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Indian Match Making India Matrimony Kundali Milan By Top Famous Astrologer & Occultist of India Shri Rohit Anand Ji at Divyatattva India

Divyatattva India brings you most reliable astrological services for match making, Indian matrimony compatibility check for groom and bride, kundali milan and online birth charts for them. Get Horoscope match making or kundli milan, love relationship check by India's most renowned Astrologer, Tarotist, Numerologist, Yogi and Tantric Shri Rohit Anand Ji.

Free Marriage Matching, Free Kundli Milan, Free Matchmaking, Free Love Compatibility, Free Horoscope matching for Marriage

Online Kundli match making for marriage.

Kundali milan or Indian match making is the ancient scientific of Hindus to check the compatibility of boy or girl, groom or bride at every level from soul, spiritual mental, emotional and physical level to live their life in love, harmony, peace, mutual understanding and growth with minimum problems in life. Marriage is the union or fusion of two divine souls through sacred rituals, prayers, ceremonies, mantras, blessings and hymns that bind them together so that they evolve together on every plane of existence. Soul connection comes backs at every lifetime but it depends on us about choosing the “Right” one and is there that Vedic Astrology helps the individual take right decision.

Basic Kundali Milan, Horoscope Compatibility  Consultation Fees : INR Rs.2500/- or USD $ 45.

Consultation Fees Payable for Marriage Matching, Kundli Milan, Matchmaking can be made by Cash, Check, Bank Transfer, IMPS, NEFT, Paypal.

You need to send us the following birth details, janam kundli or horoscope charts of boy and girl:

Groom or Boy

Full Name
Date of birth

Bride or Girl

Full Name
Date of Birth

You can also send us the horoscope birth charts of both boy and girl for match making or kundali milan. But make sure that they are correct and have the accurate birth time of both.

Our Email : Divyatattva @

Note : All your private birth data and consultations will be kept confidential and will not be shared by anyone. Your Indian horoscope match making report will be send by Email after receipt of consultation fees.

Divyatattva Online Vedic Astrology, Tarot Card Readings, Oracle Card Predictions, Lenormand Divination India 2021-2022.

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Vastu Expert Online Vasthu Consultations For Home Business Factory Shop Offices By Top Vastu Expert Shri Rohit Anand Ji

Divyatattva Vastu Consultation services online by top Vasthu shastra expert for real estate, corporate And industrial Vastu Shastra Consulting, Vaastu tips , advise and remedies By Shri Rohit Anand Ji.

Free Vasthu tips Vastu shastra remedies Free Vasthu consultations Best Vastu expert online.

You may be living in any country and thinking of buying/investing in property or real estate whether in your country or elsewhere in different country but are doubtful or confused and unsure if property you are thinking to buy is or will be good or beneficial not for you or not. But now you can buy any property anywhere in the world without fear and doubt and we can help you select the right one that will be good, profitable, beneficial and trouble free for you. We will do the preliminary check of the potential property/asset/land/showroom/office/plot on the following parameters before you make up your mind to buy it. Checks we make will guide you and help you make up your mind to take right decision at right time.

Know and check about the property dealer, real estate company before you deal with them.

Know whether the land, property you intend to buy will be profitable to you or not.

Numerically checking the property compatibility with your luck.

How are the energies of this land and property that you intend to buy?

Will the commercial value will increase in the future?

On whose name the property office, shop should be bought to get maximum benefits and success.

Are there any negative entities in the place/office/home.

Is the property title/papers/documents are clear and okk.

To check if there is No frauds/scandals involved with this property/home and shop.

Are there any Vaastu defects in the property or land.

Will i profit or benefit if i buy and sell this property.

Will give you auspicious dates to buy the shop, flat, kothi, house, land, factory, office.

Should you take loan for this property.

From which company you should take loan in your best interest.

Astro Vaastu or Horoscope check for buying and selling of property.

Ask your questions if you wish to modify the structure of your real estate.

Ask or Consult our Vastu Expert for : INR Rs.5100/- or USD 74 Dollars.

Consultation fees to be paid in : Cash, Check, Paypal, Bank Transfer, IMPS, NEFT.

For Vasthu Consultations you need to give us following details :

Your Name.
Your Present Location.
Phone Number.
Email Address.
Property Address that needs consultation.
On whose name property is or to be bought.
Birth details of person on whose name property is or will be : Date of birth, Time of Birth, City and Country.
2 to 3 Pictures and map of particular property in question, if possible.

Send the Following details at our :

Email Address : Divyatattva @

You can also Whatsapp your queries, ask questions and have consultations with prior appointment only.

Note: All your consultations, private data will be kept strictly confidential and private. Your property Vastu consultations will be sent by email after receipt of fees.


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Future of India Horoscope Predicitons about India Hindus Astrology Natal Charts of Bharatvarsh By World Famous Astrologist Yogi Shri Rohit Anand

Prophecies about India, Predictions about India , Future of India as per Vedic Astrology, Astrological predictions of Hindustan and Indian Economy India becoming Superpower 2021 and 2022.

Indian Astrology, Future of India, Vedic Astrology, Online Future Predictions about India by Shri Rohit Anand.

Indian economy will start to recover in the end of 2020 and be continue to do better in 2021. Stock markets will soar to new heights.

Hindus shall unite and Sanatan Dharma will see huge uprising and it will make India revive its lost glory in India and the world.

