Mystical Prophecies Of 21st Century, Astrology Predictions of World By Shri Rohit Anand Ji

The 21st century is a time of unprecedented change and a time of ever-evolving possibilities. The mystical prophecies of the 21st century predict an era of immense progress and growth across all areas of life. This century's astrological predictions point to sweeping changes in the economic, social, political, and environmental landscape. In terms of economy, this century will see the shift from a traditional economy toward an information economy. Social structures will see significant transformation in regard to gender and social roles. Political changes will include the development of new forms of democracy and the rise of global governance. Environmental changes will lead to radical developments in climate change as well as a future of energy sustainability. Such changes will great impact the lives of people in the 21st century, and the prophecies of the astrologers suggest that this era will be characterized by both tremendous success and profound difficulties.

Vedic Astrology Predictions of America, France, India, China, Germany, Australia, Russia, Asia, Europe and Africa

Mystical Prophecies Of 21st Century, Astrology Predictions of World

India will become the global power with much influence, strong economy, technological advancements and shall lead the world towards peace, justice, dharma and righteous living. Change in global order will weaken America, China and Europe and power center will shift to India and Asia.

21st century will witness the decline and disintegration of America, UK, China, Canada and end of demonical regimes in all Islamic states and Communist Regimes in nations like China, Cuba, Venezuela.

There will be decline of Islam, Christianity, Jainism, Sikhism and end to all man made religions and evil ideologies of communists, terrorism, violence, chaos, misery, ignorance of the world.

Europe power and population will decline, they will suffer poverty, unemployment and protests from their own people against corrupt and immoral regimes.

Sanatan Dharma and only spiritual and righteous way of life for mankind on entire Earth will establish itself in every country of the world from Africa, Arab, Asia, China, Russia to Europe and America. Enter planet will move towards oneness.

Infertility, impotency, corruption, prostitution, unemployment & poverty will increase in China, Europe, France, Britain, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Turkey etc.

There will be huge shift in consciousness of humans and there will be rapid technological advancement, innovations, space exploration and finding minerals in different planets and moons of our solar system.

India will become the Richest, wealthiest nations of the world and will attract the global talent with center of innovation, startups, research, technology, wisdom, spirituality and advancement of medicine and computing.

Communist CCP of China, will deceive, lie every country, coerce, threaten, and corrupt politicians, fake its economy, hide the truth from world and continue to endanger territorial integrity of nations, economies, proliferate nuclear weapons, eliminate its CCP leaders, violate international laws, abuse UNO, IMF, World Bank manipulate WHO and its inhuman corrupt policies will make its own people and business suffer. China will become unsafe for everyone as new dangerous diseases, virus, epidemic, infections will kill people.

Pakistan, China, Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Lebanon, Syria, Maldives, Nigeria, Malaysia will be the new centers of Islamic Terrorism, Extremism & fanaticism. These nations will become more unstable, insafe, economic crises, factories shutting down, high cost living and their citizens denied visa and jobs due to security reasons.

There will be De-Dollarization as more nations around the world be stop using dollar and new currencies  and digital payments from Asia, India will emerge stronger.

Wrong use Artificial Intelligence and Robotics in hands of rogue nations & companies will become dangerous for humanity, earth, nations, people and economies of the world.

Disaster awaits Canada, Britain, Australia, Belgium, Sweden, Ireland, USA, India & Europe for intake of illegal migrants, islamist khalistani jihadis Chinese Pakistani Bangladeshi, Africans, islamic radicals with violence terrorism chaos, forced conversions, inhuman Sharia, Vandalism. China, Pakistan, America and Canada will explode from inside leading to unrest, bloodshed, violence, riots, protests, increased crime, prostitution and infectious diseases.

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Psychic Predictions for 21st Century, Horoscope Readings and Prophecies of Nations, Humanity and Future of Mankind

There will be rapid advancement of advanced technologies for space, communication, robotics, energy, atomic fuels, flying machines, medicine and nano bots.

Too much secularism in Canada, Britain, India, France, Germany, America, Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, Thailand, Vietnam will greatly harm their own country, their culture, social fabric, national security due to influx of illegal migrants & refugees from Islamic countries, China, Bangladesh, Pakistan & Iran.

Indian Hindus and followers of Sanatan Dharma will become the most spiritually advanced in the world. Yoga, Ayurveda and Alternative healing practices will become popular all over the world.

Colonizers Nations like Britain, France, Germany, USA, Belgium, Sweden and, Switzerland will face retribution, unemployment, economic ruin, violence, riots, protests, vandalism from illegal migrants, refugees and will become unsafe.

There will be increase in the number of suicides, heart attacks, poverty, loneliness and depression among youth, Chinese, Americans, British, Islamists and Europeans.

