Astrology Future Predictions Of India, Prophecies About Hindustan

India has a rich tradition of astrology and prophecies. The ancient vedic texts are filled with predictions about the future of India. Many famous astrologers and seers have made predictions about the fate of our nation. In this article, we will explore some of the most interesting astrology predictions of India and prophecies about Hindustan.Astrology predictions of India and prophecies about Hindustan reveal a lot about the future of our nation. While some predictions are positive and optimistic, others are cautionary and remind us to be prepared for challenges and uncertainties. It is important to keep in mind that astrology is a tool for gaining insights and understanding, but it should not be taken as an absolute truth. The future of India ultimately depends on the actions and decisions of its people.

Vedic Astrology Predictions Of India: Psychic Prophecies About Hindustan or Bharat by Top Astrologer Mystic Occultist & Yogi Shri Rohit Anand Ji

Vedic Astrology Predictions Of India: Psychic Prophecies About Hindustan or Bharat by Top Astrologer Mystic Occultist & Yogi Shri Rohit Anand Ji

What do Vedic Astrology Predictions Say About India’s Future? Prophecies Unraveled

The vedic horoscope of India reveals a lot about the future of our country. According to vedic astrology, India is under the influence of Jupiter, which governs wisdom, knowledge, and spirituality. Jupiter is considered to be a benevolent planet that brings good fortune and prosperity. This indicates that India has a bright future ahead with great potential for growth and development.However, there are also some challenging aspects in the horoscope of India. The planet Rahu is in particular zodiac house, which creates a lot of ambiguity, opponents and confusion. This suggests that India may face some political upheavals, transformation, nationalism and economic uncertainties in the near future and a new Bharat.

There are many other predictions about India that are worth exploring on our occult website. Some Mystics, seers and astrologers like Rohit Anand Ji have predicted that India will become a global superpower in the 21st century and play a dominant role in world affairs. Others have predicted that India will experience a renaissance in science, technology, and spirituality, which will propel it to new heights of progress and prosperity.

India, a country with a vibrant and rich culture, is also known for its dynamic economy and fast-paced development. With a population of over 1.4 billion, the country has been making remarkable strides in various fields, including technology, healthcare, and education. But what lies ahead for the future of India? What predictions and forecasts can we make based on astrology and other factors?

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Astrology Prediction for India:

Astrology, a science that has been practiced in India for centuries, holds significant value in predicting future events and trends. According to Vedic astrology, the current period of India is marked by the Dasha of Moon, which started in 2015 and will continue till 2025. During this time, India is predicted to undergo significant changes, some positive and some negative.One of the main predictions for the future of India is its rise as a global power economically, politically, and socially. As per the astrological calculations, India will witness unprecedented growth and development in various sectors, including IT, healthcare, and agriculture. Moreover, India is expected to become a world leader in scientific research, space technology, and renewable energy.

However,  our astrologer also predict some challenging times for India during the Moon Dasha. The country may face political turmoil, social unrest, floods, and natural calamities. Moreover, the economy may experience some temporary setbacks due to global economic factors, but overall, India is expected to emerge as a strong and stable economic power in the coming years.Apart from astrology, other factors also play a crucial role in predicting the future of India. One of the essential factors is demographic trends in Hindustan. India is a young country, with over 50% of its population below the age of 25. This young demographic offers a massive potential for growth and development, as the youth is more receptive to new ideas, technology, innovation and entrepreneurship that will take Bharat ahead in the world.

Another critical factor will be the government policies and initiatives. The Indian government will be taking bold, courageous steps to boost the economy, military might and promote innovation and entrepreneurship. The Make in India, Digital India, and Skill India campaigns are some examples of these initiatives. The government is also expected to continue its focus on building essential infrastructure, boosting job creation, and enhancing the ease of doing business.Moreover, India's geographical location offers immense potential as it provides access to diverse markets and resources. The country is strategically placed in South Asia, and its proximity to the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and Africa presents numerous opportunities for trade and investment.

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Horoscope of India, Its Future & Prophecy of Bharat

Another interesting prophecy about India comes from the great sage Maharishi Vashistha. According to him, the horoscope of Bharat (ancient India) indicates that it will become the most powerful and prosperous nation in the world. This prophecy is further strengthened by the fact that India is under the influence of Jupiter, which is a planet of abundance and prosperity.

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 Astrological predictions about India

India will become the Richest country in the world.

Divine race of Hindus from enlightened Rishis & Beings shall rise and awaken to rule the world with its wisdom, knowledge, power  and love.

Santana Dharma will be established in more and more nations and Hindu ideology, yoga, Ayurveda, will be adopted in many nations.