India will make new scientific advancement in space technologies and again send new satellites in space and on Moon. It will prepare for sending Humans in space.

Communist left ideology of Anti Hindus, Anti India and Jihadi ideology of violence, separatism and intolerance will be biggest threat to security and integrity of India. Imperialist China will be funding terrorists, anti nationals, separatists, maoists in India to destabilize it.

Indian govt will prepare for war with Pakistan and China to take back its territories of POK, GILGIT, BALTISTAN, Aksai ladakh. Pakistanis and China will be defeated and frustrated on every front when in conflict with India. Coward communist China will try to make Tibet & Ladakh the battle field to contain the conflicts without major damage to mainland China. India will humiliate China and Pakistan at every level from diplomacy, cyber war, psychological war, economically and  land conflicts.

Indian Economy will grow fast and will become the third largest economy in next five years.

Some of the politicians and political parties of India will get corrupted and work for enemy nations of China and Pakistan.

Indian leadership will remain strong, will bring radical reforms in right direction and will take the country forward. India's reputation, prestige will increase and will be recognized as strong economic and military power.

China will do espionage in most of its consulates in India and will fund the demonical communist ideology and militants of the North east. It will create trouble in North East and Southern state of India with funding and inciting people and minorities to create unrest with patronage of political parties.

Yoga, Meditation and Gita of Hindus will become popular among masses and children in new and confident Bharatvarsh.

Hindus will demand reconstruction of all older temples in India which were destroyed by barbaric Islamic invaders in the past.

Sexual and cyber crimes will increase. There will be cyber attacks from Pakistan, China, Russia, Turkey and America on India.

India will help many smaller nations with aid and military support and its foreign policy will be more assertive and aggressive under Modi Govt.

State level politics of BJP will be challenging but people will appreciate central govt policy decisions and its popularity and that of PM will remain high.

Bollywood will give some major blockbusters movies and popularity of hindi film industry will increase thought the world. Politicians, Officials, businessman, plotters and planners, saviour of  murderers of bollywood actor Sushant will be exposed and only some of them will be jailed. India and world will come to know how bollywood actor was honey trapped in destroying his career, siphon off his money and was threatened and murder of Disha was part of this and some of the actual killers of both will not be caught. It was part of plan and is also linked to money laundering, drugs and professional criminals  & their network getting exposed.It  also has links with murder of another high profile politician wife who was about to expose cricket betting racket, money laundering, drugs syndicate which remains unresolved till date. Drug Mafia of Dubai operates from Pakistan controls bollywood with drugs.

India will win every conflict with Pakistan and China and defeat them in every field. Indian armed forces will face new wars in times to come. Indian military will defeat coward Chinese soldiers and corrupt and weak Pakistani forces.

India will lead the new world order and its power and strength will increase under the current prime minister. It will become a powerful nation with new security alliance with countries and place in world organizations such as UNO and other regional forums.

Indian space organization will prepare new generation satellites to reach for planet Venus, Mars and to carry out scientific experiments in space with discovery of new galaxies, solar systems, planets, space happenings.

India will be rattled with earthquakes, fires, communal riots and floods. Danger to city of Mumbai will increase coming years as it will start to flood more and more with rising sea levels and rains.

Hindustan will become the much sought after country for alliance in world organizations, groupings and will sign new military pacts.

It will grow in power and in military might and will develop new generation weapons, Nuclear warheads, hypersonic missiles and laser weapons.

Right policies of self dependence will make India technology, manufacturing and innovation hub and it will become third largest economy in few years.

China will try to disrupt India's development work in Northeast, Myanmar with militants providing them with arms , ammunition, funding and terror training.

Pakistan Hatred towards India and Hindus will lead it to path of self destruction, misery, suffering and failure as a country. Pakistan Army, Jihadis, Mullahs and China will be the cause of decline and disintegration of "Pakistan. European and Asian nations will reject jihadi cult of terrorism, violence, riots, intolerance, forced conversions, destroying other religions and deport muslims and deny them visa.

China's jealousy, enmity towards India will see Chinese getting bloody nose, its influence waning and getting frustrated and humiliated at every front against India.

Corona Chinese Virus will see its impact waning after October 2020 as many Indian and foreign companies will start to come out with effective medicine and vaccines being manufactured at large scale not only for India but also for the world. More than 2.5 lac people will die in India due to this Virus.

Bharatvarsh will continue to help weaker smaller and friendly nations in times of disaster,calamities, wars and free them from slavery or debt trap of Rogue CCP of China.

Pakistan foreign policy will be pathetic and failure against India and it will fail to mobilize support for kashmir. Its alliance will fail and see more sanctions and tough days ahead of people of Pakistan. They will be on streets, there will be collapse of govt, economic ruin, frustration, humiliation and Pakistan losing its territory on every front to neighbouring countries.

Indian influence, power and prestige will increase in world and international organizations. Hinduism popularity will increase and more and more countries will adopt Hindu way of life, living and Sanskrit will see its revival.

Coward Communist Chinese will try to make Tibet, Nepal, Aksai Ladakh, Bangladesh, Pakistan turn against India and make them battlefield in fight against India will be defeated in its attempts. India will liberate Tibet, Aksai Ladakh, Balochistan, POK, Gilgit Baltistan from Evil Islamic regime of Pakistan and Demonical Communist China.