India will make big achievements in space technologies, helping poor nations,  and establishing peace in the world.

Britain, America, France, Germany, China, Canada, Germany will face wrath of public, massive protests and revolt against corrupt and incompetent regimes with slowdown in economies. Their policy of over secularism will bring disaster for their country with influx of followers of Islam.

Nuclear , Biological, Chemical weapons of America, China, Iran, Pakistan, North Korea will be the biggest threat to world peace security, safety, humanity and planet.

France and Germany will witness its economy slipping to new lows due to corrupt politicians, wrong policies, aligning with China , refugees and illegal migrants.

Space travel will become popular among people and will be affordable for long distance travel. There will be increase in the speed of travel on earth and in space for humans and new generation rockets.

China, Pakistan, Turkey and Iran will destroy Islam and Christianity and will bring disrepute, humiliation and suffering to its followers with repression. There will be cyber attacks, scams from China, Russia, Iran and North Korea. There will be bigger threat for new Virus from PLA of China, Espionage, technologies stolen from Europe, USA, Australia, Israel & India.

Many Banks of China, America, Canada, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, UK and Malaysia will collapse and face closure and people losing its money. There will be massive fall in stock prices and oil prices will tumble.

Demonic ideologies in Islamic nations, atheists in communist nations and Europe will bring much misery, suffering, deaths, famines, violence, diseases, inhuman evil karma of consuming flesh, alcohol and immorality.

China, Russia, North Korea, Iran, Pakistan will do cyber attacks on America, UK, Israel, India, France, Germany, Japan, South Korea.

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Astrology Predictions

Nuclear Fuels fusion technologies will be used more and more for generating power and for space missions in rockets to reach out to Mars, Sun, Moon, Venus and satellites of Jupiter and Saturn.

Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen Qatar will bring great disrepute/disgrace to Islam and humiliation of Muslims leading to its downfall and Islam will become extinct. More nations around the world will Ban it and restrict is spread which will lead to derecognition of being it a religion.

Artificial Intelligence will take over farming, predicting future with astrology, assisting humans to develop skills and exploration in space.

More and more people in China, Pakistan, North Korea, Turkey, Iran and other nations will commit Suicide, will undergo depression, stress, infertility and impotence. Population of the world will decline as cost of living will become higher for people.

Consciousness of humans will rise leading to more innovation, scientific achievements, space exploration, new fuels. humans will begin to understand to live in harmony with nature, becoming vegetarian and not to disturb balance of nature.

Most evil regimes of China, North Korea, Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Turkey, America, UK, Nigeria, Venezuela will bring much violence, terrorism, chaos, suffering, misery to mankind, nations, Earth and their own people.

New technologies come into being to transfer electricity without wires and new generation nuclear fuels will come into use.

America, China, Iran, Pakistan, Canada, North Korea, UK, Afghanistan, Turkey, Qatar, Malaysia, Indonesia will become most UNSAFE, REAL THREAT to Mankind Humanity Earth Space, their own people, Civilized Society. Islamic Communist Khalistan ideologies is next biggest threat to all Religions as they Spread Hate, Intolerance, Divisiveness, Cruelty Inhumanity, Separatism & are Anti God, Anti Religion & Evil.World should isolate such nations/followers & Ban them from all nations as they are promoting Hatred Violence Killings Bloodshed Terrorism Virus Chaos.

Evil Communist China will try to take over lands, nations, mineral resources, sea routes of nations that are corrupt, weak politicians with debt trap, threats, migration of their nationals, interfering in bad democracies like Canada, Australia, Pakistan, Maldives, Nepal etc. China's Dictator will face attack on his life by his own countrymen. Rogue Chinese CCP & Weak PLA will plan invasion of Philippines, Singapore, Burma, Nepal, Australia, Maldives & Sri lanka.

Alien advanced civilizations will be greatly upset with few nations, humans, false religions and ideologies taking Earth and mankind towards wars, violence, terrorism, destruction and bloodshed.

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Aliens. future of mankind

Bharat will lead the world and will be global player in defence, space, economy, technology, innovation and research.

America, UK, China, Canada, Pakistan, Malaysia, Turkey, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Lebanon, Syria, Yemen will will spread , support, finance terrorism, islamic extremism in nations promoting wars, violence, chaos, secessionism, subversion.

Islamists, Khalistan's, Communist, Jihadis, Pakistani will become the biggest threat to peace, harmony, unity of many nations in times to come. Many celebrities, politicians, journalists will be on the payroll of such fanatics agenda.

China will take revenge of its downfall and humiliation with supporting islamic terrorist organizations, terror sponsoring nations like Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, Libya, Indonesia, Malaysia, Canada, Maldives, Bangladesh, Iraq, Nigeria etc to spread violence, wars, chaos, destruction around the world in democratic nations.