China, Canada, UK, Bangladesh & Pakistan will spread, support and fund terrorism, jihad in India, North East, West Bengal, Kerala, Kashmir & Tamil Nadu. In These nations people will face illegal detention, lawlessness, corruption, Chaos, Economic downturn, protests especially China, Turkey, Pakistan, Bangladesh, UK, Canada, Qatar, Maldives, Malaysia, Indonesia etc.

It will be great global power, spiritual, economic, military, technology and knowledge power in the world.

America, Britain, Germany will lies and hypocrisy will try to show that they are friends of India and stop Indian growth with fake NGO's, funded Human rights Institutions, corrupt media with dubious records.

Hindus and India will help the poor & weak nations with medicine, vaccines, food, loans and Hindus will be respected all over the world for their generosity, spirituality, help, rich Indian traditions, culture, self dependence, knowledge, wisdom, honesty and being a reliable/trustworthy friend.

Aliens, advanced civilizations, demi gods will keep a keen watch on humanity, rogue nations, demonical ideologies who will be spreading terrorism, violence, wars and threaten planet with nuclear & biological weapons. Planet Earth will become a playground, theatre for domination from divine entities and demonical ones. 

France, Poland, Japan, Hungary, India, Europe, Russia, China, Israel, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, France, Burma, Italy & African Nations will move towards BAN on Islamic education, wrong inhuman islamic practices, Burka, Sharia as it will be considered as repression, cruelty, ignorance & threat to national security, democracy & abuse of freedom.

New digital currency will be launched in India with electronic currency in Rupees and bigger demonization paper notes will be gradually withdrawn to curb fake currency from Pakistan and to also curtail corruption.

Time for Indian Govt to start evacuating Indians from Taiwan as China will start occupying it illegally like Tibet, Inner Mongolia, Hongkong, Aksai Chin. 

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Unveiling the Astrology Predictions of India: Insights into Hindustan's Future!

Jihadi islamic ideology, Communist and Khalistani ideology will be greatest threat to India's unity, Democracy, Freedom, Harmony, Economy, Growth and Harmony.

Its India that will rule the world, help weak nations with food, money, loans, medicines, vaccines and gaining freedom from wrong ideologies, Evil communist Chinese debt trap and western hegemony.

There will be No coming of Kalki Avatar as India and world will enter 350 yrs into Dwapara yuga, a new scientific & atomic age of rapid technological advancement.

Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Orrisa, Kerala, bengal & Gujarat will be inundated with floods, Storms, rainfall Delhi, Uttra Khand will face earthquakes and land slides

Malaysia, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, will support islamic extremism, jihadi violent cult in India to establish fake supremacy of islamists in India.

Some politicians and political parties of India will emerge as great threat to Democracy, unity, economy, freedom and Hindus. Policies and statements of  Congress, Communists, AIMIM, PDP, SP, TMC, DMK will be rejected by people of India as Anti Hindus, Anti India and Anti National and not in wellbeing of India.

America, Canada, UK, Bangladesh, Qatar, Indonesia, Malaysia, Nigeria, Australia, Ukraine, China, Pakistan, Oman, Srilanka will be unsafe, unstable, unreliable nations that will be threat to Indians and Hindus.

Indian investments, tourists & companies will be under great threat in Iran, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Canada, Britain, Bahrain, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, China, Ukraine due to violence, hate, intolerance, racial attacks, terrorism, islamic extremism.

India will defeat both corrupt Pakistan army and coward PLA army in every battle. Every conflict will bring downfall of these two evil nations.

There will be more and more UFO's sightings in India and Bharat will be protected by divine forces to spread justice, dharma, spirituality and show mankind the righteous way of living.

People of China will turn against communist Chinese party for ruining nation and bringing humiliation to Chinese people in conflict with India and great suffering due to unemployment, cruelty, repression, persecutions, abuse, brutality, torture and silencing the democratic voices in China by communist govt.

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 Revealing the Prophecies about Hindustan: A Journey Through India’s Astrological Predictions! 

Turkey, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Iran, China will spread Islamic Extremism, violence, communal disharmony in India funded & supported by Canada, China, USA, Britain to stop it becoming global power.

India will successfully send space missions to Mars, Moon, Venus and Moons of Jupiter and Saturn in years to come.

Chinese will spy upon India from Srilanka, Nepal, Pakistan & do fake propaganda with corrupted social media, politicians who will be on the payroll of China.

Illegal immigration from Nepal, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Burma, Sri lanka will become great threat to India, Infrastructure, Indian resources leading to food shortages, water problems and disharmony.

Hindus around the world will unite and lead the world in intelligence, knowledge, wisdom, innovation, spirituality, love and righteous living.

