Future of India 2023 2024 Astrology Zodiac Predictions about Wars

Astrological predictions of  India for the year 2023 and 2024. Horoscope Analysis on how will India perform on economy, science, spirituality, space, growth, power projection, leading the world and forming military alliances

We bring to you astrological predictions, divination, forecasts, horoscope analysis about the Hindustan or India. Its growing power in the future, emerging geopolitics in the region and India relationships with world powers. We here analyse the horoscope of India with regard to : whether there will be war with China or Pakistan? When will India take back POK, GILGIT and Baltistan. Whether there will be world war 3 in the future?💫 Future of World and Nations

India and World will witness massive shift in consciousness, better way of living, renouncing false and distorted religions, turning to Vegan and Vegetarian food, conscious way of living. Lifespan of humans will increase and population of India will decline.💛 Everyday Morning Suvichar & Inspiration in Hindi

Indian Govt will moves towards freedom of POK, Gilgit and Baltistan and Aksai China from rogue nations of Pakistan and Evil Communist China.India will become great power and world will look to India for guiding humanity and leading the world.

Great divine Race of Hindus shall rise and make great scientific innovations, spiritual achievements, prosper and will reach great heights around the world in every field.

World will begin to follow Hinduism, Sanatan Dharma and Hindu way of living and come to India for advanced spiritual practices. It will be Hindustan that many nations will follow and it will emerge as the leader of Asia, Africa, Middle East and South Asia.

Jihadi islamic ideology, Communism and Khalistanis will be considered as great security threat by govt and people. Many dark ages religions will start to perish as people will lose faith in them due to their degeneration and distortion.

India will face great threat to from rogue nations of Pakistan, China, Bangladesh, Afghanistan who will follow demonical ideologies creating chaos, bloodshed, violence, intolerance, hate, ignorance, supporting terrorism, extremism and indulging in crimes against humanity and other religions. Death toll will continue in India due to Chinese Virus Variants and new diseases in the year 2023.

Life of common people will become harder and difficult due to govt wrong policies, rising prices and burden of taxes reducing the real income of people. Greed will increase and everyone will be for the loot of helpless and the poor. Suicides, drugs, prostitution, crime, cyber frauds will increase and people will face unsafe, insecure and anxious with poor internal security. Govt will fail to bring reforms to improve Police system, give quick justice and lack of electoral reforms will endanger democracy in India. Wrong people, anti india elements and some criminal politicians, corrupt, Anti Hindus, Anti Nationals, Jihadi fanatics will enter parliament and state assembly as elected candidates endangering security, harmony, freedom, economy, safety of nation and other religions.

Reverse rural migration and domestic shift will start to happen from cities to sub urban areas as pollution, prices, crime, congestion, riots, disruptions, civil unrest, social tenisons, housing prices increases in urban settings.

Bangladesh will be the new center of Islamic Extremism, terrorism, intolerance, fanaticism who will commit atrocities on minorities of Hindus, Sikhs, Christians, Buddhists and human rights abuses. Its will become threat to nationals of other countries and its neighbourhood.

Laser weapons, AI technologies will be deployed by America, China, India, Russia on robotics, Aircrafts and Anti Satellite Weapons in space. China will try to disrupt economy of India, banking, infrastructure and communication with sophisticated cyber attacks, terrorism, turning neighbours of India against it, causing internal civil protests, blockades and fake propaganda through Indian media by corrupting it.

There will be NO Nuclear war. But there will be conflict between nations bringing destruction and misery to their nations. Most of the predictions of Nostradamus will be proven wrong. Free Happy New Year Wallpapers

Indian Govt lack of foresight in seeing the danger of Pakistan and China as neighbours will prove costly for security of India.Only dismantling of these rogue evil nations will secure the internal and external security and will neutralize the threat and India becoming Superpower and attain world peace.

Indian states of Gujarat, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Orrisa, Bihar, Kerala will face destruction from storms, rise of sea levels, earthquake, heavy rainfalls, floods.
Communist Chinese Virus and its variants spread will continue in India and people will continue to suffer from diseases and death.🛕 Hindu God of Wealth Lord Kubera Wallpapers

India will start to launch its space station from the year 2026 to reach out to Moon, Mars, Venus and Jupiter and its satellites.

India will move towards super power status under Hindus and Hindus lead govt.Its economy will continue to do well and move towards upward trajectory.

Indian democracy will face great threat to from enemy within in form of corrupt politicians, prestitutes, NGO and some political parties who will be on the payroll of enemy nations and getting support and funds from them.

Great threat to humanity and future generations will emerge from anyone marrying Chinese and Extremist Radicals in Islamic societies with altered DNA due to dangerous food habits, marrying within families bringing self destruction due to spread of more diseases, virus, mental disorders, brain degeneration, violent behavior, mutations, fevers resulting in early death.

Hindustan will defeat China and Pakistan on every front and every conflict and these rogue nations will lose their reputation, territory and influence in the world. Chinese economy will be collapsing, stock markets crashing with reduced demand in exports and domestic consumption which will impact Indian economy.