India will launch its own space programme for making its space station, travel into space and colonization of Moon.

Pakistan, China, North Korea, Qatar, Oman will fund & supply weapons, missiles, Nuclear technology to evil nations and islamic terrorist organizations all over the world like JEM, Hamas, Hezbollah 

There will be food shortages, spread of new virus, rise in sea levels, famines that will take toll on life of humans.

Israel will Not listen to anyone in the world and will set a new example in ruthlessly crushing Hamas terrorist organizations & Islamic nations promoting terrorism. It will not stop till it has achieved its goal and violence, destruction, misery will continue. Hamas will continue to exist and will bring further destruction & suffering for Muslims and nations supporting it.

India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, China will be rattled with earthquakes, cyclones, floods causing much destruction.

There will be unprecedented development of new technologies never seen before in the history of mankind with regard to cure of major diseases, space travel, communication, weapons, nuclear, AI, computing, surgery. Human will travel on earth and space with great speed beating time.

Demonical nations like Pakistan, Bangladesh, Iran, Turkey, Malaysia, Sudan, Maldives, Nigeria, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Yemen will try with hidden agenda to do  islamization of democracies like UK, Canada, India, France, USA, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Burma, Brazil, South Africa by taking advantage of freedom, democracy, lax laws and vote bank politics, illegal migration, population explosion, lust jihad, forced conversions & land grab.

Mystical Prophecies, Astrology Predictions of World

Colonization of Mars, Moon with extraction of minerals will be initiated by China, America, India, Russia and with collaboration.

21st century will witness end of many religions like Islam, Christianity, Jainism and Sikhism as people will leave them due to distortions, misinterpretation and original teachings being lost.

Xi Jinping, Joe Biden, Justin Trudeau, Ebrahim Raisi, Emmanuel Macron, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Angela Merkel will be the worst head of states that will bring misery, suffering, downfall, Humiliation, Chaos, insecurity for their people/nations and weakening their countries.

Food & water crises, hunger, poverty with strike many countries like China, Africa, Asia, Europe, Gulf Countries.

Nations around the world will move towards Banning Islam and deporting Muslims from every country as it will not be considered religion anymore and will be recognized as threat to civilized societies, freedom, other religions and democracies.

Rogue and irresponsible nations of Pakistan, China, North Korea will smuggle nuclear technology, weapons, missiles to Iran, Ukraine, Saudis and terrorist organizations of world.

United Nations, WHO, IMF will become ineffective and most corrupt organizations and will fail to achieve objectives for which it was created.

Australia and New zealand economy and security will suffer with deception from China's Mafia CCP.

Hindustan will lead the world globally, show the path to economic development, truth, spirituality, peace, love and united humanity. It will punish nations spreading evil, terrorism, corruption and inhumanity.

Japan, Germany, France, USA, UK, Russia, China, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Turkey, New Zealand will see their economies falling, high cost of living, unemployment rising and fake economic data exposed to world.

Majority of Islamic Countries and muslims will face misery, suffering, poverty, bloodshed, ban, deportation, extinction and conflicts due to self destruction, fanaticism and original islam being lost.

There will be more and more visits by aliens and sightings of UFO's around the world in every country who will make their presence felt as they are keeping close watch on humans and their advancements.

America, China, Indonesia, Japan, Canada will face the fury and destruction from nature in form of Floods, Cyclones, Storms, Snowfall and Earthquakes.

There will be NO world war but there will be rise in conflicts between nations leading to upheavals, economic slowdown and negative growth of some nations.

Narendra Modi, the PM of India's PM will be more popular than before all over the world and take India to next super power of the world that will bring prosperity, stability and show the world the right path of living an humanity.

21st Century, Astrology Predictions
Population of the world will decline and increased life span of humans. Few people will get married or have no to fewer children.

Nations, Politicians & People who indulge in corruption, frauds, immorality will suffer the most as Earth enters new stage of higher consciousness.

India will defeat China, Pakistan and many Evil nations on Earth which will bring peace, stability and justice. It will also reclaim its territories and help smaller nations from demonical regimes and ideologies of jihadis, Communists, CCP and save Taiwan, Tibet, Nepal, Australia, Burma, Maldives, Vietnam, Japan.

President of China will face abrupt and cruel end along with his supporters. There will be bloodbath, chaos, instability, violence, brutal repression, suicides with decline of Chinese economy. China will become most unsafe for business, tourists, students, traders, visitors, companies and its own people.

Many nations like USA, Russia, India, China will deploy weapons in space and test new generations of nuclear weapons, robotic soldiers, AI driven lazer & EMP weapons.