Australia, England, Canada, Germany, USA, China, Malaysia, Turkey, Indonesia will become unstable, unsafe, unlivable and dangerous for Indians & Hindus safety and security due to acts of terrorism, violence, racial attacks, higher cost of living & intolerance.

Great wrath of Allah will come upon followers of Islam & Islamic nations due to Anti Religion and Anti god activities of corruption, lust jihad, violence, terrorism, bloodshed, hate, intolerance, forced conversions, hypocrisy, repression, lack of freedom, suppression, cruelty upon animals, disrespect to other religions, demeaning women, ignorance leading to self destruction.

America and China will use other countries, neighbours of India, Indian ocean to provoke wars, incite violence and support terrorism.

Distorted Islamic ideology, communist ideology and khalistani ideology will be greatest threat to India, civilized society, harmony, peace, economic development, progressive India, unity and other religions.

People of India will boycott films, movies, film personalities, celebrities who are Anti Hindus, Anti India, Anti Nationals, communists, jihadis, Islamic radicals, unpatriotic, khalistani, Pakistani, Chinese, Turkish who work against India and Indian culture.

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Understanding the Vedic Astrology Prediction about India: The Future of Hindustan in the Stars!

There will be increase in scams, frauds, cyber crime, prostitution, sex scandals, Drugs problem involving politicians, celebrities and common man will suffer.

India allying or friendship with America, China Russia, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, UK, Canada will only bring suffering and negatively impact Indian credibility & international standing.

Millions of jobs will be lost due to AI, Robotics, nano technologies entering every field and taking away lower level of jobs in India. There will be increase in unemployment and population growth of India will come down.

Cure of cancer and other diseases will found and life span of Indians will increase. Wrong western lifestyle, polluted waters, alcohol & meat consumption will bring sudden deaths and will impact nervous system. There will be increase in number of suicides, depression, loneliness and more and more people will suffer from Cancer, Diabetes, Hyper Tensions, Heart Attacks and Sexual problems.

Govt will impose heavy taxes on ordinary citizens leading real incomes of people going down.

Millions of people will leave Islam, Christianity, Sikhism, Jainism as people will lose faith in them due to violence, not able to show right path, no god realized saints, distortion in these religions, terrorism, extremism, lust jihad, misinterpretation of religious texts and original religion being lost.

India will help poor nations of Africa, Asia, Latin America with food ,medicine, vaccines, loans for their impoverished people, economic survival.

Any country that is ally and friend of America, China, Pakistan, Canada, UK, Iran, Turkey, Qatar, Nigeria will suffer its downfall, chaos, conflicts, economic ruin and humiliation of its people. Pakistan, Bangladesh will face massive destruction from storms, floods, food shortages, heavy rainfalls and cyclones.

Indian military will work rapidly for deploying weapon systems in space, oceans, developing multiple warheads, laser weapons, cyber capabilities and new generation of missiles never seen before.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram will lose its popularity in India as they will be corrupted, manipulated by China and enemies against India. They will also be rejected by Indians for spreading immorality, grossness, vulgarity, indecency & indulge in Anti India propaganda.

China, Pakistan, America, North Korea will make, experiment smuggle Bioweapons, Nuclear weapons and Chemical weapons endangering humanity, their own people and will do false propaganda, mislead and corrupt international organizations like WHO, UNO and put lives of people & planet Earth in danger.

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Nations around the world will adopt Indian culture, Vedic lifestyle, Sanatan Dharma & Hindu festivals will become popular.

India will become 1st largest economy leaving behind USA, China, Japan and Germany by 2035.

Bharat will face destruction from Floods, earthquakes, communal riots, land slides, storms, unnatural weather conditions and fire accidents.

There will be cyber attacks from China, Pakistan, North Korea, Turkey, USA, Russia upon India and Indian people and data theft by Chinese companies from mobile phones, Cameras, Computers and Mobile Apps.

India will make great technological advancements in space, computing, engineering, manufacturing, robotics, AI, ChatGPT, Satellite Navigation, defence weapon systems, deploying satellites in space, medicine etc.

India should be prepared for war/conflict with Pakistan and China as these two evil nations will bring much miery, sufferance to their own people, humanity, Earth and their rogue regimes will be biggest threat to to every country and all religions.

Every Islamic nation & their followers will gradually face their decline, ruin, misery, bloodshed, wars, violence, civil war, collapse, terrorism, protests, economic instability, corruption, intolerance and bloodbath as original islam will be lost and it will be unable to produce god realized saints. More and more nations around the world will deny visa/entry/rights to its followers & they will face restrictions and deportation. India Govt investments, technology transfers and companies will face problems in islamic nations as they will be unsafe, unreliable and face instability.

