Revati Nakshatra|Predictions for Revathi Nakshatra Secrets in Vedic Astrology by Rohit Anand

Birth Star Revati or रेवती Nakshatra Mythology & its Secrets in Vedic Astrology by World Famous Astrologer Shri Rohit Anand

Revati Nakshatra or Revathi constellation is the twenty seventh Nakshatra in the Vedic astrology ranging from 16°40' to 30° in the Meena rashi or Pisces Zodiac. It is also known by the name of Zeta Piscium which is a star in the edge of Pisces zodiac. This nakshatra is ruled by Pushan, who is one of the 12 adityas which is symbolized by the pair of fish. The symbol of this Nakshatra is fish, often a pair of fish and a Drum which represents fertility and growth and this Nakshatra symbolizes both endings and new beginnings. Its animal symbol is female elephant. Revati Nakshatra has its ruling planet as Mercury and it is Deva like nature constellation which signifies the journey of human soul in the spiritual realm. People born under this nakshatra have perfect limbs, genial manners, fair complexion, soft spoken and moderately tall. Zodiac Signs HD Wallpaper Images
Birth Star Revati or रेवती Nakshatra Mythology & its Secrets in Vedic Astrology by World Famous Astrologer Shri Rohit Anand.

Revati Nakshatra Born Men and Women

Natives born in this Nakshatra have attractive personality, god fearing, ambitious, pleasing social attitudes, usually independent, act according to inner calling. They are god fearing, sometimes superstitious, rigid with orthodox culture and principles with pure at heart and know how to act according to given situations. Revati Nakshatra is a collection of 32 stars together and looks like a huge group in the sky. So people born under this sign are very faithful. The person knows how to be calm and cool even during adverse situations but sometimes draws premature conclusions in situations .Revati symbolizes wealth, richness and reputation while some learned people also consider this planet to be a sign of success. Sage Narada describes people born in this star constellation are charming, fortunate, rich, courageous, enjoy pleasures of life, scholarly, travel and live in foreign lands. Those children born under Revati Nakshatra are bright, endowed with good qualities, intelligent and learned. Revati born babies are intelligent and people are the most God fearing, kind, compassionate and religiously much inclined. Therefore they also get blessings of the Almighty for being on path of dharma and righteousness if they choose to follow. Starseed Angel Oracle Cards Reading Online

Dev Brihaspati is it’s rashi-pati and Budh is it’s nakshatra-pati. Devta Pushan is the ruler of Revati constellation.This nakshatra have Jupiter and Mercury influence on them. Planets of Jupiter & Mercury, both of these friends have no direct relation with each other. That’s the reason, whenever Mercury Mahadasha results has to be determined, the person born in this kundali. Nakshatras in Vedic Astrology

 Men and Women born in this Nakshatra 

These people cannot keep secrets for a long time within themselves. They are quite ambitious about education and are always intend upon learning or gaining knowledge . Revati Nakshatra born males and females cannot remain to one workplace for many days. we have often observed that they lose their focus and feel restless and bored when they are to do a task for a longer period of time as they feel like doing something different at most of the times. People born under this nakshatra remain mentally stressed or anxious due to physical issues. People born with this planet’s effect find it difficult to trust people easily in initial stages but once they trust someone they believe them whole-heartedly. They love balance, hence they respect the society and its rituals. They accomplish any task in an orderly manner. They are found to have skills and the ability to handle circumstances and situations with lot of maturity and sensibility. Zodiac Astrology Birthstones

Revati Nakshatra is known to be auspicious and lucky.  He/She is quite sensible by nature always has a readiness to help others. He respects and loves the people around him. As sometimes people are too emotional, sentimental and and soft by nature which makes them  gets hurt very easily of people around them. His well-behaved nature attracts people towards him.

Revati Nakshatra Career and Profession

He will be interested in the scientific solutions, astrology, astronomy, historical research, writer, poet, physician and ancient cultures. It is the last among all nakshatras so natives are keen to gain more and more knowledge due to influence of Mercury and Jupiter. The native born under this constellation will be of a scientific bent of mind. He or she will be interested in doing historical research, especially in cultures, religions, civilizations, including astrology and astronomy. It has been observed that ones rewards are unlikely to be in proportion with his hard-work till the age of 50, after which he can expect to lead a stable, secure, better and comfortable life. Vastu Shastra Consultations FRom Top Vastu Expert

This birth star or constellation is associated with safe traveling, movement and fruitful journeys. Revati actually means "the wealthy one" and is ruled by planet Mercury. Lord Vishnu, the ruler of Mercury, along with his consort Goddess Lakshmi, signifies wealth and prosperity. Their Career Interests can be from any of these professions like Film actors and directors, comedians, politicians, charitable work, urban planners, psychics, mystical or religious work, journalists, editors, publishers, pilots, flight attendants, clock maker, travel agents, roads worker, planner, maintenance crew, travelers.

Revathi Nakshatra Remedies. Translation: The wealthy. Symbol A pair of fish, drum. Animal Symbol: A female elephant. Presiding Deity : Pushan, the nurturer and protector. Controlling/Ruling Planet: Mercury. Ruling Deity of the Planet : Vishnu. Element : Ether. Body parts : Heels.

The 4 Quarters of Revati Nakshatra

1st quarter Ruled by Jupiter. 2nd quarter Ruled by Saturn. 3rd quarter Ruled by Saturn. 4th quarter Ruled by Jupiter Benefits of  Emerald Gemstone for Planet Mercury

Nature: Deva (God-like). Mode: Balanced. Number: 27. Gender Female. Dosha: Kapha Guna : Satwik. Disposition: Mild and tender. Bird : Kestrel. Common Name of the Tree: Madhuca. Botanical Name of the Tree: Madhuca indica

Revati Nakshatra Alphabets 

Traditional Hindu given names of boys and girls are determined by which pada or quarter of a nakshatra the rashi/Lagna was in at the time of birth. In the case of Revati, the given name would begin with the following syllables: De (दे), Do (दो) Cha (च) Chi (ची) as seed sounds.

Negative Traits of Revati Nakshatra

If janam kundli have malefic influence of certain planets, then the natives may be susceptible to idleness, depression, obstinacy, temper, headstrong ways, orthodoxy and superstition also.

Revati Nakshatra famous Personalities or Celebrities

Robyn rihanna fenty, David Blaine, Angelina Jolie, Jaya Bachchan.  Zodiac Signs Likely To Cheat in Love Relationship

Is Revathi Nakshatra Good for Marriage ?

No, though it is soft and mridu nakshatra, it is good for travels, journey or going for surgery. In keeping with the norms of vedic astrology kuta compatibility or ‘yoni kuta’, Bharani nakshatra and Revati are most compatible for marriage match making, with both being symbolized by male and female elephants respectively.Other compatible nakshatras are Sravana, Rohini, Poorvashada, Uttarashada and Pushya constellation or nakshatras.

By World famous Vedic Astrologer Shri Rohit Anand.

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