Jihadi, Khalistani and Communist left Ideology will be the biggest threat to all democracies, civilized society & other religions especially in USA, UK, Australia, India, Israel, France, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Norway, Switzerland, Canada, Ireland, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Italy.

Great wrath of God, Allah & Cosmic divine forces will come upon China, Pakistan, Iran, North Korea, Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Algeria, Lebanon, Turkey, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Uganda, Egypt, Sudan, Somalia as millions of people will perish, die, suffer in poverty, die from hunger due to distortion of religion, inhuman evil karma, immorality, repression, conflicts, terrorism & incest, demonical way of living, harming mother nature and transgressing laws of nature. Natural disasters will strike gulf nations leading to floods, famines, storms leading to beginning of the end of Islam.

Nations that will become friends of China, America, Pakistan will be ruined and will face misery, deception, violence, terrorism and abandonment in the end. Rogue China will destabilize the weak and corrupt regimes and nations like Nepal, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Australia, Burma, Bangladesh to to put pressure upon India.

There will be rise in corruption, scams, frauds, scandals, riots, violence, protests, bribery, destruction, prostitution in China, Pakistan, Bangladesh, France, Canada, Turkey, Indonesia, Malaysia, Iran, UK, Uganda, Lebanon, Sudan, Switzerland, Azerbaijan .

America & China will waste the resources of Earth with wasteful consumption, Toxic release of wastage leading to destruction of both these nations with Earthquakes, Floods, Storms, Tornadoes, Rainfall, Hurricanes, Famines and Food Shortages.

Evil nations of Pakistan, China, Turkey, Qatar, Maldives, Azerbaijan, Iran will make alliance against India, America, UK, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Sri Lanka & Nepal. China will illegally occupy land, resources, ports, sea routes, territory of other nations, fail to invade Taiwan.

Rogue Nations of China, North Korea, Iran, Pakistan will help develop and smuggle Dirty Nuclear Bomb & missiles to Destroy & attack Israel, USA, UK, Canada, Germany, Netherland, India, Australia, France along with their assets.

Predictions of india

India will become global power, spiritual, space, military and economic power with massive influence and change the global order in times to come.

Banks of America, China, Canada, Turkey, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Iran, Malaysia, Maldives, Iraq, UK will collapse and people will lose their money, assets and face financial difficulties.

Hollywood movies and film production will see massive losses, financial distress as people will reject movies, films and Netflix.

Floods, Poverty, Famines, water shortages, food crises, violence, conflicts, civil wars will devastate islamic countries and economies of Africa.

America, China & Pakistan will interfere in other nations, govt functioning, corrupting politicians, bribing officials, overthrowing govt, setting false narratives and fake propaganda, destabilizing elected govt creating chaos, riots, illegal protests, violence & supporting terrorism.

Robotic and Nano Bots surgeries will become popular with use of Artificial intelligence.

Millions of children, young and elderly will dies in China due to diseases, suicides, poverty and suffer from depression and mental derangements.

Britain will move towards breakup, separatism and chaos in times to come with influx of migrants from Pakistan, China and economic weakness.

DNA directed BIO weapons will emerge new threat to political leaders by countries like China, America and Russia.

Flying machines, cars, anti gravity scooties will come into prevalence that will increase the speed of travel from one corner of earth to another.

Bollywood or Indian cinema will become popular worldwide. Hindustan movies, TV programmes will become rage around the world.

South Africa will face economic difficulties, chaos, misery and suffering.

China will witness much bloodbath, killings, elimination of many communist leaders, PLA generals, communist party members, Chinese people dying with inhuman torture, ruthless, illegal ways by the President and spread false propaganda about their deaths.

Levitating technologies will come into use by few countries for travel, transport, industrial use, building flying machines and military purpose.

Central America will face coup, civil wars, violent conflicts, power struggles and attempt to overthrow of regimes.

Earth will face close encounters and dangers from Meteorites, Space debris, asteroids from space.

flags of america, china, russia and europe, astrology, horoscope

Yemen, Syria, Iran will face destruction, violence, bloodshed, conflicts and annihilation.

Rogue Chinese regime will bring downfall of its nation, misery to its people and of its allies like Maldives, Pakistan, North Korea with tiis corrupt and evil policies.

Great misery will come to  citizens of nations that colonized, invaded other countries and indulged in loot, plunder, rape, killings, torture of natives. UK,  USA, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Germany, Bangladesh, Russia, Iran, France, Portugal, China, Indonesia will meet with economic ruin, misery, riots, destruction,  poverty and protests.

Iran, Afghanistan, Indonesia, Japan, China will witness Earthquakes and face destruction, misery and sufferance will come to people.

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