Arab nations will witness wars disrupting oil,its supplies and prices, it will be good for India if it quickly reduce its dependence upon oil and switch to electric and solar energy.

Govt of India will make radical changes to take country forward with bringing new bills in parliament  including Population control and Uniform Civil code, which will again face protests by enemies of India. People will become aware of the sinister threat of Islamization of India and Bollywood.

Kashmir will see returning to normal, elections, development and new govt but acts of Islamic terrorism by Pakistan to derail democracy will continue.

Rogue China, Pakistan, Nepal, Turkey will  be on the path of Self destruction, misery, sufferance due to wrong policies of its autocratic politicians, leaders and dictators. China will deploy missiles on Tibet , Mt Everest.

Every passing month will see the fall of Evil Pakistan and demonical China and Communist ideology will lose its popularity. Nepal will be the new center of drugs, smuggling, sabotage, espionage, terrorism, fake currency, Chinese spies and anti India activities.

People will lose faith in police, judiciary and state govt due to lack of trust and will demand more accountability.Sexual offences, abuse, prostitution, drugs use, depression, lung diseases, diabetes, cancer, suicides fire accidents will soar. 

India will prepare its astronauts to land in space and moon in times to come. As the first few countries that will reach moon will colonize it and take away its precious resources, India will be of them.

Loneliness, divorces, adultery, extra marital affairs, property disputes, cheating in relationships will increase in society. Fake pseudo gurus will be exposed.

21st century worst Evil leaders who destroyed their own country and brought suffering one will be Chinese President Xiping, Pakistan PM Imran Khan, Iran Hassan Rouhani and Turkey President Erdogan. These countries will remain hostile to India and will indulge in cyber attacks on India, they will become failed and frustrated nations and slide towards chaos, protests, poverty, misery, suffering and self destruction. Their leaders will become unpopular and will lose their power.

Coming years will see wars and conflict between forces of evil and goodness, dharma and adharma. Many countries will indulge in war, resistance, bombings, military conflict, armed forces positioning or realignment and protests against corrupt leaders. Hindus will unite and India will prepare itself for relentless wars against demonical forces, evil countries , protect the weak and bring peace and stability.

China, Pakistan, Turkey, North Korea, Iran, Nepal will be hostage to Evil rulers which will bring much misery, repression, suffering, poverty, humiliation to its own people. China will arm these nations with weapons, missiles and debt trap & corrupt them to do its bidding to create chaos, crises, conflicts.

India or Hindustan will undergo great transformation and people of India will become more aware with higher consciousness and values. Corrupt, Anti nationals, Anti Hindus, Criminals will suffer as forces of Dharma and Justice will become stronger.

Year 2020 will be remembered as the worst year in the Indian history as god and nature will punish humans to give a lessons to be on right path, renounce selfishness and greed or be prepared for more destruction on larger scale in times to come.

World Most Accurate Predictions and Prophecies

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✪ Virat Kohli Birth Charts Analysis Virat Kohli Horoscope & Zodiac Sign

Know about the future of India, predictions of India and what does Hindustan or Bharat Bhavishya vani or future is in the coming year. Get Astrological predictions about India or भारत राशिफल and future of India as per Vedic Astrology and divination with tarot card readings.

Divyatattva Indian Vedic Astrology, World Predictions, Divination and Prophecies 2021-2022.

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India Independence Day Hd Wallpapers 15 Aug Backgrounds Photos Beautiful Indian Freedom Pictures Free Download at Divyatattva

Divyatattva presents Indian Independence Day Celebrations Wallpapers in full size, 15th August HD backgrounds for free personal use only.

Divyatattva India 2020-2021 Hd wallpapers and Backgrounds of 15th August, Indian Independence day.

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Future Predictions Astrology Prophecies 2021 2022 Horoscope Of India China Pakistan America Russia

World Famous Predictions, Astrological Prophecies 2021 and 2022 about happenings, wars, economy, chaos, humanity and upliftment of human consciousness. These Future Divinations are by most accurate world famous astrologist, tarotist, numerologist, tantric, mystic, yogi and occultist Shri Rohit Anand.

Know about the future and horoscope predictions about America, Russia, India, China, Pakistan, Japan, Australia, Germany, France, Italy, South Africa and gulf nations.

Evil China will see its decline and rouge communist regime will loose its popularity among chinese people. Majority of nations around the world will turn against China and its expansionist, inhuman barbaric, coercive policies of lies and deceit. President Xiping will face much internal revolt, troubles and criticism from its own people due to wrong CCP policies, increased poverty, food crises, isolation, economic ruin, fake economic data,  lies  and  repression of freedom and destroying Democracy. China with its ally Pakistan and Iran will develop and spread new Biological and Nuclear weapons endangering humanity.

Future of India, Future of china, Future of America, World Wars, Nostradamus Predicitons

Indian Economy will see sharp rise and recovery. Stock markets will make new heights. India's GDP will rise and will bring cheers to world economy. Congress and Communists will face great troubles and people of India will lose faith and trust in these political parties. Future of India is extremely bright and it will become the next biggest economic, innovation, manufacturing and pharma hub of the world .

Pakistan and Bangladesh will continue with spread of Islamic terrorism, hatred, intolerance, atrocities on minorities, commit human rights abuses on Christians, Hindus, Sikhs and Baloch.

