Poetry On Lord Rama Of Ayodhya, Divine Poem Of Shri Ram by Rohit Anand

In ancient Bharat, Lord Rama of Ayodhya stands as a beacon of righteousness and an embodiment of divine love and virtue. The masterpieces of poetry dedicated to his divine persona have captured the hearts of devotees for centuries. This blog article will explore the mesmerizing world of poetic tributes to Lord Rama, focusing on the glorious Divine Poem of Shri Ram.The Divine Poem of Shri Ram invokes a profound sense of devotion and reverence among devotees. Through the skilled artistry of master poets, it narrates the unparalleled divine deeds of Lord Rama, encapsulating his journey from birth to his victorious reign in Ayodhya.Lord Rama, the epitome of righteousness and the seventh avatar of Lord Vishnu, has left an indelible mark on the hearts of millions across the world. His life and divine deeds continue to inspire generations, serving as a guiding light in our pursuit of dharma and love for humanity. In this blog article, we present an enchanting poem dedicated to Lord Rama of Ayodhya, embracing his divine persona and unparalleled contributions to humankind.

Divine Poem of Shri Ram.The Divine Poem of Shri Ram

The Divine Epic: Poetry on Lord Rama of Ayodhya Revealing the Divine Deeds of Shri Ram

The poem commences with the enchanting portrayal of the birth of Lord Rama, born as the seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu. The verses sing in harmony, describing the divine aura that adorned the land of Ayodhya when the embodiment of righteousness graced the mortal realm.Through eloquent verses, the Divine Poem delves into the enchanting anecdotes of Lord Rama's youth. It paints vivid imagery of his playfulness, righteousness, and the endearing relationship he shared with his beloved brother Laxmana and the melodious companionship of Hanuman.Every line of the Divine Poem celebrates the valorous journey of Lord Rama during his exile. It beautifully depicts his battles with the demon king Ravana, his unwavering determination to rescue his beloved wife, Sita, and the unbreakable bonds he forged with his loyal army of monkeys.The poem winds its way towards a triumphant finale, exclaiming the culmination of Lord Rama's divine deeds with his coronation as the rightful king of Ayodhya. The verses resound with joy, showering praises on his virtuous character, his adherence to dharma (righteousness), and the exemplary life he lived for humanity.

The timeless impact of Poetry on Lord Rama of Ayodhya:

Poetry dedicated to Lord Rama has played a pivotal role in preserving the spiritual significance and teachings associated with the deity. The Divine Poem of Shri Ram, in particular, serves as a sublime reminder of Lord Rama's selflessness, unwavering faith, and his ceaseless dedication to uplifting mankind.

Shri Rama " The Prince of Ayodhya "

By Rohit Anand

Jai Shri Rama, Lord Ram Poetry

In days of yore, in realms of old,

A hero born, of legend told,

Lord Rama, brave and true,

A prince of Ayodhya, through and through.

With bow and arrow, he did stride,

A warrior, with a heart of pride,

His duty, his dharma, his guide,

He fought for righteousness, with no divide.

The exile of fourteen years, a test of loyalty and might,

Rama, Sita, and Lakshmana embraced this sacred plight.

Bearing hardships with humility, they illuminated the night,

Their sacrifice radiating divine love's eternal light.

His tale, a story of might,

A struggle, a journey, a fight,

Against the forces of Dark night,

With Hanuman, by his side, so bright.

Through forests dark, and mountains steep,

He searched for Sita, his heart's sweet,

The princess of Videha, so fair and true,

With Lakshmana, his loyal brother, anew.

The demon king, Ravana, so wicked and bold,

Did seek to keep her, his heart's gold,

But Rama, with courage, did not falter,

He fought with valor, his spirit unaltered.

With the help of the monkey king Hanuman,

He battled through the demon's clan,

And saved his love, his heart's desire,

And ruled over Ayodhya, like a true fire.

So let us sing, this tale of old,

Of Lord Rama, so brave and bold,

A hero, in the hearts of Hindus all,

A Shining star, that doth not fall.

In every action, Lord Rama upheld righteousness supreme,

He exemplified adherence to dharma, like a soul aflame.

His unwavering principles became humanity's cherished theme,

A symbol of morality, Rama's virtues forever we acclaim.

His grace and His mercy, they know no bounds,

His love for His devotees, it doth astound.

He guides us through life, with a gentle hand,

And in His eyes, we find our true land.

In His presence, all worries fade away,

And in His love, we find our perfect day.

So let us cherish this love, let it grow and thrive,

For Lord Rama, our love, our everything, He doth live.

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Through the Divine Poem of Shri Ram, poetical tributes to Lord Rama of Ayodhya continue to captivate the souls of countless devotees. These poetic verses serve as a divine wellspring of inspiration and contemplation, reminding us of our own journey towards righteousness and unconditional love. Let the enchanting melodies of Lord Rama's poetic legacy embrace and guide us, infusing every heartbeat with devotion and spirituality. The tale of Lord Rama, as woven in the fabric of ancient Hindu scriptures, continues to move hearts and inspire minds. His divine love, selfless sacrifice, and unwavering commitment to dharma are timeless lessons that guide us in our journey through life. Through this poetic tribute to Lord Rama of Ayodhya, we celebrate his divine deeds and convey our admiration for his role as an embodiment of love, justice, and humanity. Let the divine essence of Shri Ram inspire us to live a life rooted in righteousness and compassion for all beings. 

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