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Divyatattva brings you horoscope birth charts of great Indian saint Paramahansa Yogananda, who was god realized and had great spiritual powers.

This zodiac birth chart of the famous renunciate yogi and the founder of the Self Realization Fellowship and YSS demonstrates convincingly the use and importance of a broad knowledge of yogas. Yogananda ji was born with Leo Zodiac Ascendant and With some good yogas in the horosocpe charts. There is good Buddhaaditya yoga with Sun and Mercury being conjunct occupying the 5 house of discernment with the Sun as the lord of lagna. this activated both houses the first and the fifth house giving outstanding results. Yogananda was also knwn for his sharp mind, his power of discriminaiton and his oratorical abilities. The Moon, lord of the twelth house of renunciation, seclusion and ashrams occupies the first house and the twelth house is only aspected by the benefic Jupiter. Maha Avtar Babaji Wallpapers

Name: Paramahansa Yogananda.
Date of Birth: Thursday,  5 January, 1893.
Time of Birth: 20:14:00
Place of Birth: Gorakhpur.
Country : India.

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All the three lagnas of Yogananda's charts are strong and fall in the nakshatra of Magha which represents the throne room. The throne in his case have symbolized  his becoming king among yogis in the west during his lifetime. Constellation of Madha in Hindu astrology represents lineages and Yogananda emphasized to his western disciples the importance of revering all the sages in one's spiritual lineage.

Natal Chart of Yogananada Paramahansa Ji.

Lunar Yr-Mo:   Nandana - Pushya
Tithi:  Krishna Chaturthi (Me) (66.20% left)
Vedic Weekday: Thursday (Ju)
Nakshatra: Magha (Ke) (75.31% left)
Yoga:  Priti (Me) (1.04% left)
Karana:  Bava (Su) (32.40% left)
Hora Lord: Saturn (5 min sign: Pi)
Mahakala Hora: Jupiter (5 min sign: Aq)
Kaala Lord: Rahu (Mahakala: Rahu)

Yogananda did his graduation and studied philosophy, literature in the year 1915 in the dasha of Venus and Mercury. Planet Venus  is the 10th lord and gave him success in the sub period of  graha Mercury in the 5th house of education or intelligence. 

His famous works, Books and writings : Autobiography of a Yogi, Divine Romance, Bhagvad Gita : God Talks with Arjuna. See ** Yogananda Teachings and Quotes Here

His horoscope has Jupiter placed in the 8th house of Pisces with debilitated Mars and aspected by Saturn.

Yogas in The Horoscope: Vosi   D-1   Ve , Skillful, charitable and learned , Planets other than Moon in 12th from Sun.

Nipuna (Budha-Aditya) D-1   Su, Me, Skillful, expert, well-known and respected .Sun and Mercury together or in mutual 7ths

Sunaphaa  : D-1   Sa, Intelligent, wealthy and famous, Planets other than Sun in 2nd from Moon

Guru-Mangala  : D-1   Ju, Ma ,  Righteous and energetic . Jupiter and Mars together or in samasaptaka

Kaahala               D-1   Ma, Ju                          Strong, bold, cunning, leads a large army                              Jupiter and 4th lord in mutual kendras, strong lagna lord

Sankha                D-1   Ju, Sa                          Wealth, good spouse and children, kind, pious, intelligent, long-lived The 5th and 6th lords in mutual kendras, strong lagna lord

Sarala  : D-1   Ju ,  Long-lived, fearless, learned, celebrated, prosperous .The 8th lord in the 8th house

Yogakaraka            D-1   Ma                              Success and achievements                                               Same planet owns a kendra and a kona

Rajayoga              D-1   Sa, Ma                          Successful and high achievements                                       Conjunction, aspect or exchange of kendra/kona lords

Rajayoga              D-1   Ma, Ju                          Successful and high achievements                                       Conjunction, aspect or exchange of kendra/kona lords

Rajayoga              D-1   Sa, Ju                          Successful and high achievements                                       Conjunction, aspect or exchange of kendra/kona lords

Rajayoga              D-1   Ju, Ma                          Prosperous                                                             The 5th and 9th lords in conjunction or samasaptaka

Viparita Raja Yoga    D-1   Sa, Ju , Success after pressures or someone else's losses. The 6th and 8th lords in conjunction or samasaptaka.

Raja Sambandha  : D-1   Ju  , An intelligent minister. Amatya karaka in own sign or exaltation sign. D-1   Ve, Ju . An associate liked by a king. Amatya karaka in a kendra/kona from atma karaka.

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Vimsottari Dasa:

 Rah MD: 1941-04-14 (4:02:44 pm) - 1959-04-15 (6:40:60 am)

  Antardasas in this MD:

  Rah: 1941-04-14 (4:02:44 pm) - 1943-12-28 (11:01:05 pm)
  Jup: 1943-12-28 (11:01:05 pm) - 1946-05-22 (1:47:48 am)
  Sat: 1946-05-22 (1:47:48 am) - 1949-03-27 (10:12:49 am)
  Merc: 1949-03-27 (10:12:49 am) - 1951-10-18 (3:53:14 pm)
  Ket: 1951-10-18 (3:53:14 pm) - 1952-11-04 (11:00:11 pm)
  Ven: 1952-11-04 (11:00:11 pm) - 1955-11-05 (5:26:36 pm)
  Sun: 1955-11-05 (5:26:36 pm) - 1956-09-29 (5:18:37 pm)
  Moon: 1956-09-29 (5:18:37 pm) - 1958-03-27 (5:38:03 pm)
  Mars: 1958-03-27 (5:38:03 pm) - 1959-04-15 (6:40:60 am)

Vimsottari Dasa: Maha Dasas:

 Ket: 1891-04-13 (8:10:10 pm) - 1898-04-13 (3:31:19 pm)
 Ven: 1898-04-13 (3:31:19 pm) - 1918-04-14 (6:32:22 pm)
 Sun: 1918-04-14 (6:32:22 pm) - 1924-04-14 (7:14:26 am)
 Moon: 1924-04-14 (7:14:26 am) - 1934-04-14 (8:56:20 pm)
 Mars: 1934-04-14 (8:56:20 pm) - 1941-04-14 (4:02:44 pm)
 Rah: 1941-04-14 (4:02:44 pm) - 1959-04-15 (6:40:60 am)
 Jup: 1959-04-15 (6:40:60 am) - 1975-04-15 (9:08:50 am)
 Sat: 1975-04-15 (9:08:50 am) - 1994-04-15 (6:07:37 am)
 Merc: 1994-04-15 (6:07:37 am) - 2011-04-15 (2:37:24 pm)

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