Hinduism, Sanatan Dharma, Ayurveda, Yoga of India will become popular in every nation and people will adopt Hindu culture, Hindus way of living in every country. Bhagvad Gita, Kriya yoga, Tantra will become popular and sanskrit will be taught around the world in Europe, India, Africa, America and Russia. Jihadi Islamic ideology of hate separatism intolerance and communist left ideology of  anti hindus, anti nationals will be biggest threat to democracy of India. India will make massive strides in developing new weapons systems and its . India will send new spacecrafts to Moon and military satellites in space. It will make breakthrough in laser weapons and military robotics.

Corona Chinese Virus infections will continue but its vaccine, medicine and cure will be out and its effect will start to wane by the end of Nov 2021. Many Pharma companies will come out with its cure, medicines, Vaccine from Sep 2020 onwards and gradually it will keep improving till 2022 when Covid 19 will vanish.

Nations Of China, Iran, Pakistan, Turkey and North Korea will see alliance of Evil which will be biggest threat to world peace and security, they will end in failure. These countries will witness protests, changes in their power centres. Indian Military might will defeat coward Chinese forces and corrupt Pakistan army.

Human consciousness will see shift and upliftment and template of planet Earth will start to change. Corrupt and Evil ones will suffer.

World economic outlook will start to improve from later part of 2021.

Islam will see its decline, next generation followers of Islam will lose faith due to its distorted and degenerated ideology of violence, intolerance, hate, suppression, ignorance and repression. Islamic and gulf nations will slide into poverty,wars, food crises, conflicts, chaos and much bloodshed. Oil prices will become volatile. More and more countries will turn against islamists and demand their deportation and denial of citizenship.

Scientific advancement into space will be made and many nations will launch their satellites, start work for building new space stations, space tourism, new generation of faster rockets, preparation to reach Moon and Mars in coming years.

New generation fuels will come up, robotics will see rapid advancement, flying cars will see more research, technological improvements to make it cheaper and affordable.

China alliance will be the cause of great suffering for Iran, Nepal, Pakistan and Turkey. Chinese intelligence will  use Biological weapons to destroy freedom and democracy around the world with intent to make them weaker and slave with policy of imperialism. China and Pakistan will prepare for Bio terrorism and Islamic jihadi terrorism against free democracies European countries, America and India. They will spread new virus, bacteria plaque and highly infectious diseases to destroy humanity under a plan. Communist Chinese will arrest and execute pro democracy activists in Hong kong and will secretly try to assassinate Tibetan and Taiwanese leaders. Rogue Chinese will corrupt politicians and political parties in America, Australia, India, Italy, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Germany and African countries etc. 

New world blocks and alliances will emerge in Europe, Asia, Arab nations and in Pacific. Military budget of every country will go up. New weapon systems will be developed and tested by countries for Earth and Space.

India will send new advanced satellites for space and Moon and will make much advancement in science and technology.

Africa countries and many nations of the Gulf will slide into poverty, suffering, wars and self destruction. They will cease to exist as nations and will witness protests, civil strife and conflicts.

Rogue & corrupt regimes and rulers of Turkey, North Korea, Hongkong, Pakistan, China, Nepal and Iran wrong policies will be the cause of great trouble, misery and suffering for their own people. They will follow the policies of extremism and dictatorship, suppression, conflicts, deceit and destroy other religions. They fool and lie to their own people.

There will be No World war III in the future but there will be conflicts between the nations. Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, China, Syria, Israel, Uae, Saudi Arabia will see conflicts and destruction.

Pakistan and its citizens will do money laundering spread Islamic terrorism, drugs, fake currency in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, France, Sweden, Belgium, India, UK, USA, Singapore, Malaysia and Australia.

Russia will develop new weapon systems, missiles but will face economic crises and internal protest against President Putin. There will be political chaos, suppression, fear, death and destruction of important opposition leaders.

Many nations of Asia, Africa, Latin America, China, Pakistan will suffer with food crises and chaos with people protesting against their governments and corrupt rulers. Their govt will be overthrown and new regimes will take over.

American influence will decline in world affairs and China will never be a Superpower but a Evil Communist nation. China will fake economic data, millions of companies will shut down, its plan of companies takeover will fail, and unemployment will increase, banks will default and people of China will lose money.

Polar ice will melt at fast pace and coastlines of many nations will start to submerge with flooding of European nations. America  and China will witness much destruction from Fires, riots, violence, floods, Hurricanes, floods and torrential rains as mother Earth will begin to punish them for destroying it. There will be much economic loss and setbacks for both. Their banks will default and losses will mount.

Earth temperature and water levels will rise and start flooding submerging coastlines of many continents and South Asian countries, sea animals will begin to die. Earth will begin to shake more with earthquakes due to reckless human living.

India, Japan, Australia, Canada, France, South Korea and USA will defeat and isolate China in the world. Chinese influence and power will decline and it will be a frustrated nation with failures and regrets. Chinese president Xi ping will be the worst communist leader that will be the cause of self destruction of China and misery of Chinese people.

China, North Korea, Iran, Russia, Pakistan, Turkey will indulge in Cyber attacks and indulging in hacking and defrauding citizens,organizations and companies of many countries. Chinese and Pakistanis will continue to be the biggest supporter of terrorism, spreading violence & espionage to steal secrets in Germany, France, Afghanistan, Nepal, India, Myanmar, Srilanka, Iran, Syria, Philippines, UK, Canada, Bangladesh, USA, Australia.

