Hindu Baby Names INDIAN Boy Girl Alphabet B With Meanings in Vedic Astrology

Hindu baby names are an integral part of Vedic astrology and kundali or horoscope birth charts. These names carry special meaning or vibrations for the child, often based on the stars and planets at their time of birth. With so many different Hindu baby name options available, parents can find a unique name that reflects their culture as well as the personality traits they hope to nurture in their child. 

The Hindu alphabet is made up of fifty characters with each character having its own distinct sound, swara, planetary energies and symbolic representation. This makes it possible to create beautiful sounding combinations that have deep spiritual significance when combined together into a single word or phrase such as “Aum” which represents God’s infinite power and presence within us all. Many Hindus use these words to represent various aspects associated with life including prosperity, health, strength etc., making them great choices for naming your little one! 

Trending Hindu Baby Names and latest INDIAN Boy & Girl Name with Alphabet "B" along Meanings in Vedic Astrology

Divyatattva India brings to you Unique Hindu Baby boy and baby girls names with alphabet "B" according to vedic astrology, nakshatras and meanings that are trendy and popular among parents for their children. Its important to calculate and keep the baby name according to janam nakshatra as sound vibrations do matter and influence the destiny of a child and brings him luck, support, success and auspiciousness or can also adversely impact his or her life if not kept in right manner with correct use of alphabets.Trending Hindu Baby Names and latest INDIAN Boy Girl Alphabet A With Meanings in Vedic Astrology
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Trending Baby Boy Name Starting with  B  with meaning 

Bhavesh : Lord Shiva

Balakrishna : Baby Krishna.

Balaraj : Strong or with great strength.

Balaram : Brother of Lord Krishna.

Balbeer : Powerful.

Baldev : Person who possess strength.

Bahurai : Person with great riches.

Baasim : Smiling.

Bobby :

Barun : Lord of Sea.

Baneet : Polite.

Bharat : India or the name of brother of Lord Rama.

Benoy : Polite.

Bhanu : The Brilliant One.

Bhargav : Lord Shiva.

Bhavinsh : King or Ruler.

Bhavyansh : Bigger part, larger than life.

Bhoumik : Lord of the Earth.

Bhaskar : The Sun, The Radiant and illumined one.

Bipin : Forest.

Budhil : Learned.

Bryan : One who is courageous and Virtuous.

Unique Baby Girl Name Starting with  B  with meaning 

Barkha : The Rain.

Brinda : Tulsi or Goddess Srimati Radha.

Bhagyashree : Devi Laxmi bringing luck and wealth.

Bhavika : Cheerful Expression.

Bhairavi : The Goddess.

Benisha : Dedicated, Flashing.

Barbara :

Benita : Humble.

Bharti : One who is emotional.

Bushra : Happy News.

Bella :

Bhavisha : 

Bhavana : Feelings, Affection and Expressions.

Bianca : White light, Shining.

Bela : Sacred wood apple tree.

Bhoomika : Goddess Earth.

Brinda : Tulsi or Goddess Radha.

Bandhavi : One who loves family and friends alike.

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Finally, vedic names for boys & girls also take into account numerology – another important aspect in determining suitable baby names according to Indian tradition & beliefs . Numerology helps identify certain qualities about an individual based on numbers related to his/her date of birth; this information then allows parents pick out meaningful yet powerful monikers that will bring good luck & fortune throughout life! By taking all these factors into consideration while selecting Hindu Baby Names , you can ensure your little one starts off his/ her journey through life armed with positive energy from day 1 itself !

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