India will face cyber attacks, laser weapons threat, radio jamming attacks on its satellites from rogue communist China. Low orbiting and military satellites will also become the target of rogue nations.

India's neighbour will become more insecure place with wars and conflicts between nations in the gulf, asia and South China sea. Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan and China will become the most unsafe and dangerous nations for doing business and visit.

Communism, Islamic Extremism, Fanaticism will be biggest threat to India's security, harmony, safety of other religions in India, its neighbourhood and world peace. China and Pakistan will be biggest corrupt and criminal nations whose citizens will be threat to security.

People of India will demand the return of colonial loot, artifacts from Britain, France, America and other nations that will have stolen Indian valuables.

America and China will be biggest threat to world peace, planet Earth, humanity, security and economies of the world and will be unreliable partners of India and will be responsible for crash in Indian stock markets in the future.

Indian military and defence establishment will work upon new generation weapon systems, communication networks, Hypersonic missiles, Laser weapons development, deployment and installing in battleground, borders and space too for the future.

Israel, France, Japan & India relations will touch new heights with scientific, military, economic and technical collaboration. Israel will gain more recognition in islamic nations who have been opposed to its existence.

There will be No world war III in the future but there will be border conflicts, military posturing of India with its neighbours for India will claim and take back illegally occupied territory by China and Pakistan.

Bharat will emerge as the great military, spiritual and economic power in the future under the Hindu Govt. It will be India that will lead the world.

India will bring peace to the world with its strong defence forces, economic might and help or save many weak smaller and poor nations from rogue China clutches, provide them with food, medicines, economic help and Vaccine.

Millions of people will leave Islam and Christianity in India as they will lose faith and realize that much of their religious literature has been distorted and original teachings has been lost and no god realized messiah or saint to guide them towards truth.

India will save some of its neighbours like Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Tibet but also give option to join Indian Union to save their existence, economy and give protection as a state.

America, China and UK will be unreliable and untrustworthy partners in trade and military cooperation with India.

Infectious viruses, Chinese corona virus, its variant mutations and diseases will continue to spread but Indian scientists will come out with new medicines, vaccines to cure it and prevent its spread.

World will begin to realize that there is no such thing as time travel. But there are other parallel dimensions and astral universe with advanced civilizations, alien beings and many earthly mortals are also born there on other planets.

Bharat will become the Hub of Innovation, research, start ups, technology, spirituality, space exploration, satellite launching and military industrial complex.

Political landscape of India will change as people will not tolerate corruption, will demand more accountability, electoral reforms and wipe out non performing Anti national, Anti Hindus political parties and politicians from Indian politics. New political parties will win from states and only performing and clean parties will come to power.

Evil communist China will try to destabilize the South Asia and India's neighbourhood with corrupt money, threats, cunning manipulation but will fail in its attempts. India will defeat crooked CCP and Coward PLA  on the borders with China becoming more isolated & pariah in the world.

Indian people and govt will support freedom of Aksai Chin, Tibet, Taiwan and liberate illegally occupied territories by Chinese. Rogue intelligence agencies of China and Pakistan will infiltrate into bollywood, social media, trade unions, political system of India and few political parties, politicians and media houses will work with them for corrupt money to create chaos, disruptions, instability, terrorism, illegal protests, misinformation, false propaganda and violence.

Yoga, Sanatan Dharma, Ayurveda will become popular among coming generations and Gita will be taught in every school, institutes and colleges.

Life span of Indians will increase and they will turn Vegan, Vegetarian and will leave wrong western way of living and lifestyle.

Indian military establishment and research organization will develop new weapon systems, space technologies, missile systems, AI robotics for future warfare never seen before.

Pakistan, Afghanistan, China, Malaysia and Bangladesh will be greatest threat to Islam and bring  disrepute, misery, suffering to muslims, their own people and followers of Islam. To sustain its superficial existence Pakistan Army and ISI will continue to spread hatred against Hindus, Israel India and other religions of the world. This will invite self destruction of Pakistan due to Islamic Extremism and intolerance.

Some of the Indian startup companies will become top companies and turnover in billions.

Islamic Radicalization, Illegal Migration, Refugees, Rohingyas, Bangladeshis, Pakistani, Afghanis will become threat to India's security, stability and states of Kerala, West Bengal, Kashmir, Manipur, Nagaland, Tamil Nadu, and West Bengal.

Pharma companies, drugs mafia will loot people and exploit the misery of people with increase in prices of drugs, medical supplies. Greed and corruption will lead to higher number of frauds, scandals and scams and there will be free loot of money by online ecommerce portals, manipulative prices and selling of Chinese products as Made in India.

America, Pakistan, China, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Turkey, Iran, UK, Malaysia will become most unsafe nations for tourists, foreign nationals and to do business.

Disclaimer : As Vedic Astrology is not considered as exact science, prophecy, astrology predictions  is for entertainment purpose only. Kindly read our privacy policy, terms & conditions.

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