USA will witness bitter electoral fight, much violence, mud slinging & dirty politics before it. There will be intense campaigns in elections and American electoral system will be falling apart with manipulation and will not be free or fair.

World will witness much upheavals as Earth and many countries will undergo changes in leaderships, change of consciousness, govt overthrown, top political leaders resigning, many countries going bust and collapse, economies defaulting.

21st century worst Evil leaders who will destroy their own country and will bring suffering will be Chinese President Xiping, Pakistan PM Imran Khan and Turkey President Erdogan. They will be failed and frustrated nations. China, Pakistan, Turkey, North Korea, Iran, Nepal will be hostage to Evil rulers which will bring much misery, repression, suffering, humiliation, poverty to its own people.

Divyatattva Astrology & Tarot Online Webportal, 2021-2022, India.

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Ganapati HD Wallpapers Free Download Indian Gods Backgrounds For Lord Ganesha Festival

Sri Ganesha full size hd wallpapers, Ganapati Bappa photos , Lord Ganesh backgrounds, Siddhi Vinayak clip art and beautiful pictures for free personal use only.

Do You know which is the favourite color of Lord Ganesh Ji? Its Green Yellow or Marigold and Red too.

Ganesh images full hd,  ganpati hd wallpapers 1920x1080,  bal ganesh images hd 3d  ganesh wallpaper  ganpati images hd,  ganesh ji wallpaper hd

Ganesha photos, Ganesh pictures, Lord Ganehsa with mouse images, Indian Gods, Hindu God Vinayaka

lord ganesha hd wallpapers, 1080p  lord ganesha images, hd 1080p download  lord ganesha wallpaper hd,  ganesh wallpaper hd

More..... Lord Ganesha HD Backgrounds & Wallpapers

✹ Lord Shiva HD Wallpapers Full Size

✹ Vastu Shastra Consultations Online

Divyatattva spiritual wallpapers, Indian gods, goddess hd backgrounds 2020-2021.

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Vedic Astrology Vasthu Shastra Astro Property Vastu Analysis By Rohit Anand Vastu from your Horoscope

Divyatattva Astro Vastu Analysis Vastu from your Horoscope By world renowned Psychic, Occultist, Astrologist, Numerologist, Tarotist, Vasthu expert Shri Rohit Anand Ji.

Get your House, office, factory, land chekced before you decide to buy it.

Vastu is Ancient Indian science to check the  balance of 5 great elements  that is : earth, water, space, air and fire which, when has to be in proportion and exact ratio which generates positive Bio electric energy that bestows positivity, health, growth, wealth, comforts, happiness and prosperity in natives.

How are the Energies of This house/property/land for you  .

How is the Quality of construction of this House/Office/Factory.

How this house will be for growth and prosperity?

How will this house/property for Health?

Are there any Negative Entities in this house?

How are the Documents Title Paperwork of this house ?

Will the commercial value of this home increase in the future?

Will This house Require any Alterations ?

Basic Vastu consultations Module :

Consultation Fees : INR Rs.3100/- or USD $ 47/- . Pay by Cash, Check, Bank Transfer, Paypal, IMPS, NEFT.

For Vasthu Consultations you need to give us following details :

Your Name.
Your Present Location.
Mobile Phone Number.
Email Address.
Property Address that needs consultation.
On whose name property is or to be bought.
Horoscope or Birth details of person on whose name property is or will be : Date of birth, Time of Birth, City and Country. (If Available)
2 to 3 Pictures and map of particular property in question, if possible.

Send the Following details at our :

Email Address : Divyatattva @

Note: All your Vasthu consultations, personal and private data will be kept confidential and not be shared with anyone. Your questions/queries will be answered and replies will be sent at your email address after receipt of consultation fees. For personal appointment or on phone consultations you need to send us the message requesting for same.

Divyatattva India Vasthu Expert, Vastu Consultations, Online Fengshui in New Delhi, India 2020-2021.

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Aries Zodiac Horoscope Traits Personality By World Famous Celebrity Astrologer And Occultist Shri Rohit Anand New Delhi India

Divyatattva Aries free online horoscope analysis, traits, personality, nature, weakness, strengths, potential, characteristics according to Vedic astrology.

Being afiery zodiac sign Aries men and women are hot people, spicy, sensual, impatient, aggressive, protective, warrior, competetive, impulsive, ambitious, fighter, sexy and determined. By Shri Rohit Anand , World famous Vedic Astrologer, Tantric and Occultist.

aries , zodiac aries men and women traits, aries vedic astrology, aries horoscopes online free

Consult World Famous Celebrity Astrologer Now : Astrologist and Occultist Shri Rohit Anand

★ Kundli Matching For Wedding - Online Horoscope Match Making for Marriage

Daily Aries Horoscopes, Free Aries Zodiac Astrology, Online Aries Daily Predictions at Divyatattva.

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Lord Shiva Hd Backgrounds Siva Meditation Wallpaper Hindu God Mahadev in Samadhi

Divyatattva Lord Shiva Hd Wallpapers, Mahadev Hd Images, Siva and Parvati photos and Shivji pictures in Meditation.

Hindu god Shiva is called by many names in Hinduism or Shaivism tradition such as Shiv, Kailash nath, Mahadeva etc. Shiva is infinite one or the kalapurush or the supreme being who destroys and transforms the universe.

