallpaper Pictures

Srimati Radha Krishna Janmashtami Festival, Vaishnav janmashtami 4k UHD Wallpaper Pictures

Hindu festival of Krishna Janmashtami, also known by many names in India such as Janmashtami or Gokulashtami, Krishna Janmashtami is an annually celebrated in the occasion of birth of Sri Krishna, the eighth avatar of Lord Vishnu. Divyatattva India brings to you some of the best wallpapers, pictures, images, photos, clipart, stock photos of Radha Krishna that you are free do download for personal use.   Proud To Be Hindu Quotes & Sayings

Radha Krishna Janmashtami Festival 4k UHD Wallpaper Pictures
Radha Krishn or राधा कृष्ण is the epitome selfless true love and sacrifice and divine love for each other. In Krishnaite traditions of Vaishnavism, Lord Krishna is referred to as Bhagavan and Radha is illustrated as the primeval potency of the three main potencies of God, spiritual bliss, Sandhini eternality and Samvit or existential consciousness of which Srimati Radha is an embodiment of the feeling of love towards the almighty Lord Sri Krishna or Hladini.

Radha Krishna Janmashtami Festival 4k UHD Wallpaper Pictures, vaishnav janmashtami Photos, janmashtami iskcon images
Being the 8th Avatar of Sri Hari or Lord Vishnu , he is considered as the embodiment of  Love, wisdom, Yoga, compassion, tenderness, supreme being with child like god. That is why he is also worshipped by devotees as Baby krishna. Janmashtami Festival Celebrations are made all over the world and in Hindustan with Dahi Handi, kite-flying, Krishna fairs, fasting, distributing traditional sweet dishes and dance by gopis and gopas etc.  Ask A Question About Your Horoscope Birth Charts

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Goddess Radha is called by many names such as Radhika, Radhe, Gaurangi, Madan Mohini, Nitya, Shubhangi, Madhavi, Krishna Priya, Krishna Kaanta, Keshavi, Shyama, Shreeji, Gopika, Kishori, Laadli ji, Radharani, Aparajita, Raseshwari, Brajeshwari, Vrindavaneshwari, Golokeshwari, Krishna Samyukta, KrishnaVallabha, Krishna Stuta and Krishneshwari etc.

Sri Krishna is known by many names by devotees like Gopal, Kanhaiya, Madhusudan,  Kanha, Madhav, Keshav, Shyam, Gopinath, Kishore, Gaurang, Vrindavaneshwar, Golokeshwar, RadhaRaman, Madan Mohan, Hari, Damodar, Murlidhar, Govinda, Raseshwar, Brajeshwar, RadhaVallabh, Radhanath, RadhaKaant and Radheshwar etc. If you liked these Lord Krishna wallpapers, pics, image, photo and background images you can leave us a comment below requesting fore more of such beautiful 4K UHD wallpaper of Hindu Gods.

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