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Lord Hanuman is one of the most beloved Hindu deities in India. He is a symbol of strength, courage and devotion to Lord Rama. His story has been celebrated for centuries and he remains an important figure in Indian culture today. 

Hanuman was born as the son of Vayu, the wind god, who blessed him with immense physical power and divine intelligence that enabled him to perform superhuman feats such as flying across oceans or carrying mountains on his back. He also had access to powerful weapons from his father's arsenal which made him even more formidable in battle against demons like Ravana or Ahiravana who were enemies of Lord Rama’s kingdom Lanka during Ramayan times.   

His loyalty towards Rama was unparalleled; he would do anything asked by Him without any hesitation even if it meant going through great hardships himself such as travelling all over India searching for Sita when she went missing after being kidnapped by Ravana during their exile period together at Dandakaranya forest area near modern day Chhattisgarh region while they were living there disguised under aliases ‘Vishwamitra’ (Rama) & ‘Janaki’ (Sita). This act alone earned Him eternal respect from both gods & humans alike making Hanuman an immortal part-deity forever remembered fondly throughout history till present day India where we still celebrate His birthday every year on full moon night known popularly as 'Hanumat Jayanti'.

Lord Hanuman Wallpapers & 4K HD Backgrounds, Pawan Putra God Hanuman Ji Photos 

Hindu god Lord Hanuman is considered to be as the lord of courage and fearlessness, who not only protects his devotees but also destroys the evil. Divyatattva brings you High Definition Lord Hanuman wallpapers and backgrounds pictures for free download. 

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