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Famous Astrologer in Patparganj I P Extension Genuine Advice from Expert Astrologer Shri Rohit Anand ( Vedic Astrologer Tantric Occultist Life Coach)

Get Personal Vedic Astrology consultations by Best Indian Astrologer in Patparganj, I.P.Extension, Vikas Marg, Ghazipur  Karkardooma, Madhu Vihar, Mandawali New Delhi, India.

The Navagraha or nine planets are said to be the forces that influence, direct or eclipse the mind of individuals and the decision making of human beings, thus the term graha. When the grahas are active in their Daśhās or time period they are said to be particularly empowered to direct the affairs of people and events.

Jyotisha is the ancient Hindu system of astrology which is also known as Hindu astrology or Indian astrology and more recently it is famous with the name of Vedic astrology. It is based primarily on the sidereal zodiac an imaginary belt of 360 degrees, which, like the Sāyana, or tropical zodiac, is divided into 12 equal parts.

Horoscope consultations by Top Celebrity Vedic Astrologers of India Shri Rohit Anand Ji. Your questions may be with reagard to :

When will i get married?

How will be my health in the coming future?

Will i have good realtionship with my boyfriend? Will he be faithful to me?

Which stone will bring me luck and money?

Do i have chances of settling abroad?

When will i get job?

Does my Husband is haivng a Extra marital affair with any women?

Is he posessed by Evil spirits?

Has someone casted an Evil eye upon me?

Will i do good in this business?

What is my birthstone in Indian Astrology?

Should i get Educaiton Abraod?

Will my realtionship improve with my parents?

When will i make lots of money and attain prosperity?

Will i be able to repay my loans and debts?

Should i purchase this property?

Will it be good for me if i purchase this property?

How do I know what gemstone to wear according to my horoscope?

Is there love marriage in my kundli?

How can astrology help in improving my financial position?

Can i start a new business as per astrology?

Will i get name, fame and awards in life or profession?

Ask Any Three Questions per Horoscope : Consultation Charges INR Rs.2500/-, any additional question Rs.1100/- only.

Contact Us on our Email : Divyatattva @ Gmail. com

Paid Astrological Consultation Fees By : Bank Transfer, Cash, Check, Paypal, UPI.

Note : All your consultations and personal informaiton, birth details are kept strictly confidential and private. They are NOT shared with anyone. All consultations personal or by phone only after appointment and advanced deposit of fees. You can send your request for appointment or consultations by message on whatsapp, sms or by Email.

Professional Online Vastu Consultant and Vasthu Expert : Get Astro Vastu consultations for your home, shop, land, property from top Vasthu expert online. Best Vastu services and Professional Vastu Shastra Consultation services By phone, email, Whatsapp, Skype, Video calling, by On-Site Personal Visit and even long distance Vasthu shastra advice and guidance by Shri Rohit Anand Ji.....

Indian Cricketer Vorat Kohli horoscope birth charts, zodiac sign, career astrology and his married life. Horoscope analysis of his natal charts by top Indian astrologer, tarot card reader, numerologist and celebrity life coach....

 Inspirational Poems & Quotes By Rohit Anand

Top astrologer, tarot card reader, numerologist, vastu expert in Patparganj,Vikas marg extension, I.P.extension, Krishna nagar, Railway colony, Mandawali, Madhuban colony, Laxami Nagar, Shakarpur, Pandav Nagar, Nirman Vihar, Joshi colony, AGCR colony, Hargobind Enclave, Dayanand Vihar, Gitanjali Enclave.

Divyatattva Vedic astrology charts, kundali milan tarot card readings, lenormant oracle, Angel Card Reading and Guidance, Ascended Masters messages and Runes predictions. 2020-2021.

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Lord Krishna HD Wallpaper Full Size Festival of Janmashtami Radha Krishna Pictures Hindu God Pictures and Backgrounds Free Download

Divyatattva brings to latest collection of Srimati Radha and Lord Krishna wallpapers, backgrounds, photos and pictures for free personal use only. 

Monday, May 11, 2020

Yoga Immunity Treatment For Corona Virus Covid19 Symptoms Flu Infections Prevention With Ayurveda Homeopathy By Yoga Master Rohit Anand

Corona Virus or (COVID-19) Disease, Symtoms, Cure, Treatment, Immunity and protection with yoga , meditaiton, alternative medicine, healing, homeopathy and ayurveda. By Yoga Master Rohit Anand.

Yoga cure, yoga treatment for Corona Disease, Yoga Healing Ayurveda Homepath cure for Covid 19

What is Corona Virus or Covid 19 or Chinese Virus? Corononavirus ( CoV) is a fatal group of disease causing virus that is highly contagious and can transmit though humans and animals. It spreads through droplets generated though cough, sneezing of an infected person. These droplets reamin in air, floor or surface for sometime and can be inhaled by anyone coming in contact with that conaminated area. Any person breathing in the proximity of such person or infected area might get infected too. One can also get infected with Corona Virus if one touch such patient, contaminated place or thing and take that infection to ones eyes, nose or mouth by touching it. Since it was first reported in Chinese Wuhan city, in December 2019, the 2019 novel coronavirus or Chinese Virus (2019-nCoV) has become a global health issue.

Testing and Diagnosis of Corona Virus.

