Astro Vastu Shastra Tips for Home Office For Positive Energy & Abundance

Vedic astrology  and Astro Vastu Shastra Tips for your Home, Office, Factory, Building For Positive Energy, Wealth, Prosperity & Abundance

Astro Vastu Shastra Tips for your Home For Positive Energy & Abundance

All the built up structures and properties are directly correspondent to the electromagnetic forces of the Earth, vibrations, energies and radiation generated by other planets in our solar system. Therefore Vastu and Vedic Astrology are deeply interlinked and share an important relationship as one's home and structure of office or factory should according to one's birth charts. Ask A Question About Your Horoscope or Janam Kundli

Vedic Astrology is nothing but beautiful ancient science of Hindustan to know about the effects of stars, planets, nakshatras and other heavenly bodies on human psyche and life. Vastu shastra is about rules, codes of nature and environment we live in and does have effect of on humans, animals, family, dwellings, health, prosperity, happiness and life. Hence there's no doubt that horoscopes, birth charts or kundali, 9 planets, 27 constellations and 12 zodiac signs have influence on your place of work, dwelling and living.That being the case, you must be careful about the architecture of your offices, buildings, factory, shop, showroom and homes.Being a Vastu expert and Vedic Astrologer, i am giving some tips and understanding about Vastu to make your living space more positive and energized and also to absorb the maximum advantage of panchtatva (space, earth, air, fire and water).  Lord Kubera Mantra for Wealth Money and Prosperity

South West direction is ideal for making toilet, septic tank or dustbin as these are the activities of disposal and when these activities are carried out in South west direction, health of family remains good and there is peace of mind.

The window on the East should be in a manner that it brings maximum sunlight or pranic energy inside the house as it brings prosperity, abundance, positive energy and good health to the house. The reason of that is Sun is considered as the soul and or the Atmakaraka and is governing body of zodiac Leo rashi in Hindu astrology or jyotish. Know About Your Prospects For Foreign Settlement and Job Abroad

North East is considered as the direction in the home which is best suitable for Pooja Room as it is the direction of Jupiter.

We should make sure that we not have running taps always or water leaking from it as it will bring problems and create health issues in the house.

Fire element in nature is associated with the eyesight or sense of vision. Anything that is attracting you towards itself has Fire in dominance. The element associated with South East direction of your place of dwelling and work is Venus and in astrology also, so Venus has the capability to attract anything like women, artwork, objects of pleasure, comfort etc . The gemstone of Venus is Diamond which stands at the top among all Gemstones. Natives or workers working in factories and industries where the customer buys the product by its look or appearance should have a balanced Fire in their buildings (Home, Offices/showrooms and Workplaces). The Fire related work, factories and industries include Jewelry, Decoration, Clothing, Music, Interior Designing, or any other industry in which the products or services gets sold only by its look or appearance.

Vedic astrology  and Astro Vastu Shastra Tips for your Home, Office, Factory, Building For Positive Energy, Wealth, Prosperity & Abundance

When anything is burnt, ashes remain in the end, which belongs to earth element i.e. Fire element creates Earth element.

I suggest North and Eastern, both directions to be very clean, hygienic and appropriate for the entrance door and keeping it dirty, shoe racks here may attract negative energies to your place of residence.

Having more than 3 doors of entrance will be unlucky as it signifies invitation to problems.

As per what our Astro Vastu Expert Shri Rohit Anand Ji suggests, paintings of scenic sight of river or ocean, or work of art of flowing water and seascape brings in ample amount of good luck to your life if you have well placed Moon and Venus in your horoscope. 

The Lord of Fire or the Agni reigns over South East Direction and hence it is where kitchen should be situated ideally to attract positive energy to your food and cooking keeping diseases away. We also advise you to have platform in such direction that person who cooks faces Eastern direction.

Jupiter rules North East Direction and hence temple should be located in North East direction while photos of deities, Gods and Murtis should face East Side and as per Vastu shastra you must also avoid keeping pictures of  the departed souls in the temple.

We must avoid pictures depicting, negative, sadistic, violence in the house as it attracts negative energies from the constellations.

Moon rules the north-west direction, and hence that side of the house should not be dumped with wasted material and should not be full of darkness or the females of the house may suffer ill health.
Try to use wind chimes in Verandah and crystals in bedroom to avoid fights between family members.

One should avoid keeping all non-working clocks in the houses, offices as it has negative impact on the zodiac signs or birth charts of the family members and that is not good for healthy lifestyle.

This is one another myth that people believe that temple should only be placed in North East direction. North East direction is good for meditative practices and the ideal direction of temple is west. The direction of temple is also decided on the basis of the lord you are worshiping, for example if you are worshiping lord Hanuman, then temple should be placed in South South East direction.

West and North west of your residence, office or factory is composed of West (Gains) and NorthWest (Support). When you see less of gains or profits in your life or your desires are not getting fulfilled, you enter into a state of depression and when you get gains and your desires gets fulfilled, you enter into a state of joy and happiness. When you are having the support of your family and friends, your state is mind will be good, but when nobody is supporting you in your life, you feel depressed.

In the house of the office which have Extended North direction, one can use the color or activity of next element in the Cycle of Creation which is Air element in nature. Here, extension in North can be balanced by using colors such as Green because Water creates Air.

By Famous Vastu Expert and Vedic Astrologer Shri Rohit Anand.

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