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Excessive dependence of Indian Govt upon digital currency will be dangerous for its economy. Evil nations like Pakistan, Afghanistan & Bangladesh will continue to pump in fake currency, drugs in India to destabilize India.

India will take back all Hindus lands, Indian territory illegally occupied by Pakistan, China and Indians will give full support the freedom of Tibet and Taiwan.

China, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Turkey, Nigeria & Bangladesh will continue to commit atrocities on minorities of Hindus, Sikhs, Christians, Sindhis ; destroy other religions/temples with ethnic cleansing, forced conversions to islam, indulge in human rights abuses with no freedom, repression of women, cruelty on animals. These nations will kill its own people, opponents, children and foreign tourists who try to bring out truth exposing them and their demonical acts. Millions of people with dies in these nations due to poverty, food shortages, extra judicial killings, terrorism, ethnic cleansing of minorities, inhuman treatment of  people.

More people around the world as to how west has stolen Indian ancient technologies, scriptures, medicine and looted Indian wealth to falsely claim as its own.

People of India will reject wrong western lifestyle and return to its roots of Sanatan Dharma, Indian culture, traditions and there will be reverse brain drain back to India. Indians will move towards making it Akhand Bharat with Hindu currency with imprint of Hindu Gods.

China and Pakistan rogue govt will fool their own people with false propaganda and make them self delusional to avoid accountability and their defeat by India and ruined economy. Both nations will indulge in worst form of shameless human trafficking, human rights abuses, repression, organs harvesting and animals cruelty.

AI, new technologies and robotics will start to enter homes of common man and making lower level of jobs and labour redundant.

Saudi Arabia, Turkey, USA, Nigeria, China, Germany, Bangladesh, Azerbaijan, Pakistan, Canada, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Libya, Maldives, Singapore, Indonesia, Nepal will become unsafe for Indian tourists, businessmen, companies as these nations will witness terrorism, conflicts, protests, intolerance, human rights abuses, mob attacks, blasphemy killings of foreigners, robbery, violent crimes, scams, illegal detention & jail of foreign nationals.

Mumbai, Bangalore, Ahmedabad & West Bengal will face floodings, storms & fury of nature.

Modi led BJP will win 2014 Lok Sabha elections and will come back to power again in spite of  many foreign powers and internal enemies will try to sabotage his prospects.

Zodiac sun signs humanoids will become popular exhibiting the characteristics like particular traits, personality, nature controlled by AI.

China will deploy more nuclear weapons, laser weapons in space for India, USA, Britain, Australia and become major threat to all democracies and smaller nations.

People of India will boycott goods, products, companies of nations that are Anti India, Anti Hindus and work against Indians. Fake economies of America & China will see collapse and affecting Indian exports.

Indian intelligence will become more pro active to eliminate enemies of India within country and in hostile nations of Pakistan, China, Canada, England, Malaysia, Afghanistan, Nepal, Bangladesh & Burma.

Parallel universe mentioned in Indian Hindu ancient scriptures will be proven correct by scientists.

Most evil nations & their corrupt regimes of: USA, Iran, Syria, Pakistan, China, England, North Korea, Yemen, Russia, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Cuba, Turkey, Ukraine, Saudi Arabia, Canada, Germany, Lebanon, Sudan, Nigeria will become great threat to Earth, Space, Oceans, Countries & humanity & will see their ruin, collapse, ruin, decline & their people suffering.

Pakistan Army, Jihadis, Mullah & Islamic Radicals will destroy its own nation with distorted islam, intolerance, hatred towards India & Hindus, Christians and leave people of Pakistanis to die and suffer. Cyber Terrorism be be spread, financed and supported by Pakistan, China, North Korea, Russia, Canada, Britain, Iran, Turkey against India.

Fake & weak economies of USA, China, Germany, France, Pakistan, Bangladesh, South Korea, Thailand, New Zealand, Australia, Britain, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Azerbaijan, Russia will collapse with job losses.

Chinese PLA army being coward and weak will deploy robotic army controlled by AI & space satellites near Indian borders. Even then China will be defeated by India in every field leading to its disintegration and its communist regime overthrown by its own army and people with massive protests.

Nepal will become the center of Anti India activities and with spy network of China and Pakistan to work against India to spread fake currency, sabotage, terrorism, drugs and frauds.

In conclusion, the future of India looks bright, stronger and promising as per the astrology predictions and various other factors mentioned above. The country's young demographics, government initiatives, dharma, Hindu religion, rich culture, spirituality and strategic location are strong indicators of its potential for growth and development. However, as with any prediction, there may also be challenges and setbacks along the way. Nonetheless, India is ready to embrace the future and emerge as a powerful and dynamic force on the global stage and third largest power in times to come. 

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