In the intial stages of person getting infected, he or she may not show any symtoms at all and might take some time to show the symtoms which can be from 5 days to a week. Incubation period of first week is the phase of the establishment of the virus and during this period virus operate by entering the cells within the human body that it is made of and then the body gets hijacked by it. The body can be invaded by coronavirus, while inhaling (for example when someone nearby coughs) or if you happen to touch a surface that is contaminated and then you touch your face, eyes or mouth. During this early stages, one may or maynot not get sick or even not develop any symptoms.The incubation period,( the phase between the infection and the initial appearing symptoms)  may vary widely, however spans on an average of 5 days to 7 days depending upon the immunity of a person.

In case you feel unwell, fatigued, get headache, sore throat, cough or feeling of being unwell and doubt the symptoms of coronavirus, then an immediate medical examination becomes necessary. The doctor or hospital may recommend Corona Virus testing on the basis of the criteria or symtoms given:

You have come back from an overseas trip in fourteen days before feeling ill.

You are suffering from respiratory issues such as cough, shortness of breath, sore throat and are having or not having any fever.

Any members of your family suffer from Corona Virus symtoms or came into contact with any such person who was infected already.

You are suffering from severe case of pneumonia that is community acquired and no other reasons for it is evident or clear , whether you have recently travelled overseas or not.

If you body temperature is more than 37.5 deg or 99 F and or has fever.

If you feel that you have symtoms of Corona Virus then is best to self isolate or quarantine till you reach the doctor or medical team reaches you. Maintain distance of atleast 12 to 15 ft from everyone whetehr its friends, family or colleagues and even animals.

Symtoms Of Corona Virus :  The common symptoms of this virus being infected in humans include cough, cold, mild fever in initial stages , fatigue, breathing difficulties, respiratory symptoms and shortness of breath, loss of smell and taste. The severe cases may extend to pneumonia, kidney failure, severe acute respiratory syndrome, and  also cause death in the end if not treated.   

Who Are Prone or Vunerable to Corona Virus Infections .

Men, children, old people, people having diabetes, smokers, people suffering from lung diseases, stressed, people who are prone to anxiety and worries, cancer patients, non vegetarians eating meat processed at uhygenic places. People who travel, remain in public places and come in contact with infected patients.

Prevention of Corona Virus. To prevent the spread of corona virus infection , it is recommended to wash hands regularly with soap or sanitizer, wear N95 mask to cover nose and mouth when you cough or sneeze and avoid eating non vegetarian food as it is subject to be infected with numerous bacteria and viruses if processed at dirty and unhygenic places. Also close contact is to be avoided with anyone who shows any symptoms like coughing, sneezing related to   respiratory illness. Its also advised to wear glasses and gloves as one can also carry the infection from a infected point of contact from anywhere whether its handle, lift, office, public toilet or boarding a train and if you travel too much. One also need to avoid visitng public places and disinfect the hotspots, items, things that are identified to be spreading the infection. Doing regular exerciese, walking and staying hydrated helps prevent and treatment of Corona infection. Certain  bad habits like smoking, vaping, alcohol consumption and substance abuse have a direct correlation between weakened body defences and respiratory illnesses you might get. Engaging yourself in smoking, hookah and vaping is suppose to weaken your lung capacity and destroy the cells lining your respiratory tracts, these cells are crucial to fight viruses that enter through your nasal orifices.

Remember wearing hanky, cloth or surgical mask to cover your mouth or nose dont help you or other being infected.

How Yoga and Meditation can Protect you against Corona Virus?

Ayurveda, Yoga, Pranayama and mindfulness meditation plays a important role in helping to building or strengthning the immunity the body so as to be able to fight off flu, common cold and coronavirus even if you get infected your body with recover itself from it, if you have been into yoga. Meditation considerably helps to reduce stress, anxiety, boosts the immunity levels of everyone whetehr its children, women, men or old people. 

Pranayama that can Help : Bhastrika, Kapalbhati, Surya Bhedi Pranayama can generate enough heat in the body to kill ay infection and virus in the body or the lungs thereby cleansing or detoxifyng the body to make it healthy and increasing the immunity levels.

Anulom Vilom pranayama – Anulom Vilom Pranayama or it is also called as “Alternate Nostril Breathing” helps in cleansing the energy channels in astral body within and the respiratory system in the physical body. It also helps in balancing and channelizing the neuroendocrine functions, and thus aids in enhancing the body’s immunity. 

Suryabhedan Pranayama – This  technique of pranayama entails the breathing through the right nostril only and the breathing out  of the left nostril, one can do these 10 to 15 times, avoid doing in extreme heat as it warms up the body .

Bhastrika – This involves a procedure of  vigorous inhaling and exhaling with spine straight by sitting in a asana.

Sleep well and do shava asana for relaxation, removing worried or anxieties and gaining peace. 

Yoga Asana For Corona Virus.

Shashankasan – In this yoga pose, be in a seated posture, the lymph toxins get drained out from the body via forward bending and the immunity improves.

Padahastana – While  standing, the lymph toxins get expelled from the body through forward bending and circulation gets enhanced.

Paschimottanasana – In a similar manner, paschimottanasans helps in expanding chest posteriorly.

Sarvangasana – In the supine posture, the legs and body are to be  raised upwards till the region of the shoulder . This eliminates the toxins of the lower limb from the body while reducing pressure on the lower body.

Matsyasana Fish Yoga Posture – The Matsasana or fish pose is done after Saravangasana usually. This powerful yoga pose works in the form of complementary posture bringing in the equanimity. It also looks into the other regions of the body such as neck.

Dhanurasana or Bow Pose – While you lie on the abdomen, ( prone posture), twist both your hands and legs backward, in a manner that resembles the body similar to a bow. 

Similarly most of the asanas of  backward bending yoga postures such as Ushtrasana (camel pose), bhujangasana (snake pose), enhance the elasticity, volume  and strength of muscles and chest cavity and retain more oxygen.

Diet and Food that Can Help in Prevention, Curing and Treatment of Corona Virus.

Pineapple, Citrus Fruits, Nimbu, Oranges, Kinu, Mausmi, Drink tulsi tea, Almonds, Broccoli, take Aswagandha. One can also take regular supplements of probiotics like Yoghurt or Yakult, vitamins C and D and Zinc. Taking Orange, Pineapple juices, Coconut water also helps in preventing and cure Corona Virus. You can also eat supplements rich in omega 3 & 6 fatty acids for your daily dose, if stepping out to buy groceries is not an option during social distancing. Some natural immunity supplements include ginger,  garlic, gooseberries (amla) and turmeric. Keeping body propery Hydrated will help flush out the toxins from the body and lower the chances of flu or getting infected with Corona Virus. Other alternatives include fresh fruit juices made of citrus fruits and coconut water, to beat the heat and diasease.

Is there Homeopathy Cure or Treatment for Corona Virus?

Till today modern medical science has been unable to find the cure for Corona Virus but as for now this is being treated in intitial stages of infection with paracetamol, abundant fluids and bed rest is advised for treatment.

Homeopathy medidcines can provide immunity and can be helpful in treatment to corona virus infected patients. Some of the meidicnes are Aconite, Arsenic Alba, Gelsemium, Nux Vomica, Rhus Thox, Camphor, Tinospora Cordifolia, Bryonia, Ocimum sanctum, etc can be taken as per the prescription of the qualified doctor. Potency and frequency of medicine can be decided by the medical professional after examining the patient condition.

Ayurveda Role in Treatment of Corona Virus.

Ayurvedic immunity boosters like Coronil by Patanjali Ayurveda, Chaywanprasha, Anu tela, Sanshamani, Ashwagandha, Tulsi can help in treatment of Corona Virus. Ministry of Ayursh, govt of India is enrolling health workers and Ayurvedic institutions for treating patients with alternative medicines in the country. By Shri Rohit Anand

Disclaimer : Any medicine should always be taken after being recommened by qualified health professional.

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Enlightening Spiritual Quotes about God Hindus Life Inspiration for Peace Mind Joy and Success

Divyatattva presents enlightenning spiritual quotes,  words of wisdom, soulwisdom, transformative quotes about spiritual awareness, god, hinduism, life, success, strength by awakened saints of India. Presented By Shri Rohit Anand.

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Top Astrologer Dayanand Vihar Preet Vihar Anand Vihar Delhi Ghaziabad Noida NCR India For Astrological Consultations Horoscope Readings

Get horoscope consultations from India's top and renowned vedic astrologer with 30 years of experience. Shri Rohit Anand Ji ( Astrologist, Tarotist, Occultist, Numerologist, Vastu Expert, Tantric, Mystic, Yogi)

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Jyotisha is the traditional Hindu system of astrology which is practiced in India since ancient times and find its mentoin in the Vedas and it tells us that there is connection between the microcosm and the macrocosm. Most Hindus believe that heavenly bodies in our solar system, including the planets and Moon, have an influence and control the lives of a human beings on Earth, and these planetary influences are the "fruit of karma". The Navagraha and their planetary deities, are considered subordinate to Ishvara or Supreme god in the administration of justice. It is also known as Hindu astrology, Indian astrology and more recently Vedic astrology.

Ask Any Three Questions per Horoscope.

Online or personal consultation for profession, career, business, health issues, personal life, marriage, promotion and career problems. Famous celebrity Astrologer gives  authentic and honest astrological advise and solutions. Celebrity and bollywood Clientele. Services offered are: Birth charts making, Horoscope Analysis, Match-making, tarot card readings, oracle card predictions, angel card readings and messages. ★ What Satisfied Clients has to Say

Your questions or consultations can be regard to any one horoscope and should be specific and precise. Like these :

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Should i make career in this field?

How will be my son in studies in his present class?

Has someone done black magic upon me?

How can i improve my relationship with my wife?

How will be my Sex life ?

Will i be able to win the court case?

Will i get promotion in my existing job?

Personal Appointment Advance Booking : Consultation Fees Rs. 2500/-. Additional question fees Rs.1100/- Fees can be made by Cash, Bank Transfer, Check, Paypal.

Contact Us : Email : Divyatattva @ Gmail. Com or you can also leave the message in our comment box and have option to fill the form online on our website.

Skype or Whatsapp Facebook video messenger horoscope consultations available online.

Note : All your consultations and personal information, birth details are kept strictly confidential and private. They are NOT shared with anyone. All consultations personal or by phone only after appointment and advanced deposit of fees. You can send your request for appointment or consultations by message on whatsapp, sms or by Email.

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Enlightening spiritual sayings and quotes,  beautiful words of wisdom, inspiring soul wisdom, transformative quotes about spiritual awareness, inner peace, god, Hinduism, life journey, success, wealth, strength by god realized and awakened saints of India......

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